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Best Practice in Talent Management, Leadership Succession Planning by add37610


									Best Practice in Talent Management,
Leadership & Succession Planning
Harness Industry Leading Strategies, Tools and Best Practices to Maximise the Human Capital within your Organisation


24th & 25th
February 2005                                                People make strategies work! You can
                                                           have the best plans and strategies but if
                                                           you don’t have people who can perform
                                                                 it or deliver it, you end up losing!

Attending this premier marcus evans                       Your Expert Pan-European Speaker Panel:
conference will enable you to:
                                                          Anish Batlaw                                  André Schiffer
                                                          Head of HR Europe                             Executive VP
• Enhance current strategies to identify and develop
                                                          NOVARTIS PHARMA                               HR Business Partner
  your talent pool!
                                                                                                        T-MOBILE INTERNATIONAL AG & Co.KG
• Be proactive in strengthening and retaining your        Alexander Campbell
  existing talent!                                        Head of Human Capital Management              Marielle de Macker
• Build sustainable competitive advantage by having       UBS                                           EMEA Organisation and Staffing Leader
  great leaders in place!                                                                               GE
                                                          Csaba Gergely
• Achieve strength in depth through efficient             Organisational Development Manager            Anna-Carin Flodell
  succession planning!                                    COCA COLA HBC, Romania                        Head of Global Talent Management
                                                          Jean Vandenwauw
Learn from Case Study presentations:                      HR Manager Operations Europe                  Anneliese Anghel
                                                          BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO                      VP HR & Shared Services
• Gain insight into NOVARTIS’ best practice strategies
                                                          Andrea Franco
  in identification and development of talent
                                                          Senior Director Organisation                  Gerard Penning
• COCA COLA’s model on effective people                   and People Development Europe                 HR Director IT
  development                                             CNH                                           SHELL
• A strategic approach to talent development that
                                                          Imre Rigo                                     Albert Hakkers
  balances group and divisional requirements within UBS
                                                          HR Director                                   Director HR EMEA
• BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO’s expertise on                 RAIFFEISEN BANK                               MICROSOFT
  how to motivate talent to increase its retention
• How T-MOBILE secures leadership development             Job Voorhoeve                                 Stefan Fischer
  to achieve success                                      Director Recruitment & Deployment EMEA        Director of Talent Management
                                                          DELOITTE                                      SIEMENS
• GE’s leadership development process
• Assess the gap between succession planning and          Michael Hathorn                               Karsten Jurkowski
  reality with SHELL                                      Group Director, Leadership                    VP HR GRP
                                                          and Organisation Development                  GAMBRO

Sponsors:                                                                                                       Media Partner:

                                                                                              Booking Line
                                                                                              Ola Samuelsson
Day 1                                                                                         Tel:   +44 (0) 20 7647 2325
                                                                                              Fax:   +44 (0) 20 7637 0843
24th February 2005                                                                  

08:15   Registration and Morning Coffee                                                       13:45   CASE STUDY
                                                                                                      Taking a Proactive Role in Strengthening Your Talent
08:45   Opening Remarks from the Chair                                                                • Assessing the role of talent in CNH – the global market leader in agriculture
                                                                                                        and construction equipment
                                                                                                      • Developing the next generation management in CNH: Graduate
        TALENT MANAGEMENT – A STARTING POINT TO SUCCESS                                                 Development Program
                                                                                                      • Tools and process to enhance the talent management
09:00   CASE STUDY                                                                                    • CNH Graduate Program: The Movie
        Best Practice Strategies in Identification and Development of Talent                          • Do you know CNH? Let's have fun…with Andrea’s Jeopardy
        • Early identification of talent – a systematic approach
        • Getting the best insights into people's potential                                           Andrea Franco
        • Developing key talent through planned career moves                                          Senior Director Organisation And People Development Europe
        • Retention of key talent                                                                     CNH
        • Leveraging diversity in talent management
        Anish Batlaw                                                                          14:30   INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION
        Head of HR Europe                                                                             Overcoming the Barriers to Win the War for Talent
        NOVARTIS PHARMA                                                                               Your opportunity to discuss and debate the roadblocks to successful talent
                                                                                                      management and ideas to overcome them.

