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									JUly 2008

E xclusively for cunard world club members
                                                                          Dear Cunarders,

                                                 I       am often asked – as I am sure you are too – why so many people regard Cunard’s ships with such
                                                      genuine fondness. In the case of Queen Elizabeth 2, much of this affection and immense pride stems
                                                 from her status as a worldwide icon and, above all, the sense that she is the nation’s ship. Indeed, how many
                                                 liners could claim four separate visits by Her Majesty The Queen?

                                                 As you have probably seen on the news, Her Majesty’s fourth and final visit took place on 2 June. It was an
                                                 absolute honour and privilege to welcome The Queen aboard to bid farewell to the longest serving Cunarder of
                                                 all time, with many distinguished guests and crew members past and present also in attendance. In a sense, the
                                                 event was the completion of a circle. It was, after all, Her Majesty who launched QE2 on the Clyde 41 years ago.

                                                 This wonderful royal occasion has been the outstanding event in a series of poignant goodbyes for QE2 in
                                                 recent weeks. Since the previous edition of The Cunarder, she has completed her final epic Cunard World
                                                 Voyage, a sensational South America, Pacific & Orient Odyssey. I think most guests would agree that the
                                                 Royal Rendezvous in Sydney stood out as the unforgettable highlight, when this wonderful city came to a
                                                 virtual standstill to say ‘so long’ to their firm favourite and to offer Queen Victoria, who was making her
                                                 debut here, a warm welcome.

                                                 Closer to home, I am proud to report that our support and fundraising efforts for The Prince’s Trust have been
                                                 enormously successful. So a huge ‘thank you’ to all who have made personal donations or joined us, like
                                                 Prince’s Trust Ambassador Helen Lederer, on one of Queen Mary 2’s special Transatlantic Crossings.
                                                 Whilst on the subject of Transatlantic Crossings, I am delighted that we will be welcoming the
THE Cunarder

                                                 Boston Symphony Chamber Players on board Queen Mary 2 on the 4 September 2008 eastbound crossing.
                                                 Please see page 10 for more information, and whether you join this or another thrilling voyage, we look
                                                 forward to seeing you again in the very near future.
                                                 With kind regards

                                                 Carol Marlow
                                                 PRESIDENT AND MANAGING DIRECTOR

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Cunard Line is proud to have won the Ultratravel                                                                     Queen Victoria has wasted little time in winning
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are billed as a celebration of the ‘100 best’ within the                                                             Condé Nast Traveler Magazine’s ‘Hot List’ 2008, a
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readers of Ultratravel magazine.                                                                                     restaurants, spas and nightclubs.

Carol Marlow, President and Managing Director of Cunard                                                              Queen Victoria rates among this year’s elite hotels because
Line, accepted the award on the company’s behalf from                                                                her “sober yet elegant design… is a welcome departure from
Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen during a star-studded lunch at the                                                          the brash interiors that blight modern fleets”. Her Cunard
Intercontinental Hotel in London                                                                                     Royal Spa is also singled out for praise thanks to its relaxing
on 12 May 2008.                                                                                                      environment and impressive range of treatments available.

                                                                                                                     Carol Marlow, President and Managing Director
“It is always very gratifying to win
                                                                                                                     of Cunard Line, was delighted: “To think that
an award,” she enthused, “but it is
                                                                                                                     after nearly 170 years the Cunard brand
especially gratifying to win one
                                                                                                                     continues to offer a luxury travel product
voted on by consumers.                                                                                               that appeals to a contemporary audience is
Congratulations to everyone                                     IN                                                   both inspiring and monumental. We hope to

at Cunard!”                                                    WITH
                                                                                                                     welcome the readers of Condé Nast Traveler on
                                                                                                                     board Queen Victoria soon.”

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                  A ROYAL FAREWELL
                  FOR QE2

THE Cunarder

               O      ver the years, Queen Elizabeth 2 has been no
                    stranger to royalty and few ships could claim so many
               members of the Royal Family among her admirers and past
               visitors. On 2 June 2008, she once more emphasised her royal
                                                                                             Meanwhile around 300 invitees, most of whom had played a significant role
                                                                                             in QE2’s history, mingled expectantly in the Queens Room at a welcome
                                                                                             reception. We were also honoured that Baroness Thatcher was in
                                                                                             attendance, the Prime Minister, of course, at the time of QE2’s tour of duty
                                                                                             as a troop carrier during the Falklands conflict. Former serviceman Simon
                                                                                             Weston, who had actually been among those to reach the islands on the
               connections when Her Majesty The Queen visited the ship she                   world’s fastest passenger ship, was also on board, while other famous QE2
               had launched 41 years earlier for the fourth and final time.                  fans in attendance included Terry Waite and Esther Rantzen.

