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                 Ventura cool
         P&O Cruises’ move towards

The introduc-
tion     of   the
116,017 gross ton
Ventura in April was
a big step forward for
P&O Cruises, the Carnival
Corporation & plc unit that
is the market leader in
Britain. It was the first post-
Panamax vessel for the company,
which now has six ships and expects
to take delivery of a similar ship in 2010.
It also widens the appeal of the P&O Cruises
brand, as the new ship is the first purpose
                                                                                                                                    Photo credit: Mike O'Dwyer

built with families and children in mind. And if
you are looking for a pub or a club lounge, your
search will be in vain: Tradition and history are not part
of the Ventura’s crisp, contemporary offerings.

By Kari Reinikainen                       other naming ceremonies in the UK that       the
                                          same month, there was an even greater        days when
      he naming ceremony of the Ventu-    urgency to come across with something        pomp and cir-

T     ra on 16 April in Southampton was
      based on a James Bond movie
theme, according to Managing Director
                                          special. “There are lots of ship introduc-
                                          tions these days, so we need to do some-
                                          thing different that would convey a 21st
                                                                                       cumstance set the stage
                                                                                       – this is now the realm of Cunard – and so
                                                                                       P&O Cruises asked Dame Helen Mirren

Nigel Esdale, who felt that with two      century feel,” he says. Past and gone are    to perform the ceremony, aided by two

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Sovereign of the Seas, Seaward, Seabourn Pride, Star Princess, Seabourn Spirit, Club Med I, Fantasy,
Westerdam, Nordic Empress, Crown Princess, Horizon, Silja Serenade, Ecstasy, Regal Princess, Monarch
of the Seas, Hanseatic, Silja Symphony, Majesty of the Seas, Dreamward, Zenith, Royal Viking Queen,
Club Med II, Crown Jewel, Gruziya, Costa Allegra, Barfleur, Normandie, Windward, Crown Dynasty,
Costa Romantica, Kazakhstan Thank you for the conf idence! II, American Adventure, Kong
Harald, Richard With, Nordlys, Oriana,                      Legend of the Seas, Century, Splendour
of the Seas, Sun Princess, Carnival                             De s t iny, Gala x y, Cos ta Victor ia,
Grandeur of the Seas, Nordkapp,                                   Rh apso dy of t he Se as, Daw n
Princess, Mercury, Enchantment                                      of the Seas, Nordnorge, Vision of
the Se as, Grand Prince ss, Se a                                    Princess, R One, R Two, Voyager of
the Seas, R Three, R Four, R Five,                                  R Six, R Seven, R Eight, Norwegian
Sk y, Se ve n Se as N av ig ator,                                   Explorer of the Seas, Aurora, Costa
Atlantica, Millenium , Inf ini t y,                               Adventurer of the Seas, Carnival
Sp i r i t, R adi a nc e o f t h e Se as,                       Nor wegian Sun, Summit, Brilliance
of the Seas, Constellation, Coral Princess,                  Navigator of the Seas, Island Princess,
Crystal Serenity, Mariner of the Seas, Serenade of the Seas, Carnival Miracle, Jewel of the Seas,
Pont-Aven, Caribbean Princess, Carnival Valor, Pride of America, Norwegian Jewel, Carnival Liberty,
Pride of Hawaii, Freedom of the Seas, Crown Princess, MSC Musica, Nor wegian Pearl, Liberty of
the Seas, Emerald Princess, MSC Orchestra, Nor wegian Gem, Ventura, MSC Poesia, Independence
of the Seas, Ruby Princess, MSC Fantasia, Celebrity Solstice, MSC Splendida, Oasis of the Seas,
Celebrity Equinox, MSC Magnifica
members of the elite Royal Marines who        “Elevation” to retain same                        software on board each ship. “You can
made sure that the bottle really would        DNA through the fleet                             compare this with baking a cake.You take
break.                                                                                          a sponge base, but the filling can be any-
   “We are very keen to push the P&O          Esdale acknowledges that this is an exer-         thing from blueberries to strawberries
brand forward and to evolve the brand.        cise that requires special care.“We need to       and apricot. The icing varies as well, but
The ceremony was intended to do that          be careful how far we can stretch the             the basis remains the same.”
too. Consumers do not stand still; they       brand: The same DNA must run through                 The Ventura has attracted lots of multi-
have more access to various experi-           all experiences – quality, style, cabins, etc.”   generational holidaymakers, and Esdale
ences, think like food at Marks & Spencer     A multi-million pound programme called            points out that it is difficult to imagine any
or Waitrose.”A cruise holiday is a special    “Elevation” aims to accomplish this goal          other kind of holiday where this would
occasion for most people, and therefore       with upgrades to both the hardware and            work as well as on a large ship. “It could
it should offer something that an ordi-                                                         be a little bit difficult to agree that today
nary Weekend does not.As a result, P&O                                                          we all go shopping and tomorrow on the
Cruises needs to screen trends and devel-                                                       beach,” he points out. “Ventura is a one-
opments and try to lead rather than lag                                                         stop shop. It is easy for travel agents to
in introducing them to its customers.                                                           sell; it offers a sophisticated, contempo-
   As the dominant brand in the UK mar-                                                         rary 21st century cruise experience,”
ket, the company has a large footprint: Its                                                     Esdale says.
fleet of six ships ranges from the 1984-                                                           A ship like the Ventura appeals to a very
built ms Artemis to the post-Panamax ms                                                         board range of passengers: It targets fami-
Ventura and includes both traditional                                                           lies with children and first-time cruise pas-
and contemporary ships in terms of the                                                          sengers, but is well suited for those with
product. The company has profiled its                                                           more experience taking holidays at sea.
fleet so that the ms Arcadia, the 82,972                                                        The average age of the passengers –
gross ton ship introduced in 2005, caters                                                       excluding kids who would obviously drag
to grown-ups only in a contemporary                                                             the figure down significantly – is around
ambiance. The Artemis of 44,348 gross                                                           45, compared with about 53 for the whole
tons and of 1984 vintage is a small and                                                         P&O Cruises’ fleet and the cruise industry
traditional vessel that also caters to                                                          overall.
grown ups only. The ms Oriana and the                                                              David Dingle, CEO of Carnival UK, says
ms Aurora, of 69,153 and 76,152 gross                                                           that the ship’s many new features high-
tons respectively, are traditional, elegant                                                     light its focus on a broad range of cruise
vessels that welcome adults and families                                                        holiday makers. A bungee trampoline
with children alike.                                                                            caters to those who like the feeling of an
   Finally, the 77,499-gross-ton Oceana is                                                      adrenaline rush, while an art gallery that
the most casual vessel in the fleet, and it                                                     has been created in cooperation with Tate
focuses on the family market. However,                                                          Modern in London reflects the contempo-
this ship was built as the ms Ocean                                                             rary sophistication of the ship.An associa-
Princess in 2000 and transferred to P&O                                                         tion with Marco Pierre White, the
Cruises three years later.                                                                      celebrity chef, raises the standard of the
                                                                                                caterings offered onboard the Ventura.

