List of Participants of 2nd Penang International Conference For by uhb20986


            List of Participants of 2 Penang International Conference For Young Chemists
                                              (Penang ICYC) 2008

No       Name             Affiliation             Field                 Title of Paper            Participation

1.   Abbas Noor       University of          Analytical        Study The Effect Of pHs And            Oral
     (Prof.)          Babylon College                          Temperatures On Adsorption Of       (Lecturer)
                      of Science                               Para Nitro Aniline (PNA) By
                      HILLA - IRAQ                             Bentonite Clay Surface

2.   Abdalla Ahmed    School of              Analytical        Separation Of Aminoglutethimide        Oral
     Elbashir (Mr.)   Chemical                                 Enantiomers By Capillary             (Student)
                      Sciences,                                Electrophoresis-Validation And
                      Universiti Sains                         Application To The Analysis Of
                      Malaysia                                 Commercial Formulations

3.   Abdassalam       School of              Organic           Preparation, Crystal Structure        Poster
     Abdelhafiz       Chemical                                 And Thermal Stability Studies Of     (Student)
     Tameem (Mr.)     Sciences,                                4-Hydroxy-N’-Benzylidene
                      Universiti Sains                         Benzohydrazine Derivative

4.   Abdelhafeez      School of              Natural Product   Extractives From The Genus            Poster
     Mohammed         Chemistry,                               Heteropyxis                          (Student)
     (Mr.)            University of
                      South Africa
5.   Abdualbasit       Universiti          Inorganic         Synthesis And Characterize           Oral
     Mohamed           Kebangsaan                            Tolylmethoxybenzohydroxamic
     Graisa (Mr.)      Malaysia                              Acid

6.   Abdul Aziz        School of           Physical                          -                 Participate
     Omar (Dr.)        Chemical                                                                   Only
                       Universiti Sains                                                        (Lecturer)

7.   Abdul Hamid       School of           Natural Product   Volatile Constituents Of             Oral
     (Mr.)             Chemical                              Homalomena Pineodora              (Student)
                       Universiti Sains

8.   Abdul Hamid       Chemistry           Physical          Study Of The effects Of Dynamic      Oral
     Bin Yahaya        Department,                           Viscosity And pH On The           (Lecturer)
     (Assoc. Prof.     Universiti Malaya                     Chitosan Solutions In Formic
     Dr.)                                                    Acid

9.   Abdulali Bashir   Institute of        Polymer           Compatibility, Mechanical,           Oral
     Ben Saleh (Dr.)   Trainers                              Thermal And Morphological         (Lecturer)
                       Preparation,                          Properties Of Epoxy Resin
                       Misurata Libya                        Modified With Carbonyl-
                                                             Terminated Butadiene
                                                             Acrylonitrile Copolymer Liquid
10.   Abdulaziz Al-     Chemistry          Physical        Theoretical Insights On The           Oral
      Saadi (Dr.)       Department, King                   Structure And Vibrational Spectra
                        Fahd University of                 Of 3-Cyclopenten-1-ol
                        Petroleum and
                        Dhahran, Saudi

11.   Abdulbari         School of          Environmental   Adsorption Isotherm Models For        Oral
      Abdulrahman       Chemical                           Reactive Dye Removal From
      Ahmad (Mr.)       Engineering,                       Aqueous Solutions Onto
                        Universiti Sains                   Activated Carbon Prepared From
                        Malaysia                           Rattan Sawdust

12.   Abdulbaset        Misurata           Industrial      Sulfonation Of Petroleum Base         Oral
      Mohammed          University,                        Oils With Development Of The        (Lecturer)
      Elgellal (Mr.)    Misurata, Libya                    Emulsifiers

13.   Abdulnaser        Department of      Environmental   Distribution And Concentration       Poster
      Hajisamoh (Dr.)   Chemistry, Yala                    Levels Of PCBs And OCPs In          (Lecturer)
                        Rajabhat,                          Waters And Sediments From The
                        University                         Major Rivers Of The
                        Yala,Thailand                      Southernmost Of Thailand

14.   Abdulsalam        Department of      Material        Calamitic Bisazobenzene Liquid        Oral
      AbuBakar (Mr.)    Chemistry,                         Crystal Series With Terminal        (Student)
                        Universiti Putra                   Methoxy Group: Synthesis And
                        Malaysia                           Mesomorphic Properties
15.   Abdussalam       School of           Organic                       -                 Participate
      Salhin           Chemical                                                              Only
      Mohamed Ali      Sciences,                                                           (Lecturer)
      (Dr.)            Universiti Sains
                                                        Physical And Chemical
16.   Abobakr Khidir   Universiti          Organic                                           Poster
                                                        Characteristics Of Citrullus
      Ziyada Taha      Teknologi
                                                        Lanatus Var. Colocynthoide         (Student)
      (Mr.)            Petronas
                                                        Seed Oil

                                                        Gas Diffusion Continuous Flow
17.   Adam Wiryawan Department of          Analytical                                         Oral
                                                        (GDCF) – Spectrophotometry
      (Mr.)         Chemstry,
                                                        For Determination Of Nitrogen      (Lecturer)
                                                        In Fertilizer Sample

18.   Adèle Laurent    Nancy University,   Physical     Proteinic Electronic                  Oral
                       Nancy 1, France                  Response To UV/Visible
      (Ms.)                                                                                (Student)
                                                        Chromophore Absorption

19.   Adil Elhag       School of           Material     The structural properties of          Oral
      Ahmed (Mr.)      Chemical                         heterogeneous catalysts from       (Student)
                       Sciences,                        rice husk ash for the alkylation
                       Universiti Sains                 reactions
20.   Adila Mohamad      Universiti Putra   Material   Syntheses And Controlled              Poster
      Jaafar (Ms.)       Malaysia                      Release Profile Of Zinc-
                                                       Dichlorophenoxyacetate (2,4-D)
                                                       as Latex Stimulant Agent

21.   Affaizza           School of                     Inhibition Of Copper Corrosion In
                                            Material                                          Oral
                                                       And HCl And H2SO4 In The
      Mohamad Shah       Chemical                                                          (Student)
                                                       Presence Of Various Tannins
      (Ms.)              Sciences,
                         Universiti Sains

22.   Affendi Fitra B.   School of          Material   Effect Of Stearic Acid On The          Oral
      Asral (Mr.)        Materials and                 Cordierite Powder Produced By       (Student)
                         Mineral                       Mechanochemical Synthesis
                         Universiti Sains

23.   Afidah Abdul       School of          Physical                   -                   Participate
      Rahim (Dr.)        Chemical                                                             Only
                         Universiti Sains                                                  (Lecturer)
24.   Afsheen Arshad   School of                             Total Phenolic Content,
                                           Natural Product                                       Oral
      (Ms.)            Chemical                              Antioxidant Activity And
                                                             Cytotoxicity Of The Extracts     (Student)
                                                             From The Aerial Parts Of The
                       Universiti Sains
                       Malaysia                              Salvadora Oleoides

25.   Ahmad (Mohd      School of           Analytical        A Process For Separating Acid-      Oral
      Ali) Hasan       Chemical                              Sugar Mixtures Using Ion
      Makahleh (Mr.)   Sciences,                             Exchange Chromatography
                       Universiti Sains

26.   Ahmad            Department of       Organic                          -                 Participate
      Hafizuddin       Pharmacology,                                                             only
      Halim (Mr.)      School of Medical                                                      (Lecturer)
                       Universiti Sains

27.   Ahmad Mustaza Department of          Material          Synthesis Of SmBa2Cu3O7             Oral
      bin Ahmad Rusli Chemistry,                             Superconductor Ceramic Via Co    (Student)
      (Mr.)           University Putra                       Precipitation Method

28.   Ahmad Md.        School of           Physical                         -                 Participate
      Noor (Dr. )      Chemical                                                                  Only
                       Universiti Sains                                                       (Lecturer)
29.   Aimi Noorliyana   Pusat Pengajian     Material          A Preliminary Study Of Copper       Poster
      Binti Hashim      Kejuruteraan                          Floatability Using Modified       (Student)
      (Ms.)             Bahan, Universiti                     Hallimond Tube
                        Malaysia Perlis

30.   Aimi Noorliyana   Pusat Pengajian     Material          A Study Of Comminution-              Oral
      Binti Hashim      Kejuruteraan                          Liberation And Floatability
      (Ms.)             Bahan, Universiti                     Behaviour Of Copper From
                        Malaysia Perlis                       Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

31.    ̀Ainul Basirah   Universiti          Environmental                    -                  Participate
      Mohamad Sani      Teknologi                                                                  only
      (Ms.)             Malaysia                                                                (Student)

32.   Aisyaidil Binti   Universiti          Environmental                    -                  Participate
      Hanri (Ms.)       Malaysia                                                                   only
                        Sarawak                                                                 (Student)
                                                              Conformational Spaces Of
33.   Aiyi Asnawi       Institute           Natural Product                                       Poster
                                                              Quinine Derivatives
      (Mr.)             Technology of                                                           (Student)
                        Bandung, West
                        Java, Indonesia

34.   Akhmad            Department of       Analytical        Syntesis Of Trace-Element-           Oral
      Sabarudin (Dr.)   Chemistry,                            Capturing Resins Using Chitosan   (Lecturer)
                        Brawijaya                             As A Base Material And Their
                        University,                           Application To Analytical
                        Indonesia                             Chemistry
35.   A.K.M. Shafiqul    School of          Polymer         Synthesis And Evaluation Of A       Poster
      Islam (Dr.)        Bioprocess                         Molecularly Imprinted Polymer
                         Engineering                        For The Solid Phase Extraction
                         University                         (SPE) Of Curcumin
                         Malaysia Perlis

36.   Alex A.            Pamantasan ng      Environmental   Removal Of Cu(II), And Cd(II)       Poster
      Tardaguila (Mr)    Lungsod ng                         From Aqueous Solution By Chico     (Lecturer)
                         Maynila,                           (Manilkara Zapota) Rind:
                         Philippine                         Equilibrium And Kinetics Studies

37.   Alex A.            Pamantasan ng      Organic         Quantitative Structure-Toxicity     Poster
      Tardaguila (Mr.)   Lungsod ng                         Relationship (QSTR) Modeling       (Lecturer)
                         Maynila                            Of Nitrobenzene Derivatives
                                                            Using Topological Descriptors

38.   Ali H. Jawad       School of          Environmental   TiO2/ Chitosan Immobilized           Oral
      (Mr.)              Chemical                           Bilayer System For The             (Student)
                         Sciences,                          Degradation Of Phenol And Its
                         Universiti Sains                   Intermediate Under Low Energy
                         Malaysia                           Light Source

39.   Aliha T.           Chemistry          Organic         Synthesis And Characterization       Oral
      Amilasan (Ms.)     Department,                        of 1,15- Diaza-3,4;12,             (Student)
                         Western                            13;16,19;22,24 Tetrabenzo-
                         Mindanao State                     5,8,11Trioxacyclotetraeicosane2,
                         University,                        14 Dione Designed For
                         Philippines                        Transition Metal Binding
40.   Alireza          Islamic Azad       Environmental   Determination Of MTBE And             Poster
      Faizbakhsh       University,                        Related Oxygenate Compounds         (Lecturer)
      (Dr.)            Tehran-center                      In Water By Dispersive Liquid-
                       Branch, Iran                       Liquid Microextraction And Gas
                                                          Spectrometry Detection

41.   Alireza          Department of      Organic         Application Of Lewis Acid-           Poster
      Hasaninejad      Chemistry,                         Surfactant Combined Catalysts
      (Dr.)            Persian Gulf                       In Organic Transformation In
                       University,                        Water
                       Bushehr, Iran

42.   Allwar (Mr.)     School of          Physical        A Study of the Characteristics Of     Oral
                       Chemical                           Activated Carbons Prepared By       (Student)
                       Sciences,                          Chemical Activation With ZnCl2
                       Universiti Sains                   Using Nitrogen And Carbon
                       Malaysia                           Dioxide Activation Of Oil Palm
43.   Alvin Chong      Department of      Environmental                                         Oral
                                                          Degradation Of Chicago Sky
      Jing Kai (Mr.)   Chemistry,
                                                          Blue 6b Dye By Cathodicly           (Student)
                       Universiti Putra
                                                          Electrodeposited Titanium
                                                          Dioxide Thin Film Electrode

44.   Amamer           Universiti         Material        Mechanical Characterization Of        Oral
      Musbah           Kebangsaan                         The Fire-Retarded Palm Based-       (Student)
      Redwan (Mr.)     Malaysia                           Polyurethane
                                                        Synthesis And Derivatisation Of
45.   Amanatie (Ms.)   Yogyakarta State    Organic                                             Oral
                       University,                      Xanthone Compounds As
                                                        Antimalarial Agents                 (Student)

46.   Amat Ngilmi      School of           Analytical                   -                   Participate
      (Dr.)            Chemical                                                                Only
                       Universiti Sains                                                     (Lecturer)

47.   Ameena Ali       Qatar University,   Other        Estrogen Reseptor Regulation In       Poster
      Fakhro (Dr.)     College of Art &                 Breast Cancer Cell MCF-7            (Lecturer)
                       Chemistry &
                       Earth Sciences
                                                        Conductivity And Spectroscopic
48.   Ameena Al-       Qatar University,   Physical                                           Poster
                                                        Study Of Molecular Complexes
      jaber (Dr.)      College of Art &
                                                        Of Dibenzo-18-Crown-6,              (Lecturer)
                                                        Tetracyanoethylene With
                       Chemistry &
                                                        Potassium Iodide In The
                       Earth Sciences
                                                        Presence Of Micellar Matrix

49.   Amer Atyah Al-   Applied Geology   Other          Influence Of Leaching Process          Oral
      Kalidy (Assoc.   Department –                     On Chemical Properties Of Road      (Lecturer)
      Prof.)           Science College –                No. 80 Project Soil In Hilla City
                       Babylon Univ.
                       Hilla - Iraq
50.   Anees Ahmad       Environmental      Industrial      Freezing Points Of Edible Oils         Oral
      (Assoc. Prof.)    Technology                         And Their Fatty Acid                (Lecturer)
                        Division                           Compositions – A Statistical
                        School of                          Analysis
                        Universiti Sains

51.   Angelo Rocafort   De La Salle        Analytical                      -                   Participate
      (Mr.)             University –                                                              only
                        Manila,                                                                 (Student)

52.   Ani               Brawijaya          Analytical      The Development Of                     Oral
      Mulyasuryani      University,                        Potentiometric Biosensor For Uric   (Lecturer)
      (Dr.)             Indonesia                          Acid Based On Uricase
                                                           Immobilized On
                                                           Chitosan Membrane

53.   Anis Shofiyani    University of      Environmental   Removal Of Pb(II) And Cd(II) Ions     Poster
      (Ms.)             Tanjungpura,                       From Aqueous Solution By            (Student)
                        West Kalimantan,                   Aspergillus Wentii Biomass

54.   Anis Tasnim       AMREC,             Polymer         Enhancing The Properties Of           Poster
      Binti Md. Yusof   Universiti Sains                   Epoxidised Natural Rubber           (Student)
      (Ms.)             Malaysia -SIRIM                    Based Polymer Electrolytes For
                                                           Electrochemical Device
55.   Anissuhailin    Phytochemistry       Natural Product   Alkaloids Of Phoebe Grandis         Poster
      Zainal Abidin   Laboratory,
      (Ms.)           Department of
                      Universiti Malaya

56.   Anna Castro     De La Salle          Natural Product   Glucosinolates In Brassica Sp.:     Poster
      (Ms.)           University –                           GC – MS Analysis Of Non-          (Student)
                      Manila, ,                              Volatile Enzymatic Breakdown
                      Philippines                            Products
                                                             The Improvement Of Ramie α-
57.   Anne Kusmayati University of         Natural Product                                        Oral
                                                             Cellulose Content
      (Ms.)          Indonesia
                                                             On Obtaining The Requirement      (Student)
                                                             Of Propellant Raw Material

58.   Anuar Kassim    Universiti Putra     Material          Chalcogenide Thin Films           Participate
      (Prof.)         Malaysia                               Materials (Cu4SnS4)                  only

