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									Bill # Position   Short Title           Bill Summary
HB10- Support     Expand Public-private
1010              Initiatives           * Authorizes state agencies to enter into public-private initiative agreements with nonprofit
                                        entities; and
                                        * Provides an incentive for an agency to enter into public-private initiatives by amending an
                                        existing statutory definition of "cost savings" in order to allow an agency to retain a portion
                                        of any cost savings realized from a personal services contract entered into pursuant to a
                                        public-private initiative agreement.
HB10- Monitor     Behavioral Health     Health Care Task Force. This bill requires the department of human services (department) to
1032              Crisis Response       enter into a contract with a nonprofit entity for the provision of initial triage services
                  Services              through a coordinated and integrated crisis response system (system services) for persons
                                        experiencing mental health or substance abuse crisis. This bill requires the department to
                                        maintain policy-making authority over services provided pursuant to the contract, monitor
                                        contract compliance, and evaluate the performance of the contracting entity.
HB10- Monitor     Universal Application Interim Committee on the Developmental Disability Waiting List. As part of the medicaid
1041              Childrens Medicaid eligibility modernization, the bill authorizes the department of health care policy and
                                        financing to create a universal application or single point of entry for home- and
                                        community-based services waivers for children.
HB10- Monitor     Catastrophic Illness Interim Committee on the Developmental Disability Waiting List. The bill creates the relief
1103              Fund For Children     fund for children with a catastrophic medical condition (fund) and the commission for the
                                        relief fund for children with a catastrophic medical condition (commission). For the
                                        purposes of providing the moneys necessary to establish the fund and meet the purposes of
                                        the bill, health coverage carriers shall charge a one-dollar annual surcharge on the premium
                                        for each covered resident, which shall then be transmitted to the state treasurer for deposit
                                        into the fund.
HB10- Actively    Safer Routes to       * Requires CDOT and the departments of education and public safety to collaborate, under
1147  Support     School                the auspices of the safe routes to schools program of CDOT, with local governments, school
                                        districts, and appropriate organizations to develop and make available to schools a
                                        comprehensive educational curriculum regarding the safe use of public streets and premises
                                        open to the public by users of nonmotorized wheeled transportation.
                                        * Requires an individual 2 years of age or older but under 18 years of age to wear a helmet
                                        that meets the applicable federal safety standard for helmets whenever the individual uses
                                        nonmotorized wheeled transportation on a public street or premises open to the public.
                                        * Categorizes a violation of the helmet requirement as an unclassified traffic infraction but
                                        specifies that its enforcement shall consist only of the stopping of a violator or an
                                        accompanying adult, the informing of the violator or accompanying adult of the violation,
                                        and the provision of a card to the violator or accompanying adult that explains the risks of
                                        not wearing a helmet and provides information as to where the violator may obtain a free or
                                        low-cost helmet if the violator or the violator's family cannot afford to purchase one.

HB10- Support     Primary Care Act      Section 1 of the bill expresses the intent of the general assembly to encourage the expansion
1179                                    of primary health care services to shortage areas throughout the state through use of
                                        available space in public buildings and donations and investments by private businesses to
                                        assist physicians in locating and offering primary care services in rural areas. Section 2 of
                                        the bill allows medical malpractice insurers to discount the medical malpractice insurance
                                        rates of licensed physicians who provide primary care services in health professional
                                        shortage areas for at least 50% of their practice time.
HB10- Monitor     Insurance Coverage    The bill requires a health benefit plan that covers cancer chemotherapy treatment to provide
1202              Chemo Treatment       coverage for prescribed, orally administered anticancer medication at a cost to the patient at
                                        the same copayment percentage or relative coinsurance amount as is applied to the cost of
                                        other cancer medications.
SB10-   Monitor   CoverColorado         Health Care Task Force. The bill authorizes the board of directors (board) of the
020               Financial Viability   CoverColorado program to establish a schedule of fees for compensating health care
                                        providers that render covered health care services to CoverColorado participants. The bill
                                        also prohibits health care providers from billing participants for costs in excess of the
                                        applicable fee on the fee schedule for services covered by the program. Additionally, the bill
                                        authorizes the board to maintain enrollment in the CoverColorado program consistent with
                                        the program's financial resources.
SB10-   Neutral   Immunization          The bill requires the state charter school institute and each school district board of education
056               Information School    to adopt and implement a policy requiring each school to annually provide parents and legal
                  Children              guardians with a paper or email copy of a standardized immunization document developed
                                        and updated, as instructed, by the department of public health and environment.
SB10-   Support   Eligibility Nursing   The bill changes certain eligibility requirements for the nursing teacher loan forgiveness
058               Teacher Loan          pilot program, including reducing the required employment in teaching from full time to
                  Forgive               half time and allowing the teaching position to begin within 2 years after the completion of
                                        the nursing teacher's advanced degree.
SB10-   Neutral   Colorado Works         This bill removes the proof of immunization requirement for kids/families to be and remain
068               Streamlining          eligible for TANF funds.
SB10-   Support   Primary Seat Belt     Under current law, failure to wear a restraining device in a vehicle is a secondary offense.
110               Law                   The bill makes failure to wear a restraining device in a vehicle a primary offense and
                                        punishable as a class B traffic infraction.
SB10-   Support   Behavioral Health     The bill creates a council to address a comprehensive approach to behavioral health issues,
153               Screening &           including mental health and substance use disorders, The governor is directed to appoint a
                  Efficiency            behavioral health transformation council whose goal it is to implement a systemic
                                        transformation of the behavioral health system.
HB10- Support     All Payer Database    HCPF appoints an advisory committee to make recommendations regarding the creation of
1330                                    a
                                        Colorado all-payer health claims database for the purpose of transparent public reporting of
                                        health care information.
SB10- Support                           The bill requires the high-performance transportation enterprise to study the feasibility of
145                                     entering into a public-private partnership to develop, construct, and operate a rail fixed
                                        guideway system between the
                                        Auraria higher education center and the Anschutz medical campus of the university of
                                        Colorado at Denver. If, after the study is completed, a
                                        special district is formed for the purpose of financing, developing, constructing, and
                                        operating such a system, the bill requires $4 of each road safety surcharge paid by vehicle
                                        owners who reside within one mile
                                        of the system route to be paid to the special district.
SB106 Support     Food System           This state endorsed Council will work across sectors—engaging with state and local
Advisory Council   government, agriculture, business, and non-profit organizations—to collaboratively
                   establish platforms for coordinated action to advance food policy recommendations that
                   lead to the development of a robust, resilient food system with longevity.

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