46   Cruise Business Review 2/2008
   Principal contemporary UK brand                 market brand. It would be difficult to
                                                   maintain the identities of the two brands
   In purely technical terms, the Ventura is       separately if they both capitalized on his-
   an adaptation of the ms Crown Princess          tory; rather let Cunard do that and let
   platform of Princess Cruises.The only sig-      P&O Cruises steam ahead with a new
   nificant external difference between the        identity. Besides, for as long as the Aurora
   P&O Cruises’ ship and those of its              and the Oriana in particular remain in ser-
   Princess cousins is the Magrodome above         vice with the company, that history
   the central swimming pool. This has not         remains prominently in place – and stay
   been fitted on the latest Princess ships.       they will. David Dingle says that the intro-
   However, when you board the ship, there         duction of a new ship in 2010 is not
   is very little to remind you of Princess        meant to lead to the phasing out of any of
   Cruises. Although the layout closely fol-       the existing fleet, and that includes the
   lows that of its cousins, the Ventura’s inte-   by-then 26-year-old Artemis.
   rior has been designed with the British
   market in mind. The soft, somewhat pale         Product moves ahead with
   pastel colours that are a trademark of          dining and entertainment
   Princess have given way to a stronger
   palette of yellow, red and black.               A walk around the ship introduces a crisp
      The new ship has very little to remind       and fresh design that certainly has not for-