59.   Arif Hidayat    Chemical             Physical          Evaluation On NOx Storage And       Poster
      (Mr.)           Engineering                            Reduction By Pt-Zeolite           (Student)
                      Islamic University
                      of Indonesia,
60.   Asad            Department of      Physical        Spectroscopic Study Of              Oral
      Muhammad        Chemistry, Quaid-                  Interaction Of Atenolol-A Beta   (Student)
      Khan (Mr.)      i-Azam University,                 Blocker Drug,With Sodium
                      Islamabad,                         Dodecyl Sulfate And Cetyl
                      Pakistan                           Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide
                                                         Using Uv-Visible And Steady
                                                         State Fluorescence
                                                         Spectroscopy Techniques

61.   Ashraf Ahmad    School of             Analytical                   -                Participate
      Ali (Mr.)       Chemical                                                               only
                      Sciences,                                                           (Student)
                      Universti Sains

62.   Averineni       Department of     Other            Formulation And Evaluation         Poster
      Ranjith Kumar   Pharmaceutics                      Metformin Hydrochloride          (Student)
      (Mr.)           Manipal College                    Spherical Agglomerates
                      of Pharmaceutical

63.   Azdeen Ben      Higher Institute of   Analytical   Combination Of Experimental         Oral
      Hameda (Dr.)    Medical                            Design And Artificial Neural     (Lecturer)
                      Technology,                        Networks For Optimization In
                      Libya                              Capillary Electrophoresis
64.   Azeana Zahari     Phytochemistry      Natural Product                                        Poster
      (Ms.)             Laboratory,                           Bisbenzylisoquinoline Alkaloids
                                                              From Alseodaphne Corneri           (Lecturer)
                        Department of
                        Universiti Malaya

65.   Azilah Mohd       Department of       Organic           Fluorescence Characteristics Of      Poster
      Idris (Ms.)       Chemistry,                            Selected Quinoxaline               (Student)
                        Universiti Malaya                     Derivatives: Effect Of

66.   Azilawati binti   Research And        Material                          -                  Participate
      MD Ghani (Ms.)    Innovation                                                                 Only
                        Department                                                                (Student
                        School Of Dental
                        Universiti Sains

67.   Azizah Binti      School of           Material          Optimization Parameters Of           Poster
      Yahya (Ms.)       Chemical                              Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Crossling   (Student)
                        Sciences,                             Processing And The Effect Of
                        Universiti Sains                      Peroxide Concentration On
                        Malaysia                              Thermal And Mechanical

68.   Azmalisa Tahar    Department of       Other             Synthesis And Phase Behaviour       Poster
      (Ms.)             Chemistry,                            Study Of Palm Kernel Amino         (student)
                        Universiti Putra                      Acid Surfactant.
69.   Azme B.           Universiti Tun      Other             Effects of Chemical Reaction,        Poster
      Khamis (Dr.)      Hussein Onn                           Heat and Mass Transfer on
                        Malaysia                              Nonlinear MHD Boundary Layer
                                                              Flow Over a Wall of the Wedge
                                                              with Heat Source in the Presence
                                                              of Suction

70.   Babak             School of                             Comparison And
                                            Natural Product                                         Oral
                                                              Characterization Of Different
      Salamatinia       Chemical
                                                              Solid Based Catalyst For           (Student)
      (Mr.)             Engineering,
                        Universiti Sains                      Biodiesel Production Out Of
                                                              Palm Oil

71.   Badrul Hisyam     Universiti Malaya   Analytical        Determination Of Cypermethrin        Poster
      Bin Zainuddin                                           And Cyhalothrin In Crude Palm      (Student)
      (Mr.)                                                   Oil And Crude Palm Kernel Oil

72.   Bahruddin Saad    School of           Analytical                        -                  Participate
      (Prof.)           Chemical                                                                    Only
                        Universiti Sains                                                         (Lecturer)

73.   Bambang           Chemistry           Inorganic         The Synthesis Of 6-Amino-5-          Poster
      Rusdiarso (Dr.)   Department,                           Acetilaminouracil And Its          (Student)
                        Gadja Mada                            Application In The Selective
                        University,                           Extraction Of Gold And Silver In
                        Yogyakarta,                           Cu-Concentration
74.   Barlah            Brawijaya          Environmental   Vertical Distribution Of             Oral
      Rumhayati (Dr.)   University,                        Phosphates Compounds In The
                        Indonesia                          Sediment Pore Water Of The
                                                           Lake Ornamental,
                                                           Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

75.   Bashar            University         Analytical      Toxicological Evaluation And         Oral
      Mudhaffar         Kebangsaan                         Characteristics Of Malaysian      (Student)
      Abdullah (Mr.)    Malaysia                           Rubber Seed Oil

                                                           Application Of Low Pressure
76.   Bernard Anak      Department of      Material                                            Poster
                                                           Compression Moulding Machine
      Maringgal (Mr.)   Biological and
                                                           Effect Of Laminating Methods On   (Student)
                        Engineering,                       Strength Properties
                        Universiti Putra

77.   Boey Peng Lim     School of          Industrial                     -                  Participate
      (Prof.)           Chemical                                                                Only
                        Universiti Sains                                                     (Lecturer)
                                                           Synthesis And Spectroscopic
78.   Boo Yuit Ngan     School of          Organic                                             Poster
                                                           Studies Of 4-(Benzylidene
      (Ms.)             Chemical
                                                           amino)-1,5-dimethyl-2-phenyl-     (Student)
                        Universiti Sains                   1H-pyrazol-3(2H)-one
                        Malaysia.                          Derivatives
79.   Cahyorini       Sate University of   Inorganic         Synthesis Of Anatase-Type            Oral
      Kusumawardani   Yogyakarta,                            Nitrogen-Doped Titania Mesopore   (Student)
      (Ms.)           Indonesia                              Through Sol Gel Method

80.   Carlo Antonio   De La Salle          Physical                         -                  Participate
      Ng (Mr.)        University –                                                               Only
                      Manila, ,

81.   Chan Gomathi    Phytochemistry       Natural Product   Compound Identification Of          Poster
      (Ms.)           Laboratory,                            Purified Fraction From Mesua      (Student)
                      Department of                          Elegans By NMR And UPLC-
                      Chemistry,                             SYNAPT MS
                      Universiti Malaya

82.   Chanatip        Thammasat            Industrial        Biodiesel Production By              Oral
      Samart (Dr.)    University                             Transesterification Of Soybean    (Lecturer)
                      (Rangsit                               Oil Using Calcium Supported On
                      Campus),                               Mesoporous Silica

83.   Chaval Sriwong Prince of             Inorganic         Photocatalytic Degradation Of        Oral
      (Mr.)          Shongkla                                Selected Dyes Using UV-Light In   (Student)
                     University,                             The Presence Of Immobilized
                     Thailand.                               Titanium Dioxide Films
84.   Che Su Endud     School of          Industrial                        -                 Participate
      (Ms.)            Chemical
                       Universiti Sains                                                       (Lecturer)

85.   Chia Pooi Yee    Universiti Tunku   Natural Product   Isolation Of The Antioxidant         Oral
      (Ms.)            Abdul Rahman,                        Compounds From A Marine           (Student)
                       Malaysia                             Brown Algae

86.   Chin Lip Han     School of          Industrial        Transesterification Of Palm Oil      Oral
      (Mr.)            Chemical                             For Production Of Biodiesel       (Student)
                       Engineering,                         Using Heterogeneous Solid
                       Universiti Sains                     Catalysts: Preliminary Results

87.   Chong Ee Lane    Universiti         Polymer           Chemical And Radiation               Oral
      (Ms.)            Kebangsaan                           Modification Of Rice Husks As     (Student)
                       Malaysia                             Filler In Composite Of High-
                                                            Density Polyethylene/Natural
                                                            Rubber (HDPE/NR) Blend

88.   Coswald          School of          Physical                          -                 Participate
      Stephen Sipaut   Chemical                                                                  Only
      @ Mohd Nasri     Sciences,
      (Dr.)            Universiti Sains                                                       (Lecturer)
89.   Dahlia Binti     School of                           The Effect Of Triethylene
                                           Polymer                                              Oral
      Zakaria (Ms.)    Materials                           Diamine (TEDA) On Properties
                                                           Of Waste Paper Foam                (Student)
                       Malaysia Perlis
                                                           Biodegradable Of Waste Paper
90.   Dahlia Binti     School of           Polymer                                             Poster
                                                           Foam Based On Polyurethane
      Zakaria (Ms.)    Materials
                                                           Composites                         (Student)
                       Malaysia Perlis

91.   Daniel Tan       School of           Organic         Preparation Of 6-Nitrojuglone        Oral
      Teoh Chuan       Chemical                            And Silylether Diene               (Student)
      (Mr.)            Sciences,                           Intermediate For The Diels-Alder
                       Universiti Sains                    Synthesis Of Ochromcinone
                       Malaysia                            Analogue

92.   Darlina Darwis   Department of       Environmental   Lead Bioremoval From Waste          Poster
      (Ms.)            Chemistry,                          Water Of GS Battery                (Student)
                       University of                       Manufacturing Using Waste Beer
                       Indonesia                           Yeast By-Product

93.   Dennis S. J.     Brownstone Asia-    Polymer         Preparation And Characterization    Poster
      Tuyogon (Mr)     Tech, Inc.,                         Of N-(2-Sulfobenzoyl)Chitosan      (Lecturer)
                       Mandaluyong                         (SBC), Chitosan Citrate (CC),
                       City, Philippines                   And N-(2-Sulfobenzoyl)Chitosan
                                                           Citrate (SBC-CC)
94.   Dereje              Universiti          Environmental                      -                Participate
      Azemraw             Teknologi                                                                  only
      Senshaw (Mr.)       Petronas,                                                               (Student)

95.   Devi Rosmy Bt.      Phytochemistry      Natural Product                    -                Participate
      Syamsir (Ms.)       Laboratory,                                                                only
                          Department of
                          Universiti Malaya

96.   Dra. Sri Winiati.   University Of       Natural Product   Active Compound Anti Cancer         Poster
      Msi (Ms.)           Indonesia                             Isolation From Lichen Usnea       (Student)
                                                                Dasypoga (ACH.) NYL

97.   Drs. Supiyanto,     Material Science    Material          Characterization Of Nano Silica      Oral
      MSi. (Mr.)          Laboratory,                           Using Thermal Analysis,           (Student)
                          Department of                         Spectroscopic And Diffraction
                          Physics,                              Methods
                          University of

98.   Dyah                State University    Environmental     Adsorption Characteristics Of        Oral
      Purwaningsih        of Yogyakarta,                        Multi Metals (Ag(I), Cu(II) And   (Student)
      (Ms.)               Indonesia                             Cr(III)) And Ethylenediamine
                                                                Group Immobilized On Silica
                                                                From Rice Hull Ash
                                                        Tensile And Flexural Properties
99.   Edi Syams bin    Dept. of Mech. &     Polymer                                          Poster
      Zainudin (Mr.)   Manuf. Engg.                     And Influence Of Matrix
                                                        Modification On Banana Pseudo-     (Student)
                       Universiti Putra
                                                        Stem Filled Unplasticized
                                                        Polyvinyl Chloride Composites

100. Edura             Universiti Malaya    Inorganic   Fluorometric Analysis Of Metal       Poster
     Badaruddin                                         Complexes Of Pyrimidine            (Student)
     (Ms.)                                              Derivatives

101. Ekhlasabdelaziz   Iran Polymer &       Polymer     Photooxidative Degradation Of      Participate
     (Ms.)             Petrochemical                    Low Density Polyethylene By
                       Institute, Tehran,               Using A Combination Of Different
                       Iran                             Photoinitiator And                 (Student)

102. Eko Sri Kunarti   Chemistry            Material    Adsorption Of Alizarin Red S And     Poster
     (Dr.)             Department,                      Methyl Orange On Mesoporous        (Lecturer)
                       Gadjah Mada                      Methyl-Modified Silica Xerogel

103. Eko Sri Kunarti   Chemistry            Material    Entrapment Of Avidin In Sol-Gel       Oral
     (Dr.)             Department,                      Derived Silica Glasses             (Lecturer)
                       Gadjah Mada
104. Elizabeth Fong   Chemistry           Analytical        Optimization Of Solid Phase       Poster
     Yew Mei (Ms.)    Department,                           Microextraction Method For GC-
                      Universiti Malaya                     FID Determination Of PAHs In
                                                            Hydrophila Involuta As A

105. Emad Yousif      Universiti          Inorganic         Complexes Of 2-Thioacetic Acid    Poster
     (Dr.)            Kebangsaan                            Benzothiazole With Some Metal    (Lecturer)
                      Malaysia                              Ions

106. Emrizal (Mr.)    Universiti          Natural Product   Phytochemicals And Anti-           Oral
                      Teknologi                             inflammatory Activity Of Piper   (Student)
                      Malaysia                              magnibaccum C.DC.

107. Endang Tri       Chemistry           Environmental     Photocatalytic Reduction Of       Poster
     Wahyuni (Dr.)    Department,                           Silver Ions By TiO2              (Lecturer)
                      Gadjah Mada

108. Endang Tri       Chemistry           Environmental     The Removal Of Toxic Hg(II)        Oral
     Wahyuni (Dr.)    Department,                           From Water By Photocatalytic     (Lecturer)
                      Gadjah Mada                           Reduction With TiO2
109. Enkhoyun Tulga   Mongolian           Natural Product   Some Research Results Of               Oral
     (Ms.)            Institute of                          Mineral Components Of "Mumio"
                      Veterinary,                           And Its Possible Usage In
                      Ulaanbaatar,                          Veterinarian Practice

110. Enkhtuvshin      Mongolian           Natural Product   Co Presenter Of ‘Some               Participate
     Gurbazar (Ms.)   Institute of                          Research Results Of Mineral         (Student)
                      Veterinary,                           Components Of "Mumio" And Its
                      Ulaanbaatar,                          Possible Usage In Veterinarian
                      Mongolia                              Practice

111. Eric R.          De La Salle         Environmental     Sorption Of Cu(II), And Zn(II)        Poster
     Punzalan (Dr)    University,                           From Aqueous Solution By            (Lecturer)
                      Philippines                           Powdered Santol (Sandoricum
                                                            Koetjape Merr.) Rind

112. Esam. A.         Department of       Physical          Characterisation Of Aqueous           Poster
     Elhefian (Mr.)   Chemistry,                            Solutions Of Mixtures Of Chitosan   (Student)
                      Universiti Malaya                     And Agar

113. Faiz Bukhari     The University of   Analytical        A Stable Optical Copper(II)           Poster
     Mohd Suah        Melbourne,                            Sensor Based On Polymer             (Student)
     (Mr.)            Australia                             Inclusion Membrane Of Aliquat
                                                            336 and Polyvinyl Chloride
114. Faiza Binti      Institute Of       Material          Controlled Release Formulation       Poster
     Abdul Bahar      Advanced                             Of Zn/Al-Hippurate                 (Student)
     (Ms.)            Technology,                          Nanocomposite Prepared By
                      Universiti Putra                     Reconstruction Methods
115. Fajar Rakhman                       Other             Cancer Related Mutation On P53        Oral
     Wibowo (Dr.)                                          Defines Specific Binding Sites
                      Sebelas Maret                                                           (Lecturer)
                                                           For Each Potential Reactivator

116. Farahanum Bt     University         Natural Product   Comparative Study On                 Poster
     Hussin (Ms)      Science Islam                        Anthocyanin Contents And          (Researcher)
                      Malaysia                             Antioxidative Activity Of 10
                                                           Roselle Cultivars

117. Farha binti Ab   Department of      Analytical        Sorption And Removal Of               Oral
     Rahim (Ms.)      Chemistry,                           Arsenic By Ce(III)- And Ce(IV)-    (Student)
                      Universiti Putra                     Exchanged Zeolite P

118. Fariba           School of          Analytical                         -                 Participate
     Bakhtiarzadeh    Chemical                                                                   Only
     (Ms.)            Sciences,
                      Universiti Sains                                                        (Student)
119. Farook Adam      School of             Inorganic                        -                   Participate
     (Assoc. Prof)    Chemical
                      Universiti Sains                                                           (Lecturer)

120. Farra Wahida     School of             Environmental     Preparation Of Activated Carbon      Poster
     Shaarani (Ms.)   Chemical                                From Oil Palm Empty Fruit          (Student)
                      Engineering,                            Bunch By Phosphoric Acid
                      Universiti Sains                        Activation
121. Fatemeh Salehi   School of             Analytical                                           Participate
                      Chemical                                                                      only
                      Sciences,                                                                  (Student)
                      Universiti Sains

