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If you are looking for an USB/Office gift that is completely unique and
different then www.find-me-a-gift is the right place.

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They offer a fantastic range of USB gifts whether you are a gadget demon
or a self-confessed office geek there will be a gift for you.

Have a look at a selection of these gifts ideal for Fathers Day,
birthdays or just to spoil yourself.

USB Cup Warmer and Mug Warmer with 4 USB Ports - We’ve all been there.
You’ve just brewed yourself a steaming cup of liquid Loveliness, you get
back to your desk to a flurry of urgent emails and by the time you’ve
averted all manner of minor disasters like the superhuman workhorse that
you are, your cup of steaming refreshment is stone cold. Worry not,
office warrior, as our new USB Cup Warmer is the perfect solution to your
tepid tea dilemma! Simply plug the USB Cup Warmer into a spare USB port
on your computer and the Cup Warmer will keep your beverage at the
optimum operating temperature for as long as you care to leave it.

USB Rocket Launcher - The USB rocket launcher gives you the ultimate desk
defence system to keep your sweaty, smelly breathed boss away from you to
leave you to get on with the important matters of the day, which include
anything other than work! The USB rocket launcher holds three rockets and
you can control your USB rocket launcher from your computer; rotating and
tilting the launcher until you have the enemy in your sights. Then as you
hit the fire button the three missiles deploy sequentially.

USB Hamster Wheel - Have you have ever wanted a furry little Hamster to
sit on your desk, but didn't want to deal with cleaning up poo and
feeding it? Well you might want to check this out. You connect this
little hamster wheel to your PC USB port and then load the included
software. The faster you type the faster the little guy runs. Now you can
have a PC powered by hamsters..... Sort of...Provides light relief from
the busy working days anyway.
USB Pole Dancer - Somehow boys will be boys and no matter how old they
are, there is nothing quite like a pole dancer to get their attention. We
all know that the USB port is great for powering a whole bunch of desktop
toys, but this USB-powered Pole Dancer has been getting quite a lot of
stick in prudish U.K., even to the extent of having it pulled from store
shelves. This Pole Dancer is actually a doll wearing a red bikini,
strutting her thang about a plastic pole with an accompaniment of
flashing lights and disco music.

USB Mirror Ball - Create a dazzling display of lights and effects.
Consisting of a rotating mini mirror ball, you can create a disco effect
to any decorations or displays. The mirror ball is attached to a rotating
motor and is small enough to attach anywhere via USB.

USB Bouncer - Are you worried about the security of your computer? Well
now you can feel safer with this USB bouncer. Guard your PC with this
well 'ard bouncer and warn off any unwanted intruders. Motion activated,
he says one of six phrases if anyone dare trespass!

USB Lava Lamp - Blue Glitter - Got a USB plug on your computer going to
waste? Never fear, there are many awesome devices you can plug in. Our
new favourite is this ace mini lava lamp, guaranteed to put a smile on
even your grumpiest co-workers faces.

If you have left it a bit late to buy your gifts? Don’t panic find-me-a-
gift offer a next working day delivery if you place your order before
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