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									                                                               ISSN 1477-5212 [4 issues per year]
                                           Inderscience Publishers, Geneva, Switzerland (
                              The International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising is a double-blind referred, highly
                              professional and authoritative source of information in the field of Internet and its applications in marketing
                              and advertising. The Journal also publishes theories and practices that are useful to executives in managing
                              marketing and advertising activities over the Internet.
                                   The journal focuses on the emerging changes in theories, strategies, and management methods of marketing and
                              advertising, brought about by the Internet and information technology applications, and their implications on the associated
                                processes, products, and services. Emphasis will also be on the related social, political and economic issues as well as
                                                              emerging issues of interest to professionals and academics.
                                                                                 Submission of Papers
                                   To submit a paper for consideration, please follow the submission guidelines at

                             Readership                                                                  Executive Editor
Professionals, policy-makers, academics, researchers, and                                              Dr. H.J. Rebecca Yen, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan.
managers in IT, marketing, advertising, business and commerce.                                                           
Please visit for subscription at                                Editorial and Advisory Board
introductory rate.                                                                                              Dr. Makoto Abe, University of Tokyo, Japan
                              Contents                                                                 Prof. Dr. Stephen Brown, University of Ulster, U.K.
The journal publishes original and review papers, technical                                  Prof. Dr. Stephen W. Brown, Arizona State University, USA
reports, case studies, conference reports, management reports,                              Prof. Dr. Dipankar Chakravarti, University of Colorado, USA
book reviews, notes, and commentaries. Contribution may be by               Prof. Dr. Andrew C.F. Chan, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
submission or invitation, and suggestions for special issues and                                       Prof. Dr. Amitava Chattopadhyay, INSEAD, France
publications are welcome.                                                                   Prof. Dr. Imran Currim, University of California, Irvine, USA
                         Subject Coverage                                                    Prof. Dr. A. Diamantopoulos, Loughborough University, UK
The coverage of IJIMA includes, but is not limited to:                                              Prof. Dr. Bo Edvardsson, Karlstad University, Sweden
     Advertising on the Net                                                                       Prof. Dr. Michael Ewing, Monash University, Australia
     Agency relationship management                                                                    Prof. Dr. Adam Finn, University of Alberta, Canada
     B2B marketplace                                                                               Prof. Dr. George Franke, University of Alabama, USA
     Channel management                                                          Dr. Jesus Garcia-Madariaga, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
     Collaborative marketing                                                                      Prof. Dr. Pervez Ghauri, University of Manchester, UK
     Consumer behaviour                                                                     Prof. Dr. Mary Gilly, University of California at Irvine, USA
     Creativity in Web marketing and advertising                     Prof. Dr. Gerald J. Gorn, H.K. University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
     Customer relationship management                                                                       Prof. Dr. Dhruv Grewal, Babson College, USA
     Direct marketing                                                                        Prof. Dr. Evert Gummesson, Stockholm University, Sweden
     Effectiveness in marketing and advertising                                                            Dr. Ward A. Hanson, Stanford University, USA
     E-service management                                                                             Dr. Curtis P. Haugtvedt, Ohio State University, USA
     Ethics in marketing and advertising                                  Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Bauhaus-University of Weimar, Germany
     Globalisation issues                                                                        Prof. Dr. Graham J. Hooley, Aston Business School, UK
     Human resources management                                                                        Prof. Dr. Roy Howell, Texas Tech University, USA
     Innovation and product development                                    Prof. Dr. Michael K.M. Hui, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
     Internet branding                                                                                Prof. Dr. V. Kumar, University of Connecticut, USA
     Internet security and privacy issues                                               Prof. Dr. John D. Leckenby, University of Texas at Austin, USA
     Knowledge management                                                                                  Dr. Angela Lee, Northwestern University, USA
     Market intelligence analysis                                              Prof. Dr. Kam-Hon Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
     Marketing research                                                                              Prof. Dr. James Leigh, Texas A&M University, USA
     Marketing strategies                                                                Prof. Dr. Jos Lemmink, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
     Migration from marketplace to marketspace                                    Prof. Dr. Deborah MacInnis, University of Southern California, USA
     Online community management                                                   Prof. Dr. Naresh K. Malhotra, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
     Pricing strategies                                                                             Prof. Dr. Jan Mattsson, Roskilde University, Denmark
     Product evaluation                                                                         Prof. Dr. Daryl McKee, Louisiana State University, USA
     Promotion                                                                                                  Prof. Dr. David Midgley, INSEAD, France
     Public relation                                                                                 Prof. Dr. Jakki J. Mohr, University of Montana, USA
     Sales management                                                 Prof. Dr. Thomas C. O'Guinn, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
     Service marketing on the Net                                                          Prof. Dr. A. "Parsu" Parasuraman, University of Miami, USA
     Service quality                                                                 Prof. Dr. Jaqueline Pels, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina
     Service/product quality management                                                Prof. Dr. Robert A. Peterson, University of Texas at Austin, USA
     Trust on the Net                                                                            Prof. Dr. Joseph E. Phelps, University of Alabama, USA
                          Editor-in-Chief                                                                  Prof. Dr. Nigel Piercy, Cranfield Unviersity, UK
Prof. Dr. Eldon Y. Li, Orfalea College of Business, California                                       Prof. Dr. Ivan Preston, University of Wisconsin, USA
      Polytechnic State University, USA.                                  Prof. Dr. David Reibstein, University of Pennsylvania, USA
                                                                                                   Prof. Dr. Leonard N. Reid, University of Georgia, USA
                         Asia Pacific Editor                                                          Prof. Dr. Herbert J. Rotfeld, Auburn University, USA
Prof. Dr. Mark Gabbott, Monash University, Australia                                              Prof. Dr. Patricia Ryan, Macquarie University, Australia
                   Associate Editor (Advertising)                                                         Prof. Dr. Saeed Samiee, University of Tulsa, USA
Prof. Dr. Jef I. Richards, University of Texas at Austin, USA                             Prof. Dr. Mohanbir S. Sawhney, Northwestern University, USA
                    Associate Editors (e-Service)                                        Prof. Dr. Terence A. Shimp, University of South Carolina, USA
Prof. Dr. Veronica Liljander, Swedish School of Economics and                                   Prof. Dr. Robert E. Spekman, University of Virginia, USA
      B.Adm., Finland                                                                  Prof. Dr. Rajendra Srivastava, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Dr. C.K. Bennett Yim, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong                                Prof. Dr. David Stewart, University of Southern California, USA
                                                                                            Prof. Dr. Naufel J. Vilcassim, London Business School, U.K.
                   Associate Editors (Marketing)
                                                                                                   Prof. Dr. Scott Ward, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Prof. Dr. George J. Avlonitis, Athens Univ. of Economics and
                                                                                                        Dr. Manjit S. Yadav, Texas A&M University, USA
      Business, Greece
                                                                                                   Prof. Dr. Farhat Yusuf, Macquarie University, Australia
Prof. Dr. Ming-Hui Huang, National Chung Hsing University,
                                                                                                    Prof. Dr. George Zinkhan, University of Georgia, USA
                                                                        Prof. Dr. Rami Zwick, H.K. University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

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