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Nortel Unified Communications Solutions:
Business and Technology Fundamentals
            Exam: 920-807
               Demo Edition

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A company that is implementing unified communications (UC) has a mobile workforce that
utilizes mobile end point devices such as PDA devices. Which security method will be
needed to secure UC dialogue between the PDA devices?

A. Authentication
B. Encryption
C. One time passwords
D. RFID tagging and tracking

Answer: B

Which critical business application and/or process coupled with unified communication
enablement can provide executive management with real-time financial information/data to
make financially driven business decisions in real-time?

A. customer service (CS)
B. enterprise resource planning (ERP)
C. customer relationship management (CRM)
D. sales force automation (SFA)

Answer: B

Installation of Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 requires the extension of the
active directory domain services schema so that creation and configuration of objects in the
Active Directory can take place. Which two active directory objects are necessary for OCS
2007 to operate? (Choose two.)

A. home telephone number
B. session initiation protocol (SIP) URI
C. telephone extension number
D. fully qualified domain name

Answer: B, C

A company has an existing traditional TDM PBX and wishes to implement a unified
communications project. At the present time it is more feasible to add a second VoIP-
enabled PBX into the existing configuration to complete the project rather than replace the

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existing system. To make this system work as designed, the company must purchase and
configure which other piece of hardware for this solution?

A. Router
B. IP gateway
C. New telephone sets
D. This solution is not possible

Answer: B

Which unified communications application, when implemented, can successfully solve the
time value of money business challenge for bank and financial institutions attempting to
provide customers with faster loan approvals?

A. self-service websites enabled with IM chat
B. real-time unified messaging with key loan personnel
C. reservation-less audio conferencing
D. real-time collaboration with key loan personnel

Answer: D

In some cases IP gateways are required in a pure IP PBX environment. Where in the
network would the IP gateway be placed, if one were required?

A. between the IP PBX and the carrier
B. between the IP call server and its associated gateways
C. between the IP PBX and any firewalls
D. an IP gateway is not required in a pure IP PBX solution

Answer: A

Given that several VoIP protocols have been used for communications between end-point
devices, which protocol is versatile enough to act as the signaling protocol for mobile,
fixed, and software-based end-point devices?

C. H.323

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Answer: B

In an Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 Enterprise Edition environment, which
solution increases the availability of OCS 2007 services?

A. deployment of a mediation server
B. deployment of an archiving server
C. deployment of edge servers
D. deployment of a load balancing technology with the OCS 2007

Answer: D

When paired with a Communication Server 1000 PBX, the Microsoft Office Communicator
client uses a feature called twinning or dual-forking. What is twinning?

A. a type of conference call
B. two telephones sharing a single extension number
C. telephone set cloning
D. two users sharing an extension number

Answer: B

Assuming the customer and all of the project team members are located in the same city,
which unified communications enablement application can have the greatest impact on
increasing the gross profit margin for a fixed-fee professional services project with multiple
project team members?

A. Real-time collaboration can provide faster group decision making, streamline project
tasks and deliverables that are shared, and allow the project to be completed.
B. Audio and video conferencing can reduce the travel and expense overhead for fixed-fee
professional services projects when team members must meet for discussion.
C. Presence and availability can help increase productivity by identifying which project
team members are reachable to answer immediate questions.
D. IM Chat can provide real-time answers to immediate project questions to enhance
productivity for the project team.

Answer: A


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A hospital has the following business requirement: provide enhanced patient care services
by reducing human error and latency in a intensive care unit (ICU) between the floor
nurses, head nurse, medical specialists, radiology department, blood lab department, and
the patients primary care physician. HIPAA compliancy must also be addressed. Which
solution is the best convergence and unified communications solution for these

A. Support IP mobility and VoIP communications via 802.11 WLAN technology.
B. Support real-time cell phone paging and SMS text messaging to find medical specialists
and primary care physicians when needed.
C. Support real-time access to medical specialists using presence/availability, IM Chat,
VoIP, and collaboration for enhanced patient care delivery.
D. Support integrated voice, fax, and e-mail communications via unified messaging.

