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                                                              How to Stay Healthy
                                                                 By Nammy Mike

   People today want to be healthy in order to avoid going to the hospital and having to use the health
care services. They know that they will have to pay hard earned cash and sometimes they do not have
the resources to pay the bill. Also, the better the hospital facilities, the more expensive it is likely to be.
So it really is a good idea to make a special effort to look after your health and therefore reduce the
number of times that you will need to consult a doctor.

So how can we keep ourselves healthy? We can start by making sure that we always eat healthfully.
Of course a lot of people would rather eat in fast food chains than prepare themselves a home cooked
meal, arguing that they do not have enough time to cook for themselves. However, it does not actually
require a great deal of time and effort to prepare a healthy meal, and there are loads of simple and
easy recipes available on the internet, and on TV cooking shows.

Another very important aspect of staying healthy is making sure that you get regular exercise. Exercise
can be broken up broadly into cardiovascular exercise, and weight training. Weight training helps to
keep your bones and muscles strong, and cardiovascular exercise gives your heart a bit of a workout.
Doing weight training does not necessarily mean joining an expensive gym, in fact you can train
perfectly well in your own home with a set of weights. Weights such as dumb bells are relatively
inexpensive to buy, and once you have them they will last you a lifetime. As for the cardiovascular
exercise, jogging, walking and aerobics are good for this. Also, simple things like playing games
outdoors with your children will give you a fair bit of exercise, for example, an energetic ball game will
give you a much needed cardio workout, which many adults fail to do regularly.

If you are eating a balanced diet, you will most likely not need any food supplements, such as vitamins,
but if you feel that you may be lacking in some vitamin or mineral, consult with a doctor or nutritionist
about whether you should take any supplements, and which ones would be best for you.

By following a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise you will most likely be able to keep yourself in
tip-top condition, helping your body to have a stronger immune system, and allowing you to live a more
carefree life.

Most people do not like the idea of being in hospital, which is why they value their health, and aim to

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live a longer life.

The article is written by Nammy Mike. Please visit following websites for more information:

101 Healthy Recipes
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                                     Main Causes of Obesity and How to Avoid Them
                                                           By Vance Kardasian

It is never fun to think about gaining weight and being unhealthy and overweight, but if you are, then
you are going to need to do something about it. There are millions of people all around the world who
are overweight right now, and before you are able to avoid becoming overweight yourself, you are
going to have to take the time to learn about the environmental causes of obesity and other main
causes of obesity.

Only once you are aware of what the main causes of obesity are and then prepare yourself to avoid
them so that you can stay in shape and stay healthy, which should be easy enough.

Causes of Obesity

There are a few different main causes of obesity that you are going to want to learn more about and
avoid. One of the main causes of obesity is a poor diet. There are some people who may have a fast
metabolism and who are able to eat pretty much whatever they want without gaining weight, but this is
only going to last for so long.

As you get older your metabolism starts to slow down and so even if you may have found it easy to
stay slim before, you are probably going to have to start being careful with what you are eating and
making sure that you are eating all the right foods to stay healthy and stay in shape. Also if you are a
woman you will notice that you gain more weight easier after you have had children, so if you do, you
are going to want to be smart about your health and stay in shape.

Another of the main causes of obesity is fast food. While there has been fast food around for a while,
never has there been as much of it as there is now. Fast food is everywhere, and you can’t even walk
down a street without seeing a lineup of different fast food joints. The reason that we love this food so
much is because we are always in a rush and this food is quick and easy to get, and we don’t even
have to make it ourselves.

However, if you really calculated the amount of time that it takes to prepare and consume the meal,
you are really not saving anything compared to if you were to cook a healthy meal yourself at home.

For more information, please visit by my Effects of Childhood Obesity website for the latest tips and
obesity help resources.

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