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Corporate Credit Fast Track Program

 White Paper Overview

 Introduction                                                      This first must be accomplished by building a credit profile
 Prosperity Business Group (PBG) offers a custom credit            with Dun & Bradstreet. PBG will assist the business
 building program that will assist business owners in              owner in developing a credit profile, and therefore provide
 building corporate credit strictly on their business in order     a list of companies that will extend credit with no personal
 to relieve the owner of the “personal guarantee.”                 guarantee or previous credit history, and will report all
                                                                   payment experiences. Once this is achieved the business
 Are you actually functioning as a corporation, llc, or            owner is put on a path to saving money by way of a strong
 partnership? Most business owners do not realize that by          Dun & Bradstreet credit score, which can allow for better
 utilizing their personal credit to capitalize the business they   credit terms and lower interest rates.
 are exposing themselves to full liability. If the business
 fails or is in a lawsuit situation the business owner will be     Steps of the Program:
 liable for all debts of the business. To prevent this from        Prosperity Business Group will begin the program by
 happening to small business owners, Prosperity Business           leading the business owner through the four easy and
 Group has created the “Corporate Credit Fast Track                correct procedures to build an initial profile with Dun &
 Program.”                                                         Bradstreet.

 Why Building Business Credit the Right Way Makes                      1. Direct the client to obtaining a DUNS number. If
 Sense:                                                                   the client already has a DUNS number, PBG will
 Building business credit involves critical and orderly steps             investigate the business to determine if any “High
 that must be followed or the business may be unjustly                    Risk” areas need to be examined.
 classified in the NO CREDIT, HIGH RISK STATUS. If this                 2. The next step will be to put the business into
 happens, the business may be viewed as non-credit                        compliance with the business “trade” credit
 worthy in the credit and lending markets. In many cases,                 market. This is achieved by developing positive
 it will take two to three years to repair the profile and many            business credit scores based on payment
 thousands of dollars. No single business owner wants to                  history with trade references. (This step involves
 face this adversity.                                                     interaction on part of the owner(s) and may be
                                                                          delayed based on accessibility to owner and
 The Goal:                                                                establishment of qualified trades)
 To create a new entity without creating a new identity                3. Once this is accomplished the business owner
 virtually giving the business owner a business credit                    will be applying for 3-5 new retail business credit
 profile that can stand alone in all credit aspects. This                  cards that do not require a personal guarantee.
 program will build a foundation for future credit needs in            4. Prosperity Business Group will review the
 the business, so the business owner will no longer have to               company financial statements to determine if the
 rely on his or her personal credit or operate only on a cash             business is able to meet industry standards within
 basis.                                                                   the lending market.
Corporate Credit Fast Track Program

 White Paper Overview (Continued)

                                    Help Along the Way:
                                    As a client of PBG the business owner will have a
                                    dedicated business credit coach that consults the
                                    business through each of the proper steps of the program.
                                    The business owner will have unlimited access to the
                                    business credit coach and will obtain the knowledge base
                                    to maximize the benefits of a strong business credit profile.

                                    Additional Business Credit Building Tools Provided:
                                    After you have become a client, you will have access to
                                    the following tools to enhance the credit profile of your

                                        • Corporate Credit E-Book
                                        • Asset Protection E-Book
                                        • List of Business Friendly Banks
                                        • Business Credit Card List
                                        • Online Office Resource Library:
                                             { A full list of vendors, credit card companies,
                                               and lenders offering business financing, with
                                               a list of financing criteria and application

                                    Our success at PBG ultimately is tied to your success
                                    in your business. We believe the Easy Credit Builder
                                    program as outlined will help you to begin your business
                                    success today by allowing you more access to the credit
                                    and lending markets. Begin your success today!

                                    For more information contact:

                                        PROSPERITY BUSINESS GROUP
                                        Tel: 702.952.2827 | Fax: 702.920.7744
                                        Toll Free: 866.650.4PBG (4724)
                                        Web: www.prosperitybusinessgroup.com

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