Answer: C

Dual mode devices are devices that can utilize the carriers mobile data network or a local
corporate Wi-Fi hotspot. Which reason is the primary reason for using such a device in a
corporate environment?

A. to enhance security
B. to ease access to data
C. to simplify the use of applications
D. to reduce carrier usage and per minute charges

Answer: D

In a typical helpdesk call center, how can skill-based routing improve the overall customer

A. Give level 1 call center agents direct access to level 2 and 3 support via a mixture of
B. Combine traditional voice calls with instant messaging.
C. Publish the company address book to the public Internet website.
D. Send the calls directly to the subject matter experts.

Answer: D

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Consider the business process associated with the business requirement it is meant to
address in the options below. Which combination of business requirement and process will
deliver the best use of an unified communications (UC) solution?

A. first call problem resolution
B. requires automated attendant to find personnel based on the expertise required
C. streamlined loan approval time
D. requires user generated requests for loan applications and automatic email generation to
loan approval team
E. real-time access to medical specialists
F. requires medical team presence/availability, VoIP, and collaboration to support patient
G. shortened sales cycle time
H. requires a receptionist to route calls to the appropriate sales professional

Answer: C

In an enterprise, customer service is inefficient and lacking streamlined processes to
support first call problem resolution for high-value customers. The Vice President of
Customer Service wants to start a unified communications (UC) proof-of-concept pilot
project for a UC enabled contact center. Considering the overall success of the project,
which UC element is needed in the project plan to solve this business challenge?

A. Identify and distinguish high-value and low-value customers in order to UC enable VIP
or preferred agents for real-time responsiveness to targeted customers
B. Implement an automated attendant and integrated voice response system for self-serve
customer service and account inquiries so high-value customers can get
C. Link account representative with their high-value customers in the event of a major
customer issue for post-mortem damage control.
D. Track key performance indicators aligned to high-value customer retention and repeat

Answer: A

Which reason should be considered the most important for conducting a unified
communications pilot project?

A. to allow the company to stay ahead of its competitors
B. to prove to the world that the company is the most technically capable

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C. to minimize the financial risk in the event of deployment failure or end-user non-
D. to allow the company to be first in accepting new technology

Answer: C

In an enterprise, outside sales professionals have cumbersome communications with back-
office personnel and subject matter experts when trying to answer customer questions in a
timely manner. In order to shrink the overall sales cycle time, real-time communications
and collaboration with the account team is needed. Which unified communications (UC)
project element is critical to the UC project plan so that the business change is properly

A. Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the UC enablement through employee
satisfaction and acceptance of UC enablement applications.
B. Compare last years monthly sales figures without UC enablement to this years monthly
sales figures with UC enablement with the sales account team.
C. Identify sales force automation key performance indicators and metrics.
D. Track the overall sales cycle time from start date to close date (average sales cycle time)
using a sales contact management system.

Answer: D

Which statement supports why a project team should conduct the requirements definition
prior to the unified communications (UC) proof-of-concept project scope of work

A. It helps identify a short-list of vendor UC solutions that can be incorporated into the UC
B. It slows down the UC proof-of-concept project from moving forward due to internal
C. It provides a detailed project plan defining project milestones and timelines.
D. It identifies the scope of the UC project for labor estimating and project planning.

Answer: D

A unified communications pilot project financial return on investment (ROI) model must
have access to the organizations accurate sales, general, and administrative overhead

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expenses. Which decision criterion is critical for a Chief Financial Officer prior to signing-
off on the preliminary financial ROI model?

A. acceptance of key performance indicators with metrics
B. determining the length of time that the UC proof-of-concept pilot project ROI must
C. identifying and validating all associated costs and that they are correctly entered into the
ROI model
D. planning on whether to use CAPEX or OPEX to pay for the UC proof-of-concept

Answer: C

When determining whether to proceed with a unified communications proof-of-concept
project, which steps are decision points for a Chief Financial Officer? (Choose two.)

A. creating an acceptable UC project budget
B. defining who should be on the UC project team
C. obtaining an acceptable preliminary financial ROI return
D. developing a UC project plan that spans 6 to 9 months

Answer: A, C

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