Letter of Attorney for use by overseas organizations A Letter by club33


									4-3 Letter of Attorney (for use by overseas organizations)

                                           A Letter of Attorney

Kenji Tanaka
Japan Environment Corporation

We would like to apply for a grant for fiscal year 2004 from the Japan Fund for Global Environment. We nominate
as our representative in Japan who will deal with all procedural matters regarding this application and subsequent
implementation of the proposed project:
                                                                                                  , if the grant is

Both the applying party and the representative in Japan have read the above and hereby place their
acknowledgment signatures.

      Acknowledgment signature of the applying            Acknowledgment signature of the representative
      organization                                        in Japan
      Name of the organization:                           Name of the representative:

      Address:                                            Address of the representative:

      Telephone & fax number:                             Telephone & fax number:

      Date:                                               Date:

      Signature or seal:                                  Signature or seal:

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