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									                                      SHERART NEAL OF CALIFORNIA MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS
                                          NON-EXCLUSIVE BUYER/FINDER'S FEE AGREEMENT
                                                    (& Confidentially Agreement)

                                                                      California Office
                                                                      P .0. Box XXXX
                                                                     Lomita, CA 90717
                                                           Tel: 310-891-2370 - Fax 586-283-0604

COMPANY                                                                            TELEPHONE

ADDRESS                                                                            FAX

CITY                         STATE                    ZIPCODE                      EMAIL

ENGAGEMENT                                                                        CONFIDENTIALITY

This is to confirm that if and when “the Company" (or principal) and/or any       The company agrees to keep confidential and not disclose to any other
related entity or other investor, introduced by the Company to the                investor or to any other third party the identity of the seller and/or the fact
transaction, shall close a sale or merger in whole or in part or other            that the seller is presently an acquisition opportunity without written
business transaction In connection with Sherart Neal's efforts, then Sherart      authorization from Sherart Neal.
Neal shall be paid a finder's fee, in full, on closing, in accordance with the
following schedule:                                                               The company (or princip
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