122. Fathie A.M.      Higher Institute of   Material          Effect Of Environmental Exposure      Oral
     Kundie (Mr.)     Medical                                 On Locally Produced Opaque         (Lecturer)
                      Technology,                             Dental Porcelain
                      Misurata, Libya

123. Fauziah          Medicinal Plant       Natural Product   Study On Piper Muricatum Blume       Poster
     Abdullah (Ms.)   Programme,                              And Its Different Fractions By
                      Biodiversity &                                                             (Lecturer)
                                                              Fourier Transform Infrared
                      Bioteknologi                            Spectroscopy And Two
                      Division, Forest
                                                              Dimensional Correlation IR
                      Research Institute
                                                           Total Glucosinolate Content Of
124. Fionnah Mae L.    De La Salle         Other                                                Poster
     Sandoval (Ms.)    University -                        Local Vegetables And Effects Of
                                                           Processing And Storage On           (Student)
                                                           Broccoli (Brassica Oleracea L.
                                                           Var Italica) Glucosinolates

                                                           Investigation Of Silicon
125. Foo Bee Yen       Universiti Tunku    Material                                              Oral
                                                           Nanoparticles: The Effect Of The
     (Ms.)             Abdul Rahman,
                                                           Capping Molecules On Silicon        (Student)

126. Fouzia Abdul      Phytochemistry      Natural         Supercritical Carbon Dioxide         Poster
     Sattar (Dr.)      Laboratory,         Products        Extraction Of Catharanthus          (Lecturer)
                       Department of                       roseus
                       Universiti Malaya

127. Frise N. A. Al-   Babylon            Environmental    Effect Of Cadmium In Fertility Of     Oral
     hady (Assoc.      University College                  The Native Rabbit                   (Lecturer)
     Prof.)            of Science
                       Dept. of Biology,

128. Fuzi Mohamed      Universiti          Environmental   Organic Composition Of                Oral
     Fartas (Mr.)      Kebangsaan                          Atmospheric Aerosol From            (Student)
                       Malaysia                            Biomass Burning
129. G.D.D. Galpaya   School of          Polymer      Properties Of Thermoplastic           Poster
     (Ms. )           Materials and                   Elastomer Based On
                      Mineral                         Polypropylene/Recycled
                      Resources                       Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
                      Engineering,                    Blend
                      Universiti Sains

130. G.D.D. Galpaya   School of          Polymer      Comparative Study Of                   Oral
     (Ms. )           Materials and                   Thermoplastics Elastomers           (Student)
                      Mineral                         Based On Polypropylene/ Virgin
                      Resources                       Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
                      Engineering,                    (Pp/Nbrv) And
                      Universiti Sains                Polypropylene/Recycled
                      Malaysia.                       Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber
                                                      (Pp/Nbrr) Blends

131. Gaanty Pragas    School of          Industrial   Transesterification Of Palm Olein      Oral
     A/L Maniam       Chemical                        Using Alumina Loaded With           (Student)
     (Mr.)            Sciences,                       Methoxide Ion As A
                      Universiti Sains                Heterogeneous Catalyst

132. Giselle F.       De La Salle        Other                        -                   Participate
     Buergo (Ms.)     University -                                                           only
                      Manila,                                                             (Student)
133. Gowri              Universiti Malaya   Natural Product   Antimicrobial Activity Of Eight       Poster
     Kanagasabapat                                            Medicinal Plants From Malaysia"
     hy (Ms.)                                                 And "Cytotoxic Investigations On
                                                              Zingiber Officinale Variants Jahe
                                                              Emprit And Jahe Gajah

134. Gwendoline Ee      Department of       Natural Product                   -                   Participate
     Cheng Lian         Chemistry,                                                                   only
     (Associate Prof.   Universiti Putra                                                          (Lecturer)
     Dr)                Malaysia
                                                              Synthesis And Liquid Crystal
135. Ha Sie Tiong       Faculty of          Organic                                                  Oral
                                                              Properties Of 2-(4-
     (Dr.)              Engineering &
                                                              Alkyloxyphenyl)benzothiazoles       (Lecturer)
                        Universiti Tunku
                        Abdul Rahman
                                                              Synthesis And Mesomorphic
136. Ha Sie Tiong       Faculty of          Organic                                                 Poster
                                                              Properties Of Schiff Base Ethers
     (Dr.)              Engineering &
                                                              4-(Dimethylamino)benzylidene-       (Lecturer)
                        Universiti Tunku                      4'-Alkyloxyanilines
                        Abdul Rahman

137. Habsah binti Md    Universiti          Material          Hot Corrosion Behaviour Of AISI       Poster
     Ishak (Ms.)        Malaysia Perlis                       304 with Magnesium Carbonate

138. Hairunnisa         Universiti          Polymer           Preparation and Characterization       Oral
     Ramli (Ms.)        Kebangsaan                            of Epoxidised Palm Oil/Clay         (Student)
                        Malaysia                              Nanocomposites
139. Hakim Faraji   Islamic Azad       Analytical   Application Of Dispersive Liquid-     Oral
     (Mr.)          University                      Liquid Microextraction For The
                    Varamin Branch,                 Determination Of Organochlorine
                    Iran                            Pesticides In River Water

140. Hakimah bt     School of          Polymer      Effect Of Silane-Based Coupling       Oral
     Osman (Ms.)    Materials and                   Agent On Properties Of Recycled     (Student)
                    Mineral                         Newspaper Filled Polypropylene/
                    Resources                       Natural Rubber Composites
                    Universiti Sains

141. Hakimah bt     School of          Polymer      Mechanical, Thermal And              Poster
     Osman (Ms.)    Materials and                   Morphology Properties Of            (Student)
                    Mineral                         Recycled Newspaper Filled
                    Resources                       Polypropylene/ Natural Rubber
                    Engineering,                    Composites:The Effect Of Maleic
                    Universiti Sains                Anhydride-Grafted Polypropylene
                    Malaysia.                       As A Compatibilizer

142. Hamanyza Ab.   Food Safety And    Other        A Development And Single-            Poster
     Halim (Ms.)    Quality                         Laboratory Validation For           (Lecturer)
                    Laboratory,                     Determination Of Phenylalanine
                    Kangar, Perlis                  And Aspartame In Soft Drink By
                                                    High Performance Liquid
143. Hamed             School of           Environmental     The Effect Of Ultrasonic
     Mootabadi (Mr.)   Chemical                              Irradiation On The
                       Engineering,                          Heterogeneous Catalysts For
                       Universiti Sains                      Biodiesel Production From Palm
                       Malaysia                              Oil

144. Hamid Reza        Universiti Malaya   Other                             -                   Participate
     (Dr.)                                                                                         Only

145. Hamid Reza        Universiti Putra    Analytical        Multivariate Optimization Of Palm     Poster
     Fard Masoumi      Malaysia                              Oil Based Surfactants               (Student)
     (Mr.)                                                   Biosynthesis Using Statistical

146. Hamidah binti     Faculty of          Natural Product   A Styryl Lactone From                Poster
     Sahibul Anwar     Pharmacy,                             Goniothalamus Macrophyllus          (student)
     (Ms.)             Universiti
                       Teknologi MARA,
                       Shah Alam,

147. Hamidah           School of           Polymer           Effect Of Soaking Temperature         Poster
     Harahap (Ms.)     Chemical                              On Tensile Properties Of Natural    (Student)
                       Sciences,                             Rubber Latex Films With
                       Universiti Sains                      Diffusion Of Curatives Method
148. Hanani Yazid    School of                              Synthesis Of Au/TiO2 Catalyst
                                          Material                                                Oral
     (Ms.)           Chemical                               And Its Application In
                                                            Hydrogenation Of Citral             (Student)
                     Universiti Sains

149. Hanita binti    Chemistry            Natural Product   Alkaloid Derivative From Phoebe      Poster
     Omar (Ms.)      Department,                            Tavoyana                            (Student)
                     Universiti Malaya

150. Hasiah Salleh   Department of        Organic           Fabrication Of Conducting Thin       Poster
     (Ms.)           Physical                               Films By Electrochemistry For       (Student)
                     Sciences,                              Solar Cell

151. Haslinda Mohd   Universiti Malaya    Analytical        Determination Of Macronutrients      Poster
     Salleh (Ms.)                                           In A Medicinal Plant Of             (Student)
                                                            Phyllanthus Spp.

                                                            Chemical And Physical
152. Hasnah Muin     Islamic University   Polymer                                                 Oral
                                                            Modification Of Irrediated Linear
     (Dr.)           of Indonesia
                                                            Low Density Polyethylene            (Lecturer)
153. Hasnah Osman      School of          Organic                           -                   Participate
     (Dr.)             Chemical
                       Universiti Sains                                                         (Lecturer)

154. Hassan Adeli      Universiti Sains   Material          Preparation And Mechanical Test        Oral
     Jelodar (Mr.)     Malaysia                             Of Multi-Walled Carbon              (Student)
                                                            Nanotubes /Epoxy

155. Hazrina binti     Faculty of         Natural Product   Structural Elucidation Of An         Poster
     Hazni (Ms.)       Pharmacy,                            Anthraquinone From Cassia           (student)
                       Universiti                           Alata
                       Teknologi MARA,
                       Shah Alam,

156. Hazrina binti     Faculty of         Natural Product   Evaluation Of Ficus Deltoidea        Poster
     Hazni (Ms.)       Pharmacy,                            Extracts On Methicillin-Resistant   (student)
                       Universiti                           Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
                       Teknologi MARA,                      Inhibition
                       Shah Alam,

157. Helmiyati (Ms.)   Chemistry,         Polymer           The Synthesis Of Colour               Poster
                       Department,                          Emulsion Polymers Core Shell        (Student)
                       Indonesia                            Styrene Butyl Acrylate For
                       University                           Coating Application And Study
                                                          Novel Halogenated Non-
158. Hng Tiang      Universiti Sains    Inorganic                                              Poster
                                                          Symmetric Trimesogens
     Chuan (Mr.)    Malaysia
                                                          Exhibiting Glassy Nematic State     (Student)

159. Ho Soon Min    Universiti Putra    Material          New Solar Cells Material From        Poster
     (Mr.)          Malaysia                              Ternary Chalcogenide
                                                          Compounds Cu4SnS

160. Hong Sok Lai   Universiti Malaya   Natural Product   Antimicrobial Activity Of Eight      Poster
     (Ms.)                                                Medicinal Plants From Malaysia      (Student)
                                                          Cytotoxic Investigations On
                                                          Zingiber Officinale Variants Jahe
                                                          Emprit And Jahe Gajah

161. Hong Sok Lai   Universiti Malaya   Natural Product   Cytotoxic Investigations On          Poster
     (Ms.)                                                Zingiber Officinale Variants Jahe   (Student)
                                                          Emprit And Jahe Gajah

162. Husna A. Hamid Faculty of          Natural Product   Acute Toxicity Evaluation Of The     Poster
     (Ms.)          Pharmacy,                             Methanolic Extract From             (Student)
                    Universiti                            Cinnamomum Porrectum
                    Teknologi MARA,
                    Shah Alam,

163. Husna Binti    School of           Material          The Effect Of Processing             Poster
     Abd. Halim     Chemical                              Parameters In EVA Foams             (Student)
     (Ms.)          Sciences,                             Formation
                    Universiti Sains
                                                         Synthesis And Structural Studies
164. Ibrahim N.         Universiti           Organic                                          Oral
     Hassan (Mr.)       Kebangsaan                       Of Alkyl-2-(3-benzoylthioureido)
                                                         Acetate From 2-(3-                 (Student)
                                                         benzothioureido) Acetic Acid
165. Intan Diana Binti Department of         Other       Phase Behaviour Study Of Fatty      Poster
     Mat Azmi (Ms.)    Chemistry,                        Acid Esters With Tween 80          (Student)
                       Universiti Putra

166. Intan Juliana      Universiti Putra     Polymer     Microwave Curing Of Epoxidised       Oral
     Binti Shamsudin    Malaysia                         Palm Oil Clay Nanocomposites       (Student)

167. Irene Foo Ping     Department of        Inorganic   Synthesis And Structural            Poster
     Ping (Ms.)         Chemistry,                       Characterization Of                (Student)
                        Universiti                       Organotin(IV) Complexes With
                        Malaysia                         Pyruvic Acid-4-
                        Sarawak                          Hydroxybenzhydrazone (H3PAB):
                                                         X-Ray Crystal Structure Of

168. Is Fatimah (Ms.)   Islamic University   Material    Spectroscopic Investigation on      Poster
                        of Indonesia                     NOX Adsorption and Reduction       (Student)
                                                         by ZrO2/Al2O3-Pillared Saponite

169. Ishraga            School of            Material    The Benzoylation Of P-Xylene         Oral
     Abdelmoniem        Chemical                         Over Iron Supported Silica From    (Student)
     Hassan Saied       Sciences,                        Rice Husk Ash
     (Ms.)              Universiti Sains
170. Ismail Ab.        School of          Industrial                     -                Participate
     Rahman (Prof.)    Chemical
                       Universiti Sains                                                   (Lecturer)

171. Ismail Bin        School Of          Polymer         Thermo-oxidative Ageing Of         Oral
     Ibrahim (Mr.)     Material                           Paper Sludge Filled             (Student)
                       Engineering,                       Polypropylene/ Ethylene
                       Universiti                         Propylene Diene Terpolymer
                       Malaysia Perlis                    Composites: The Effect Of
                                                          Maleic Anhydride Grafted

                                                          Biodegradable Of Paper Sludge
172. Ismail Bin        School Of          Polymer                                           Poster
                                                          Filled Polypropylene/Ethylene
     Ibrahim (Mr.)     Material
                                                          Propylene Diene Terpolymer      (Student)
                       Malaysia Perlis

173. Ismariza Ismail   School of          Environmental   Preparation Of Carbon              Oral
     (Ms.)             Chemical                           Impregnated TiO2 Via Thermal    (Student)
                       Sciences,                          Treatment Of Humic Acids
                       Universiti Sains                   Doped TiO2
174. Jaleel Kareem     University of       Environmental   Using Water Hydrogen Instead Of      Oral
     Ahmed (Assoc.     Babylon / College                   Natural Gas In The Industry Of    (Lecturer)
     Prof.)            of Science /                        Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)
                       Chemistry Dept.
                       Babil / Iraq

175. Jamal             Universiti          Natural         Chemical Study On Phyllanthus        Oral
     Abdulkarim        Kebangsaan          Products        Reticulatus                       (Student)
     Nasser (Mr.)      Malaysia

176. Jamaliah Jaafar   School of           Environmental   Residue Levels Of                   Poster
     (Ms.)             Chemical                            Organophosphorus Pesticide On     (Student)
                       Sciences,                           Fruits And Vegetables – A
                       Universiti Sains                    Market Basket Survey

177. Jamil Ismail      School of           Industrial                     -                  Participate
     (Prof.)           Chemical                                                                 Only
                       Universiti Sains                                                      (Lecturer)

178. Janice Abigail    University of       Other                          -                  Participate
     Chiu (Ms.)        Guelph, Canada                                                           only
179. Jassem M.         School of            Environmental     Removal Of 2, 4-D Pesticide           Oral
     Salman (Mr.)      Chemical                               From Water By Adsorption Onto
                       Engineering,                           Granular Activated Carbon
                       Universiti Sains

180. Jennifer C. Sy    Pamantasan ng        Organic           Artificial Neural Network Model      Poster
     (Ms)              Lungsod ng                             For Predicting Carcinogenicity     (Lecturer)
                       Manila,                                Polycyclic Aromatic
                       Philippines                            Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Using
                                                              Constitutional & Topological

181. Joanna Wong       Universiti Tunku     Material          Synthesis And Mesomorphic            Poster
     Pik Wan (Ms.)     Abdul Rahman,                          Properties Of Schiff Base Ethers   (Student)
                       Malaysia                               4-(Dimethylamino)benzylidene-

182. Johan Ariff       MARDI, Serdang       Natural Product                    -                 Participate
     Mohtar (Mr.)      Malaysia.                                                                    only

183. John Paul         De La Salle          Polymer                            -                 Participate
     Dominic Kleiner   University Manila,                                                           only
     (Mr.)             Philippines                                                               (Lecturer)
184. Joni Agustian     School of            Industrial        Industrial Scale Technologies For     Oral
     (Mr.)             Chemical                               Single Enantiomer Beta Blocker
                       Engineering                            Drugs: The Development And
                       Universiti Sains                       Outlook