09:45   CASE STUDY                                                                                    Panel Moderator:
        Key Features of Effective People Development – The Coca Cola’s Model                          Stefan Fischer
        • Human resources team focus switch from transactional to value creating activities           Director of Talent Management
        • Analysing the organisational culture                                                        SIEMENS
        • Designing and managing a world-class talent pipeline                                        This panel will consist of speakers of the day and invited guests.
          People:                                                                                     Should you wish to be considered as a panellist please contact:
          - Talent development and retention
                                                                                                      Olga Melkus, Conference Producer, marcus evans,
          - Enhance Employer Branding
                                                                                              15:15   Afternoon Tea & Networking
          - Integrated People Development System
        • Rapidly building world-class organisational capability
          - Capability prioritisation matrix
                                                                                                      BUILDING SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE BY HAVING GREAT LEADERS
          - Example for customer management
                                                                                                      IN PLACE
        Csaba Gergely
        Organisational Development Manager                                                    15:45   CASE STUDY
        COCA COLA HBC, Romania                                                                        The Impact of Culture on Your Leadership Style
                                                                                                      • Importance of corporate culture in the successful operation of an organisation
10:30   Morning Coffee & Networking                                                                   • Appointing and developing leaders who deliver the results and motivate their team
                                                                                                      • Making use of leadership competency models to ensure high performance
                                                                                                      • Assessing the link between leadership style and the organisation’s performance
11:00   CASE STUDY                                                                                    Imre Rigo
        A Strategic Approach to Talent Development that Balances Group
                                                                                                      HR Director
        and Divisional Requirements
                                                                                                      RAIFFEISEN BANK
        • Overcoming tensions between head office and divisions in diversified companies
          and its relation to the management of human capital
        • The role of head office in terms of identifying and developing high potentials
        • Maximising the development and retention of your best people
                                                                                              16:30   CASE STUDY
                                                                                                      Securing Leadership Development to Achieve Success
        • Ensuring the management of your human capital to maximise both divisional
                                                                                                      • Choosing the right development tools for managers
          and group business performance
                                                                                                      • Developing leadership capacity to leaders early in their career
        Alexander Campbell                                                                            • Helping leaders to develop their skills and qualification towards their roles
        Head of Human Capital Management                                                                so they are meeting the business challenges
        UBS                                                                                           • Overcoming barriers to develop a leader
                                                                                                      • Achieving the development of more senior leaders
                                                                                                      • Ensuring the return on investment made towards leadership development
11:45   CASE STUDY                                                                                    André Schiffer
        Motivating Talent to Increase its Retention
                                                                                                      Executive VP
        • Identifying the key resources to be retained
                                                                                                      HR Business Partner
        • Finding ways to keep these key resources in the company
                                                                                                      T-MOBILE INTERNATIONAL AG & Co.KG
        • Offering a long career perspective to your key talent
        • Balancing individuals’ expectations with Company needs and opportunities
                                                                                              17:15   Closing remarks from the Chair & Close of Day One
        • Making sure that the organisation communicates to its talent pool the motivating
          factors available
        • The importance of the working environment to motivate and retain talent
        Jean Vandenwauw                                                                               Business Development Opportunities
        HR Manager Operations Europe
        BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO                                                                      Does your company have solutions or technologies that the conference delegates
                                                                                                      would benefit from knowing about? If so, you can find out more about the
12:30   Luncheon                                                                                      exhibiting, networking and branding opportunities available by contacting:
                                                                                                      James Driscoll, Sponsorship Manager
                                                                                                      marcus evans (Scandinavia) Ltd
                                                                                                      Tel: +46 (0)8 407 2968