               Temperatures in Southampton may not quite have matched those QE2              After a welcome speech by Carol Marlow, Her Majesty unveiled a
               had grown accustomed to during 12 nights in the Mediterranean from            special painting of QE2, entitled ‘Coming Home’ and met the artist,
               where she had just returned, but it was pleasantly warm and dry on a day      Robert G. Lloyd. Commissioned by Cunard, the work depicts QE2 with
               of celebration for an iconic ship and her crew – both those who will serve    her ‘paying off ’ pennant, the traditional sign of a ship whose commission
               during her final voyages, and those who have been part of the legend          has ended. On Cunard ships, these are shorter than some, with one foot
               during her 39 years’ service.                                                 of cloth representing each year of service (traditionally these were the
                                                                                             length of the ship plus one foot for every year!); needless to say, at 39 feet,
               At approximately 11.30, the royal party arrived at the dockside, before       this particular paying-off pennant is the longest in our history. ‘Coming
               boarding QE2 into the Midships Lobby. As the assembled ship’s company         Home’ will remain on board until 11 November when, prior to QE2’s
               caught their first glimpse of Her Majesty, dressed in a beautifully elegant   departure to Dubai, Cunard will donate the work to the City of
               lilac outfit and hat, they burst into rapturous applause and the royal        Southampton, whose name this iconic liner has carried with her around
               standard was broken out from the mast. Cunard President and Managing          the globe.
               Director Carol Marlow introduced Her Majesty to Captain Ian McNaught,
               who in turn presented members of his crew.                                    Shortly before lunch, Her Majesty sat for a photograph surrounded by all
                                                                                             nine QE2 captains, plus another three Cunard captains, a wonderful
               From here, the royal party was escorted via the Boat Deck to the bridge       memento that was reminiscent of a similar picture taken with
               where Cadet Jennifer Haynes was awarded the privilege of sounding QE2’s       HRH Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother during a visit in
               whistle to greet Queen Mary 2, herself arriving home from New York.           December 1988.
               Our flagship duly responded, even if the breeze did mute her whistle, as
               Her Majesty looked on proudly. These are, after all, ‘her’ ships – the only
               two Cunarders she has named.

               The          most               famous                     ocean                 liners                  in         the           world                  tm
                                                                                       Her Majesty The Queen launches Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1967

                                                                                     HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN AND QE2
                                                                                     20 SEPTEMBER 1967
                                                                                     Her Majesty The Queen launches QE2 at the John Brown
                                                                                     Shipyard on the Clyde, cutting the ribbon with the same
                                                                                     scissors used at the launch of Queen Mary (1934) and
                                                                                     Queen Elizabeth (1938).

                                                                                     1 MAY 1969
                                                                                     Her Majesty and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh visit QE2
                                                                                     the day before her Maiden Voyage to New York.

                                                                                     27 JULY 1990
                                                                                     Her Majesty The Queen joins QE2 in Spithead to mark the
                                                                                     150th anniversary of the Maiden Voyage of Britannia, unveiling    5
                                                                                     a plaque on board. QE2 then proceeds into Southampton –
                                                                                     this is the only occasion on which Her Majesty sails on QE2.

                                                                                                                                                      THE Cunarder
                                                                                     2 JUNE 2008
                                                                                     Her Majesty makes a Royal Farewell visit to QE2.

Soon the guests moved on to the Caronia Restaurant where, the
moment Her Majesty entered, trumpeters from the Prince of Wales
Regiment struck up with the Cunard Fanfare, just as they had in the
Queens Room. Lunch was truly fit for royalty, with oak smoked Scottish
salmon and sturgeon caviar followed by simply exquisite beef tenderloin.
Once Captain McNaught had raised a Loyal Toast, Carol Marlow
presented Her Majesty with a highly appropriate gift: a framed aerial
photograph of QE2’s launch on 20 September 1967. Then Her Majesty
stood to leave, and the restaurant resounded with three heartfelt
‘Hip hip hoorays’. It was a deeply moving moment for all.

When Her Majesty departed through the Midships Lobby, QE2 sounded
her whistle again as a final farewell prompting more applause from the
                                                                                 Her Majesty The Queen surrounded by QE2 & other Cunard Captains
crew. Of course, we had not overlooked the date and, on the 55th
anniversary of the Coronation, Executive Housekeeper Roz Price Evans
presented Her Majesty with 55 beautiful roses.

Her Majesty then arrived inside the main Cunard Terminal prompting
joyful cheers and applause from the thousand or so guests patiently
preparing to embark for QE2’s Land of the Midnight Sun voyage. Her
Majesty obviously enjoyed the occasion too, leaving as she did almost 20
minutes later than her scheduled departure at 14:05 hours!

And so Her Majesty The Queen bid farewell to QE2, leaving her signature
on the pages of this legendary ship’s visitor’s book. As the first to sign the
book at QE2’s launch, so was Her Majesty the last to do so. This
wonderful royal occasion signalled the official closing of the book;
QE2 and her countless admirers can now anticipate further farewell
                                                                                 Her Majesty signs QE2’s visitor book
celebrations as a remarkable chapter in our history draws jubilantly
towards its close.

       For further information and current fares visit www.cunard.co.uk, call 0845 071 0300 or contact your travel agent

                                                                                  QE2’s tale
THE Cunarder

                                                                                  And so it proved. On 22 February, QE2 returned to Auckland for
                                                                                  the 22nd and final time. This love affair with the City of Sails
                                                                                  began on Valentine’s Day 1978 during her Great Pacific Cruise,
                                                                                  the second of her extended voyages. Docking at Prince’s Wharf in
                                                                                  nostalgic mood just over 30 years later, QE2’s guests encountered
                                                                                  a vivid reminder of how dramatically the world has changed
                                                                                  around this iconic ship. After all, this berth lies beneath the gaze
                                                                                  of an Auckland emblem that simply did not exist when QE2
                                                                                  made her earlier acquaintances with the city. Today, the Sky
                                                                                  Tower is such an instantly identifiable feature of Auckland’s
                                                                                  outline that it is easy to forget this futuristic symbol only opened
                                                                                  to the public as recently as March 1997.

                                                                                  Of course, it is not just Auckland that has changed. QE2 herself
                                                                                  has taken on markedly different appearances to successive
                                                                                  generations of Aucklanders. When they first welcomed her with

               A FOND FAREWELL                                                    open arms, that famous funnel, now bearing Cunard’s distinctive
                                                                                  red and black livery, gleamed white. Then in 1983, on the back of

               TO AUCKLAND…                                                       a refit that followed her tour of duty in the Falklands campaign,
                                                                                  some were surprised to find the hull that cut through the waters
                                                                                  of Waitemata Harbour had been painted charcoal grey; within

               A         s Queen Elizabeth 2 ventured west from
                         Southampton on 6 January 2008, she began her last
               grand voyage, an illuminating South America, Pacific & Orient
                                                                                  months, however, it reverted to the more familiar black.