185. Jose Isagani B.   De La Salle          Other             Electrophoretic Profiles Of Water    Poster
     Janairo (Mr.)     University -                           And Salt-Soluble Proteins From      (Student)
                       Manila,                                The Seeds Of Citrus Species As
                       Philippines                            Genetic Markers

186. Josephine Marie De La Salle            Natural Product                                        Poster
                                                              Secondary Metabolites From
     Angeline        University -
                                                              Diospyros Philippinensis            (Student)
     Sengson (Ms.)   Manila,

187. Jovito Aguedo     De La Salle          Natural Product   Glucosinolates In Brassica Sp.:      Poster
     Lorenzo E,        University -                           Analysis Of Enzymatic               (Student)
     Duque (Mr.)       Manila,                                Breakdown Products By GC-MS

188. Juliana Bt Mohd   National Poison      Analytical        Method Development And               Poster
     Noor (Ms.)        Centre, University                     Validation For Selected             (Student)
                       Sains Malaysia                         Organochlorine Pesticides In
                                                              Hair Using Gas Chromatograph-
                                                              Mass Spectrometer
189. Julita C. Robles   Chemistry          Inorganic         The Structural Characterization      Poster
     (Dr.)              Department, De                       Of Metal Carboxylates:
                        La Salle                             Cu(HCOO)2•4H2O and
                        University –                         Cu2(CH3COO)4·2H2O
190. Jusliha Binti      School of          Material          La-TiO2 Nanoparticles Based           Oral
     Juhari (Ms.)       Chemical                             Catalytic Pellet For Detection Of   (Student)
                        Engineering,                         Ethanol Vapour
                        Universiti Sains
                                                             Synthesis And Biological Study
191. Karem J. Sabah     Chemistry          Organic                                                 Oral
                                                             Of New Thiazole Derivatives
     (Mr.)              Depatment,                                                               (Lecturer)
                        Kufa University,
                        Najaf , IRAQ

192. Kasim              School of          Organic           Synthesis And Biological Study        Oral
     Mohammed           Chemical                             Of N-Cysteine Derivatives Via A     (Student)
     Hello (Mr.)        Sciences,                            Schiff Base
                        Universiti Sains

193. Kathiresan         School of          Natural Product   Separation And Quantification Of      Oral
     Sathasivam         Chemical                             Antioxidants In Palm Oil            (Student)
     (Mr.)              Sciences,
                        Universiti Sains
194. Kee Chin Hui      Department of       Organic           Benzophenone In Radical Cation         Oral
     (Ms.)             Chemistry,                            Mediated Cyclization –              (Student)
                       Universiti Malaya                     Enhancement Of Indolization

195. Kenneth F.        De La Salle         Environmental     Electrophoretic Profiles Of Water     Poster
     Saulog (Mr.)      University -                          And Salt-Soluble Proteins From      (Student)
                       Manila,                               The Seeds Of Citrus Species As
                       Philippines                           Genetic Markers

196. Khaldun           School of           Analytical        Determination Of Propionates           Oral
     Mohammad          Chemical                              And Propionic Acid In Bakery
     Mitlaq Al Azzam   Sciences,                             Products Using Gas
     (Mr.)             Universiti Sains                      Chromatography

197. Khalijah Awang    Phytochemistry      Natural Product                   -                   Participate
     (Prof. Dr.)       Laboratory,                                                                  only
                       Department of                                                             (Lecturer)
                       Universiti Malaya

198. Khoh Huey         Department of       Organic           Regioselective Synthesis Of           Poster
     Fang (Ms.)        Chemistry,                            Glucose Based Gemini                (Student)
                       Universiti Putra                      Surfactant By Using Solventless
                       Malaysia                              Transacidolysis Process
199. Khoirina Dwi      Indonesian          Material        Characterizing The Non-Sulfided      Poster
     Nugrahaningtya    Catalyst Society,                   Metal Catalyst (Mo/USY And         (Student)
     s (Ms.)           Gadjah Mada                         NiMo/USY)

200. Khor Siok Moi     School of           Environmental                  -                   Participate
     (Ms.)             Chemical                                                                 Only
                       Universiti Sains

201. Kimberly          De La Salle         Polymer                        -                   Participate
     Cornelio (Ms.)    University –                                                             Only
                       Manila,                                                                (Student)

202. Koo Chee Siong Department of          Material        Effect Of pH On Electrodeposited      Oral
     (Mr.)          Chemistry,                             Copper Selenide Thin Films         (Student)
                    Universiti Putra

203. Korina Blanca     De La Salle         Industrial                     -                   Participate
     C. Garcia (Ms.)   University -                                                              only
                       Manila,                                                                (Student)
204. Kristoffer Rey   De La Salle         Other                     -                  Participate
     Santiago (Mr.)   University –                                                        only
                      Manila,                                                          (Student)

205. Ku Marsilla Ku   Universiti Sains    Material   Modification Of Chitosan Powder      Oral
     Ishak (Ms.)      Malaysia                       Using 1-Adamantane Carbonyl       (Student)
                                                     Chloride Monomer

206. Lamies           Qatar University,   Organic    Synthesis, Characterization And      Oral
     Shahada (Dr.)    College of Art &               Thermal Studies Of New            (Lecturer)
                      Sciences,                      Chelating Polymers
                      Chemistry &
                      Earth Sciences

207. Laurence        Nancy University,    Physical   Metal Ion Removal From               Oral
     Dupont-Leclercq Nancy 1, France                 Aqueous Environment By            (Student)
                                                     Micellar Extraction

208. Laureta Anne     De La Salle         Organic                   -                  Participate
     Santos (Ms.)     University,                                                         only
                      Philippines                                                       (Student)
209. Law Kung Pui     School of Science Organic             Synthesis Of Tetrahydroxyphenyl       Oral
     (Mr.)            Chemistry and                         Compounds Based On Suzuki
                      Food Technology,                      Coupling Reaction And Subzero
                      Universiti                            Demethylation Reaction

210. Lee Guan Serm    Universiti Malaya   Natural Product   Antimicrobial Activity Of Eight      Poster
     (Mr.)                                                  Medicinal Plants From Malaysia"     (Student)
                                                            And "Cytotoxic Investigations On
                                                            Zingiber Officinale Variants Jahe
                                                            Emprit And Jahe Gajah

211. Lee Kian Mun     Universiti Putra    Environmental     Photocatalytic Degradation Of         Oral
     (Mr.)            Malaysia                              Reactive Orange 16 Using Zinc       (Student)
                                                            Oxide Photocatalyst

212. Lee Pei Luan     Universiti Putra    Industrial        Optimizing Of Reaction               Poster
     (Ms.)            Malaysia (UPM) /                      Parameters For Epoxidation Of       (Student)
                      Malaysia Palm Oil                     Palm Methyl Ester
                      Board (MPOB)

213. Lee See Mun      Chemistry           Inorganic         Synthesis And Structural Studies     Poster
     (Ms.)            Department,                           Of Some Diorganotin Complexes       (Student)
                      Universiti Malaya                     Containing Schiff Base Ligands

214. Leong Chui Mun Universiti Sains      Material          Synthesis And Doping Of Titania       Oral
     (Ms.)          Malaysia                                Nanotubes Via Anodization           (Student)
215. Leong Yin Kuan   School of          Natural Product   Characterization And In situ       Poster
                      Chemical                             Transesterification Of Chicken
                      Sciences,                            Fat
                      Universiti Sains

216. Leonisa T. Yap   De La Salle        Environmental                     -                Participate
     (Ms.)            University –                                                             only

217. Lim Chyi Meei    Department of      Natural Product   Alkaloids From Piper               Poster
     (Ms.)            Chemistry,                           Sarmentosum And Their            (Student)
                      Universiti Putra                     Biological Activities

218. Lim Eng Khoon    School of          Inorganic                         -                Participate
     (Mr.)            Chemical                                                                Only
                      Sciences,                                                             (Student)
                      Universiti Sains

219. Lim Poh Eng      School of          Environmental     The Science And Technology Of      Invited
     (Prof.)          Chemical                             Constructed Wetland As A          Speaker
                      Sciences,                            Wastewater Treatment System
                      Universiti Sains
220. Liow Chi Hao      Universiti           Material        Preparation And Characterization      Oral
     (Mr.)             Kebangsaan                           Of Polyurethane Coated With        (Student)
                       Malaysia                             Argentum By Deposition Method

221. Louiza Erika      De La Salle          Other           -                                  Participate
     Rellora (Ms.)     University –                                                               only

222. Maazza Yousuf     Environmental        Environmental   Assessment Of Hazardous               Oral
     Abdullah (Ms.)    Technology                           Chemicals Risk In Laboratories     (Student)
                       School of
                       Universiti Sains

223. Mahmood           Thiqar University,   Organic         Afacile Radical Mediated              Oral
     Shakir Magtoof    Chemistry                            Synthesis Of Azetidin-2,3-Diones   (Lecturer)
     (Assoc.Prof.Dr)   Depatment,
                       Nashyria, Iraq

224. Maizathul         Universiti Malaya    Organic         Synthesis And Fluorescence           Poster
     Akmam A.Bakar                                          Characteristics Of 2-              (Student)
     (Ms)                                                   Phenoxypyrimidine And 2-(M-
225. Maizatulnisa Bt.   Department of      Polymer      A Preliminary Study:The Strength       Poster
     Othman (Ms.)       Chemistry,                      Characterization Of Kenaf Bast
                        Universiti Putra                Fiber Based Poly(lactic
                        Malaysia                        acid)(PLA)

226. Malik Musthofa     Universiti         Other        Generation Of Protonic Acid             Oral
     (Mr.)              Teknologi                       Sites From Molecular Hydrogen        (Student)
                        Malaysia                        On H-ZSM-5 Based Catalyst

227. Malik Musthofa     Universiti         Other        Effect Of Silica Ratio On The          Poster
     (Mr.)              Teknologi                       Rate Of Dynamic Modification Of      (Student)
                        Malaysia                        Acid Site On H-ZSM-5 Solid
                                                        Lipase-catalyzed Esterification Of
228. Mansour            Department of      Organic                                             Poster
                                                        Betulinic Acid In Organic
     Ghaffari           Chemistry,
                                                        Solvents Using Phthalic              (Student)
     Moghaddam          Universiti Putra
     (Mr.)                                              Anhydrides As Acylating Agent
                                                        Sorbent Materials Containing
229. Mardiana Saaid     School of          Analytical                                          Poster
                                                        Immobolized Crown Ethers For
     (Ms.)              Chemical
                                                        The Extraction Of Biogenic           (Student)
                        Universiti Sains

230. Mari Louise        De La Salle        Industrial                   -                    Participate
     Ovette S. Chan     University –                                                            only
     (Ms. )             Manila,                                                              (Student)
231. Marianne Linley   De La Salle          Other                          -                  Participate
     L. Sy (Ms.)       University –                                                              only
                       Manila,                                                                 (Student)

232. Marie Angelique   De La Salle          Environmental                  -                  Participate
     B. Santos (Ms.)   University,                                                               only

233. Mark Lourence     De La Salle          Other                          -                  Participate
     Belardo (Mr.)     University Manila,                                                        only
                       Philippines                                                            (Student)

234. Marwan            School of            Analytical      The FIA Method For The               Oral
     Shalash (Mr.)     Chemical                             Determination Of Paracetamol In   (Student)
                       Sciences,                            Tablet Formulation
                       Universiti Sains

235. Mas Rosemal       School of            Inorganic                      -                  Participate
     Hakim Mas         Chemical                                                                  Only
     Haris (Assoc.     Sciences,
     Prof)             Universiti Sains                                                       (Lecturer)
236. Md Fazlul Bari   School of          Material        Behavior Of SB (II) Extraction By      Oral
     (Dr.)            Materials                          Solid Phase Containing Cyanex
                      Engineering,                       302 Applying Surface Response
                      Universiti                         Methodology
                      Malaysia Perlis

237. Md.Sani Ibrahim School of           Organic                         -                   Participate
     (Assoc. Prof.)  Chemical                                                                   Only
                     Universiti Sains                                                        (Lecturer)

238. Md. Sariff Jab   School of          Analytical                      -                   Participate
     (Dr.)            Chemical                                                                  Only
                      Universiti Sains                                                       (Lecturer)

239. Megat Ahmad      School of          Environmental   Kinetic And Equilibrium Isotherm      Poster
     Kamal Megat      Chemical                           Studies Of Humic Acid               (Student)
     Hanafiah (Mr.)   Sciences,                          Adsorption On Chitosan Beads
                      Universiti Sains
                                                         Adsorption Of Copper Ions From
240. Megat Ahmad      School of          Analytical                                            Poster
                                                         Aqueous Solutions By Water
     Kamal Megat      Chemical
                                                         Washed Rubber (Hevea                (Student)
     Hanafiah (Mr.)   Sciences,
                                                         Brasiliensis) Leaf Powder: Effect
                      Universiti Sains
                      Malaysia                           Of Particle Size, Desorption And
                                                         Regenaration Studies
241. Meisam            School of                        High Performance Asymmetric
                                           Material                                             Oral
     Valizadeh         Chemical                         Supercapacitor From
                                                        Manganese/nickel oxide–carbon        (Student)
     Kiamahalleh       Engineering,
                                                        Nanotube Based Composite
     (Mr.)             Universiti Sains

242. Mohamad Abu       School of           Industrial                   -                    Participate
     Bakar (Assoc.     Chemical                                                                 Only
     Prof)             Sciences,
                       Universiti Sains                                                      (Lecturer)
                       Advanced Material Material
243. Mohamad                                            Rheology Study Of Binder                Oral
                       Research Centre
     Azmirruddin                                        System Based On Palm Stearin
                       (AMREC),                                                             (Researcher)
     Ahmad (Mr)                                         For Powder Injection Molding
                       Malaysia                         (PIM) Feedstock

                                                        Pyrolysis Of Oil Palm Empty Fruit
244. Mohamad Azri      Department of       Industrial                                          Poster
     Bin Sukiran       Chemistry,                                                            (Student)
     (Mr.)             Universiti Malaya

245. Mohamad Nasir     School of           Industrial                   -                    Participate
     Mohamad           Chemical                                                                 Only
     Ibrahim (Assoc.   Sciences,
     Prof)             Universiti Sains                                                      (Lecturer)
246. Mohamed           Department of        Inorganic    Synthesis, Characterization And       Oral
     Mustafa           Chemistry,                        Biological Activities Of Some      (Student)
     Mohamed           Universiti Malaya,                Tryptamine Schiff Bases And
     Ibrahim (Mr.)     Malaysia                          Their Metal Complexes

247. Mohamed           School of            Polymer      Preparation And Characterization      Oral
     Rashid Ahmed      Chemical                          Of Lignin Graft Copolymer          (Student)
     Mohamed           Sciences,
     Haras (Mr.)       Universiti Sains
248. Mohammad          School of            Analytical                                      Participate
     Etesami (Mr.)     Chemical                                                                only
                       Sciences,                                                            (Student)
                       Universiti Sains

249. Mohammad Isa      Universiti Malaya    Inorganic    Magnetic, Structural and Thermal      Oral
     Mohamadin                                           Stability Studies Of Copper(II)    (Student)
     (Mr.)                                               Benzoate And Its Derivatives

250. Mohammad         School of             Material     One-pot Synthesis Of Organo-          Oral
     Jafarzadeh (Mr.) Chemical                           functionalized Silica              (Student)
                      Sciences,                          Nanoparticles
                      Universiti Sains
251. Mohammad           Chemistry           Polymer         Effects Hard/SoftSegment              Poster
     Masykuri (Mr.)     Education Study                     Content On the Surface And
                        Program, Sebelas                    Thermal Properties of Oleic-
                        Maret University.                   based Poly(urethane-ureas)

252. Mohammad           Department of       Environmental   Photocatalytic Degradation Of          Oral
     Reza Reisi (Mr.)   Chemistry,                          Tributyltin Chloride By Nano TiO2   (Student)
                        Universiti Malaya

253. Mohammed           School of           Organic         Synthesis, NMR Spectroscopic           Oral
     Hadi Saeed Al-     Chemical                            And Crystal Structure Studies Of    (Student)
     Douh (Mr.)         Sciences,                           Benzimidazole Derivatives
                        Universiti Sains

