Application-fashion camp(1) by gpy25569


									                       Fashion Camp Application 2010
Session Information:

Please indicate the Session you plan to attend by placing a #1 by your first choice and a #2 by
your second choice:

           _________ Session I - June 21th through June 25th
           _________ Session II - June 28th through July 2nd

Personal Information (Camper):

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
         Last                        First                      Middle

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

           City                       State                       Zip

Telephone: __________________________                    E-mail Address: ______________________

Sex :______________                                      Age: ______________

Grade in School (2009-2010): ____________                T-Shirt size: _________________

If you would like extra t-shirts, please indicate the quantity and size: __________________________
Name to be used on Name tag: _______________________________________________________
                                      First (nickname acceptable)         Legal Last Name

Parent/Guardian Information:

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
         Last                        First                      Middle

Telephone:___________________________                    Email: ______________________________

Emergency Contact Information:

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
         Last                        First                      Middle

Relationship: ____________________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________                    Email: ______________________________
Housing Information:
Housing location: TBA

Roommate Preference: ______________________________________________________________
                             Last Name                   First Name

Parking Information :
Campers will not be allowed to leave campus and keys will be locked during camp.

Please indicate if you will be needing a parking permit:

           Yes: ____________                   No: _____________

If yes, please provide your license plate number and state: _________________________________


Please indicate if you have any special needs for your meals:

           Yes:_____________                   No:______________

If Yes, please give emaple: __________________________________________________________



All information provided above is truthful to the best of my knowledge. I shall abide by all procedures,
rules and regulations set by Fashion Camp and Texas Tech University.

Signature of Applicant: _________________________________             Date: _____________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ____________________________            Date: _____________________

***Certified check or money order only, payable to TTU Fashion Camp

Please send to:
Fashion Camp
College of Human Sciences
Texas Tech University
Box 41240
15th and Akron
Lubbock, Tx 79409

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