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					                                                      PPAP Requirements

                  EGSTON MNo. :                                                          EGSTON K-drawingNo.:
                                                                                         EGSTON K-drawing revision:
            Material description :
                                                                                         modification status / date:

                     Supplier :                                                                  Supplier No. :

        Type of submission :                                                                Submission level :

                                                                           Sub. / Ret.
                  PPAP Requirements

        #                 Description

        1   Design records                                X                 S
        2   Engineering Change Documents                  X                 S see references!
        3   Customer Engineering Approval
        4   Design FMEA
        5   Process Flow Diagrams                         X                 S
        6   Process FMEA
        7   Dimensional Results including                                   S
            measuring scheme                              X
            Material, Performance Test result, Data
        8                                                 X                 S
            Initial Process Study for all marked
        9                                                                   S see references!
            measures in drawing                           X
       10   Measurement System Analysis Studies
       11   Qualified Laboatory Documentation
       12   Control plan                                  X                 S
            Part Submission Warrant (PSW)
       13                                                                   S
            according VDA 6.x or QS 9000                  X
       14   Appearance Approval Report (AAR)
       15   Bulk Material Requirements Checklist
       16   Sample Product                                X                 S
       17   Master Sample
       18   Checking Aids
       19   Records of Compliance with Customer

       Submitted by :                                                                                              Date :

       S:      The supplier shall submit product approval activity and retain a copy of records
               or documentation items at appropriate locations, including manufacturing

       R:      The supplier shall retain at appropriate locations, including manaufacturing, and make readily
               available representative upon request

       to 2.) all changes must be documented in a certain table
       to 9.) at all deliveries to EGSTON the evidence of SPC or process capability for marked characteristics in
             in drawing must be attached!

F 06-004 PPAP Requirement Form                                                                                              AG of 29.05.2006
1.) Design records
The supplier must have all design records (drawing, CAD /CAM data, specifications) for
components or individual parts with the last revision status available
2.) Documentation for changes
by this are changes to be understood, which did not take up in the design records, but
however already incorporated into the production part.
3.)Technical release (if necessary)
if the supplier provides design documents, he must proof the technical release by the
4.)Design-/ construction FMEA (if Design responsible)
the D-FMEA contributes to show possible errors in the development process.
5.)Process flow chart
with the help of the process cycle plans is to be represented e.g. the individual
manufacturing places, expirations of working on and flow of material, in order to be able
to reconstruct the manufacturing process.
6.)Process FMEA
the process FMEA is to uncover possible errors within the production of the product.
7.)Measuring results
The supplier provides a measuring pattern where all (which correspond to customer
requirements) of appropriate characteristics are numbered. The results of measurement
have to take place after this numbering and so the proof that the results point out an
agreement out with the customer requirements.
8.) Material and performance inspections

By this are to be understood above all data sheets and proofs over the used materials.
9.)Process capability analysis

The process capability analysis has to be taken - like the samples (see point 16) - of one
batch of at least 200 parts (all moulds represented at same amount)
The results of the process performance evaluation are pointing out the agreement to the
customer requirements. In order to understand, how measuring errors affect the results
of the study, a measuring capability study (see point 10) has to be performed. .
10.)Measuring capability analysis
By this are intended the studies over the distortion and accuracy of the inspection
equipment (gage R&R) by new or changed inspection devices, which are used for the
statistic investigation.
11.)Documentation of the laboratory
If measurements or special investigations with external laboratories are ordered, then the
accreditation of this laboratory is to be settled.
12.)Control plan
the control plan contain all important product and process-referred key characteristics of
the safeguards methods used for the process control. Inspection schemes for "families"
of similar construction units are accepted, in case the agreement of the new parts
according the old ones can be proven.
13.)Sample submission report
after conclusion of all demanded measurements and tests the supplier must register the
demanded information into the form according VDA 6,2. or into an adequate supplier
specific form
14.)Appearance approval report (if necessary)
Is a permission report for the appearance of optically relevant parts
15.)procedural demands
For processed products a check list "demands on processed products" has to be
coordinated between customer and supplier
16.)Sample parts
The sample parts have to be produced by series production ready or close-to-production
tools or production equipments. An adequate note has to be recorded in the measuremet

the number of sample parts is separately agreed upon, however the sample parts must
come of from a representative production run. This production run corresponds to a
quantity of min. 200 parts, which are manufactured in a period from one to eight hours.
17.)Reference parts
The reference parts must be marked as such with the date of customer release. The
supplier must keep, if not differently agreed with the customer, for each cavity of a
multiple mold, a tool, model or each production process one reference sample.
18.)Specific inspection equipment (measuring aids)
Measuring aids are e.g. supports(Fixing), models,templates etc. which are used for the
part which can be examined in test and attempt range.
19.)Customer requirements/demands
e.g. special defaults which are not covered in the drawing (magnet wire requirements,

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