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									                         Exam Schedule – January, 2010

  Monday               Tuesday             Wednesday              Thursday               Friday
 January 25           January 26           January 27            January 28            January 29
  Day 1 of             Day 2 of             Day 3 of               Day 4 of
   Exams                Exams                Exams                 Exams
    A Block              B Block               C Block               D Block

    NSE Math 12        NSE English 12        C Block Exams        D Block Exams
                        NSE English
                      Communication 12

    9:30 – 12:30         9:30 – 12:30         9:30 – 11:30          9:30 – 11:30

   A Block Exams       B Block Exams       Conflicts – A Block   Conflicts – B Block

    9:30 – 11:30         9:30 – 11:30          1:15 – 3:15           1:15 – 3:15

                                                                                       No Classes

 In the event of bus cancellation or school closure, the exam schedule will move forward one day and
the order (Day1, Day2, Day 3, and Day 4) of all exams will remain the same. The assessment day
would also be pushed forward 1 day in the event of a school closure. Therefore if there is one snow
day, the assessment day would then be on February 1 st.
 Students are required to STAY IN CLASS for the entire exam.
 Students who have conflicts with provincial exams MUST write their provincial exam at the
designated time. Refer to the schedule above for the dates and times of conflicts.
 Students who must write a conflict exam will do so with their regular teacher in their regular
classroom during the conflict time, outlined above.
 Buses will run at their regularly scheduled times.
 Only medical excuses supported by a doctor’s note will be considered for the purpose of receiving
permission to write a make-up exam. NOTE: Students are NOT exempt from writing their final exam
due to illness (with a doctor’s medical note)… a make-up will need to be written.
 All textbooks will be collected from students by subject teachers. Teachers are asked to collect the
remaining textbooks on the day of the exam and return them to the book room within one day.
Teachers are to make phone calls home to students with outstanding textbooks.

      1) Exam exemption slips will be given out to students that qualify during “A-block” on Thursday,
         January 24th.
      2) On Friday, January 25th, students are to take the exemption slip to the teacher for whose
         exam they wish to be exempt. The teacher is asked to collect the student’s textbook and
         then sign and return the slip to the student. Students must return their textbook before the
         teacher signs the exemption slip. Teachers are asked to record the names of students who
         have opted for an exemption in their courses.
      3) Once the exemption slip has been signed by the teacher, it is the student’s responsibility to
         pass the signed slip into Ms. Leights (Student Services) before 3:35pm on Friday, January
      4) The administration will review the slips and reserves the right to revoke the exemption should
         students surpass the number of allowable absences (or lates) in any course.

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