                                                                                  All subsequent appearances in the so-called Queen City have
                                                                                  seen QE2 sporting her now trademark colours with pride. This
               Odyssey. This would be her eighth extended voyage (classed         was the case, too, on 22 February, when she slipped gracefully
               as one which circles the Pacific or South America); with 25 full   away from her dock shortly after 22:00 hours. Her final goodbye
                                                                                  came in the form of three blasts of her horn, the last time it
               World Cruises also highlighting the 41 years since her launch,
                                                                                  would sound in New Zealand. The hundreds of Aucklanders who
               emotional goodbyes promised to be in plentiful supply amidst       had braved the slight chill of a late Thursday evening to witness
               the great harbours on far-off continents.                          the end of an era replied with rapturous cheers. New Zealand
                                                                                  will miss her.

               The        most            famous                  ocean           liners                in       the          world               tm
of two cities                                                                                                                                 7

                                                                                                                                             THE Cunarder
                                                                   Maiden World Cruise, with Sydney the latest in an exhilarating
                                                                   string of grand harbours to wish her “G’day” for the first time.
                                                                   Yet the occasion was also tinged with an element of sadness as the
                                                                   rendezvous was destined to be QE2’s Sydney swansong, a last
                                                                   opportunity for the city to say “so long and thank you”, 30 years to
                                                                   the day since she made her debut here as part of her Great Pacific
                                                                   Cruise. Once she’s gone, however, she certainly will not be
                                                                   forgotten, because she leaves Sydney’s residents with a host of
                                                                   wonderful recent memories. Barely a year has passed, for instance,
                                                                   since her sensational meeting with Queen Mary 2 brought all and
                                                                   sundry flocking to the water’s edge.

                                                                   This time was no less spectacular. Having arrived the previous day,
                                                                   Queen Victoria was making her first departure from Sydney to

B            athed in pleasant sunshine, Sydneysiders, tourists
             and maritime enthusiasts all lined the famous
harbour in their tens of thousands during the late afternoon
and early evening of 24 February. They sought out the best
                                                                   keep her next World Cruise date further north in Brisbane. QE2 had
                                                                   berthed that morning at Garden Island, and was now due to cross
                                                                   to a new position on Circular Quay. And so the magnificent pair
                                                                   passed in stately procession either side of circular Fort Denison,
                                                                   sounding their horns in the process, while onlookers kept tabs
                                                                   on the momentous event through camera lenses, binoculars
vantage points on the foreshore around the iconic opera            and telescopes.
house and bridge, as scores of small vessels swarmed on
                                                                   For Carol Marlow, Cunard President and Managing Director, this
the water’s surface and helicopters buzzed and hovered in
                                                                   was a fitting way for QE2 to say her goodbyes to the Harbour City:
the blue sky above. The reason: a first and final meeting of       “Sydney has been her most frequent port of call in Australia over
Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 2 in Australia.                 the years so we’re thrilled it’s the setting for this magnificent Royal
                                                                   Rendezvous on her final visit.” Judging by the rapturous reception,
The circumstances of their visits could scarcely have contrasted   Sydney was captivated too – on this, her 30th call to this great city.
more sharply. As the most recent addition to the fleet,
Queen Victoria was still basking in the keen excitement of her

      For further information and current fares visit www.cunard.co.uk, call 0845 071 0300 or contact your travel agent
                                QUEEN VICTORIA CELEBRATES
                             A FIRST EVER CIRCUMNAVIGATION

               Queen Victoria & QE2, Fort Lauderdale                                    Queen Victoria sails through the Panama Canal

                O         f course, a little expert guidance never goes amiss and QE2, veteran of 25 full circles, helped set
                        Queen Victoria’s World Cruise story in motion by sailing alongside from Southampton on a fabulous
                tandem crossing. Arriving in New York, they met our majestic flagship, Queen Mary 2 for an unprecedented event:
                a first-ever meeting of three Cunard Queens under the gaze of the world’s media and beneath a sky crackling
  8             with fireworks.

                Queen Victoria was not, however, to bid QE2 farewell just yet.
THE Cunarder

                Unbeknown to those aboard, the pair would follow the US
                coastline together as their tandem voyage extended south to
                Fort Lauderdale – much to the delight of guests on both ships! The
                elegant sisters finally parted company on 16 January, each bound
                for a different Caribbean island. Queen Victoria’s Aruba visit paved
                the way for another unforgettable first – her elegant passage
                through the Panama Canal, a man-made marvel flanked by
                gloriously untamed jungle.

                By the time Queen Victoria had threaded her way to Lisbon three
                                                                                                           Guitarists at the Lisbon celebration
                months later, following a series of rapturous welcomes, the
                celebration was still not quite finished. For those who had
                followed the whole epic sweep, it was party time! So on 19 April,
                they had a date to keep at the orange brick Campo Pequeno
                Bullfight Arena in the heart of the city. Venues rarely get more
                spectacular than this Moorish-style façade dotted with octagonal
                towers, looming turrets and green domes. Charismatic matadors
                and ladies in traditional garb were waiting to meet and greet, pose
                for snaps and hand out a red carnation to the ladies as they
                followed the red carpet inside.

