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									                            GUADALUPE COUNTY, TEXAS
                            COMMISSIONERS COURT                                                 Guadalupe County Administration Building
                                                                                                307 West Court Street, 2nd Floor Courtroom
                                                                                                Seguin, Texas 78155 ▪ (830) 303-4188 Ext. 312

     Mike Wiggins                Roger Baenziger              Cesareo Guadarrama, III                Jim Wolverton                   Judy Cope
      County Judge             Commissioner,
                               Commissioner, Precinct 1          Commissioner, Precinct 2         Commissioner, Precinct 3      Commissioner, Precinct 4
         Ext. 312                     Ext. 314                          Ext. 362                          Ext. 313                     Ext. 329

     Regular Meeting: July 10, 2007                                                                         Time: 10:00 A.M.
1. Call to order.
2. Pledges to U.S. Flag and Texas Flag.
3. Silent Prayer.
4. Citizens to be heard.
5. PRESENTATION: By Klotz & Associates re: the Santa Clara and Town Creek Watershed.
6. ACTION ITEMS: Discussion and Possible Motion to Approve:
   A.    The Contract between Guadalupe County and City-County Benefit Services, Consultant.
   B.    The Business Associate Agreement between Guadalupe County on behalf of its Employee Benefits
         Plan and City-County Benefits Services/Sunday and Associates, Inc.
   C.    To enter into a contract with Klotz & Associates regarding the submitted master plan proposal for
         the Santa Clara watershed.
   D.    The Data Processing Services Agreement between Indigent Healthcare Solutions, Ltd. (IHS) and
         Guadalupe County.
   E.    The Business Associate Agreement between Indigent Healthcare Solutions, Ltd. (IHS) and
         Guadalupe County.
   F.    A Resolution authorizing the sending of notice to all healthcare providers and/or pharmacies and
         authorizing Guadalupe County to pay indigent and Medicaid rates for the care of inmates in the
         custody of Guadalupe County.
   G.    To accept for maintenance, the following roads located Precinct 4 in the Woodlake Subdivision,
         Unit V:
         i.    Cactus Wren          994 Feet
         ii.   Blue Heron           612 Feet
         iii.  Inca Dove            604 Feet
         iv.   Mourning Dove       1075 Feet
         v.    Sandpiper           1028 Feet
   H.    To release the Irrevocable Letter of Credit (No. 265) from American Bank of Texas, N.A. on behalf
         of Dennis A. Huber for the sum of $18,030.00 in lieu of a maintenance bond for Woodlake
         Subdivision, Unit V (located in Precinct 4).
   I.    The irrevocable standby Letter of Credit (No. 172-12-05) from American National Bank (for Grigio
         Partners, Ltd.), regarding the improvements to be completed in the subdivision known as Settlers
         Way (Lots 1-18), Precinct 4 (Expiration Date: June 30, 2008).
   J.    In accordance with the Policy for County Travel and Reimbursement Guadalupe, Texas, Section G
         (Lodging), Page 5, permission for overnight lodging for two Tax office employees to attend the
         Tax Assessment & Collection Course No. 8 course (July 16-20, 2007).
   K.    The resignation request submitted by Paul Soto to be removed from the Oak Village North
         Subdivision resident’s committee to negotiate annexation services with the City of Seguin.
   L.    The appointment of one replacement and two alternates for the property owners to conduct
         negotiations with the City of Seguin for the provision of services to the area wherein the property
         owners reside and which is within a proposed area to be annexed by the City of Seguin.
   M.    To provide a Guadalupe County Sheriff Deputy permission to hold a dual commission (with the
         Atascosa County Sheriff's Office) to work interdiction through the US Department of Justice, Drug
         Enforcement Administration.
   N.    The payment of election seminar expenses from Contract Funds.
   O.    Budget amendments and/or capital equipment budgets.
   P.    The Guadalupe County personnel.
   Q.    The bill list and/or workers compensation list and/or employee benefits account bill list.
7.       Reports, if any, by the county officials.
8.       Motion to adjourn.

I, the undersigned, Clerk of Guadalupe County Commissioners’ Court, hereby certify that the above Notice
is a true and correct copy. I received and posted said Notice on the bulletin board at the Courthouse, 101
East Court Street (facing Austin Street). Said place is readily accessible to the general public at all times
beginning on the 6th day of July 2007 at ______________. Notice shall remain posted continuously for
at least 72 hours preceding the scheduled time of said Meeting.


By:__________________________________                                                              Date: July 6, 2007
Guadalupe County encourages compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the conduct of all public meetings. Persons with
disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need auxiliary aids; an interpreter (for hearing impaired); a reader; or large print are
requested to contact the Commissioners Court at (830) 303-4188 at least three (3) working days before the meeting so appropriate
arrangements can be made. While it would be helpful to receive as much advance notice as possible, Guadalupe County will make every
reasonable effort to accommodate any valid request, regardless of when it is received. Braille is not available. This meeting site is accessible
to disabled persons as there are two (2) parking spaces reserved for the disabled on the east side of the Administration Building.

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