   you of the long history of P&O, which           gotten the doers amongst us. A bungee
   dates back to 1837.As Philip Price, Head        trampoline out on the uppermost deck
   of Brand Marketing says, the company is         and well-built gym instructors in their
   now developing its own image and mov-           tight t-shirts clearly suggest an eye
   ing away from the historical aspect that        towards the 21st century. The same goes        Ventura is a one-stop shop. It
   played a major role in the designs of the       for the on-board product when it comes
   Oriana (1995) and the Aurora (2000).            to accommodations and dining. The ship         is easy for travel agents to
   Some critics might say that following the       has a total of 1,546 passenger cabins, of      sell; it offers a sophisticated,
   formation of Carnival Corp. & plc in            which 1,101 are outside (71.2% of the
   2003, P&O Cruises is now being “Carni-          total number) and 880 that come with
                                                                                                  contemporary 21st century
   valised.”                                       their own balcony (56.9%), while only          cruise experience.
      P&O Cruises is the main contemporary         445 are inside cabins (equal to 28.7% of
   market brand in the Carnival stable in the      the total figure). The inside cabins are              – Nigel Esdale –
   UK, while Cunard Line, which now                about 160 square feet (17 square meters)
   derives more passengers from Britain            in size, while the suites at the other end
   than the U.S., is the principal premium         of the range measure 534 square feet.

   Uses             water and
   Takes up              space

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Division Maritime    Tel. +47 31 29 55 00
(about 55 square meters). On a double-
occupancy basis, the Ventura can accom-
modate 3,080 passengers, and when all
spare beds are taken into use, the figure
rises to 3,574. All cabins feature Slumber-
land Gold Seal pocket-sprung mattresses
with Egyptian cotton bedding and duvets.
   The introduction of the Ventura marks a
significant leap forward for the dining
concept of P&O Cruises:The ship has 11
places to eat and is the first of the com-
pany’s ships to introduce balcony dining,
an adaptation from Princess Cruises,
which will be rolled out to the remainder
of the fleet through the course of the
summer.The flagship dining venue is the
White Room aft on Sports Deck (number
17). It offers a view over the stern of the
ship, while the cuisine delivers Mediter-
ranean flavours at lunchtime and dinner         East Restaurant
under the tutorship of Marco Pierre
White, the Michelin-rated British chef.The
adjacent Metropolis night club serves as a     your dinner each evening. In addition, 24-    again in charge of the canapés and cock-
bar for pre-dinner drinks.                     hour room service and balcony dining,         tails.The Exchange, forward of the Atrium
   The Beach House, an informal venue aft      with a menu influenced by Marco Pierre        on F Deck (6) is an urban-design ware-
on Lido Deck (15) that serves breakfast,       White, complete the food-service options.     house bar, where sporting events and
lunch and dinner, targets families with           The principal entertainment venues on      music videos are displayed on plasma
children; it has high-backed chairs and        the Ventura include Metropolis, a jazz bar    screens.A casino, called Fortunes, is locat-
cutlery designed for young cruise-goers in     overlooking the stern of the ship on Sky      ed on the starboard side of the bar: It is
particular. The menu was developed in          Deck (18). It features a 20-meter plasma      small when compared to ships catering to
association with Marco Pierre White. For-      screen video wall that displays famous        the American market in recognition of the
ward from here is The Waterside, a buffet      cityscapes from around the world – sun-       fact that British passengers are not great
area with seaside chic ambiance, as P&O        set in Paris and views of Las Vegas, New      gamblers. The increasing use of outer
puts it, with sun-bleached wood and sky-       York, Hong Kong, Sydney and London            decks at night time is a trend in cruising
blue coloured décor. East, the Pacific Rim-    each night. At daytime, major sporting        that has found its way onto the Ventura as
inspired restaurant aft on the Promenade       events are screened here.                     well:The ship’s theatrical company stages
Deck (7), offers an Asian-fusion menu in          The 785-seat Arena forward of Prome-       a sound-and-light performance out on
an almost minimalist setting of red, black     nade and F decks (7 and 6) is the home of     deck on some nights. Additionally, a huge
and white. Continuing on an ethnic             the ship’s theatrical company. Havana, in     plasma screen has been outfitted on the
theme, Ramblas, forward of the Atrium on       brisk black and yellow colours aft on the     aft wall of the Laguna Pool.
the same deck, is the ship’s tapas-and-        Promenade Deck, acts as the principal
wine venue that provides entertainment         night club of the ship with Cuban-            Attention to youngsters
to the tunes of a Spanish guitar.              inspired entertainment such as salsa. Day-
   Tazzine, on the lowermost deck of the       time, this is the venue for game shows and    The Ventura features five different areas
three-story Atrium, doubles as a daytime       dance classes. The Tamarind Club, again       for youngsters. Children under two have a
café and night time cocktail bar. Marco        on the Promenade Deck, has red and gold       play area specifically for them, under
Pierre White has again been in charge of       as its most prominent colours and fea-        parental supervision, for the first time on
the offerings of this place. Frankie’s Grill   tures huge chandeliers in the shape of        a P&O Cruises’ ship. The Reef, an area
and Pizzeria by the Laguna pool midships       Indian parasols. It acts as the comedy club   catering to all youngsters with its own
on the Lido Deck provides a casual lunch       of the ship.                                  Reef Rangers, is based on an ocean theme.
option. Finally, the ship has three main          The Red Bar, next forward on the port      Two- to four-year-olds have their own
restaurants, called The Saffron, Bay Tree      side of the same deck, is a sophisticated     games area called Splashers, while five- to
and Cinnamon respectively. The Bay Tree        cocktail bar with Marco Pierre White          eight-year-olds will “be able to act out
caters to those who wish to dine at the                                                      their radical side as Surfers.” Those age
same time each night, and the other two                                                      nine to 12 will be Scubas and the 13 to 17
feature Freedom Dining, whereby you                                                          generation that P&O Cruises refers to as
choose the time, venue and company for                                                       “uber cools” trade as H2O.“Edutainment”