                The interior drew gasps of admiration, almost audible over the
                twang of classical guitars. On the arena floor, tables draped in lush
                burgundy fabric gleamed with crystal and silver candelabras, ready
                                                                                                           Singer at the Lisbon celebration
                for a hearty three-course banquet. First though, there was the
                important business of a ‘bull fight’, as one colourfully clothed
                matador pushed what was essentially a bicycle with horns as the
                other skilfully avoided its deadly prongs! Later a moving
                demonstration of melancholic fado singing from a balcony gave
                way to the lively, swinging sounds of a 15-piece big band, as the
                floor was cleared for some serious dancing.

                The evening provided an extra wonderful memory to take home to
                Southampton and we’re sure that Queen Victoria’s intrepid
                World Cruise guests are already anticipating her second
                circumnavigation next January.

                Full World Cruise guests are invited to a wonderful dinner and
                                                                                                          Dancers at the Lisbon celebration
                party at a memorable location ashore.

               The             most                    famous          ocean             liners                     in          the               world   tm
      once-in-a-lifetime homecoming
  & A A once-in-a-lifetime finale

B        ack in January, New York had witnessed a momentous first rendezvous of three Cunard Queens at
        the very outset of Queen Victoria’s Maiden World Cruise. So it seemed fitting that 22 April, the
day upon which Queen Victoria finally returned to Southampton having completed this first circumnavigation,
should herald another unique event in Cunard history: the one and only meeting of Queen Mary 2,
Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 2 in their home port.

                                                                                                                          THE Cunarder
                                                                                                                          THE Cunarder
By the time our newest ship had jubilantly arrived from the east,
three-and-a-half months after setting off to the west on her Maiden
World Cruise, Queen Elizabeth 2 was already berthed, having
returned from her final epic odyssey four days earlier.

Later that same evening, Queen Mary 2 gracefully completed the
final few miles of her first eastbound Transatlantic Crossing of
2008, making elegant progress along Southampton Water with
dozens of tugs, sailboats and other small vessels forming an
impressive entourage. As she passed her sisters, the ships’ whistles
sounded dramatically. This was precisely the reason thousands of
spectators, many from far beyond the city, and some with fluttering
Union Jacks clasped in their hands, had thronged in Mayflower
Park. To emphasise the significance of the moment, a town crier
rallied the crowds with the announcement of an unmissable sight,
“One that Southampton has never seen before and one that will
never be seen again.”

Having passed both her regal sisters, Queen Mary 2 briefly joined
them in dock and made the quick turnaround prior to her first
westbound Transatlantic Crossing of the season, bound once again
for New York. She made her stately departure at around 18:00, as
the setting sun began to cast its hazy orange glow over the
memorable scene. Minutes later, Queen Victoria slipped away
too, her guests still enraptured by the sight of our passing flagship,
and relishing their own imminent adventure to the Canary Islands.

Poignantly, as the crowds finally began to drift away with the
fading light, Queen Elizabeth 2 remained in the dock. In all the
drama of the occasion, she had reached yet another milestone
almost unnoticed; today this enduring Cunard icon quietly
celebrated the 39th anniversary of her official entry into service.
Could she have even begun to imagine back in 1969 that she
would be marking this day alongside two magnificent modern
Cunard Queens and thousands of cheering well-wishers? If so,
and like countless others in attendance, she would doubtless have
deemed this once-in-a-lifetime occasion to be well worth the wait.

      For further information and current fares visit www.cunard.co.uk, call 0845 071 0300 or contact your travel agent
                     Queen Mary 2: Classical me
                     p r o m i s e to d e l i g h t g u e s t s o n h e r 4 S e p t e

                                                         Boston Symphony
                                                        Chamber Players

                                                          N       ote the date, music lovers. Cunard, the Official Cruise
                                                                 Line of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), will
                                                       welcome the Boston Symphony Chamber Players, one of the
                                                       world’s most distinguished chamber music ensembles, for a
                                                     series of keenly anticipated performances during a special
                                                    Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Crossing.

                                   The event is part of our unique Cunard Insights™ programme and is further enriched by insightful
                                  lectures from the BSO’s Artistic Administrator, Anthony Fogg. Mr Fogg, himself an accomplished
                                 concert pianist, has a long and close association with the world of classical music. Prior to taking up
                                 his current position in 1994, he worked as Head of Programming for ABC (Australian Broadcasting
                                 Company) Concerts, televising performances by symphony orchestras across his native Australia. Yet
10                               his talents and reputation have spread far and wide, being recognised in North America and Europe;
                                 indeed, the French Government recently honoured him as a Chevalier of the Order of Arts and
                                 Letters for his services to French music and culture.
THE Cunarder

                                 The Boston Symphony Chamber Players formed in 1964 to enable the BSO to share the unique
                                  qualities of a full chamber repertoire with concertgoers, and today the ensemble still comprises
                                   members of the orchestra ‘moonlighting’ as chamber players. They make regular appearances at
                                    Tanglewood, home of a highly regarded Jazz Festival and the Boston Pops and we are sponsors of
                                     both events for the second year running. Now we are delighted to provide another grand stage
                                       for the ensemble to showcase its immense talent, continuing one of our celebrated traditions.
                                         As Carol Marlow, Cunard Line President and Managing Director, remarked:
                                            “Live classical music remains a Cunard hallmark to this day”.

                                                                   “There is no better way to celebrate our partnership than for the
                                                                     Boston Symphony Orchestra to perform their extraordinary
                                                                     music aboard the magnificent Queen Mary 2,” notes Mark
                                                                    Volpe, managing director of the BSO, adding, “The Boston
                                                                   Symphony Orchestra Players have performed to critical acclaim in
                                                                 the great concert halls around the world and we are excited to add
                                                                 performances on the world’s grandest ocean liner to our list of
                                                                  accomplishments.” We hope that you, our appreciative past guests,
                                                                    will be equally excited.

