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									                                     NEDA EHSANI
       e-mail: |            phon e: 678- 425- 8187 | add ress: Roswell, G A

          As a professional and experienced multimedia and graphic designer, I am seeking a fulltime
        graphic / web designer position.
        Specialized in creating corporate identity packages, marketing brands, printed collateral, products
        catalogs, brochures, logos, trade show, and websites. Detail oriented and experienced in
        coordinating and managing all aspects of a project from concept to photography to copyrighting,
        web graphics and printing.

            5+ years experience with Adobe products, especially Creative Suite 2 & 3.
            5+ years experience in Graphic Design and Web Developing.
            4+ years experience making websites using Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML & MS FrontPage.
            Excellent on working on multiple projects with the best customer relationship possible.
            Highly motivated and detailed oriented.
            Excellent in delivering the projects with minimum to no supervision.
            Excellent in communicating with different departments as a part of gathering requirements.
            Experienced in Web Publishing.
            Experienced in creating Flash banners for use on the website.
            Highly experienced with Microsoft Office (Word, Access, Excel, FrontPage & PowerPoint)
            Experienced in FTP and Web Site Hosting Process.
            5 Years Accounting Experience.

        06/ 2006 – Present                    Brighton-Best Socket Screw(International)                Duluth, GA
        Website & Graphic Design Specialist
          I was hired as the company’s first on-site graphic designer. I designed the marketing
        department by creating a photo studio in order to take on-site professional photos from
        company’s products which saved company hundreds of dollars on hiring professional
        photographers for each project. I also created a physical product library which unified all the
        branches’ form of product-ad requests and made the image and ad production 5 times faster.
        For the past 3 ½ years, I have been responsible for designing and delivering advertisement pieces
        to 32 sales and marketing branches around the world. Some of my duties includes creating
        product catalogs, magazine advertisements, branding, promotional flyers, e-mail campaign and
        marketing our latest products as well as maintaining and updating company’s web site . These
        tasks have been mainly done by using Adobe products such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign,
        FileMaker, Framemaker and Adobe Flash. The product catalog items are persisted and maintained
        in Filemaker database, for which are exported to layout design software such as InDesign and
        Framemaker for further processing that include formatting and preparing for professional

        printing in addition to creating virtual interactive on-line catalog. Other duties include handling
        all the printing price negotiations to make sure keep the marketing budget as low as possible as
        well as gathering all the information on industry shows and events and prepare mate rials to
        represent our company in the best possible way.

        07/ 2005–06/ 2006               Self Employed                                 Atlanta-North, GA
        Freelance Designer
          Primary duties include initial customer interview, and follow up meetings to capture web site
        requirements, develop and present prototypes in an iterative process to realize customer vision in
        terms of usability, navigation system, and look and feel.

        11/ 2003-04/ 2005                ExtendBiz Solutions                  Suwanee, GA – Part Time
        Web Designer
          As a web graphic designer, I was responsible for creating web graphics, companies’ logos and
        web site banners by using Multimedia software such as Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks as
        well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for the web projects.
        I have also developed web site workflow/navigation system, including dynamic rollover menus,
        animated advertises, and pages on company services, customer relation, offerings, and home
        pages, using MS FrontPage, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Photoshop and Illustrator for clients. My
        responsibilities were also included preparing PowerPoint presentations and answering all the
        clients’ questions regarding their concerns about the design and layout of their website or their

        04/ 2004-12/ 2004                Home Concept                           Norcross, GA – Part Time
        Web Graphic Designer
           As the sole web site designer, I developed company’s web site that included Web Site
        Navigation system, Home, product Catalog, and coupon pages. I used FrontPage to develop web
        site prototype, and later develop dynamic rollover menus and JavaScript to compliment the
        dynamic aspect of the site. I also re-worked and re-designed product images via Adobe
        Photoshop, enhancing their selling points.

        02/ 1999-11/ 2000                AppleJam                                              Duluth, GA
        Accounting Staff
          Responsibilities included A/P & Bookkeeping activities, which included but not limited to:
        Bank Reconciliation, Monthly Inventory report and the completion of local/state, tax forms.

         2003-2005          Gwinnett Technical College            Gwinnett, GA
            Associate Degree in Internet Specialist - Web Site Design, GPA 3.87.
            Certified in Multimedia Programming.
            Honored for the best school project done using Photoshop
            Received recognition in The National Dean’s List.

         1992-1996           Azad University                      Tehran, Iran
            B.S. in Accounting, GPA 3.6 (Passed a highly competitive concord exam).


            Personal references will be provided upon request.
            Please see my on-line portfolio at


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