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					Top 10 Funniest Google Search Suggestions

The Google Suggest tool is a great tool that shows you suggestions that Google
thinks you are searching for, as you type. However, Google’s somewhat unusual
sense of humor often comes out with the suggestions it comes up with. Here are
the top 10 funniest Google search suggestions.

           Yeh, me too. Personally, I think it’s the best way to impersonate a dinosaur.

2.                         What                                would                       a…
     Forget the chair, why are your knees bending backwards?

3.                              Is                              a…

             Is a banana a herb? No, it’s a vegetable.

4.                            Do                               mid…
Small people having night vision is a very common misconception. Only a tiny percentage actually have that

5.                             How                               much                                wo…

       As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood… apparently.
6.                      Google                             will…

     What’s Google got against Chuck Norris? Try Yahoo!

7.                       How                              come…
              Because you type all your problems into Google?

8.                                Can                                   je…

     The most asked question about Jesus… Can he microwave a burrito?
9.                               Why                                  is                               there…

I’m not too sure to be honest. Actually, there’s not a dead Pakistani on your couch, it’s just a quote from an
                                               episode of Lost.

10.                  What                    do                   I                   do                   if…

                          Never mind red headed bites, why is your iPod frozen?

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