               The   most   famous             ocean                 liners               in       the          world               tm
lodies & classic memorabilia
m b e r e a s t b o u n d T r a n s at l a n t i c C r o s s i n g


    A          s Queen Mary 2 departs New York on 4 September, she will be bringing an unusual cargo across
              the Atlantic - and Bob Hope fans will certainly not want to miss out.

    When the English-born comic died at the grand old age of 100 in
    2003, he left behind literally thousands of mementos amassed
    during a remarkable lifetime in show business, ranging from a
    1943 letter from Bette Davis to the full Indian headdress he
    sported on the cover of Life magazine in May 1962. Now his
    daughter Linda Hope wants to share them with the world, so over
    700 of his favourite items will go under the hammer at a live
    televised and online Bob Hope Estate Charity Auction in Los
    Angeles this October, with registration and proxy bids accepted
    from the start of September. All proceeds will benefit worthy causes
    that were important to the great man.                                                                                     11

                                                                                                                              THE Cunarder
    Golf and Cunard featured prominently in Bob Hope’s life (he
    frequently combined the two by practicing his drives from the
    upper decks of Queen Mary and QE2). So it’s fitting that the
    collection is littered with his prized golfing memorabilia from red
    and white shoes to full sets of clubs, along with more outlandish
    lots such as a golfing cap the size of a large pizza!

    His legendary rendition of ‘Thanks for the Memories’ in the
    Queen’s Salon on a Queen Mary Transatlantic Crossing in 1939
    was perhaps the pick of countless moments in which he delighted
    fellow Cunard guests over the decades. He would doubtless be
    thrilled to know he can do so again almost seventy years
    later on that iconic liner’s namesake, the grandest
    Cunarder ever built. During this special on-board
    auction preview, part of our Cunard Insights™
    programme, Linda Hope will be on hand to discuss
    selected items from the collection, with many
    reflecting his relationship with ocean travel, such as his
    famous steamer trunk and original deck plans for his
    1939 voyage, annotated by his own hand. She will also
    share her own personal reflections and anecdotes on a greatly
    loved father, entertainer and humanitarian.

    For more information about the auction, visit
    We are anticipating huge demand for this special Transatlantic
    Crossing, so to appreciate the talents of the Boston Symphony
    Orchestra and insights from Linda Hope, please contact us today
    at www.cunard.co.uk or telephone 0845 071 0300

          For further information and current fares visit www.cunard.co.uk, call 0845 071 0300 or contact your travel agent
                                                                                        Treat yourself with th
                                                                                                                                                             exclusive to Cunard


               O      ver three days in May, we unveiled our new August 2008 – December 2009 programme at a trio of
                    prestigious hotels across the country. Starting in London on 19 May at the Renaissance Chancery Court, we
               moved on to The Chester Grosvenor & Spa the following day. The third and final launch took place on 29 May at
               Chewton Glen Hotel, Spa & Country Club in Hampshire.

               At each of these events, the invitees, who included a number of
               past guests, had the opportunity to mingle at champagne
               receptions. After a brief presentation on Cunard’s history, we
               outlined the schedule for our immediate future – that’s to say
               our ships’ enticing itineraries over the coming months – before
               a delicious dinner rounded off proceedings.

               Guests attending these events were asked to make a donation
               to The Prince's Trust; together they raised a total of £2,600, so
               thank you to all involved.
THE Cunarder

               We are delighted to offer you another opportunity to
               experience the warm hospitality of these hotels, as we have
                                                                                                                                                                Programme launch at Chewton Glen
               secured exclusive offers at each – and also at hundreds of
               Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ properties. Enjoy!

                                                                                                                                                      This special package is available from only £194.50 per person,
                                                                                                                                                       based on two people sharing a Bronze Room. Supplements
                                                                                                                                                         apply for higher room categories and rooms overlooking
                                                                                                                                                                              the Opera Stage.

                               Music for a Summer’s Evening at Chewton Glen                                                                              To make an enquiry, telephone 01425 275341 or email
                                           Monday 25 August 2008                                                                                                   reservations@chewtonglen.com
                                                                                                                                                      Please quote ‘Cunard Opera Offer’ when making your enquiry.
                    Appreciate a night to remember on the August Bank Holiday Monday
                 thanks to a magical evening of live opera in the hotel grounds, followed by
                   a sumptuous post-concert three-course dinner with wines and coffee in
                  the Lake Suite. Spending the night at this world-renowned hotel and spa,
                        you will have an opportunity to savour the top-class facilities.

                  The event promises to capture the passion, drama and intrigue of much
                   loved operas by Mozart, Rossini, Verdi and Puccini among others, with
                  highlights from La Traviata, The Barber of Seville, Rigoletto, Don Giovani,
                                       La Bohème, Tosca and Carmen.
                                    The Special Cunard Overnight Package includes:
                                             Dorset cream tea on arrival in your room
                                                  Attendance at the opera evening
                                       Post-opera three-course dinner with wines and coffee
                                                Luxurious overnight accommodation
                                                        Continental breakfast
                                       Full use of the award-winning spa and leisure facilities
                 Terms and Conditions for the offer:
                 1) Valid Monday 25 August 2008 only. 2) Subject to availability and not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
                 3) Please note Junior Suite rooms directly overlooking the Opera Grounds are not part of this offer and are charged at full price.

               The                most                             famous                                        ocean                                liners              in       the           world                  tm
ese tempting hotel offers
World Club members

      Escape to the fabulous five-star Renaissance Chancery Court this summer, where the elegant
    accommodation, renowned hospitality, award-winning spa and glittering Pearl Restaurant create a
    superb weekend away. Situated in London's Holborn, just minutes from Covent Garden and the
       West End, Renaissance Chancery Court is the perfect location for a few days in the capital.

     We are offering Cunard World Club members an exclusive rate of £165.00 per room, per night
                              (inclusive of tax and breakfast for two).