254. Mohammed           Universiti Sains    Organic         New Aminobarbituric Acid              Poster
     Hadi Saeed Al-     Malaysia                            Derivatives Via Schiff Bases,       (Student)
     Douh (Mr.)                                             Synthesis And Characterization

255. Mohd. Asri         School of           Analytical                      -                   Participate
     Mohd. Nawi         Chemical                                                                   Only
     (Prof.)            Sciences,
                        Universiti Sains                                                        (Lecturer)
256. Mohd Fairuz Bin Universiti Malaya    Inorganic    Fluorescence Properties Of           Oral
     Zainal Abidin                                     Complexes Of 2-Anilinopyridine
     (Mr.)                                             And 2-N-(M-
                                                       Methylanilino)Pyridine :
                                                       Effect Of Manganese And

257. Mohd Farhan       Chemistry          Analytical   Electrochemical Reduction Of        Poster
     Bin Yusri (Mr.)   Department,                     Ferrum Ferricyanide Mediated By   (Student)
                       Universiti Putra                Magnesium Diboride Modified
                       Malaysia                        Carbon Electrode

258. Mohd Fariz bin    Universiti         Organic      Antimicrobial And Antioxidant       Poster
     Kammil (Mr.)      Teknologi                       Activity Of Piper Nigrum And      (Student)
                       Malaysia                        Piper Miniatum Essential Oil

259. Mohd Haniff Bin   Department of      Material     Preparation Of YBa2Cu3O7-δ           Oral
     Wahid (Mr.)       Chemistry,                      (YBCO) Thin Film By               (Student)
                       Universiti Putra                Electrophoretic Technique From
                       Malaysia                        Powders Synthesized Via
                                                       Oxalate Coprecipitation

260. Mohd Jain         School of          Industrial                   -                 Participate
     Noordin Mohd.     Chemical                                                             Only
     Kassim (Assoc.    Sciences,
     Prof)             Universiti Sains                                                  (Lecturer)
261. Mohd Zharif Bin School of            Polymer      Mechanical Properties And           Poster
     Ahmad Thirmizir Materials and                     Water Absorption Of Kenaf Bast     (Student)
     (Mr.)           Mineral                           Fiber Filled Biodegradable
                     Resources                         Polybutylene Succinate (PBS)
                     Engineering,                      Composites
                     Universiti Sains

262. Mohd. Adib bin   Fakulti Sains dan   Analytical   Optimization Of Digestion           Poster
     Yahya (Mr.)      Teknologi,                       Method For Determination Of        (Student)
                      Universiti Sains                 Heavy Metals In Shrimp Paste
                      Islam Malaysia,                  Samples Using Atomic
                      Negeri Sembilan                  Absorption Spectrometry

                                                       Synthesis, Characterization Of
263. Mohd. Hazwan     School of           Organic                                          Poster
                                                       Schiff Bases And Its Application
     Hussin (Mr.)     Chemical
                                                       As Corrosion Inhibitor At          (Student)
                      Universiti Sains                 Aluminium Metal In 0.5m HCl
                      Malaysia                         Solution

264. Muahammad        Department of       Material     The Influence Of Mg Doped Of        Poster
     Hikam (Dr.)      Physics, Faculty                 Barium Strontium Titanate Thin     (Lecturer)
                      of Mathematics                   Films to Strain Micro And Grain
                      and Science,                     Size
                      Depok, Indonesia
265. Mudasir (Prof.)   Gadjah Mada        Environmental   Immobilization Of Dithizone On      Poster
                       University,                        Chitin Isolated From Prawn
                       Indonesia                          Seawater Shells (P. Merguensis)
                                                          And Its Preliminary Study For
                                                          The Adsorption Of Cd(II) Ion

266. Mudasir (Prof.)   Gadjah Mada        Environmental   Linear Prediction Model For         Poster
                       University,                        Octanol-Water Partition           (Lecturer)
                       Indonesia                          Coefficient Of
                                                          Organophosphorus Pesticides
                                                          Based On Quantum Chemical

267. Muhaimin          Center for         Other           Thermophoresis Effects On Non-       Oral
     Ismaoen (Prof.)   Science Studies,                   Darcy Free Convective Heat And    (Lecturer)
                       Universiti Tun                     Mass Transfer Past A Porous
                       Hussein Onn ,                      Wedge In The Presence Of
                       Johor.                             Chemical Reaction

268. Muhammad          Department of      Material        Electrochemical Study Of            Poster
     Farhan B.         Chemistry,                         ErBa2Cu3O7-d Superconductor       (Student)
     Nazarudin (Mr.)   Universiti Putra                   Prepared Via Co-Precipitation

269. Muhammad          School of          Analytical                     -                  Participate
     Idiris Saleh      Chemical                                                               Only
     (Dato’ Prof)      Sciences,                                                            (Lecturer)
                       Universiti Sains
270. Muhammad          Chemistry            Organic         Synthesis Of                         Poster
     Syamil Azahar     Department,                          Polymethoxyflavones                 (Student)
     (Mr.)             Universiti

271. Muhammad          Beijing University   Analytical      Application Of A Simplified Solid     Oral
     Umar Farooq       of Chemical                          Phase Extraction (SPE) Method
     (Mr.)             Technology,                          For The Sensitive Determination
                       China                                Of Sulfonamides In Edible Meat

272. Munaratul Aini    School of            Environmental   The Potensiometric Analysis Of        Oral
     Bt Yahaya (Ms.)   Chemical                             Chloride Ion Using Modified         (Student)
                       Sciences,                            Heterogeneous Chitosan
                       Universiti Sains                     Membranes
                                                            Synthesis Of Boron Carbide At
273. Musfirah CF       Physics              Material                                              Oral
     Toana (Ms.)       Department ,                                                             (Student)
                       University of

274. Musni Ahyani      Material Science,    Material        Influence Of Precursor’s Grain        Oral
     (Ms.)             University of                        On The Temperature’s Synthesis      (Student)
                       Indonesia                            Of Boron Carbide
275. Nadeem Ahmad     Beijing University   Material          Sidewall Functionalization Of         Oral
     (Dr.)            of Chemical                            Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
                      Technology,                            Using Photolysis Of 2-Hydroxy-2-
                      China                                  Methylpropiophenone (Darocure

276. Nahla Awad       Gezira University,   Natural Product   Physical & Chemical Properties        Oral
     Hassan (Ms.)     Faculty of                             Of Water Mellon Seed Oil As A       (Student)
                      Engineering and                        New Source Of Vegetable Oils

277. Nancy Lazaro-    Chemistry            Other             Electrophoretic Profiles Of Water    Poster
     Llanos (Dr.)     Department De                          And Salt-Soluble Proteins From      (Lecturer)
                      La Salle                               The Seeds Of Citrus Species As
                      University-Manila,                     Genetic Markers

278. Naser Eltaher    Universiti Sains     Inorganic         Synthesis, Characterization And       Oral
     Eltayeb (Mr.)    Malaysia                               Computational Chemistry Of          (Student)
                                                             Zn(II)-Schiff bases Complexes
                                                             As Potential Emitting Material In
                                                             Organic Light Emitting Diodes

279. Nataporn Wijit   Department of        Analytical        Determination Of Phenolic            Poster
     (Ms.)            Chemistry,                             Compounds In Seaweed                (Student)
                      Chiang Mai                             Samples By High Performance
                      University,                            Liquid Chromatography
280. Nazzatush          Chemistry           Other           Antiulcerogenic Effect Of Indole      Poster
     Shimar binti       Department,                         Hydrazone Derivatives And Their
     Jamaludin (Ms.)    Universiti Malaya                   Cu(II) And Ni(II) Complexes

281. Neha               Science &           Analytical      Removal Of Heavy Metal From            Oral
     Apshingekar        Commerce,                           Industrial Effluents Using
     (Ms.)              Pravaranagar,                       Casuarina Equestsitifolia As Ion-
                        Ahmednagar,                         Exchanger
                        Maharashtra Pin,

282. Neng Sri           Department of       Polymer         Synthesis Of Degradable Bio-           Oral
     Suharty (Prof.     Chemistry,                          Composites Polypropylene            (Lecturer)
     Dr.)               Sebelas Maret                       Recycle Modified Reactive
                        University                          Process In Xylene Media Using
                        Surakarta,                          Bamboo As A Reinforcing Filler

283. Neng Sri           Department of       Polymer         The Effect Of Fibre Particle Size     Poster
     Suharty (Prof.     Chemistry,                          And Initiator Concentration To      (Lecturer)
     Dr.)               Sebelas Maret                       The Mechanical Properties Of
                        University                          Green Polyblend Of
                        Surakarta,                          Plolyproplene Recycle Filled
                        Indonesia                           Natural Fibre

284. Ng Si Ling (Ms.)   School of           Environmental                   -                   Participate
                        Chemical                                                                  Only
                        Sciences,                                                               (Student)
                        Universiti Sains
285. Ng Sin Nee         Chemistry             Material        Mechanochemical Synthesis And           Oral
     (Ms.)              Department,                           Characterization Of Bismuth-          (Student)
                        Universiti Putra                      Niobium Oxide Ion Conductors

286. Ngoh Ying Shin     Universiti Sains      Environmental   Immobilization Of TiO2 Powder           Oral
     (Ms.)              Malaysia                              Onto Glass Plates Using               (Student)
                                                              ENR/PVC Polymer Blend As

287. Nidal Wanis        Higher Institute of   Polymer         Effect Of Filler Incorporation Into     Oral
     Elshereksi (Mr.)   Medical                               Fracture Toughness Properties         (Lecturer)
                        Technology,                           Of Denture Base Poly (Methyl
                        Libya                                 Methacrylate)

288. Nik Noriman        School of             Polymer         The Effects Of Different Size Of        Oral
     Zulkepli (Mr.)     Materials and                         Recycle NBR On Curing                 (Student)
                        Mineral                               Characteristics And Fatigue
                        Resources                             Properties Of Styrene Butadiene
                        Engineering,                          Rubber / Recycled Acrylonitrile-
                        Universiti Sains                      Butadiene Rubber(SBR/rNBR)
                        Malaysia                              Blends

289. Nik Nur Azza       Universiti Sains      Environmental   Geophysical Self-Potential (SP)        Poster
     Binti Nik Adik     Malaysia                              Technique For Subsurface              (Student)
     (Ms.)                                                    Hydrogeological Investigation
                                                              And Characterization
290. Nissa Nadia bt.    Universiti          Polymer           Preparation Of Composite Nr-       Oral
     Moh Anuar          Kebangsaan                            Silica/Lldpe By Sol Gel Method   (Student)
     (Ms.)              Malaysia

291. Noor Aziah bt.     School of           Industrial        Preliminary Studies For           Poster
     Serri (Ms.)        Chemical                              Production Of Fatty Acids From   (Student)
                        Engineering,                          Hydrolysis Of Cooking Palm Oil
                        Universiti Sains                      Using C. Rugosa Lipase

292. Noor Azlina binti Chemistry            Polymer           Effect Of CaSt2/ZnSt2 And          Oral
     Ngah (Ms.)        Department,                            Radiation On Thermal And         (Student)
                       Universiti Putra                       Dynamic Mechanical Properties
                       Malaysia                               Of Polycaprolactone (PCL)/Poly
                                                              (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC)

293. Noor Doha Bt.      Chemistry           Organic           Synthesis And Fluorescence        Poster
     Hassan             Department,                           Characteristic Of 2-
                        Universiti Malaya                     Phenoxyquinoxaline And 2-(3-

294. Noor Fazliani      School of           Natural Product   Batch Kinetics And Modeling Of    Poster
     Binti Shoparwe     Chemical                              Hyaluronic Acid Production By    (Student)
     (Ms.)              Engineering,                          Streptococcus Zooepidemicus
                        Universiti Sains
295. Noor Rehan         Electronic         Material          Anodic Growth Of High-K               Oral
     Binti Zainal       Materials                            Dielectric Zirconia On Sputtered   (Student)
     Abidin (Ms.)       Research Group,                      Zirconium Film on (100) Silicon
                        SMMRE,                               In Alkaline Condition
                        Universiti Sains

296. Noor Zuhartini     Universiti Sains   Analytical        Amperometric Glutamate                Oral
     Bt. Md Muslim      Malaysia                             Biosensor Based On                 (Student)
     (Ms.)                                                   Photocurable Poly(2-
                                                             Hydroxylethyl Methacrylate)-
                                                             Containing Ferrocene Film

297. Noorul Ain Binti   School of          Material          Synthesis Of Nickel, Ruthenium       Poster
     Mohd. Akib         Chemical                             And Ruthenium-Nickel
     (Ms.)              Sciences,                            Nanoparticles By Phase Transfer    (Student)
                        Universiti Sains

298. Noorul Farhana     School of          Analytical        Adsorption Of Tartrazine From        Poster
     binti Md Ariff     Chemical                             Aqueous Solutions Using            (Student)
     (Ms.)              Sciences,                            Chitosan-coated Bentonite
                        Universiti Sains                     Beads: Kinetics And Equilibrium
                        Malaysia                             Studies

299. Nor Akmal Yati     Universiti         Natural Product                   -                  Participate
     Sulong (Ms.)       Teknologi Mara                                                            Only
300. Nor Akmalazura     Universiti          Natural Product   Chemical Constituents Of The          Oral
     Binti Jani (Ms.)   Teknologi                             Rhizome Of Alpinia Mutica          (Student)

301. Nor Asrina Binti   Department of       Physical          Physical Transport Properties Of      Oral
     Sairi (Ms.)        Chemistry,                            Amine Functionalized Ionic         (Student)
                        Universiti Malaya                     Liquids System

302. Nor Azura Binti    Universiti Sains    Polymer           Effect Of Loading An Antioxidant      Oral
     Abdul Rahim        Malaysia                              On The Properties Of               (Student)
     (Ms.)                                                    Expandable Rubber Foam

303. Nor Dyana          Department of       Analytical        Synthesis And Evaluation Of A         Oral
     Zakaria (Ms.)      Chemistry,                            Molecularly Imprinted Polymer      (Student)
                        Universiti Putra                      For Removal Phenolic
                        Malaysia                              Compound For Waste Water

304. Nor Haidawati      Universiti          Environmental                     -                  Participate
     Bt Che Yon         Teknologi                                                                   only
     (Ms.)              Malaysia                                                                 (Student)

305. Nor Harlina Bt     Universiti          Environmental     Removal Of Ni(II) From Aqueous       Poster
     Haji Hassan        Malaysia Perlis                       Solution By Using Pyrolyzed        (Student)
     (Ms.)              (UniMAP)                              Sugarcane Bagasse And Rice
                                                              Straw At Various pH.
306. Nor Hashila        Nanoscience                     Electrical And Thermal
                                           Material                                         Oral
     Mohd Hirmizi       Research                        Properties Of Copper-Epoxy
                                                        Nanocomposites                   (Student)
     (Ms.)              Laboratory,
                        School of
                        Universiti Sains

307. Nor Nadiah    School of               Industrial                  -                 Participate
     Mohamad Yusof Chemical                                                                Only
     (Ms.)         Sciences,
                   Universiti Sains

308. Nor Nadirah Bt.    Universiti Sains   Polymer      Effect Of Blowing Agent             Oral
     Najib (Ms.)        Malaysia                        Concentration On Cell            (Student)
                                                        Morphology And Impact
                                                        Properties Of Natural Rubber

309. Nor Rabbi’atul     Universiti         Material     The Effect Of Sodium Hydroxide      Oral
     ‘Adawiyah Bt       Kebangsaan                      Treated- Oil Palm Empty Fruit    (Student)
     Norzali (Ms.)      Malaysia                        Bunch Fiber On The Mechanical
                                                        Properties Of Palm-Based
                                                        Polyurethane Composites

310. Norain Binti Isa   Universiti         Inorganic    Mercerization Of Banana Fibers      Oral
     (Ms.)              Technologi Mara,                With NaOH, KOH And Ca(OH)2       (Student)
                        Penang Campus
311. Noraini binti      School of                           Mesoporous Silica Supported
                                            Environmental                                        Oral
     Razali (Ms.)       Chemical                            KOH As Heterogeneous Solid
                                                            Base Catalyst In                  (Student)
                                                            Transesterification Process
                        Universiti Sains

312. Norariza binti     School of           Physical        Molecular Dynamics Simulations    Participate
     Ahmad (Ms.)        Chemical                            Of Translational And Rotational      only
                        Sciences,                           In Liquid Systems.                (Student)
                        Universiti Sains

