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									                                                                                                          17340 155th Ave. S.E.
   PENNY LANE                                                                                           Yelm, WA 98597-9148
                                                                                                       Residence: 360.894.7402
      BEST                                                                                                  Cell: 253.678.1542

             Seeking a position in all media designs with emphasis on web, graphic, video and audio production

EDUCATION                                                              COMPUTER PROFICIENCIES
           Tacoma Community College, Tacoma, WA                                                    Platforms / Languages
           AAS, Associate Degree in Applied Sciences;                  MAC: OS 7.0 7.5, 8.0, 9.0 PC: Microsoft Windows® DOS, 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP,
                        Business, 2004                                 Vista, HTML, CSS, XML, Flash 2.0, 3.0 actionscript, ASPX, NET Framework 1.0/2, 3.5

                         NCSA, Urbana, IL                                          VB 08, C#, C++, AJAX, XAML/ Silverlight, JavaScript, PHP.
               Computer Hardware Technician, 2003
                   Software Specialist, 2002                                                            Web / Graphic
                                                                                     Dreamweaver MX/CS3, Flash MX/CS3, Photoshop, Adobe
             Clover Park Voc-Tech, Lakewood, WA                           Illustrator, In Design CS3, MS Web Developer 08, MS Expression Studio 2.0, MS
              Audio-Video Production Specialist, 1991
                                                                             Visual Basic/Studio, 05,08, Macromedia Freehand, GraphFX, Blue Effects
   Equivalency work experience, Bachelor’s of Art, Graphic
                    design, 1996-2009
                                                                                                         Audio / Video
                        Accomplishments                                 After Effects, Adobe Live, Cubase VST, Cubase LE, Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 3.0,
  Designed a successful independent online record label and CD
                                                                        Sony Vegas Movie 8.0, Sony Vegas PRO 8.0b, Adobe Premiere 5.0, Reason 3.0, 4.0,
     store; Carmeled Pepper Records and Indie CDNow in 1997
 utilizing what people now call DHTML that had a flash animation         Rebirth 2.0, 2.5, Wave Lab LE. Other: independent various programs spanning
appeal by utilizing custom designed gif animations and successful      from 1996-2009; mixing consoles, samplers, midi recording, audio cards and external
                     CSS layering stylesheets.                          hardware mixing components. Encoding/ Streaming: Real Producer, QuickTime
                                                                                Pro, Windows Media encoder, FLV encoder, MP3 MPEG 2, MPEG 4.
  Headed the WCP Project into the new age by incorporating a
functional side to the global member’s support servi ces using the
.Net environment and creating a customized UI graphic appeal to                                        General Software
  the member’s portal, lead production-graphic designer on the
                                                                         SQL Server, Access, WORD, PPT, Publisher, Claris, Word Perfect, Excel
            NCPD#1 Documentary video documentary
Geared Shoes-n-Feet into a new branding campaign that marked
  the color schema of the company giving it a better hold and
public appeal for support services, designed a high-end product
catalog, produced training videos, and re-created their logo and
designed their entire fleet of brochures and marketing materials .

EXPERIENCE OVERVIEW                                                    GRAPHICS / WEB DESIGN
KEY CONTRIBUTIONS                                                      Internship Experience
             Worked within constrained budgets and met proposed       Produced eye catching graphic motion banners and ads for web and print, designed
              outcomes                                                 logos, created video interview segments of bands and video recorded/edited pre and
             Lent graphic expertise to advance the look and appeal    post production of live band performances.
              of companies
             Document Filing and electronic filing structure design
                                                                       *BROCHURES                             *CATALOG LAYOUTS
             Database design and management for all phases of         *CORPORATE WEBSITES                    *E-PORTFOLIOS
              company structure and support
                                                                       *VIDEO COMMERCIALS                     *BOOK /CD COVERS
             Maintained company accounts, receivable/payable          *BUSINESS CARDS                        *BANNER ADS
             Created a new filing structure based on program          *CORPORATE LOGOS                       *ELECTRONIC GREETING CARDS
              systems                                                  *ONLINE NEWSLETTERS                    *FLASH ANIMATIONS
             Maintained traveling and calendars                       * EMAIL HTML ADS                       * WEB SITE DESIGNS
             Typed all documentation                                  * DATABASE DESIGNS                     * DESIGNS
             Created all presentations
             Created Flash exams/ and employee training videos        Academic Experience
             Improved high standards of customer support              Completed all course work and self course work to enhance graphic design and video
             Operated Cash                                            productions skills by designing extensive mock and project designs in HTML, Flash,
             Managed Vendor and Inventory accounts                    ASPX, dynamic database, image creation, image enhancements and manipulations,
             Managed Deposits                                         audio recording, and video recording, directing and producing to create online and
             Filmed and edited video works                            print materials.
             Recorded audio tracks
             Created all web sites
                                                                         Work History
                  Web Developer & Graphic Designer/ Clinical Placement Operations Coordinator: Renton Technical College 05/07 – 06/09
                                      Administrative Assistant III/ Database Designer: MultiCare 04/08 – 06/08
                                                Web & Media Specialist: Shoes-n-Feet 10/06 – 10/07
                             Senior Secretary/ Division Web Designer: Tacoma Community College 09/2004 – 10/2006
                                            Office Lead 5: Tacoma Community College 06/2004 – 09/2004
                                   Graphic Artist/ Office Manager: Lenny’s Tire and Automotive 02/2003 – 08/2003
                                           Graphic Designer: Carmeled Pepper Records 01/1996 – 01/2001
                        Web Designer,Video Protectionist, Audio Recording Engineer: Droolboy Productions 02/1999 - 06/ 2000
                                        Fashion Design Illustrator: World-Go-Round, Mfg. 05/1990 – 09/1994
                                                                      BACKGROUND PROFILE