   This special rate applies between 13 July 2008 and 7 September 2008 and is subject to availability.
                                  Friday, Saturday or Sunday night only.

                 To receive this exclusive rate, please telephone 020 7829 9888 and quote RUZG.


                                                                                                                                                                                  THE Cunarder
       Dating back to 1865, The Grade II listed Chester Grosvenor and Spa, with its black and white
     timbered façade, is located in the heart of Chester and rates among a handful of hotels outside
       London to be awarded five AA Red Stars. The hotel is perfectly situated for visiting Chester’s
     historic sites, including the Roman walls, amphitheatre and Chester Cathedral, and also pampers
                 guests with its luxurious Grosvenor Spa and two award-winning restaurants.

      Cunard World Club Members can spend a night in a sumptuous suite with full English breakfast
     and a delicious three-course dinner in the award winning La Brasserie for just £149 per person.

                               Please call 01244 324024 for reservations and further information
                                              and quote CUNARD PROMOTION.

                                This offer is valid until 30 September, is subject to availability and
                                              is based on two people sharing a room.

     Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ is an unrivalled collection of over 440 hotels in more than
    70 countries, offering an infinite variety of exceptional experiences. Whether you are seeking the
   sedate elegance of a country house hotel, the pure indulgence of a spa retreat, the tranquillity of a
    private island or the charm of a city sanctuary, with Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ you will
                            encounter only the highest standards of excellence.
       Cunard World Club members can anticipate a fabulous VIP experience at participating
    Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ properties. Enjoy a VIP welcome, complimentary room
   upgrade (subject to availability at time of check-in) and a complimentary experience per person
          per stay e.g. luxury spa treatment in the Maldives or a cooking lesson in Tuscany.

   For reservations or further information about participating hotels, visit www.slh.com/cunard or call
                                  00 800 525 48000 and quote N2RW.
   Terms and conditions:
   1. Offer valid from 1 July 2008 until 31 December 2008. 2. Cancellation policies, payment policies and all other booking conditions will be advised at the time of
   booking. 3. All rates are subject to availability and may only be valid on certain days of the week. 4. The complimentary room upgrade is subject to availability at time of
   check-in. 5. The complimentary special amenity will be determined by the hotel and is not transferable.

       For further information and current fares visit www.cunard.co.uk, call 0845 071 0300 or contact your travel agent
                  Anticipate next year’s adventure on the web

               C      unard continues to embrace the latest
                    technology to help you decide on your perfect
               voyage, including the paperless brochure! So if you
               don’t have a printed version to hand, you can
               browse online or save a copy to your computer.
               Then look through at your leisure, much like a
               conventional brochure, but with some handy
               additional features:

                                                                                         • Jump instantly to specific sections using contents
                                                                                         page links or clearly labelled tabs (for example,
                                                                                         Transatlantic Crossings)

THE Cunarder

               • Search words using the top right box. The search
               will produce a list of every page where the word
               appears. Then click on these links to view these
               pages – ideal, say, for finding all voyages that call at
               a certain destination
                                                                                         • Turn pages by clicking on the
                                                                                         bottom corner, using the arrows or overtyping
               www.cunard.co.uk/ebrochure                                                numbers at the top

                           Our flagship follows in Queen Victoria’s
                                      virtual footsteps

               M        any of you will have seen the amazing
                       Queen Victoria virtual tour on our
               website and used it to look around our new ship from
                                                                                     excellent impression of scale in the double height Britannia
                                                                                     Restaurant, Illuminations – the only planetarium at sea – and the
                                                                                     impressive Queen Mary 2 Spa & Fitness Centre among others. You
                                                                                     can sense, too, the calm intimacy of bars and lounges like the
               the comfort of your home. We’ve had such positive
                                                                                     Commodore Club and Chart Room.
               feedback that we have produced a similar version
               for Queen Mary 2.
                                                                                                                                   ‘Step aboard’
                                                                                                                                   by visiting
               In a short video clip, Commodore Bernard Warner welcomes you
               ‘aboard’ into the Grand Lobby, where the moving 360-degree image
                                                                                                                                   and following
               enables you to appreciate the two sweeping staircases and the
                                                                                                                                   the links.
               bronze centrepiece artwork. From here, it’s simple to navigate
               through the grand public spaces, dining venues and suite and
               stateroom categories, set out in five sections. Your guide for the
               tour is Queen Mary 2’s Entertainment Director, Raymond Rouse,
               who introduces each room you visit; at the same time you can also
               pinpoint your location on board using the deck plans. In almost
               every room, it is possible to look left, right, up and down, simply
               by clicking and dragging in your chosen direction. This offers an

               The         most               famous                      ocean      liners                in      the          world                 tm
                                                  raising a princely sum for
                                                       the prince’s trust

S           ince the launch of Queen Victoria in December 2007, The Prince’s Trust has maintained a high profile
          across our fleet. Nautical chart auctions on every voyage, Crew Shows, Country Fairs and Ladies Days, with
raffle prizes including spa treatments or items from the on-board shops, have all helped this worthy cause to help
change young lives - as have you, our generous guests, by kindly making your own donations using the envelopes
provided. The Prince’s Trust extends their warmest thanks on behalf of the young people they will be able to help with
your donations.