313. Norashikin Binti   Institute Of        Material        Effect Of Meta- And Para-           Poster
     Mat Nasir (Ms.)    Advanced                            Sulfonate Substituted             (Student)
                        Technology,                         Aminobenzene On Physico-
                        Universiti Putra                    Chemical Properties Of Their
                        Malaysia                            Organic-Inorganic Nanohybrid

314. Norashikin         Fakulti Sains dan   Organic         A Novel Synthesis Of Mono- And       Oral
     Irdawaty Binti     Teknologi                           Hexa-substituted                  (Student)
     Abdul Rahman       Sumber,                             Cyclotriphosphazenes Bearing
     (Ms.)              Universiti                          Chalcones Derivatives
315. Noraziah Abu       School of          Natural Product   Screening Of Selected Micro-          Poster
     Yazid (Ms.)        Chemical                             And Macro-Fungi And Optimum
                        Engineering,                         Condition For Fructo-
                        Universiti Sains                     Oligosaccharide Production

316. Norhafiza          Universiti         Material          Effects Of 2, 4-Ditert-Butylphenyl     Oral
     Yuhana             Kebangsaan                           Phosphite To Thermal Aging Of        (Student)
     Baderuliksan       Malaysia                             Low Density Palm-Based
     (Ms.)                                                   Polyurethane Composite

317. Norhainizah        School of Material Polymer           The Influence Of LDPE/LLDPE            Oral
                                                             Foams Morphology Towards
     Mohd Nasir         & Mineral
                                                             Their Impact Properties              (Student)
     (Ms.)              Resources
                        Universiti Sains

318. Norhaiza Binti     Chemistry          Polymer           The Distribution Of Clay In            Oral
     Othman (Ms.)       Department,                          Polypropylene/Natural Rubber         (Student)
                        Universiti Putra                     Blend On Thermal And
                        Malaysia                             Mechanical Properties

319. Norhanifah Binti   Chemistry          Polymer           Hydrogels From Carboxymethyl          Poster
     Mohd Yazid         Department,                          Cellulose / 1-Vinyl-2-Pyrrolidone    (Student)
     (Ms.)              Universiti Putra                     Interpenetrating Polymer
                        Malaysia                             Networks As Delivery Matrices :
                                                             The Effect Of Cross-Linker On
                                                             Various Blend Ratios And Dose
320. Norhayati binti    School of          Material        Effect Of Polydimethylsiloxane       Oral
     Ahmad (Ms.)        Chemical                           Concentration On The Physical
                        Sciences,                          Properties Of Flexible
                        Universiti Sains                   Polyurethane Foam

321. Norhayati          University Putra   Material        Synthesis And Controlled            Poster
     Hashim (Ms.)       Malaysia                           Release Property Of Phenoxy       (Student)
                                                           herbicides-Layered Double
                                                           Hydroxide Nanohybrids

322. Norhazariah        Universiti Sains   Polymer         The Effect Of Fungicides On The      Oral
     Binti Samsir       Malaysia                           Decay Resistance Of Wood -        (Student)
     (Ms.)                                                 Plastic Composites

323. Norhidayah binti   Universiti Putra   Material        Effect Of Scan Rate On The          Poster
     Ahmad Wazir        Malaysia                           Preparation Of Cadmium            (Student)
     (Ms.)                                                 Selenide Thin Films By Cyclic
                                                           Voltammetric Deposition

324. Norhidaya binti    School of          Industrial                      -                 Participate
     Zakaria (Ms.)      Chemical                                                               Only
                        Sciences,                                                            (Student)
                        Universiti Sains

325. Noridayu bt        Universiti         Environmental   Production Of SiC (Silicon           Oral
     Ismail (Ms.)       Malaysia Perlis                    Carbide) From Agriculture         (Student)
                        (UniMAP)                           Waste: An Overview
326. Norita           School of           Analytical                        -                  Participate
     Mohamed          Chemical
     (Assoc. Prof.)   Sciences,
                      Universiti Sains                                                         (Lecturer)

327. Norliyana Mohd   School of           Industrial                        -                  Participate
     Salleh (Ms.)     Chemical                                                                   Only
                      Sciences,                                                                (Student)
                      Universiti Sains

328. Normah binti     Universiti          Material          Effects Of Alumina Saffil Short       Oral
     Cheman (Ms.)     Malaysia Perlis                       Fibre Reinforcement On             (Student)
                      (UniMAP)                              Corrosion Behaviour Of Al
                                                            Composite Prepared By Powder

329. Nornaemah        Universiti Sains    Natural Product   Total Phenolic Content And           Poster
     Mohd Bakhir      Malaysia                              Antioxidant Activity Of Zizyphus   (Student)
     (Ms.)                                                  Mauritiana Lam

330. Norsita Tohar    Pusat Asasi         Natural Product   Supercritical Carbon Dioxide         Poster
     (Ms.)            Sains,                                Extraction Of Mitragyna            (Student)
                      Universiti Malaya                     Speciosa

331. Nur Aimi Binti   Material            Material          Formation Of Transparent              Oral
     Jani (Ms.)       Engineering,                          Conducting Oxide Film Based On     (Student)
                      Universiti Sains                      CuO And Cu2O By Chemical
                      Malaysia                              Solution Deposition Process
332. Nur Fariza Abd   Department          Other           Optimization Of Enzymatic          Poster
     Rahman (Ms.)     Chemistry,                          Synthesis Of Engkabang Wax
                      Universiti Putra                    Esters Using Respone Surface
                      Malaysia                            Methodology (RSM)

333. Nur Shuhada bt. Institute of                         Geochemistry Of Pb, Cu, And Zn
                                          Environmental                                      Poster
                                                          In Surface Sediments Of Pulau
     Muhamad         Oceanography
                                                          Tuba Mangrove Forest,             (Student)
     Tajudin (Ms.)   and Maritime
                     Study,                               Langkawi, Kedah
                     Islamic University

334. Nur Syuhada Bt   School of           Polymer         Effect Of Natural Weathering On    Poster
     Ahmad Zauzi      Materials and                       The HDPE Filled Wood Flour        (Student)
     (Ms.)            Mineral                             Composites
                      Universiti Sains

335. Nur'aini bt      School of           Material        The Effect Of Polyethylene         Poster
     Raman Yusuf      Chemical                            Glycol In Solubility Of Water     (Student)
     (Ms.)            Sciences,                           Soluble Polyurethane
                      Universiti Sains
336. Nuraqilah         Universiti         Natural Product                  -                  Participate
     Othman (Ms.)      Malaysia                                                                  only
                       Sarawak                                                                (Student)

337. Nurfina Aznam     Dept. Chemistry    Natural Product   Acut And Subcronic Toxicity Of       Oral
     (Prof.)           Education,                           Ethanolic Exstract From Stem      (Lecturer)
                       Universitas                          Bark Of Hopea Mengarawan

338. Nurhawani Binti   Universiti         Environmental     Batch Study Of Cod, pH And           Oral
     Halim (Ms.)       Malaysia Perlis                      MLSS Removal For Mesophiles       (Student)
                                                            And Mixed Slugde-Mesophiles In
                                                            Acid Orange II Wastewater

339. Nuri Mohamed      Institute of       Environmental     Study And Characterize Of           Poster
     Alderwish (Ms.)   Rainers                              Physical And Chemical             (Lecturer)
                       Preparation,                         Properties Of Stored Raining
                       Misurata, libya,                     Water
                                                            Separation And Stereochemistry
340. Nurrraihana       School of          Natural Product                                       Poster
                                                            Study Of 7α-9,11-
     binti Hamzah      Chemical
                                                            eremophiladien-8-one and           (Student)
     (Ms.)             Sciences,
                       Universiti Sains
                       Malaysia                             Isolated From Cyperus kyllingia
341. Nurul `Ain                            Material        The Effect Of Aluminium            Oral
     Hanzah (Ms.)                                          Trihydroxide On The
                       Technology                                                           (Lecturer)
                                                           Flammability And Mechanical
                       Divison, MPOB,                      Properties Of Palm Oil-based

342. Nurul Fadhilah    Universiti Malaya   Physical        Model-Studies On Palm Oil         Poster
     binti Kamalul                                         Based Glycosides                 (Student)
     Aripin (Ms.)
343. Nurul Izza bt                         Environmental   Modification Of Palm Fibre And     Oral
                       Malaysia Perlis
     Abdul Hamid                                           Its Influence On Mechanical
                       (UniMAP)                                                             (Student)
     (Ms.)                                                 Properties On Green Composites

344. Nurul Izzah Binti School of           Organic         Synthesis And Characterization    Poster
     Rosli (Ms.)       Chemical                            Of Bis Schiff Bases And Their    (Student)
                       Sciences,                           Applications As Corrosion
                       Universiti Sains                    Inhibitor On Aluminum And
                       Malaysia                            Copper In Hydrochloric Acid

345. Nurulhaidah       Department of       Analytical      Development Of Novel               Oral
     Daud (Ms.)        Chemistry,                          Nanotranducer For As(III) And    (Student)
                       Universiti Putra                    Hg(II) Ion Biosensor By
                       Malaysia                            Exploiting Amino Acids And
                                                           Peptides As Recognition
346. Nurur Raudzah   Universiti Malaya   Analytical   Macronutrients And Trace Metal       Poster
     Bte Md. Nor                                      Elements Status Of Phoebe          (Student)
     (Ms.)                                            Grandis

347. Nuryono (Mr.)   Department of       Inorganic    Adsorption Of Cr(II) And Cr(VI)       Oral
                     Chemistry,                       On Amino-Silica Hybrid Prepared    (Lecturer)
                     Gadjah Mada                      From Rice Husk Ash

348. Ong Chin Hin    School of           Inorganic    Synthesis And Characterization       Poster
     (Mr.)           Chemical                         Of Symmetrical Bis(2, 2’-(4-       (Student)
                     Sciences,                        (alkyloxy)phenyl)-2-(4-
                     Universiti Sains                 substitutedphenly)diazene) 1,1'-
                     Malaysia                         binaphthal

349. Oo Chuan Wei    School of           Organic                      -                  Participate
     (Mr.)           Chemical                                                              Only
                     Sciences,                                                           (Student)
                     Universiti Sains

350. Ooi Mei Lee     Chemistry           Inorganic    Ring Opening Of Woollins’            Poster
     (Ms.)           Department,                      Reagent By [CPMO(CO)2]2:           (Student)
                     Universiti Malaya                Formation Of Cp2Mo2(SePPh)4,
                                                      CP4MO4(CO)3Se4 And
                                                      CP3MO3(CO)4[Se3(PPh)2] Via
                                                      Phosphorus–Selenium Bond
                                                      Cleavage Followed By Fragment
351. Pooria          School of             Polymer      Morphological And Mechanical         Oral
     Pasbakhsh (Mr.) Materials and                      Properties Of Ethylene Propylene
                     Mineral                            Diene Monomer (EPDM)
                     Resources                          Nanocomposites Filled Halloysite
                     Engineering,                       Nanotubes (HNTs)
                     Universiti Sains

352. Pramod N.         Science &           Analytical   Physico-Chemical Analysis Of         Oral
     Kamble (Mr.)      Commerce,                        Soil Around Bhandardara Dam In     (Student)
                       Ahmednagar,                      Ahmednagar District
                       Maharashtra Pin,

353. Punnee            Faculty of          Analytical   Computer Program For                Poster
     Sittidech (Dr.)   Science,                         Evaluation Of Measurement          (Lecturer)
                       Naresuan                         Uncertainty
                                                        Characterization Of
354. Puvaneswary       Department Of       Inorganic                                        Poster
                                                        Benzenesulfonyhydrazones And
     Subramaniam       Chemistry,
                                                        Metal Complexes And Their          (Student)
     (Ms.)             Universiti Malaya
                                                        Biological Activities
                                                        Mass Transfer Study On
355. R. Davarnejad     School of           Other                                            Poster
                                                        Phosphoric Acid Transfer
     (Mr.)             Chemical
                                                        Between Aqueous And Organic        (Student)
                                                        Phases In A Spray Column
                       Universiti Sains
356. R. Davarnejad   School of                          Mutual Solubility Model
                                        Environmental                                        Poster
     (Mr.)           Chemical                           Associated With Gibbs Function
                                                        Used For The Prediction Of         (Student)
                                                        Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
                     Universiti Sains
                     Malaysia                           Extraction Of Phenol From

357. Radiah Bte      Center for         Physical                        -                  Participate
     Mohamad (Ms.)   Science Studies,                                                         only
                     Universiti Tun
                     Hussein Onn,

358. Rafidah Bt.     Food Safety And    Other           A Development And Single-            Poster
     Mohd.Yusoff     Quality                            Laboratory Validation For          (Lecturer)
     (Ms.)           Laboratory,                        Determination Of Phenylalanine
                     Kangar, Perlis                     And Aspartame In Soft Drink By
                                                        High Performance Liquid

359. Rahmadini       School of          Polymer         Effect Of Chemical Modifications      Oral
     Syafri (Ms.)    Chemistry,                         Of Rice Husks As Filler On The     (Student)
                     Universiti                         Interface Of Filler-
                     Kebangsaan                         Matrix(Nr/Hdpe)Bond Strength

360. Ramadan Ali     University of 7    Organic         Enzymatic Reduction Of Ketones        Oral
     Bawa (Dr.)      October,                           To Optically Active Secondary      (Lecturer)
                     Misurata, Libya                    Alcohols
361. Ramasamy        Center for          Other             Influence Of Variable Viscosity        Oral
     Kandasamy       Science Studies,                      On Non-Darcy Free Convective        (Lecturer)
     (Dr.)           Universiti Tun                        Heat And Mass Transfer Past A
                     Hussein Onn,                          Wedge In The Presence Of
                     Johor.                                Chemical Reaction

362. Ramin M.A.      School of           Physical                          -                   Participate
     Tehrani (Mr.)   Chemical                                                                     only
                     Universiti Sains
                                                           Phytochemical and Biological
363. Ratna Djamil    University of       Natural Product                                         Poster
                                                           Screening of Anredera cordifolia
     (Ms.)           Indonesia,                                                                 (Student)
                     Indonesia                             (Ten)Steenis Leaves using
                                                           Artemia salina (Brine Shrimp

364. Raymond S.      De La Salle         Natural Product   Total Glucosinolate Content Of        Poster
     Malabed (Mr.)   University –                          Local Vegetables And Effects Of      (Student)
                     Manila,                               Processing And Storage On
                     Philippines                           Broccoli (Brassica oleracea L.var
                                                           italica) Glucosinolates

365. Raziah Binti    Chemistry Unit,     Industrial        Enhancing Reaction Rates Of            Oral
     Ahmad Zaidei    Universiti Tenaga                     Lipase Catalyzed Reaction In        (Student)
     (Ms.)           Nasional,                             Non-Aqueous Media Through A
                     Selangor,                             Rapid Three Phase Partitioning
                     Malaysia.                             Plus pH-tuning And Microwave
366. Retno               Universitas          Natural Product   Antiproliferative Mechanism Of        Oral
     Arianingrum         Negeri                                 Some Oligostilbenoid               (Lecturer)
     (Ms.)               Yogyakarta,                            Compounds From Hopea
                         Indonesia                              Odorata Against Human Cancer
                                                                Cell Lines

367. Rina Sharlinda      Institute of         Environmental     Geoaccumulation And                  Poster
     bt Hj Zabri (Ms.)   Oceanography                           Enrichment Of Aluminium,           (Student)
                         and Maritime                           Chromium, Copper, Lead And
                         Study,                                 Zinc (Al, Cr, Pb, Zn) In Surface
                         International                          Sediment From Tanjung Lumpur
                         Islamic University                     Mangrove Forest, Pahang,
                         Malaysia                               Malaysia

368. Riyadh Hassan       Universiti Sains     Analytical        Synthesis Of A Calixarene            Poster
     (Mr.)               Malaysia                               Derivative And Its Analytical      (Student)
                                                                Application As Chemical Sensor

369. Rohana Adnan        School of            Physical                          -                  Participate
     (Dr.)               Chemical                                                                     Only
                         Universiti Sains                                                          (Lecturer)

370. Rohani Binti        Universiti Sains     Polymer           Tensile Properties And                Oral
     Abdul Majid         Malaysia                               Morphology Of Thermaplastic        (Student)
     (Ms.)                                                      Sago Starch/LDPE Blends
371. Rohaya Binti       Universiti         Material          Preliminary Study Of Stearic Acid       Oral
     Abdul Malek        Malaysia Perlis                      Mixed With F75 To Measure
     (Ms.)              (UNIMAP)                             Density And Porosity