48   Cruise Business Review 2/2008
                                                                                                holiday fare includes many items that are
                                                                                                not usually included in the cost of most
                                                                                                other types of vacation, so that cruising
                                                                                                has a value-for-money aspect as well.

                                                                                                Designer’s brief:
                                                                                                “Make cruising cool”
                                                                                                Nick Munro, the British designer in
                                                                                                charge of coordinating the architectural
                                                                                                aspects on the Ventura, describes his job
                                                                                                as “Magic Mountain.”He had never taken a
                                                                                                cruise before and learned that P&O Cruis-
                                                                                                es actually wanted to give the job to
                                                                                                somebody with no previous cruise-indus-
                                                                                                try experience, “The scale of it was the
                                                                                                most exciting detail. Price had a very
                                                                                                short brief – to make cruising cool.” The
                                                                                                task was a learning experience, Munro
                                                                       BayTree Restaurant       says, adding that although “it had its
                                                                                                moments,” he would do it again.
                                                                                                   The second ship of the Ventura class
in the form of film shows to drama work-            While it is obvious that a ship targeting   will be delivered in two years, which
shops, arts and crafts, sports sessions and      families will be in demand during school       means there is time to evaluate the per-
dancing are aimed to keep the rising gen-        holidays, Carnival UK’s Dingle points out      formance of the Ventura before decisions
erations entertained. Noddy, a favourite         that kids of pre-school age and their par-     are made regarding the offerings of that
character of kids, will bop up at events tai-    ents are a significant customer group out-     vessel, Esdale points out.“Ventura is now
lored to two- to four-year-olds, while a rock    side those holiday periods.As a whole, the     on its fifth cruise, and we are now build-
school promises to offer a day of fame to        Ventura is aimed at a younger age group        ing a picture how the ship performs.”
teenagers – plus the opportunity to play         in general than other ships in the fleet.      Issues that are under consideration at this
various instruments. Cirque Ventura brings       Esdale adds that the introduction of the       time include whether the second ship
the world of circus to the ship, and this tar-   new ship has not cannibalized sales for        should also feature Cirque Ventura or if
gets those young at heart as well as young-      cruises on the company’s other vessels,        something else should take its place, or if
sters themselves.A Scalextric miniature-car      despite coming at a time when the gener-       Metropolis should become a signature
racing track in Grand Prix F1 style com-         al economic outlook is less encouraging        item of the P&O Cruises brand or not. ■
pletes the offerings for youngsters.             than in the recent past. Besides, a cruise

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