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									Cunard Junior High

                            Cunard SAC Minutes
                             September 19, 2006
Present                                     Absent
Rick Crooks                                 Jill Miner
John MacDonald
Bruce Gates
Greg Hinds
Sherry Mowat
Steve Driscoll
Peggy Madic
Leanne March
Ross MacDougall

Agenda Items
Nomination/Election of SAC Members
SAC Letter of Agreement/Role of SAC
Positive Effective Behavior System
School Improvement Plan
Goals for 2006-2007

Nomination/Election of SAC Members
      Rick nominated Ross MacDougall as Chair
      Rick nominated the following as SAC representatives
        Steve Driscoll – Grade 7
        Ross MacDougall – Grade 8
        Bruce Gates – Grade 9
        Sherry Mowat – Community Representative
        Peggy Madic– Community Representative
        John MacDonald – Community Representative
        Greg Hinds – Community Representative
        Jill Miner – Teacher Representative
      Greg Hinds and Bruce Gates volunteered for Discipline Committee.
      Discussed school ethnicity and how SAC should represent makeup of school.

Letter of Agreement/Role of SAC
      Review of April 2001 Letter of Agreement (LoA)
      No material changes discussed.
      Rick will have Letter of Agreement drafted with updated members list for next
      Rick reviewed the LoA with SAC.
      Rick reviewed presentation from February 2005 of SAC Guiding Principles.

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Cunard Junior High

Positive School Climate – Positive Effective Behavior
      Discussion on Positive Effective Behavior program
      Discussion on Classroom Management Strategies and plans for improvement
      Code of Conduct handbooks have been distributed to students.
      Behavior expectations chart have been distributed. Working with Home and
       School Assoc to develop signage.
      Review of Majors and Minors (School Wide Discipline Plan)

School Improvement Plan
      Tabled idea of multiple teams/committees within SAC to address math, literacy
       and positive school climate.
      Discussion on School Improvement Teams
          o Positive School Climate
          o Grade Level Teams
          o Subject Level Teams
      Discussion on survey results and dashboard. Consider review of dashboard at
       next meeting.

Goals For 2006-2007
      Focus on Math, Literacy and Positive School Climate.
      Career oriented day/week for April timeframe.
      More parental involvement.

Other Business
      New grade 9 teacher. Will cause re-juggle of class schedules.
      11/17 teachers have returned from previous year.
      Keep SAC meetings to an hour. Previous year, meetings were 1.5–2hrs in length.
       Will try to keep agenda to 1hr for next meeting.
      Decline in enrollment for this year.
          o 66 students projected for Grade 7. Down from 84 previous year.
          o Total school population divided by 28 gives us number of classrooms.
               Metrics may have changed as we are getting new grade 9 teacher.
          o Number of classrooms * 1.3 gives us number of teachers
      Turnover
          o Discussed letter to Carole Olsen last year addressing turnover.
                    CC – Jamie Muir, Dennis Cochrane, Wade Marshall, Darren
                      Watts, Judy White

Agenda Items for Next Regular SAC Meeting
      Next Meeting: Oct 3 @ 7:00
      Letter of Agreement
      School Improvement Plan

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