    Skilled in all aspects of audio and video production, music composition and technical direction for multitrack recording, web based streaming and interactive
     multimedia, midi, digital, and analog recording instruments, including studio engineered recording, dubbing, editing, and master mixing.

    Musician and composer experience includes written and scored musical compositions, original digital recordings for album productions; various independent
     artists, web services, online commercials and advertising, and proficient in all audio formats and streaming MAC & PC.

    Background in the setup of 8- and 32-channel soundboards, amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers, and related equipment, processors, gates, vocal
     compressors, mixing consoles and all software/ hardware related components.

    Skilled in all HTML, CSS design and layout concepts for original table designs and creation of templates, skilled in ASP Net concepts and database design

                                                                    PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE
Musician, Tacoma, WA/ San Diego, CA/ Anaheim, CA
Composer, Musician, Singer
Continued album productions and audio work through the span of 2 4 years. Musical composition, Music theory, Producer, Singer, Songwriter,
Poet. Instruments include: Keys, Piano, Oboe, and light Electric and Acoustic guitar work.
Function as recording artist, music producer, and musician on multiple life span independent albums, community theater, Jr. a nd Sr. High School
symphonies, web and media projects for self and other various artists , companies and corporations worldwide. Served as CEO/ A&R rep for
Carmeled Pepper Records.
Works include: Over 400 + past musical compositions with lyrics, over 250+ additional lyrics without music, lyrical phrases a nd poetry.
Current projects include production of recent album with current band, Grind House; Album “Barely Exposed”.
Previous bands: “From Nowhere”, “Pure void”.
Previously recorded albums: “Something More”, “Razor Humped”, “Sea of Delusions”, and a 34 sound sample library product disc of tones
and patches created by self with FREE License Use Rights.

Washington Clinical Placement, Renton, WA
Video Director, Editor, Web Content Author/Designer: Company Documentary 2007-2009
In charge of all sound setups, filming, lighting and music production, and graphic layout and marketing design.
Function as Recording Engineer and editor; oversee lighting, sound design, filming aspects/ ratios. Original music composed by self, copyrights apply. Developed
web site.
Viewable work:

Grind House/ Droolboy Productions, Fircrest, WA
Video Producer, Director, Editor Web Content Author/Designer, Musician: Music Video- Grind House “Walking Streets” 2008
In charge of 3 city location setup and filming, lighting, editing, musical compositions and mastering
Function as Recording Engineer, and editor, graphic motions director and designer. Music composed solely by self, copyrights apply. Developed web site.
Viewable work:

Grind House/ Droolboy Productions, Tacoma WA
Video Producer, Director, Editor, Musician, Web Content Author/Designer: Music Video- Grind House, “No Good” 2007
In charge of lighting, camera functions and markers, backgrounds, and over-all video time line.
Function as Recording artist/band. Original concepts and music composed by self, copyrights apply. Developed web site.
Viewable work:

Carmeled Pepper Records, Lakebay, Seat tle WA
Music Producer, Video Director, Editor Web Content Author/Designer: Various Productions 1996-2001
Filmed various local independent bands and edited, live music venues, directed video interviews, and created content for mult imedia streaming
for web presence and sales. In charge of locations, lighting, sound engineering. Developed web sites.
Function as Producer of “The Spot” Online TV talk show and local NW artist showcase.

Laurie Stuber/ G&L Management, Cincinnati, Ohio
Audio Recording Producer & Technician, Web Content Author/Designer 1999
Set up and maintained audio equipment, master mix down and dry vocal file manipulation, music producer, composer. Developed web site.
This was a long distance project with uploads to CPR server

The Under Study Project , London, England
Music Producer-Pro Bono Demo 1998
In charge of additional recording and music compositions to previous artist’s tracks, remixing and mastering of final tracks. This song entitled the band to be
offered a Recording contact with Cherry Records in London, England. I was offered credit on album if track was to be used.

                                                                         LIVE WEB SITES

     Washington Clinical Placement: (Temporarily unavail.)
      Golddigga Entertainment:
      I GO GAGA 4 Music Network:
      The Shadow Puppets:
      Grind House:
      Graphic/Web portfolio: http://droolboyproductions.grindhouse-
      Audio Portfolio:

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