               THE LEGACY CONTINUES                                                                                                                   FUNDRAISING UPDATE
    For more information on the fantastic work of                                                                                                    THE PRINCE’S TRUST
    The Prince's Trust, and Cunard’s contribution to                                                                                          TOTAL AMOUNT DONATED SO FAR:
    improving young lives, you can request a copy of                                                                                                                 £186,504
    the new Cunard DVD, 'The Legacy Continues', also                                                                                                                                                               15
    featuring new footage of Queen Victoria.                                                                                               THE PRINCE’S TRUST GOES

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   THE Cunarder
    To receive your copy,                                                                                                                  TRANSATLANTIC
    call 0845 071 0300                                                                                                                     As Queen Mary 2 edged out of New York on 16 April, she began
                                                                                                                                           her first Transatlantic Crossing of 2008 and also Cunard’s first-ever
    or visit www.cunard.co.uk.                                                                                                             Prince’s Trust Transatlantic Crossing, with 10% of direct bookings
                                                                                                                                           made in the UK donated to the cause.

                                                                                                                                           Comedienne and Prince’s Trust Ambassador, Helen Lederer, hosted
                                                                                                                                           this special event, participating in Question and Answer sessions
                                                                                                                                           in the Illuminations auditorium and interviews with David Pepper,
                                                                                                                                           the Entertainment Director, all televised on the ship’s dedicated
      SUPPORT A WORTHY CAUSE                                                                                                               channel. Besides charity auctions and a trivia quiz, a number of
         IN LUXURIOUS STYLE                                                                                                                cocktail parties and get-togethers en route to Southampton offered
                                                                                                                                           guests ample opportunity to meet Helen, who was always

“By booking these voyages, you will directly bring hope to the                                                                             delighted to discuss The Prince’s Trust projects.
thousands of young people who have no qualifications, are
unemployed or are in or leaving care. As a Prince's Trust                                                                                  We offer our sincerest thanks to Helen for her incredible support,
Ambassador I've seen first hand the excellent work of The                                                                                  dedication and hard work that ensured our first Prince’s Trust
Trust so please book today!"                                                                                                               voyage was an outstanding success. We hope to welcome you on
                                                                                                                                           forthcoming Prince’s Trust Transatlantic Crossings.
Helen Lederer, Prince's Trust Ambassador.

At the time of going to print, there is availability on just two crossings:

M830 - 7 August - Eastbound
M831 - 13 August - Westbound

To book, please call 0845 071 0306, quoting ‘PRINCE’, to enjoy a classic
experience that will help disadvantaged young people in the UK look
forward to a brighter future. Fares start from £799 per person.

To find out more about the work of The Prince's Trust,
please visit their website www.princes-trust.org.uk
or call +44 (0) 20 7543 7316.

* The 10% contribution will be calculated in relation to the paid fare amounts, not any flight upgrade, land arrangements or hotel
options amounts, any cancellation revenues or any fees. 10% of the sale of every direct booking made via 0845 071 0306 for the
                                                                                                                                            Helen Lederer, Prince's Trust Ambassador
crossings above are paid to the Prince's Trust Trading Limited which covenants all its taxable profits to The Prince's Trust, registered    with Captain Wells & David Pepper, Entertainment Director
charity, number 1079678, incorporated by Royal Charter.

             For further information and current fares visit www.cunard.co.uk, call 0845 071 0300 or contact your travel agent
                             We’re taking Terry’s Old Geezers
                                 to see another old Giza!

               A        s we mentioned in the February issue of the Cunarder, Queen Victoria’s 17 November Ancient Wonders
                      of the Mediterranean II exploration will be joined by many of Terry’s Old Geezers and Gals (TOGs).
               Cunard will be supporting the TOGs’ fundraising efforts on behalf of the BBC’s Children In Need appeal, donating
               10% of every fare, or a minimum of £150, for this voyage.

               With an intrepid band of TOGs aboard, Queen Victoria will visit
                                                                                                                                                                             Sir Terry Wogan
               a string of historic hotspots over 12 nights between Athens and
               Rome – including Ephesus, Istanbul and Alexandria, our gateway
               to Giza’s awe-inspiring pyramids – and feature an exclusive TOGs
               land excursion.

               Back on board, a host of sociable events and activities will
               encourage the TOGs to have fun and raise funds, starting with a
               special champagne reception. Sir Terry Wogan will join us for a
               couple of days and may broadcast ‘Wake Up To Wogan’ shows live
               from the ship, accompanied by his trusty entourage. So guests can
               expect plenty of high jinks on the high seas, with Deadly’s Pub
               Quiz Extraordinaire and The ‘Loose Cannon’ Karaoke among the                                                       Athens, Greece
               highlights. British Jazz Vocalist of the Year 2007 – and Radio 2
THE Cunarder

               favourite – Clare Teal will be another special guest, jetting in to
               wow guests with her stunning voice and song-writing prowess.

               Should you wish to join in the fundraising fun,
               you can still take your place on this fabulous
               TOGs voyage by calling 0845 071 0300.

                                                                                                                                                  Rome, Italy
                                                                         Clare Teal

                                                          Ancient Wonders of the Mediterranean II
                                                                                                17 – 29 November 2008
                                                                            12 nights ‘sailaway’ Fares from £1,499

                        Athens     (from Piraeus), Greece      • Meteora (from Volos), Greece • Troy (from Dikili), Turkey • Istanbul, Turkey • Ephesus                              (from Kusadasi),   Turkey
                     Port Said, Egypt • Cairo/Giza (from Alexandria), Egypt • Valletta, Malta • Messina, Sicily • Naples, Italy • Rome                                       (from Civitavecchia), Italy

                                                                                             = Pre-voyage flight       = Post-voyage flight

                  *10% donation applies to bookings made direct with Cunard only via 0845 071 0306 or the Cunard website. The 10% will be calculated in relation to the paid fare amounts, not the flight upgrade, land
                                                                            arrangements or hotel options amounts, any cancellation revenues or any fees

