Home Loan Application Checklist by uhb20986


									                  Home Loan Application Checklist

MONTHLY INCOME                    Borrower     Co-Borrower   ANTICIPATED MONTHLY HOUSING COSTS
Base Pay                                                     First mortgage
Commissions                                                  Other financing
Bonuses                                                      Property taxes
Overtime                                                     Hazard insurance
Rental from real estate                                      Mortgage insurance
Alimony, child support

ASSETS                                                       PURCHASE INFORMATION
Checking and savings accounts                                Purchase price
Stocks, bonds                                                Estimated closing costs
Real estate                                                  Insurance, taxes held in escrow
Vested interest in retirement fund                           Downpayment

LIABILITIES                                                  REAL ESTATE OWNED
Installment loans (charge accounts)                          Property Address
Stock pledges
Real estate loans                                            Value
Auto loans                                                   Mortgage balance
Alimony, child support, etc.                                 Monthly payment

Note: Be ready with documentation of loans, account          Note: Offer the lender a list of credit references including
numbers, terms of loans and balances.                        creditors' names and addresses, account numbers, highest
                                                             balances, and "paid-in-full" dates.

                  Please remember to bring a copy of your drivers license or passport.

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