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Collage photo frames allow you to transform your precious photographs into beautiful reminders
of the special moments in your life. Collage picture frames can be used to display photographs
from special events like weddings, anniversaries or milestone birthdays. And who would not
love a handsomely framed photo collage made up of baby pictures?

A collage photo frame is designed to hold multiple pictures and looks something like this:

While the image above depicts a somewhat typical example of a collage frame, collage photo
frames come in all different shapes and sizes and can be made from all different types of
materials. A collage photo frame can be designed to hold three or more pictures.

If you have a number of pictures hidden away in a drawer somewhere or you have a lot of
pictures you would love to hang but do not want to have to buy a frame for each one, consider
using a collage picture frame to turn those photos into lovely works of art. Collage photo frames
and photo collages make great gifts as well!

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