Grade 10 Provincial Exam Schedule – June 2004 by hcj


									Parkland School Exam Guidelines For Students

  1. All exams are designed to be 2 hours in length. Students are permitted an
     additional one hour for provincial exams.

  2. Have your own pens (blue or black ink only), pencils and erasers. Pencils are
     needed for needed for bubble sheets.

  3. Have your own calculator for Math and Science exams.

  4. Be on Time – Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your exam unless
     your teacher has organized another meeting time. Anyone more than one half
     hour (30 minutes) late (9:30 or 1:30 p.m.) will not be permitted to write the

  5. When you get to your exam room, you will find your provincial exam with
     your name on it placed in alphabetical order. Do not change desks. Do not
     look at the exam until you are directed to do so. Please ensure that you have
     signed the signature sheet and filled out the correct form of your exam (e.g.
     Exam Booklet Form A – H).

  6. You need to stay for at least one hour, after that, you can leave when finished,
     but not return.

  7. No bathroom break; so don’t drink too much fluid before the exam. Bathroom
     emergencies will be dealt with on an individual basis.

  8. No food, no electronic devices (unless an approved calculator is permitted),
     no scrap paper, no purses, kitbags, books or magazines etc. are allowed in the
     exam room. Only your writing instruments ( and calculators as required)
     Leave backpacks, purses, notes and textbooks in your locker.

  9. You can have water in a clear plastic water bottle, but no pop, juice, coffee,
     tea etc.

  10. You cannot give or receive assistance, no communication with other students.

  11. Keep your bubble sheet confidential during the exam.

  12. Try your best to complete the exam to the best of your ability.

  13. Upon completion of the examination, leave quietly; leave exam materials on
      your desk.

  14. If you are writing an Electronic exam we strongly encourage you to
      familiarize yourself with the exam format particularly for electronic exams.
15. Check for exam conflicts. Provincial Exams have priority over school-based
    exams. If you have a conflict between these two. Please see Mr. Gray as soon
    as possible.

16. If you are writing Provincial Exams in August, November or May you will
    need to register directly with SIDES (250) 704-4979.

17. Exam Websites: At you can access
a. provincial exam schedules
b. sample written exams
c. get your exam results
d. get general information
At you can access
e. e-exams
f. exams with listening/speaking components

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