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									 More Seamen Selected
    Altogether 3,579 seamen re-
                                                     New Terminal Opens
 gistered with the Seamen's Re-
 cruiting Office were selected and
 engaged for service on ships in
    Of these successful seamen,
 1,723 were engaged by licensed
 crew departments, 1,077 by re-
 engagement and 187 by emer-
 gency engagement.
    In addition, 659 seamen were
 selected for jobs on ships
 through the Seamen's Recruiting
 Office, including 67 who failed to
 join a ship although selected.

 Merchant Shipping

      Regulations published in the
   Government Gazette (Septem-
   ber 6) set out the procedure to                    Lines'
   be followed on an investigation pier The E.A.C. Port of new terminal located on the most modern
                                          within, the        Hamburg was opened recently.
   by a marine court appointed by        M.s. "Busuanga" was              vessel to berth          new in-
   the Governor to inquire into a stallations. Right from thethe first the well planned at the handling
                                                                 outset,                    cargo
   shipping casualty or the conduct
   of an officer of a ship.          methods' with full utilisation of modem mechanical equipment
                                     proved to toe operating perfectly. A considerable improvement in
     These regulations, known as the speed and efficiency of cargo delivery was clearly noticeable.
   the Merchant Shipping (Marine                                            Mr. Anderson further made
   Courts) Regulations 1.968. are-                                        clear that the new ship will be
   mod ercd on the corresponding                                          promoted as a floating resort,
   provisions of the United King-                                        pointing out that. its amenities
  dom Ship Casualties and Ap-          Scheduled to make her first are superior to most land vaca-
  peals and Re-hearing Rules, visit to New York next January, tion resorts. The vessel's three
   1923. They are intended to re- Cunard line's Queen Elizabeth topmost decks are devoted to
  place the present Merchant II, is one of the world's biggest public spaces, including dining
  Shipping (Formal Investigations) passenger ships. She has a gross rooms, lounges, bars and recrea-
  Regulations which were enacted weight of up to 65,000 tons.            tional areas.
  in. 1923 and are therefore now                                            Completely air-conditioned, 75
  out of date and inadequate.          According to Mr. N.N". Ander- per cent of the ship's cabins are
                                     son, President of Cunard Line, outside and
     The regulations provide for North America, the ship will lities. The all haveisprivate with      faci-
 proceedings to be conducted in primarily serve as a cruise two swimming pools. fittedvessel
  the name of the Director of vessel. Although voyages be-                  Passenger
 Marine rather than, the At- tween Southampton, he Havre mostly on a capacityclass 2,045,         is
  torney General since it is not and New York will be under- The vessel is tourist with stabi-       basis.
 desired to give the impression taken during the high season lizers and her fitted       cruising speed of
 that such proceedings are ac- summer months, this employ-
 cusatorial when in fact they are ment will be incidental to West 281/2knots will make a five-day
 inquisitorial. For the same rea- Indies cruises and voyages to transatlantic crossing easily at-
 son the regulations prescribe Europe via the Caribbean and tainable.
 that a Marine Court shall not South Atlantic.
 sit in a Court; Room.
                                       The Queen Elizabeth II is Freighter Flights
    The regulations also provide Cunard's answer to economic                BOAC jet freighter services
 that they shall apply to a re- forces which have meant the out of Hong Kong are to be In-
hearing ordered by the Gov- virtual cessation of ocean ship- creased fourfold as from. October.
ernor. An appeal to the Supreme ping as a medium of passenger               From Thursday, October 17,
Court, against the findings of transportation in favour of the BOAC will operate Boeing 70?
any re-hearing, will be subject jet plane, as Cunard is working jet freighters from Hong Kong
to any rules of the Court under closely with airlines in develop- to (Sydney, Europe and (London
the Supreme Court Ordinance,        ing air-sea vacation packages.       etc.

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