                                                                                                      I would like to thank everyone who has assisted with the research and organisation
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                                                                                                      of the event, particularly the speakers for their support and commitment.
        professionals. Every bi-monthly issue gives you a behind the scenes look at the HR
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        learned. Use this information to focus on what’s important for your organisation
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                                                                                                 Booking Line
                                                                                                 Ola Samuelsson
Day 2                                                                                            Tel:   +44 (0) 20 7647 2325
                                                                                                 Fax:   +44 (0) 20 7637 0843
25th February 2005                                                                     

08:15   Morning Coffee and Re-registration                                                       15:15   Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

08:45   Opening remarks from the Chair
                                                                                                 15:45   CASE STUDY
                                                                                                         Motivating Successors to Achieve their Retention
09:00   CASE STUDY                                                                                       • Ensuring that your successor does not seek for a higher position elsewhere
        Gaining Insight on Leadership Capability by Evaluating                                           • What are the motivation drivers to an individual?
        Leader’s Performance                                                                             • Ensuring that succession planning for an individual becomes reality
        • Implementing methologies to evaluate your leaders                                              Job Voorhoeve
        • Meeting the requirements for leadership performance                                            Director Recruitment & Deployment EMEA
        • Establishing the goals we are searching for when evaluating your top people                    DELOITTE
        • How leaders are reacting to the evaluation process and what is the
          feedback mechanism
        Albert Hakkers                                                                           16:30   CASE STUDY
        Director HR EMEA                                                                                 Why HR Can not Take on Succession Planning Alone
        MICROSOFT                                                                                        • The importance of co-operation between executive management and HR
                                                                                                         • HR as an asset to work and maintain the system for succession planning
                                                                                                         • How succession management as a process is placed in an organisation
09:45   CASE STUDY                                                                                         and which interfaces it has to the other processes within the organisation
        Selecting and Motivating Leaders to Ensure Success                                               Karsten Jurkowski
        • What kind of non-direct financial measures could be used to motivate leaders                   VP HR GRP
        • Ensuring high productivity and performance by evaluating leaders                               GAMBRO
        • Identifying the motivating drivers of leaders inside and outside their business life
        • Assessing to what extent incentives support the goal of a leader                       17:15   Closing Remarks from the Chair
        Anneliese Anghel
        VP HR & Shared Services                                                                  17:30   Close of Conference

10:30   Morning Coffee & Networking
                                                                                                         Who should attend?
11:00   CASE STUDY                                                                                       Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Heads, Managers
        GE’s Leadership Development Process                                                              and Advisors of:
        • Talent Management as part of the GE business process
        • Leadership development in a growth area                                                        •   Human Resources
        • Implementing methologies to evaluate growth leaders                                            •   Organisational Development
                                                                                                         •   Leadership
        Marielle de Macker                                                                               •   Talent Management
        EMEA Organisation And Staffing Leader                                                            •   Global Talent Management
        GE                                                                                               •   Succession Planning
                                                                                                         •   Attraction & Recruitment
                                                                                                         •   Training & Development
        Finding Ways to Accelerate Development of your Leaders
        Your opportunity to discuss and debate the roadblocks to successful leader’s
        development and ideas to overcome them.
        Panel Moderator:
        Michael Hathorn
        Group Director, Leadership and Organisation Development                                          With 20 years experience of delivering world-class talent management solutions,
        TPG                                                                                              HRM’s new generation of all-web software provides exciting new functionality to
        This panel will consist of speakers of the day and invited guests.                               support critical HCM activities, including succession planning, leadership
        Should you wish to be considered as a panellist please contact:                                  development and performance management. The successor to HRM’s ExecuTRACK
                                                                                                         product, HRM Connect Executive is used by leading companies worldwide including
        Olga Melkus, Conference Producer, marcus evans,                          Vodafone, ING, Philips, Heineken and EDS.