372. Roniza Bt Ismail   Universiti Sains   Natural Product   Synthesis Of Precipitated              Poster
     (Ms.)              Malaysia                             Calcium Carbonate (PCC) via          (Student)
                                                             continous Sprayed- Mist
                                                             Production Technique
                                                             Specificity And Sensitivity Of The
373. Rosemarie L.       Pamantasan ng      Other                                                     Oral
                                                             Diagnostic Procedures (Direct
     Balatbat (Ms.)     Lungsod ng
                                                             Fecal Smear Technique And            (Lecturer)
                        Philippies                           P11/P12 Polymerase Chain
                                                             Reaction) In Detecting
                                                             Entamoeba Histolytica Infections

374. Rosenani S.M.      School of          Inorganic                         -                    Participate
     Anwarul Haque      Chemical                                                                     Only
     (Dr.)              Sciences,
                        Universiti Sains                                                          (Lecturer)

375. Roshasnorlyza      School of          Material          Surface Engineering Of Titanium         Oral
     Binti Hazan        Materials and                        For Excellent Cell-Metal             (Student)
     (Ms.)              Mineral                              Interaction
                        Universiti Sains
376. Rugchannok       Department of    Industrial     Biodiesel Production By              Oral
     Thongkumpan      Chemistry,                      Transesterification Of Soybean     (Student)
     (Ms. )           Thammasat                       Oil Using Calcium Supported On
                      University                      Mesoporous Silica
                      (Rangsit Campus)

377. Ruhaila          Center for         Physical     Combined Heat And Mass               Oral
     Md.Kasmani       Science Studies,                Transfer In MHD Free
     (Ms.)            Universiti Tun                  Convection From A Vertical
                      Hussein Onn,                    Surface With Ohmic Heating,
                      Johor.                          Chemical Reaction And Viscous

378. Rurini Retnowati Chemistry                       The Influence Of Acid Catalyst
                                         Organic                                           Oral
                      Department,                     And Various Solvents On
                      Brawijaya                       Dehydration Of Patchouli Alcohol   (Lecturer)
                      University,                     In Patchouli Oil To The
                      Indonesia                       Patchoulene Contain

379. S. R. Kuchekar   Padmashri Vikhe    Analytical   Extraction Chromatographic           Oral
     (Dr.)            Patil College Of                Studies Of Platinum (IV) And Its   (Lecturer)
                      Arts, Science &                 Separation From Iridium (III)
380. Saied H.         Higher Institute of Polymer    Using Of HPLC Analysis For           Oral
     Mohamad (Dr.)    Medical                        Evaluation Of Residual Monomer
                      Technology,                    Content In Denture Base Material
                      Libya                          And Their Effect On Mechanical

                                                     Polymerization Of Protonic
381. Saiful Izwan    School of            Material                                        Oral
                                                     Polyaniline/Multi-Walled Carbon
     Abd Razak (Mr.) Chemical
                                                     Nanotubes/Manganese Dioxide        (Student)
                     Universiti Sains

382. Saleh Djonaedi   Material Science,   Material   The Influence Of Doping Iodine       Oral
     (Mr.)            University of                  In Crystal Structure               (Student)
                      Indonesia                      And Electrical Resistivity Of
                                                     Organic Semiconductor
                                                     From Microbial Cellulose Nata de

383. Salina Mat       Faculty of          Other      Bioorganic Synthesis of Wax         Poster
     Radzi (Dr.)      Science and                    Ester By Immobilized Lipase        (Lecturer)
                      Universiti Sains
                      Islam Malaysia,
384. Saliza Binti   Department of        Analytical        Molecularly Imprinted Polymer:        Oral
     Asman (Ms.)    Chemistry,                             Removal Of Methylene Blue
                    Universiti Putra                       (MB) Using Molecularly Imprinted
                    Malaysia                               Polymer (MIP) From
                                                           Contaminated Water

385. Salma Rahman   PCSIR Labs           Natural Product                    -                 Participate
                    Lahore, Pakistan
     (Dr.)                                                                                       only

386. Salmah         School of Material Polymer             Compatibilization Of                  Oral
     Husseinsyah    Engineering,                           Polypropylene (PP)/Ethylene
     (Dr.)          Universiti                             Propylene Diene Terpolymer
                    Malaysia Perlis                        (EPDM)/Kaolin Composites:
                    (UniMAP)                               Effect Of Maleic Anhydride-

387. Salmah         School of Material Polymer             Effect Of Coconut Shell Powder       Poster
     Husseinsyah    Engineering,                           On the Properties Of Low           (Lecturer)
     (Dr.)          Universiti                             Density Polyethylene
                    Malaysia Perlis                        Biocomposites

388. Salwa Elamin   Beijing University   Natural Product   In Vitro Activity Of Water melon      Oral
     Ibrahim (Ms)   of Chemical                            (citrus vulgaris)Against Same      (Lecturer)
                    Technology                             Organisms (Bacteria & Fungi)
                                                           And Chemical Constituents
389. Sam Sung Ting   School of           Polymer      Preparation And Characterization     Oral
     (Mr.)           Materials and                    Of Soya Powder/LLDPE
                     Mineral                          Composites
                     Universiti Sains

390. Sarah Roslan    Universiti Malaya   Inorganic    Synthesis And Characterization       Oral
     (Ms.)                                            Of Amine - Functionalized Ionic    (Student)

                                                      Fabrication Of Photoanodes
391. Sayekti         Gadjah Mada         Inorganic                                        Poster
                                                      Based Nanocrystaline TiO2
     Wahyuningsih,   University
                                                      Through In Situ Complexes          (Student)
     M.Si (Mr.)      Yogyakarta,
                                                      Sensitizer Formation

392. Sayekti         Gadjah Mada         Inorganic    Structural Aspect Of Mesoporous      Oral
     Wahyuningsih,   University                       Nanocrystalline TiO2               (Student)
     M.Si (Ms.)      Yogyakarta                       Synthesized via Self Assembly
                     Indonesia                        Triblock Copolymer Template

393. Sean Gerard     Department of       Analytical   Fabrication And Laboratory-          Oral
     Ward (Mr.)      Chemistry,                       Testing Of Home-Made               (Lecturer)
                     Universiti Brunei                Voltammetric Electrodes From
                     Darussalam                       Ordinary Pencil Leads.
394. Seng Chye Eng    School of          Environmental                  -                   Participate
     (Assoc. Prof)    Chemical                                                                Only
                      Sciences,                                                             (Lecturer)
                      Universiti Sains

395. Shafida Abd.     School of          Organic                        -                   Participate
     Hamid (Dr.)      Chemical                                                                 Only
                      Universiti Sains                                                      (Lecturer)

396. Shahrizal Bin    Universiti         Material        Study The Effect Of TiO2 And          Oral
     Md Hussein       Malaysia Perlis                    Soaking Time To The Natural        (Lecturer)
     (Dr.)                                               Hydroxyapatite Properties

397. Shahrizal Bin    Universiti         Material        Preparation And Characterization     Poster
     Md Hussein       Malaysia Perlis                    Of Natural Hydroxyapatite From     (Lecturer)
     (Dr.)                                               Bovine Bone

398. Shangeetha A/P School of            Industrial      Ultrasound Aided In Situ              Oral
     Ganesan (Ms.)  Chemical                             Transesterification With Co-       (Student)
                    Sciences,                            solvent Of Crude Palm Oil
                    Universiti Sains                     Contained In Spent Bleaching
                    Malaysia                             Clay.
399. Sharif Hussein      School of          Material          1. Effect Of Manganese Dioxide        Poster
     Sharif Zein (Mr.)   Chemical                             On The Supercapacitance
                         Engineering,                         Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes
                         University Sains                     Nanocomposites
                                                              2, Effect Of Manganese Oxide
                                                              On The Electrical Properties Of
                                                              Poly Vinyl Alcohol/Multi Walled
                                                              Carbon Nanotubes For
                                                              Supercapasitor Material
                                                              3. Mechanical Properties Of
                                                              Hybrid Nanocomposites Of Ethyl
                                                              Vinyl Acetate/Multi Walled
                                                              Carbon Nanotubes-Manganese
                                                              Oxide For Supercapasitor

400. Sharifah Nur     Department Food       Natural Product   Ultrasonic Pre-irradiation Effect     Poster
     Rahimah Bt.      Biotechnology,                          Upon Aqueous Enzymatic              (Student)
     Syed Alias (Ms.) Universiti Sains                        Essential Oil Extraction From
                      Islam Malaysia,                         Lemongrass, Cymbopogon
                      Negeri Sembilan                         Citratus.

401. Sharifah Zati       School of          Inorganic                          -                  Participate
     Hanani binti        Chemical                                                                    only
     Syed Zuber          Sciences,                                                                (Student)
     (Ms.)               Universiti Sains
402. Sharon           School of            Environmental     Removal Of Pb(II) Ions From          Poster
     Fatinathan (Ms.) Chemical                               Aqueous Solution Using
                      Sciences,                              Chitosan Beads And Chitosan-
                      Universiti Sains                       Tripolyphosphate Beads

403. Sheela            Universiti          Material          Effect of Ultrasonic On The           Oral
     Chandren (Ms.)    Teknologi                             Synthesis Of Uniform                (Student)
                       Malaysia                              Mesoporous Alumina

404. Shukranul         Universiti          Natural Product   Triterpenes From Garcinia             Oral
     Mawa (Ms.)        Kebangsaan                            Prainiana                           (Student)

405. Sim Kae Shin      Universiti Malaya   Natural Product   Antimicrobial Activity Of Eight      Poster
     (Ms.)                                                   Medicinal Plants From Malaysia      (Student)
                                                             And Cytotoxic Investigations On
                                                             Zingiber Officinale Variants Jahe
                                                             Emprit And Jahe Gajah

406. Sim Wei Chung Department of           Natural Product   Secondary Metabolites From           Poster
     (Mr.)         Chemistry,                                Cratoxylum glaucum And C.           (Student)
                   Universiti Putra                          arborescens

407. Siti Farhana      Universiti          Material          Morphology And Mechanical            Poster
     Binti Hisham      Kebangsaan                            Properties Of Modified UPR          (Student)
     (Ms.)             Malaysia                              From Recycle Pet With Liquid
                                                             Natural Rubber
408. Siti Fatimah        School of          Industrial        Optimal Continuous Biosynthesis     Oral
     Binti Abdul         Chemical                             Of Biodiesel By A Packed Bed      (Student)
     Halim(Ms.)          Engineering,                         Bioreactor And Mass Transfer
                         Universiti Sains                     Modeling

409. Siti Hasnah binti   Department/Labor Polymer             Study On Morphology And            Poster
                                                              Mechanical Properties Of Heat
     Kamarudin           atory of
                                                              Insulator Laminated Hybrid        (Student)
     (Ms.)               Laboratory
                         Biocomposite,                        Biocomposite
                         Institute of
                         Tropical Forestry
                         and Forest
                         Universiti Putra

410. Siti Hatijah        School of          Natural Product   Screening Of Fructosyl-            Poster
     Mortan (Ms.)        Chemical                             Transferase (FTase)-Producing     (Student)
                         Engineering,                         Fungi Strains And Optimum
                         Universiti Sains                     Reaction Conditions For
                         Malaysia                             Transfructosylating Activity

411. Siti Muhaini bt     Faculty of         Organic           Synthesis And Antimicrobial         Oral
     Haris Fadzillah     Resource                             Studies Of Chalcone Derivatives   (Student)
     (Ms.)               Science &
412. Siti Munirah     Chemistry           Inorganic                  -                   Participate
     Saharin (Ms.)    Department,                                                          Only
                      Universiti Malaya                                                  (Student)

413. Siti Rohana      Universiti          Polymer     Thermal Properties Of Calcium        Poster
     Binti Ahmad      Malaysia Perlis                 Carbonate Filled Polypropylene/    (Student)
     (Ms.)            (UniMAP)                        Ethylene Propylene Diene
                                                      Terpolymer Composites

414. Siti Rohana      Universiti          Polymer     Effects Of Surface Modifiers On       Oral
     Binti Ahmad      Malaysia Perlis                 The Properties Of Calcium          (Student)
     (Ms.)            (UniMAP)                        Carbonate Filled Polypropylene/
                                                      Ethylene Propylene Diene
                                                      Terpolymer Composites

415. Siti Salwa Abd   Department of       Other       Phase Behavior Study Of              Poster
     Gani (Ms.)       Chemistry,                      Engkabang-Based With Nonionic       (Student)
                      Universiti Putra                Surfactant And Synthesis Of
                      Malaysia                        Engkabang Wax Ester Using
                                                      Nonionic Surfactant

416. Siti Shuhadah    School Of           Polymer     LDPE – Isophthalic Acid Modified      Oral
     Binti Md Saleh   Materials                       Egg Shell Powder Composites        (Student)
     (Ms.)            Engineering,                    (LDPE/ESPI).
417. Siti Shuhadah     School Of          Polymer      LDPE-Egg Shell Powder                  Poster
     Binti Md Saleh    Materials                       Composites: The Effect Of            (Student)
     (Ms.)             Engineering,                    Chemical Treatment (NaOH-
                       Universiti                      Isophthalic Acid) On Thermal
                       Malaysia                        Properties

418. Siti Zareena      Department of      Analytical   Development Of Novel                    Oral
     Binti Mohd Saat   Chemistry,                      Nanotranducer For Heavy Metal
     (Ms.)             Universiti Putra                Ion Biosensor By Exploiting
                       Malaysia                        Amino Acids And Peptides As
                                                       Recognition Elements

419. Soheila Faraji    School of          Physical     Effect of SiC In Electroless Cu-P-      Oral
     (Ms.)             Chemical                        SiC Composite Coatings And           (Student)
                       Sciences,                       Their Anti-Corrosion Properties
                       Universiti Sains

420. Solhan bt.        School of          Inorganic                    -                    Participate
     Yahya (Ms.)       Chemical                                                                only
                       Sciences,                                                            (Student)
                       Universiti Sains
421. Sri Atun (Dr.)      Dept. Chemistry     Natural Product   Resveratrol Derivative                Oral
                         Education,                            Compounds From Stem Bark Of
                         Universitas                           Hopea and Their Biological
                         Negeri                                Activity Test

422. Sri Handayani       Dept. Chemistry     Organic           Synthesis Of Hydroxil Radical         Oral
     (Ms.)               Education,                            Scavenging From Benzalacetone       (Student)
                         Universitas                           And Its Derivatives

423. Sri Nurestri Abd    Universiti Malaya   Natural Product   Antimicrobial Activity Of Eight      Poster
     Malek (Prof.)                                             Medicinal Plants From Malaysia      (Lecturer)
                                                               And Cytotoxic Investigations On
                                                               Zingiber Officinale Variants Jahe
                                                               Emprit And Jahe Gajah

424. Sri Winiati (Ms.)   Universitas         Natural Product   Active Compound Anti Cancer          Poster
                         Indonesia                             Isolation From Lichen Usnea         (Student)
                                                               Dasypoga (Ach.) Nyl

425. Suganti             School of Material Polymer            Dynamic Mechanical And Water         Poster
     Ramarad (Ms.)       and Mineral                           Absorption Behavior Of Kenaf        (Student)
                         Resources                             Bast Fiber Filled Plasticized
                         Engineering,                          Poly(lactic acid) Composite.
                         Universiti Sains
426. Suganti          School of           Polymer         Boidegradability Of Kenaf Bast      Oral
     Ramarad (Ms.)    Materials and                       Fiber (KBF) Filled Poly(lactic
                      Mineral                             acid) (PLA) Composites
                      Universiti Sains

427. Sulaiman Ab      School of           Analytical                      -                Participate
     Ghani (Assoc.    Chemical                                                                Only
     Prof.)           Sciences,
                      Universiti Sains                                                     (Lecturer)

428. Sumiyyah Sabar Universiti Sains      Environmental   The Adsorption Of Anionic Dye       Oral
     (Ms.)          Malaysia                              From Aqueous Solution By         (Student)
                                                          Immobilized Chitosan

429. Supalak          Industrial          Polymer                         -                Participate
     Attharangsan     Chemistry,                                                              only
     (Ms.)            Universiti Sains
                      Malaysia                                                             (Student)

