The 8th Pan Pacific Fashion Colour Conference by gpy25569


									                                                                                                               Organizer : Pan Pacific Fashion Colour Group
                                  The 8th Pan Pacific                                                                     Taiwan Fashion Colour Association
                           Fashion Colour Conference                                                                              National United University
                                                                                                                                 Chinese Culture University

The 8th PPFCC
September 3rd-6th, 2007 Taipei Taiwan
Chinese Culture University Da Hsin Building
No.127, Yen-Ping South Road,Taipei 108 Taiwan

The PPFCC is a cutting-edge aesthetic conference hosted by the PPFCG                Asian colourists, professors and colour researchers are invited to deliver
in Asia/Pacific Regions. The PPFCG, which is a non-profit-making                    presentations of their works, such as colour aesthetics, fashion colour
association, provides trends of cultures and colours of pan pacific countries       research, culture colour studies and science-related colours applicable
to the world. Starting from Taiwan since July 1999, the PPFCG held annual           in industry. Each presentation is limited to 40 minutes, including individual
conferences among Pan Pacific nations, such as Australia, China, Hong               presentation, Q&A, and discussions.
Kong, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Past attendees included : Dupont, ASUS, BENQ, ACER, NEC, Motorola,                  This workshop looks at key drivers of changes of colour design across
Samsung, LG, Lenovo, GE, Kohler, Formica, Duha-Asuk Group Singapore,                regions, demographic, economic, political, cultural and age groups. When
3M, Holden, Taiwan NISSAN, Taiwan TOYOTA, Hyundai, Nippon Paint,                    we receive your registration form, we will send you the "Life Style Keyword
Kansai Paint, ICI, DPI, Shiseido, Kose, Tokyo Art University, Ewha                  Worksheet". Please fill it in and return it to PPFCG by e-mail before August
University Color & Design Center, Fashion Design Research Institute,                15th. We have to make sure all the participants will receive the handout
Hong Kong University, Australia Colour Society, Japan Fashion Colour                before the presentation.
Association, Korea Colour Association, Taiwan Textile Federation, Taiwan
Fashion Colour Association, Freedom Tree Design, and many other
organizations and companies.

This year, the conference will be held in Taiwan again to present colours           The Colour Forcasting Conference predicts trends for future two years.
and trends emerging in Asia and the world. Don't miss the great                     Each participant is required to make a 15-minute presentation of her/his
opportunity to increase your knowledge of new colours and design.                   forecast for 2009 trend with supporting 4-5 trend broads and 30-40 colour
Please come and join us!                                                            palettes. Trend topics and summaries must be returned to PPFCG by
                                                                                    e-mail before August 15th.
                                                                                    After presentations of all reports, participants will vote for the five most
                                                                                    important future trend themes. The conference will then be divided into
               Aug. 30th            Aug. 31th           Sept. 1st     Sept. 2nd
                                                                                    indoor & fashion and outdoor groups to choose final colour palettes.
                                                                                    Please indicate which of the groups you would like to attend in the
                                                           Taipei        Taipei     registration form. No more than two personnel from the same company
            [ Taipei in Style ]   [ Taipei in Style ]
                                                        Sightseeing   Sightseeing   or organization are allowed.
              Opening Party         Fashion Show
                                                           guide         guide

                                                                                    Two sets of colour chips must be presented in real samples, including
Program                                                                             attached image broads, in minimum size of 8x4cm in case of being
                                                                                    selected as the final palettes of the conference. The finally selected
              Sept. 3rd           Sept. 4th             Sept. 5th      Sept. 6th
                                                                                    colour chips will be distributed to all the participants but in small pieces.

                                                                                    We will visit important design studios, companies, and attend art
                                                                                    exhibitions to expose ourselves in the new culture of Taipei. We will also
                                                                                    go to both fashionable and traditional areas to enjoy the great time being
                                                                                    together. Pleas join us and don't miss this opportunity. We are sure that
                                                                                    you will have fun and memorable experience.

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