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Attentions when using your laptop battery
1. Carefulness read narrate book of battery, use commendatory battery.
2. Research the electric appliance and the laptop battery contact elements is whether clean, when
necessity is clean with the wet cloth mop, after dry loads according to the correct polar direction.
3. When non-adult custody, don’t let children replace the battery, compact battery should place the
place which the child cannot attain.
4. Battery should stock in cool place and dry.Do not expose your battery replacement to water or
other moist/wet substances.
5. Do not incinerate or expose external laptop battery to excessive heat, which may result in an
6. Electro-adapter should cut switch after use. Should take off your battery replacement from
adapter when battery long time no use.
7. Avoid piercing, hitting, crushing or any abuse use of the Battery.
8. It is normal for a laptop battery to become warm to the touch during charging and discharging.

Six tips to extend your laptop battery life
Making sure your laptop is ready to run at all times and in any location is important for mobile
office professionals. Help protect and extend your laptop battery life with these simple steps.

Here's How:
1. Use the correct recharging procedure for your laptop. Only use the power cord that came with
your laptop or an authorized replacement.
2. Follow correct maintenance for your laptop battery when not in use. Don’t leave it in direct
sunlight, areas where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures such as car trunks.
3. Use your laptop power management features. The system will run at lower processor speeds
when enabling power management features and it will go into "sleep" mode faster when inactive.
4. Buy laptop batteries with internal processors such as Li-Ion batteries.
5. Non Li-Ion batteries must be fully discharged and then recharged every 2-3 weeks.
6. If you don’t use your laptop for a period of time, you must fully discharge then recharge the
How to buy a replacement battery online
The feeling is terrible when the laptop power off during working time. How to quickly buy a
replacement laptop battery on line? Follow me and try to make clear it...
1.Do you know your current battery code number and laptop model number? If the answer
is positive, then the thing is getting easy.
Then you have to decide which kind of battery you would like to buy? A genuine battery or
a replacement battery? Normally speaking, replacement battery is cheaper than genuine
battery, maybe 4 times. To choose a replacement laptop battery, you have to consider
about it’s quality factor, delivery time, payment method, and price etc. The current one I
use is a replacement battery, work quite well and I am satisfied with its performance.
2.After decide to buy which battery, you can go to search engineer and enter the key
words in the table, for example, if you want to buy a replacement Dell inspiron 1300
battery, copy this key words to the filling table, then you can find many related website on
the Google search engineer, for example, I see that have this
4400mAh battery, you can also go to other website compare the price to get a battery and
pay less money. You can check your laptop model number or battery code against the
spec description on the online shop to make sure that the battery you see is compatible
with your laptop.
3.Many website also post many battery tips and using knowledge, laptop battery blog for
user’s reference, such as how to maintain battery, charge and discharge, reactivate the
battery and so on.
4.Find the battery what you want, then go to the shopping cart, pay the money, credit card
and Paypal account are always acceptable, after make payment, you will get a order
confirmation or a payment receipt from Paypal to confirm your order payment just now.
Then the whole purchase process is completed, you can seat at home to wait to the
battery package arrival.

Laptop Battery Care and maintenance:

1,Your laptop battery is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be carefully
treated.The suggestions below will help you protect your warranty coverage.
2,Do not use or store the Laptop Battery in dusty,dirty areas.its moving parts and electronic
components can be damaged.
3,Do not store the Samsung laptop battery in hot areas.High temperatures candamage batteries
4,Do not store the laptop battery in cold areas.When the battery returns to its normal
temperature,moisture can form inside the Samsung laptop battery and damage electronic circuit
5,Do not attempt to open the adapter unless as instructed in this guide.
6.Do not drop,knock,or shake the battery.Rough handling can break internal circuit boards and
fine mechanics.
7,Do not use harsh chemicals,cleaning solvents,or strong detegents to clean the Samsung laptop
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Top 15 Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life
Laptops tend to lose their charm quickly when you’re constantly looking for the nearest
power outlet to charge up. How do you keep your battery going for as long as possible?
Here are 15 easy ways to do so.
1. Defrag regularly - The faster your hard drive does its work - less demand you are
going to put on the hard drive and your battery. Make your hard drive as efficient as
possible by defragging it regularly. (but not while it’s on battery of course!) Mac OSX is
better built to handle fragmentation so it may not be very applicable for Apple systems.
2. Dim your screen - Most laptops come with the ability to dim your laptop screen. Some
even come with ways to modify CPU and cooling performance. Cut them down to the
lowest level you can tolerate to squeeze out some extra battery juice.
3. Cut down on programs running in the background. Itunes, Desktop Search, etc. All
these add to the CPU load and cut down battery life. Shut down everything that isn’t
crucial when you’re on battery.
4. Cut down external devices - USB devices (including your mouse) & WiFi drain down
your laptop battery. Remove or shut them down when not in use. It goes without saying
that charging other devices (like your iPod) with your laptop when on battery is a surefire
way of quickly wiping out the charge on your laptop battery.
5. Add more RAM - This will allow you to process more with the memory your laptop has,
rather than relying on virtual memory. Virtual memory results in hard drive use, and is
much less power efficient. Note that adding more RAM will consume more energy, so this
is most applicable if you do need to run memory intensive programs which actually require
heavy usage of virtual memory.
6. Run off a hard drive rather than CD/DVD - As power consuming as hard drives are,
CD and DVD drives are worse. Even having one in the drive can be power consuming.
They spin, taking power, even when they?re not actively being used. Wherever possible,
try to run on virtual drives using programs like Alcohol 120% rather than optical ones.
7. Keep the battery contacts clean: Clean your battery’s metal contacts every couple of
months with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. This keeps the transfer of power from
your battery more efficient.
8. Take care of your battery - Exercise the Battery. Do not leave a charged battery
dormant for long periods of time. Once charged, you should at least use the battery at
least once every two to three weeks. Also, do not let a Li-On battery completely discharge.
(Discharing is only for older batteries with memory effects)
9. Hibernate not standby - Although placing a laptop in standby mode saves some
power and you can instantly resume where you left off, it doesn’t save anywhere as much
power as the hibernate function does. Hibernating a PC will actually save your PC’s state
as it is, and completely shut itself down.
10. Keep operating temperature down - Your laptop operates more efficiently when it’s
cooler. Clean out your air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner, or refer to some extra
tips by
11. Set up and optimize your power options - Go to ‘Power Options’ in your windows
control panel and set it up so that power usage is optimized (Select the ‘max battery’ for
maximum effect).
12. Don’t multitask - Do one thing at a time when you’re on battery. Rather than working
on a spreadsheet, letting your email client run in the background and listening to your
latest set of MP3’s, set your mind to one thing only. If you don’t you’ll only drain out your
batteries before anything gets completed!
13. Go easy on the PC demands - The more you demand from your PC. Passive
activities like email and word processing consume much less power than gaming or
playing a DVD. If you’ve got a single battery charge - pick your priorities wisely.
14. Get yourself a more efficient laptop - Laptops are getting more and more efficient in
nature to the point where some manufacturers are talking about all day long batteries.
Picking up a newer more efficient laptop to replace an aging one is usually a quick fix.
15. Prevent the Memory Effect - If you’re using a very old laptop, you’ll want to prevent
the ‘memory effect’ - Keep the battery healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging
it at least once every two to three weeks. Exceptions to the rule are Li-Ion batteries (which
most laptops have) which do not suffer from the memory effect.

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