Craig Rogers

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					Craig Rogers
Height     Waist     Collar
5’6’’       28       14.5
Ins/leg    Shoe      Hair        Eyes
 29        6         Light       Hazel

ACCENTS             RP, Standard American, Yorkshire, Standard Scots, Standard Irish, Bristol,
                    Gloucestershire, Somerset, French
AGENT               Karin Heslop t: 01527 850 149 m:07900 240 904
Fighting            Stage Combat Certificate (basic), Karate (purple belt)
Sings               Baritone/Tenor
Instruments         Guitar, Harmonica
Sports              Riding, Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Samurai Sword, Gymnastics, Roller-skating,
                    Climbing, Golf Horse Riding, Boxing, Ice-skating, Rollerblading,
Drives              Full clean Driving licence, Motorbike licence
Other               Puppetry

Spotlight pin       5313-5611-6774          EQUITY:     Full Equity Member
A Christmas Carol                           Ebenezer Scrooge                                    Rain or Shine Theatre Company   James Reynard
Taming of the Shrew                         Tranio                                              Rain or Shine Theatre Co        James Reynard
A Winters Tale                              Archidamus/Autolycus/Officer                        Rain or Shine Theatre Company   James Raynard
Romeo & Juliet                              Romeo                                               Rock Valley Productions         James Raynard
A Collage of Chekhov                        Young Chekhov/Looka/Narrator                        Workswell Productions           Jonathan Shelley
Professor Ralph McGintys
Swasbuckling World of Shakpeare             Edmund/Verges/Aramis                                Workswell Productions           Stephen Finegold
Twelfth Night                               Sebastian                                           Melting Pot Theatre             Steve Quick
Go and Play Further Up
Your Own End                                Dave                                                Ian Sandy T.P.O Productions     Malcolm Stent
The Theban Trilogy                          Theseus/Polynices/Soldier                           Works Well Theatre Company      Stephen Finegold
Neville’s Island                            Angus                                               Rock Valley Theatre Co          Murrey Andrews
Jack & the Beanstalk                        Daisy                                               Everyman Theatre                Sue Colverd
The Tempest                                 Ferdinand                                           Greyfriars                      Steve Quick
Orphans                                     Phillip                                             Everyman Theatre                Murray Andrews
Much Ado about Nothing                      Claudio                                             Everyman Theatre                Sue Colverd
Joseph & His Amazing
Technicolour Dreamcoat                      Swing                                               New London                      Bill Kenwright
Joseph & His Amazing
Technicolour Dreamcoat                      Swing                                               National Tour                   Bill Kenwright
Against the Grain                           Tom Carter                                          Tour                            Jo Bowsfield
A Slice of Saturday Night                   Gary                                                Everyman Theatre                Colin Smith
Half a Sixpence                             Arthur Kipps                                        Everyman Theatre                Sheila Mander
Cassie                                      Narrator/Ken/Bill                                   Richardson Studio               David Hill
Ocean Finance                               Mr Jones                                            Sound & Picture House           Simon Cook
Skills For More                             Running Man                                         Michael Blythe Productions      Derek Webb
Gala TV Promo                               Young couple                                        Endermol                        Diesel Evans
P&O Commercial                              Man in Art Gallery                                  Happy Hour Productions          Colin Gardner
Commercial                                  Scientist/Footballer                                Addidas
Point of No Regret                          Andy                                                Emantion Films                  Simon Tate
The Seventh Wave                            Nathan                                              NightShift Films                Stuart Mulrain
Things To Do when Killing Time              Angel of Death                                      Breakwater Media                Ross Beamish
The Benchman                                The Benchman                                        Movieman Pictures
Battle of the Bits                          Richard Hammond                                     Rolls Royce                     Andrew Rokita
RCUK Transition Video                       Presenter                                           Tim Walter Associates           Tim Walter
Jaaps Hairdressers                          Male Actor                                          Blue Hippo Media                Mike Murphy
Tarmac Meeting From Hell                    Nick                                                Top Banana                      Claire Alderton
Sainsburys                                  Customer                                            DRP                             Charles Turley
Sam Bellamy’s Treasure                      Lambert Masters                                     Firefly productions             Susannah Ward