12:30   Luncheon                                                                                         For more information visit


13:45   CASE STUDY
        Recognising who are the Future Leaders                                                           ExecuTRACK Solutions, the global market leader, develops and implements first-
        • Establishing tools to identify strong potential                                                class and industry-independent software solutions for Human Capital Management:
        • Ensuring a system to map and identify successors                                               Career & Succession Planning, Performance Management, Skills & Competency
        • Assessing the leaders and finding who should be their successors                               Management, Training & Development Management, Compensation & Benefits, and
        • Transparency of your skill set – what is available within the company                          Organisational Charting. Because ETWeb™ Enterprise is completely Web based, it is
                                                                                                         fully scaleable and integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. Built on
        Anna-Carin Flodell                                                                               20 years of best practices, ETWeb™ has been deployed by companies such as Akzo
        Head of Global Talent Management                                                                 Nobel, Bacardi, Bayer, BASF, BHP Billiton, Deutsche Post World Net, DHL, DuPont,
        SKANSKA                                                                                          F. Hoffmann-La Roche, LSG Sky Chefs, Lufthansa, Metro, Novartis, RTL Group,
                                                                                                         Siemens, Skandia, and Volkswagen.

14:30   CASE STUDY
        The Gap Between Succession Planning and Reality
        • Why do we often face a gap between succession plans and reality
        • Reducing the barriers to making succession planning a reality
        • What actual solutions are used to achieve efficient planning
        • Challenges in forecasting the real time information                                            BrassRing’s technology and services help global organizations seamlessly implement
        • Achieving the readiness of a successor in time as required                                     solutions to identify and recruit talent faster, automate hiring processes, and reduce
        Gerard Penning                                                                                   hiring costs. Our recruitment software solutions map to your workflows, business
        HR Director IT                                                                                   rules, processes, and user preferences, empowering organizations to work together
        SHELL                                                                                            in building and managing talent relationships, and improving workforce quality.
   Best Practice in Talent Management,                                                                                                                            Brussels, Belgium
   Leadership & Succession Planning
                                                                                                                                                                  24th & 25th February 2005
   Booking Line
   Tel:  +44 (0) 20 7647 2325
   Fax:  +44 (0) 20 7637 0843                                                                                                                                     Venue confirmation will be forwarded to                                                                                                                                            you one month prior to the conference

                                                                                                                                                                  Why you must attend:
                                                                                                                                                                  Having the right people in the right position at the right time is crucial to the
                                                                                                                                                                  success of any organisation!

                                                                                                                                                                  Organisations today are finding themselves in a talent crisis with serious gaps
                                                                                                                                                                  in executive capacity to formulate and execute winning business strategies.
                                                                                                                                                                  They are also realising that they do not have the sufficient tools, resources and
                                                                                                                                                                  processes to attract, develop and retain talent. They are experiencing barriers
                                                                                                                                                                  in producing and developing leaders. In short they do not have skilled and
                                                                                                                                                                  knowledgeable leaders ready to execute business strategies now and in the future.
IMPORTANT - Please do not remove or obscure the above label. It contains vital information
Code:           A       B       C        D       F       X                                                                                          SE1095        Despite widespread recognition of this crisis, most organisations have not invested
                                                                                                                                                                  or managed executive talent in a manner that fuels business performance.
Name                                                                                                                                                              Methodologies around identifying, developing and deploying leadership talent
Position                                                                                                                                                          are either fragment or absent altogether.
                                                                                                                                                                  marcus evans’ cross-industry Pan European Conference is a case study driven
                                                                                                                                                                  event, where you can hear how best practice organisations achieved success
                                                                                                                                                                  in Talent Management, Leadership and Succession Planning. Come and learn
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                                                                                                                                                                  • EXAMINE the variety of in-depth, problem-focused case studies from the
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                                                                                                                                                                    presenting their solutions to the specific problems within their human capital
TO BOOK ONLINE GO TO WWW.MARCUSEVANS.COM                                                                                                                          • DISCUSS the importance of efficient talent management to achieve profitability
                                                                                                                                                                  • ASSESS the best strategies to develop your leaders
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                                                                                                                                                                  Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Heads, Managers
                                                                                                                                                                  and Advisors of:
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Cheque - made payable to marcus evans Ltd - VAT N0. 782 8383 85                                                                                                   •   Human Resources
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