430. Supat Buddee     Department of       Inorganic       Removal Of Dyes From Water By       Oral
     (Mr.)            Chemistry, Prince                   Hydrated Amorphous Titanium      (Student)
                      of Songkla                          Dioxide
431. Supri A.Ghani      Universiti         Polymer    Effect Of Ethylene Diamine-Co-         Oral
     (Dr.)              Malaysia Perlis               Acrylic Acid (EDAA) On
                                                      Properties Of Acrylonitrile
                                                      Butadiene Styrene/Waste Tyre
                                                      Dust Composites (ABS/WTD)

432. Supri A.Ghani      Universiti         Polymer    Effect Of Filler Loading Of Waste     Poster
     (Dr.)              Malaysia Perlis               Tyre Dust Filled Acrylonitrile      (Lecturer)
                                                      Butadiene Styrene Composites

433. Suriani Binti Haji Nanoscience        Material   Formation Of N-Type Porous             Oral
     Yaakob (Ms.)       Research                      Silicon : Effect Of Anodization     (Student)
                        Laboratory,                   Time
                        School of
                        Universiti Sains

434. Suzila Ismail      Universiti Sains   Other      Effect Of Black Tea On Colour Of    Participate
     (Ms.)              Islam Malaysia                Rossela                               Only

435. Syahriza Ismail    Universiti Sains   Material   TiO2 Nanotubes Formation And           Oral
     (Ms)               Malaysia                      Their Photocatalytic Properties     (Student)
436. Syarifah Nur     Universiti Malaya   Natural Product   Antimicrobial Activity Of Eight      Poster
     Syed Abdul                                             Medicinal Plants From Malaysia
     Rahman (Ms.)                                           And Cytotoxic Investigations On
                                                            Zingiber Officinale Variants Jahe
                                                            Emprit And Jahe Gajah

437. Syed Azhar bin   School of           Industrial        Determination Of Membership          Poster
     Syed Ab          Chemical                              Function And Fuzzy Rules For
     Rahman (Mr.)     Engineering,                          Fault Detection Development Of
                      Universiti Sains                      An Esterification Process

438. Tan Hsiao Wei    Department Of       Other             Ageing Effect On Rheological         Poster
     (Ms.)            Chemistry,                            Properties Of Concentrated Olive    (Student)
                      Universiti Malaya                     O/W Emulsion

439. Tan Kar Ban      Chemistry           Inorganic         Synthesis And Characterization       Poster
     (Dr.)            Department,                           Of Bismuth Tantalate Binary         (Lecturer)
                      Universiti Putra                      Materials For Potential
                      Malaysia                              Application In Multilayer Ceramic
                                                            Capacitors (MLCC)

440. Tan Sang Loon    Universiti Putra    Inorganic         Enantiomeric Schiff Bases Of S-       Oral
     (Mr.)            Malaysia                              Methyldithiocarbazate With 2-       (Student)
                                                            Yl)Cyclohex-2-Enone And Their
                                                            Metal Complexes: The
                                                            Synthesis, Characterisation And
                                                            Cytotoxic Activity
441. Tan Seok Keik   School of          Natural Product   Antimicrobial Activity Of Extracts      Oral
     (Ms.)           Chemical                             And New Limonoids From
                     Sciences,                            Swietenia Macrophylla King
                     Universiti Sains                     Leaves

442. Tay Hong Kang   School of          Polymer           Durability Studies Of Natural And      Poster
                     Materials &                          Glass Fibers Reinforced
     (Mr.)                                                                                     (Student)
                     Mineral                              Unsaturated Polyester
                     Resources                            Composites
                     Universiti Sains

443. Tay Kheng Soo   Department of      Environmental     Degradation Of Bisphenol-A In          Poster
     (Mr.)           Chemistry,                           Aqueous Solution By Ozonation        (Student)
                     University of

444. Tee Heng        School of          Environmental                      -                   Participate
     Chong (Mr.)     Chemical                                                                    Only
                     Sciences,                                                                 (Student)
                     Universiti Sains
445. Teguh Endah       Department of       Material          Direct Imaging Of C80 (D2) And        Oral
     Saraswati (Ms.)   Chemistry,                            C82 (C2) Nanopeapods Inside
                       Nagoya                                Single- And Double- Wall Carbon
                       University                            Nanotubes By High Resolution
                                                             Transmission Electron

446. Tengku Noor       Universiti          Natural Product                   -                  Participate
     Aminah Tunku      Malaysia                                                                    only
     Mahmud (Ms.)      Terengganu                                                               (Student)

447. Teo Sook Liang    Department of       Material          Cyclic Voltammetric Deposition        Oral
     (Ms.)             Chemistry,                            of Copper Indium Disulfide Thin    (Student)
                       Universiti Putra                      Films At Different Potential
                       Malaysia                              Range

448. Teo Yin Yin       Chemistry           Analytical        Effect of Unsaturation On            Poster
     (Ms.)             Department,                           Stability Of C18 Polyunsaturated   (Student)
                       Universiti Malaya                     Fatty Acids’ Vesicle

449. Teoh Siang        School of           Inorganic                         -                  Participate
     Guan (Prof.)      Chemical                                                                    Only
                       Universiti Sains                                                         (Lecturer)

450. Then Yoon Yee     Department of       Polymer           Preparation And Characterization     Poster
     (Mr.)             Chemistry,                            Of Thermoplastic Starch-           (Student)
                       Universiti Putra                      Polycaprolactone Blend
                       Malaysia                              Nanocomposites
451. Tondi Gianluca    ENSTIB,            Material   Tannin Based Rigid Foams               Oral
     (Mr.)             University Henri
                       Poincare, France

452. Tu Yen Li (Ms.)   Universiti Putra   Polymer    Preparation And Properties Of          Oral
                       Malaysia                      Poly(ButyleneSuccinate)/Montmo      (Student)
                                                     rillonite Nanocomposites

453. Uminatrah Binti   School Of          Material   Potential Of Carbon Nanotubes         Poster
     Abdol Karim       Chemical                      As A Biocatalyst Support: A
     (Ms.)             Engineering,                  Review
                       Universiti Sains

454. Ummi Hani         Universiti Putra   Other      Influence Of Hydrocolloids On The     Poster
     Abdullah (Ms.)    Malysia                       Rheology And Stability Of           (Student)
                                                     Ibuprofen-Loaded Nanoemulsions

455. Uswatun           Department Of      Other      Characterisation Of Natural           Poster
     Hasanah Bt.       Chemistry,                    Feldspar And Mica Mineral As        (Student)
     Zaidan (Ms.)      University Putra              Material Supports For
                       Malaysia                      Biocatalysts

456. Vejayakumaran     School of          Material                   -                   Participate
     Padavettan        Chemical                                                            Only
     (Mr.)             Sciences,                                                         (Student)
                       Universiti Sains
457. Venty Suryanti   Department of       Natural Product   Optimization Condition Of The       Poster
     (Ms.)            Chemistry,                            Biosurfactants Production By
                      University of                         Pseudomonas Fluoresces Using
                      Sebelas Maret,                        WHEY TOFU As Media

458. Venty Suryanti   Department of       Natural Product   Antifungal Activity Of Methanol      Oral
     (Ms.)            Chemistry,                            Extract of The Luffa Acutangula   (Lecturer)
                      University Of                         (L.) Roxb Fruits
                      Sebelas Maret
                      Universitas         Material          Mechanical Strength of Trass as
459. Vera Indrawati                                                                              Oral
                      Indonesia                             Supplementary Cementing
     Judarta (Ms.)
                                                            Material                          (Student)

460. Wan Ahmad        School of           Inorganic                         -                 Participate
     Kamil Mahmood    Chemical                                                                   Only
     (Prof.)          Sciences,
                      Universiti Sains                                                        (Lecturer)

461. Wan Ainna        Universiti Malaya   Inorganic         Fluorescence Properties Of           Oral
     Mardhiah Wan                                           Copper Complexes Of 2-N-          (Student)
     Saffiee (Ms.)                                          Anilinoquinoxaline And 2-N-
462. Wan Izhan         Universiti Sains    Environmental     Photocataltic Efficiency Of           Oral
     Nawawi Wan        Malaysia                              Carbon Impregnated TiO2 With       (Student)
     Ismail (Mr.)                                            Epoxidized Natural Rubber As
                                                             Carbon Precursour

463. Wan Nazihah       Universiti          Inorganic         Synthesis And Characterization        Oral
     Wan Ibrahim       Teknologi                             Of Palladium(Ii) N2O2-             (Student)
     (Ms.)             Malaysia                              Tetradendate Schiff Base
                                                             Complex As Catalyst For Heck
                                                             And Suzuki Reaction

464. Ms. Wan Nurul     School of           Environmental     Characterization Of Concrete          Oral
     Liza Binti Mior                                         Based Waste Material From
     Abdullah (Ms.)                                          Construction And Demolition Site   (Student)
                       Universiti Sains

465. Wan Nurul         Phytochemistry      Natural Product                  -                   Participate
     Nazneem Bt        Laboratory,                                                                 only
     Wan Othman        Department of                                                            (Lecturer)
     (Ms.)             Chemistry,
                       Universiti Malaya

466. Wan Saime         School of           Analytical                       -                   Participate
     Wan Ngah          Chemical                                                                    Only
     (Assoc. Prof.)    Sciences,
                       Universiti Sains                                                         (Lecturer)
467. Wan Tatt Wai    School of          Material          Comparative Study Of Oxidative     Poster
     (Mr.)           Chemical                             Decomposition Behaviour Of
                     Sciences,                            Vegetable Oils And Its
                     Universiti Sains                     Correlation With Iodine Value
                     Malaysia                             Using Thermogravimetric

468. Wasinee         Inorganic          Inorganic         Preparation And Crystal             Oral
     Phonsri (Ms.)   Materials                            Structure Of Ethylenediamine
                     Research Unit,                       Hybrid Nickel Vanadate
                     Department of
                     Chiang Mai

469. Wejdan Shakir   School of          Analytical        Spectrophotometric                  Oral
     Khayoon (Ms.)   Chemical                             Determination Of Allopurinol In   (Student)
                     Sciences,                            Pharmaceutical Preparation
                     Universiti Sains

470. Wen Yin Ping    Department of      Natural Product   Anthraquinones From Morinda        Poster
     (Ms.)           Chemistry,                           citrifolia And Their Larvicidal   (Student)
                     Universiti Putra                     Activities
471. Woi Pei Meng    Universiti Malaya   Other           Design Of Novel Catalysts For     Oral
     (Ms.)                                               CO2 And Proton Reduction
                                                         Based On Synthetic Analogues
                                                         Of Biological Metallo-Sulphur
                                                         Active Sites

472. Wong Keng       School of           Organic         Volatile Compounds Of Some       Invited
     Chong (Assoc.   Chemical                            Malaysian Fruits
     Prof. Dr)       Sciences,
                     Universiti Sains

473. Wong Sook       Chemistry           Environmental   Removal Of Basic And Reactive     Oral
     Yeng (Ms.)      Department,                         Dyes Using Quartenized Sugar    (Student)
                     Universiti Putra                    Cane Bagasse

474. Wong Yee        Universiti Putra    Material        Nanostructure Of Vanadium         Oral
     Ching (Mr.)     Malaysia                            Phosphorus Oxide (VPO)          (Student)
                                                         Catalyst Prepared By
                                                         Sonochemical Treatment

475. Yahya Ahmed     Universiti Putra    Other                          -                  Oral
     Mohammed        Malaysia                                                            (Student)
     Alamri (Mr.)
476. Yamuna A/P      School of          Polymer           Ethylene Vinyl Acetate               Oral
     Munusamy        Materials and                        (EVA)/Natural Rubber (SMR          (Student)
     (Ms.)           Mineral                              L)/Organoclay Nanocomposites:
                     Resources                            Effect of Maleic Anhydride (MAH)
                     Engineering,                         Compatibilizer.
                     Universiti Sains

477. Yanuardi        Universiti         Analytical        Application Of Continual Liquid-     Oral
     Raharjo (Mr.)   Teknologi                            Phase Microextraction Method       (Student)
                     Malaysia                             Coupled With Liquid
                                                          Chromatography To The Analysis
                                                          Of Organophosphorous
                                                          Pesticides In Drinking Water

478. Yap Chin Yean   Universiti Sains   Material          Electrochemical Deposition Of       Poster
     (Ms.)           Malaysia                             Gold Nanoparticles On              (Student)
                                                          Reticulated Vitreous Carbon

479. Yasmin Binti    School Of          Material          Immobilized Enzyme Using            Poster
     Che Ani (Ms.)   Chemical                             Mesoporous Support SBA-15:         (Student)
                     Engineering,                         Stability And Activity Study.
                     Universiti Sains

480. Yau Sui Feng    Department of      Natural Product   Chemical Constituents Of            Poster
     (Ms.)           Chemistry,                           Kaempferia Rotunda                 (Student)
481. Yaw Chong          Department of      Analytical   Electrochemical Studies Copper     Poster
     Wey (Mr.)          Chemistry,                      And Its Complexes Interaction    (Student)
                        Universiti Putra                With DNA

482. Yeap Guan          School of          Inorganic                    -                Participate
     Yeow (Prof.)       Chemical                                                            Only
                        Universiti Sains                                                 (Lecturer)

483. Yeo Siew Yean      School of          Material     The Effect Of Ag Particles On       Oral
     (Ms.)              Chemical                        Thermal Behavior Of Poly-3-      (Student)
                        Sciences,                       Hydroxy-Butyrate (PHB)
                        Universiti Sains

484. Yofentina Iriani   Department of      Material     Annealing Process Optimation        Oral
     (Ms.)              Physics,                        On Growing Barium Strontium      (Student)
                        University of                   Thin Films: Crystallographic
                        Indonesia                       Consideration

485. Yoga Sugama        School of          Industrial                   -                Participate
     Salim (Mr.)        Chemical                                                           Only
                        Sciences,                                                        (Student)
                        Universiti Sains
486. Yuen Choon        Putra CAT,           Material        Effect Of Metal Dopant On             Oral
     Seon (Mr.)        Department of                        Physico-Chemical And Catalytic
                       Chemistry,                           Properties Of Vanadium
                       Universiti Putra                     Phosphorus Oxide Catalysts

487. Yuen Mei Lian     Department of        Environmental   Removal Of Cationic Dye From          Oral
     (Ms.)             Chemistry,                           Aqueous Solution By                 (Student)
                       Universiti Putra                     Immobilised Oil Palm Shell
                       Malaysia                             Modified By Citric Acid
                                                            Characterization Of
488. Yusnita Binti     Department of        Inorganic                                            Poster
                                                            Benzoylhydrazones Derivatives
     Juahir (Ms.)      Chemistry,
                                                            and Metal Complexes and Their       (Student)
                       University Malaya
                                                            Biological Activities

489. Zahoor Ahmad      Beijing University   Material        Synthesis And Characterization        Oral
     (Mr.)             of Chemical                          Of Photoluminescent                 (Student)
                       Technology                           Ag/polycarbazole Nanoparticles

490. Zaidi B Ab        Makmal Ujian         Industrial      Coal Liquefaction                     Oral
     Ghani( Mr.)       Bahan Api                                                                (Student)
                       Teknologi MARA

491. Zainal Abidin     Universiti Malaya    Organic         Synthesis And Fluorescence           Poster
     bin Hasan (Mr.)                                        Characteristic of 2-N-Alkylamino-   (Student)
492. Zaiton Hassan        Fakulti Sains dan   Other          Effect Of Black Tea Extract On      Poster
     (Assoc. Prof.        Teknologi,                         Roselle Beverages                 (Lecturer)
     Dr.)                 Universiti Sains
                          Islam Malaysia,
                          Negeri Sembilan

493. Ziti Akhtar Shafii Department of         Physical                        -                Participate
     (Ms.)              Chemistry                                                                 only
                        Universiti Putra
                                                             Effect Of Crosslinking Level On
494. Zunaida Zakaria      School of           Polymer                                                Oral
                                                             Structure Properties Of Low
     (Ms.)                Materials and
                                                             Density Polyethylene (LDPE)        (Student)
                          Resources                          Foam
                          Universiti Sains

List of Participant of 2 Penang International Conference for Young Chemists
(Penang ICYC) 2008 Until 31 May 2008

Prepared by:

Miss Affaiza Mohd Shah, Miss Norhayati Ahmad, Miss Sharon Fatinathan, Miss Noorul Farhana Md Ariff


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