long range acoustic device _LRAD by pengtt


                                                                           Technical Specification

                                                                           Long Range
                                                                           Acoustic Device (LRAD)

To provide audible warning and sonic deterrence, APT uses mass notification Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) that are
capable of maximum intelligence over extended distances. These speakers are fixed in position and arrayed to provide 360º
coverage. LRAD is linked to the various detection systems of APT, and automatically targeted by these detection systems.
APT can support multiple pre-programmed messages as well as provide clear, authoritative verbal commands through direct
audio input from a microphone. The minimum threshold (85 Decibels) is understandable at 500 meters with complete
coverage around vessel (360º). Depending on conditions, the system can provides an understandable audible warning as far as
3000 meters from the speaker.

A unique feature of LRAD is its ability to provide attention-getting and highly irritating deterrent tones for behavior
modification over long distances. At up to 150 dB output, the system has demonstrated its ability to deter intrusion at
distances of up to 0.8 nautical miles. In April 2008, the M/V Resolve repelled a pirate attack at 1,100 meters from the vessel.
The Captain stated, “(We) aimed her (LRAD) …went to maximum power and volume and activated. The first time the boat
seemed to fall off course momentarily, then come back. I activated the unit a second time, this time holding it for a longer
period and “waving" it across the target to make sure I "hit". The boat instantly went dead in the water and broke off its
attack. The range was estimated at .6 to .8 nm. …The crew all saw it and they were cheering. I now have a ship full of
believers. …Lessons learned: It works.” With APT, precise, automatic, set-and-forget targeting would achieve full effect
without the need to “wave” the device across the target.
LRAD is currently required equipment aboard Princess Cruise Lines, Costa Cruise Lines, ARC Lines, Holland America Lines, P&O
UK, P&O Australia, Aida, Cunard, Seabourn and Costa Cruise Lines, and is in use by Residensea, SBX Radar Platform, Red River
Shipping, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Tyco, Pacific Tugboat, Chellaram Shipping, Bourbon Agathe, Bourbon Offshore, Beluga,
Subsea 7, Hapag Lloyd, Alaska Tanker, Tidewater, and Lürßen, among others.

As a component of APT, LRAD provides the precise, targeted deterrent capabilities needed to ensure the safety of ship, cargo
and crew on today’s high seas.

 Weight:                          310 lbs
 LRAD Emitter Dimensions:         36 in diameter x 9 in depth (circular)
 Power:                           48 VDC
 Peak Power:                      1000W (with light, 1250W)
 Current:                         Max 20 amps
 Interface:                       Ethernet IP Addressable
 Amplifiers:                      Internal
 Max Acoustic Output:             152dB @ 1 meter
 Beam width:                      +/-15° @ 2kHz
 Beam Pattern:                    Conical-Symmetrical
 Slew Rate:                       60° / Sec
 Tilt Rate:                       60° / Sec
 Construction:                    Stainless Steel & Low Smoke Fiberglass
 Control Interface:               Single RJ-45

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