               The            most                     famous                            ocean                          liners                        in           the               world                       tm
                                                                         JOHN DUFFY
                                                                       HONOURED BY THE
                                                                        MERCHANT NAVY
  A GOOD CAUSE                                                        I        t brings us immense pleasure to report that
                                                                            QE2 Hotel Manager John Duffy recently received
                                                                      the prestigious Merchant Navy Medal. This nomination

O         n Saturday 24 May, the Lord’s Taverners held
        their 12th Waterloo Ball at a huge marquee at
Shaw’s Bridge in South Belfast. The Lord’s Taverners mission
is a charity dedicated to giving young people aged 25 and
                                                                      was for his long and distinguished service on Cunard
                                                                      liners, including more than 26 years on
                                                                      QE2. Many of you will have met and
                                                                      befriended John during your time
                                                                      aboard QE2, and we’re sure you’ll
under, particularly those with special needs, opportunities to
                                                                      join us in congratulating him on his
participate in sport and recreation. The Waterloo Ball, held
                                                                      thoroughly deserved recognition.
every two years, was the biggest fund raising event for the
charity’s Northern Ireland branch in 2008.
                                                                      John joins a select band as, each year, the

                                                                      Merchant Navy awards a maximum of
A host of famous faces mingled with a thousand invited guests,
                                                                      15 such medals to British registered
including Master of Ceremonies, Robert Powell, the award winning
actor and past President of The Lord’s Taverners. The Band, Bugles,   Merchant Seafarers who have made a

Pipes and Drums of The Royal Irish Regiment, and Rolling Stones       significant contribution to merchant

                                                                                                                                         THE Cunarder
tribute band, The Counterfeit Stones, were on hand to provide         shipping. Indeed, on the 2007 list, John
musical entertainment. While, in true Rock and Roll style, Roxy       was one of just 10 recipients. The medal itself features Admiral
Music and the incomparable Bryan Ferry grabbed the headlines,
                                                                      Lord Nelson in profile on the obverse, inscribed with the words
having jetted in from the Monaco Grand Prix especially for
                                                                      ‘For meritorious service’ beneath the Merchant Navy logo on
the evening!
                                                                      the reverse. The ribbon is half green and half red, with a

                                                                      vertical white stripe between the two, mirroring a ship’s
The event was a massive success, raising a staggering £200,000,
thanks mostly to an auction whose lots included a rare, mint          navigation lights.

condition DeLorean sports car. We were delighted to play our own
part in the proceedings, with the donation of a Queen Mary 2
Transatlantic Crossing, the biggest element of an enticing package
that raised an astounding £13,000!

                                                                                     John Duffy with
                                                                                     Carol Marlow

         One of the lots at our extremely successful auction

      For further information and current fares visit www.cunard.co.uk, call 0845 071 0300 or contact your travel agent
                                             QUEENS GRILL SELECTIONS

                                                                             SEARED SALMON
                                                           with Summer Salad, Citrus Vinaigrette & Crème Fraiche
                                                                                     SERVES 4

               N        ow that summer’s here, let’s hope the weather allows plenty of opportunity for dining in the garden. After all,
                      this combination of flaky salmon, crunchy radish and apple drizzled with the zesty tang of citrus vinaigrette is
               best served al fresco on a warm, balmy afternoon.

               INGREDIENTS                                         PREPARATION                                         Salad
THE Cunarder

               4 salmon steaks, 4 oz each                          Salmon                                              • Place the whole new potatoes in a pot of
               1 oz grapeseed oil                                                                                        salted water, bring to boil and cook for 15
               Salt and pepper to taste                            • Season the salmon with salt and pepper.
                                                                                                                         to 20 minutes or until tender. Remove the
                                                                   • Heat the sauté pan to medium heat and               potatoes from the water, peel and slice them.
                                                                     sear the salmon with the grapeseed oil for
               4 fl oz (8 tblsp) freshly squeezed                                                                      • Peel the apples, core them and cut them
               orange juice                                          3 to 4 minutes each side.
                                                                                                                         into wedges.
               2 tblsp fresh lemon juice
                                                                   Vinaigrette                                         • Thinly slice the red radish.
               2 tblsp rice wine vinegar
               6 fl oz (12 tblsp) extra virgin olive oil           • Place the orange juice, lemon juice and rice      • Wash the baby spinach and spin or use a
               1 tblsp chopped parsley                               vinegar in a small bowl; incorporate the            colander to remove the excess water.
               Salt and pepper to taste                              olive oil slowly using a whisk.                   • Toss the above ingredients in a mixing bowl
                                                                   • Finish with chopped parsley. Add salt and           with half the vinaigrette and season with salt
                                                                     pepper to taste.                                    and pepper
               4 oz new potatoes
               4 oz Granny Smith green apples
                                                                   Balsamic Syrup                                      Plate presentation:
               2 oz baby spinach leaves
               2 oz red radish                                     • Incorporate the balsamic vinegar into the         Place the salad in the center of the plate,
                                                                     golden honey                                      position the seared salmon on top of the
               Balsamic Syrup
                                                                                                                       salad. Spoon a generous amount of chive
               2 tblsp golden honey                                                                                    crème fresh on top of the salmon. Drizzle
               2 tblsp balsamic vinegar                            Crème fraiche
                                                                                                                       the remaining vinaigrette and the honey
                                                                   • Mix the crème fraiche with the seasoning.
               Crème fraiche                                                                                           syrup around the salad
               1 cup crème fraiche
               Salt and pepper to taste

                                                                   As an accompaniment, Queen Victoria’s Chief Sommelier, Michael Standen, recommends a
                                                                   2004 Chateau Olivier Blanc, a blend of 55% Semillon, 40% Sauvignon Blanc and 5% Muscadelle,
                                                                   distinguished by an elegance of minerality and acidity with a long silky finish.

               The           most                  famous                 ocean                  liners               in        the            world                 tm

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