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					15 November 2002                                                       S2002/089
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TO:                  Principals
                     Principals’ Nominees
                     (NZQA Liaison Teachers)

ATTENTION:           Principals’ Nominees


This circular discusses issues involved in the conduct of National Certificate of
Educational Achievement and University Bursaries examinations, including the
role of Centre Managers and applications for compassionate consideration.

Liaison with Examination Centre Managers

Training seminars for Examination Centre Managers were held in September. The
comments in this section ensure that Principal’s Nominees receive the same
information and advice as Centre Managers.

By now you will be in regular contact with the Centre Manager for your school.
Centre Managers have now submitted their planning documents to the Authority
and have received approval for their arrangements. They know exactly how many
examination rooms and supervisors they require for each session and
arrangements for candidates needing special assessment conditions have also been
included in this planning.

Please help your Centre Manager with such basic needs as access to a photocopier,
pens, chalk etc. The environment (both inside and directly outside the room)
should be appropriate for conducting examinations.

It would be appreciated if schools could arrange for rooms to be set up before the
examinations begin with the appropriate number of desks and chairs. Material
such as posters and charts, relevant to particular examinations, should also be
removed or covered.
15 November 2002                                                        S2002/089
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You should be aware of the following issues related to the work of your Centre

Staff contact with Centre Manager

Please ask staff to direct all contact with the Centre Manager or supervisors
through you (or your nominee). Teachers must not enter examination rooms
unless invited for a specific purpose by the Centre Manager.

Spare examination papers will be given to you at the end of each examination for
distribution to your staff. Please ask teachers not to request papers while an
examination is in progress.

Location of Centre Manager

Please be sure that your staff, including all teachers, office staff and others, know
who your Centre Manager is and where (s)he can be found during the examination
period. Most schools introduce the Centre Manager at a full staff meeting.

Centre Managers required to supervise examinations

If fewer than three examination rooms are in use (or there are fewer than three
supervisors in a hall), your Centre Manager will be one of the supervisors. Unless
unusual circumstances have enabled the Authority to approve an additional
supervisor, your Centre Manager will not be free to move between rooms on these
occasions. There could also be occasions when the Centre Manager is the only
supervisor in your school. We hope that staff will be able to offer the Centre
Manager support at these times. This could include arranging regular checks to see
that there are no problems. We ask you to be especially supportive after school
hours if the Centre Manager is the sole supervisor of an afternoon examination.

Supervision of candidates between examination sessions

If supervision is required because of examination timetable clashes, supervision is
the responsibility of the Centre Manager. If it is due to double sittings (where there
are insufficient specialist rooms), supervision is the responsibility of the school.
However, in both cases it is expected that you will be able to collaborate with your
Centre Manager to make the most convenient and secure arrangements.
15 November 2002                                                        S2002/089
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Candidate identification

All candidates require an admission slip for entry to the examinations. Where
these have been lost, arrangements should be made with the school office,
Principal’s Nominee or Dean to provide another document of identification.

Candidates should be advised of the appropriate contact person at the pre-
examination briefing. Your Centre Manager would appreciate the usual support
from staff in identifying candidates as they enter examination rooms. Schools have
found that observation by staff, including year level deans and form teachers,
works well.

Requests for special assessment conditions

Centre Managers have been instructed that they must not arrange special
conditions (e.g. reader/writers, extra time, separate accommodation) unless
applications have been approved in advance by the Authority. If any candidate
asks for special conditions at the last moment, the Centre Manager should have the
candidate sit under normal conditions and complete a Special Report form. A
compassionate consideration application could result. You are asked to support
your Centre Manager in what could be a difficult situation.

Examination Conditions

In addition to the usual matters, most of which are covered in the Instructions to
Candidates booklet, please note the following:

Consumption of water during examinations

Centre Managers in some schools provide water on request during examinations.
However, the Authority does not require Centre Managers to make water

If a candidate wishes to take a drink into the examination room and this is
acceptable school policy, they should take water in a ‘sipper’ bottle only.

Cellphones and Pagers

Candidates must leave them switched off and stored in their bags.
15 November 2002                                                       S2002/089
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Emergency evacuations of examination rooms

The Centre Manager will obviously appreciate your assistance in supervising
candidates if an examination room has to be evacuated. Centre Managers have
been given instructions about procedures to be followed when the emergency is

Other unusual situations

Centre Managers are employed to manage the examination centre and have routine
procedures to follow. They may have to make one-off judgements and decisions
on occasions, where obviously, fairness to all candidates is the prime requirement.

Compassionate consideration applications

Circular S2002/076 provided details of the compassionate consideration process.
The application form contains guidelines for candidates, doctors and Principal’s
Nominees. Key points for candidates to note are:
     Candidates should sit the examination if at all possible. This can not
      disadvantage them in terms of their final result. Candidates who apply for
      compassionate consideration may perform better in the examination than
      during the year.

     Candidates who are considering making an application should see the
      Principal’s Nominee immediately. They should collect an application form
      before seeing a medical practitioner.


Circulars are available from the Qualifications Authority’s website
15 November 2002                                                          S2002/089
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Any enquiries relating to the contents of this circular should be referred to:

                   Jill Walpole    Ph: 04 802 3061

                   Richard Cole Ph 04 802 3059

                                   Fax: 04 802 3113

I trust that the information in this circular will assist in the smooth running of
examinations at your school and minimise the calls on your time.

Thank you for your assistance during the examination period. As usual, we will
invite you to comment on procedures through a survey that you will receive later
in the year.

Linda Forsyth
Secondary Education Group