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                                                                   March 13, 200 7

    Jackie Lynn Garcia, Clerk t o
   The Honorable Ronald M. Whyte
   United States District Judge
   United States District Court
   Northern District of California
   San Jose Division
    280 South First Street
    San Jose, CA 9511 3

            Re : In re Netopia, Inc . Sec. Litig., Master File No . C-04-3364 RMW (PVT )

   Dear Ms . Garcia,

          This law firm is Lead Counsel to Lead Plaintiffs in the above-referenced
   class action litigation. I am pleased to report that Lead Plaintiffs and defendants
   have reached a settlement . I enclose courtesy copies of the Stipulation of
   Settlement (with exhibits) and, for filing and for the Court's review and approval,
   an original and 2 copies of a [Proposed] Order Preliminarily Approving Settlement
   and Providing for Notice (also with exhibits) ("Order") . The Order proposes to
   preliminarily approve the settlement ; authorize the form and manner of providing
   notice to class members ; set deadlines for class members to opt-out or object to the
   settlement; and schedule a hearing date for final approval of the settlement .

           If the Court is able to review and approve the Order by March 23, 2007,
   then Lead Plaintiffs respectfully suggest that the Court hold a hearing on final
   approval of the settlement, plan of allocation of settlement proceeds, and
   plaintiffs' counsel's application for attorneys' fees and reimbursement of expenses
   during the week of June 4, 2007 (¶8 of the [Proposed] Order) .

          I respectfully request that the Stipulation of Settlement and Order, and this
   proposed schedule, be presented to Judge Whyte for his consideration and, once he
   has acted on the Order, that a conformed copy of the Order be returned in the
   enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope .
 Case 5 :04-cv-03364-RMW Document 169 Filed 03/21/2007 Page 2 of 2

      Counsel to the settling parties would of course be pleased to submi t
additional information or appear in-person should Judge Whyte have any
questions regarding the Stipulation of Settlement or Order .

                                     Respectfully submi tted,

                                     JEF REY S . NOBEL

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cc : All Counsel
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Letter from Jeffrey S . Nobel . (Braun , Michael) (Filed on 3/21/2007)

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