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									CDA Training
         Stephanie Deering
        South Plains College
Child Development/Early Childhood
            What is the CDA?
      Child Development Associate

• national credentialing program

• administered by the Council for Early Childhood
  Professional Recognition in Washington, DC

• designed to enhance the quality of child care
          The CDA Credential
• awarded to individuals who have completed
  the national CDA requirements
• have proven their competence to work with
  young children and their families
• through a process of
  – on-the-job performance evaluations,
  – review by other early childhood professionals,
  – successful completion of an assessment by the
    national Council for Early Childhood Recognition.
 Child Development Associate (CDA)

• CDAs are able to meet the specific needs of
  children and work with parents and other
• to nurture children's physical, social,
  emotional, and intellectual growth
• in a child development framework.
A CDA can earn the credential in one of
the following emphasis areas:
    • Center-based Preschool *
    • Center-based Infant Toddler
    • Family Child Care
    • Home Visitor
Bilingual credential is also available in any of the
above areas.
                 Value of CDA?
• CDA Credential is nationally recognized, and is a
  benchmark standard in most state’s early childhood
  professional development system.

• Qualifies individual for employment in early childhood
  anywhere in the United States.

• Recognized by Head Start as qualification for
  employment as assistant teacher.

• Coursework credit applies to Associate’s degree in Child
          CDA Competencies
• Candidate must demonstrate knowledge, skill,
  and competency in caring for young children
  before the CDA Credential will be awarded.

  –Six general competency areas, and
  – Thirteen specific functional areas.
         Competency Goal #1
To establish safe, healthy, learning environments

  – Safe
  – Healthy
  – Learning Environments
         Competency Goal #2
To advance physical and intellectual competence

  – Physical Development
  – Cognitive Development
  – Language Development
  – Creativity
       Competency Goal #3
To support social and emotional development
and to provide positive guidance

– Self Identity (Emotional)
– Social Development
– Guidance
         Competency Goal #4
To establish positive and productive
  relationships with parents

  – Working with Families
         Competency Goal #6
To ensure a well-run, purposeful program
  responsive to participant’s needs

  – Program Management
         Competency Goal #6
To maintain a commitment to professionalism

  – Professionalism
Candidates must meet the following requirements
  in order to apply for CDA Assessment.

• Be 18 years of age or older
• Hold a high school diploma or GED
• Have 480 hours of experience working with
  children within the past five years
• Have 120 clock hours of formal child care
  education within the past five years
         Other requirements
• Bilingual candidates must also be able to
  speak, read, and write well enough in both
  English and another language to understand
  and be understood by children and adults.

• All Candidates must identify an appropriate
  setting where they can be observed working
  as the lead caregiver.
         CDA Preparation at SPC
• Three college courses:
    – CDEC 1317 – CDA Preparation I (3 credits)
    – CDEC 2322 – CDA Preparation II (3 credits)
    – CDEC 2324 – CDA Preparation III (3 credits)
•   Offered online, with face-to-face support
•   One course per semester
•   May be taken in any order
•   Enables student to complete all requirements
    for application for assessment by the council.
     Professional Resource File
• Autobiography

• Written statements of competence in the six CDA
  competency goals

• Collection of 17 specific resources

* All items are completed within coursework of 3
  CDA Preparation classes at South Plains College.
Combination of observation, parent questionnaires,
and written and oral evaluation.

• Observation by a qualified early childhood advisor
• Evaluation by parents of children in the
  candidate's care
• Compilation of a Professional Resource File
• Written and oral assessment by a representative
  of the National CDA Council
    CDEC Course

     CDEC 1317.151
CDEC 1317.451 - dual credit
      WebCT Log in
                     Course Content
• CDEC 1317 – CDA Preparation I
   –   Autobiography
   –   Competency Goal #2
   –   Functional Areas: Physical, Cognitive, Communication, Creative
   –   Resource Items
• CDEC 2322 – CDA Preparation II
   – Competency Goals #1 and #3
   – Functional Areas: Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment, Self,
     Social, Guidance
   – Resource Items
• CDEC 2324 – CDA Preparation III
   – Competency Goals #4, #5, #6
   – Functional Areas: Families, Program Management,
   – Resource Items

• Textbook
   – Skills for Preschool Teachers, by Janice Beaty (2008)
   – Purchased from South Plains College Bookstore
• CDA Assessment Packet
   – Purchased from
   – Cost $18.00
• Computer with internet access
• file box or notebook - Professional Resource File
      Procedure for dual credit
• Discuss CDEC dual credit with high school
• Administrator contacts Jim Walker at SPC
   806-894-9611 ext. #2340
• Recruit students 
• Make applications to SPC
• Order materials as soon as possible

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