Volume IX, Issue 2

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                                                 SUPERIOR CUSTOMER
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                          M&M Jewelers

           Memphis Show, May 10-12, Booth 907
      New Orleans Show, May 17-20, Booth 1300

2 | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | Show Schedule
                                                                    Young Adult Career Days
                                                                    I would like to remind you of the bring your kids to the show
                                 Publisher                          program this summer. As I stated in my last newsletter, this

                                                                    summer we are kicking off bring your kids to the show program
                                                                    where you are encouraged to bring your kids ages 12 – 16
                                                                    to the show on Monday or Tuesday to one of our summer
                                 by Robert Kolinek                  shows held in August. Children will be admitted free with the
                                                                    Buyer only. This program will help ensure the future of our
                                                                    industry. We hope that you, the Buyer, will actively participate
                                                                    and that your children will represent you and your business
Factory Seconds, It’s in the Name                                   in a business manor in action and dress. We look forward to
Everyone enjoys a bargain! And our gift & jewelry shows are         meeting your children!
one of the best places to discover fantastic merchandise at a
                                                                    Leveraging a Good Bulk Buy
good price point. (I, myself, have been known to travel quite a
                                                                    Today’s economy is the best time to get a great deal on bulk
distance to get a great deal!) But recently, it has been brought
                                                                    purchases. With the rising price of gas, the cost of shipping
to the attention of Helen Brett management that some of our
                                                                    has had a major impact on our exhibitors. Many exhibitors
exhibitors may be misrepresenting merchandise seconds as
                                                                    don’t want the added expense of shipping their product back
first quality product. This is against our corporate policies and
                                                                    after a show. Buyers, use this fact in your negotiations and
will be promptly investigated. (Read the exact details of our
                                                                    get a great deal!
policy of misrepresenting merchandise in the bar below.)
                                                                    Not ready to commit to a large volume purchase? Purchase
I’m asking each and every buyer to inform us if they know of
                                                                    some product samples and use them in your shop to test
a situation where a factory second product is being misrepre-
                                                                    market. If they sell quickly, you can pre-negotiate a volume
sented. Please feel free to stop by our show office and file a
                                                                    discount with our exhibitors at the next show. Whether you
complaint. We will act promptly and confidentially to ensure
                                                                    take advantage of bulk volume discounts today, or plan for
your privacy. Just remember, as a buyer, we respect your right
                                                                    the future, it’s never been a better time to attend a Helen
to purchase a product and know you can trust the quality of
                                                                    Brett Gift & Jewelry Show!
what you’re receiving.

Remember, our policy is not against the sale of factory             Please Don’t Block My E-mails!
seconds. In fact, factory seconds often provide a great op-         From time to time I send very important updates on the shows
portunity to purchase and save money. And you know, our             and valuable buying information. These updates introduce
gift and jewelry shows always encourage a good deal! As             new exhibitors, products, trends and other highlights of the
long as the exhibitor properly informs the buyer that he/she is     upcoming shows. I understand traditional “spam” is intrusive
offering factory seconds it is not against our policy.              and annoying- that is why I give you my word I will not send
                                                                    you e-mail every week with useless information.
Private Exhibitor Appointments                                      Please add to your contact list and
Over the past several months we have been collecting survey
                                                                    look for my e-mails because they are important for both of
results and many buyers have requested special buyer ap-
                                                                    us. We will also be conducting reader polls to see how we
pointments with our exhibitors. Therefore, we would like to
                                                                    can serve you better. If you can, please take the time to fill out
offer you the buyer this opportunity to do such. If you are
                                                                    the brief survey at Your
interested in setting a private appointment with an exhibitor
                                                                    opinion matters! Helen Brett already has a lot of updates and
for bulk buying then please contact me and I will make the ar-
                                                                    improvements in production for you.
rangements for you to meet with the exhibitor before or after
the show hours. We will start the program with the August           Over the next several months the Web site will be changing
2008 shows.                                                         and by 2009 buyer renewal will be an online process. For
                                                                    more information on how we are making things easier for you,
                                                                    check your in-box!

Helen Brett Enterprises, Inc, Policy on Seconds has been and is as follows:
No person, or exhibitor with intent to sell or in anywise dispose of merchandise which is not of the recognized highest grade
for such merchandise, shall fail, neglect or refuse to advise the public of the exact quality of the merchandise offered for sale,
correctly stated in terms of the trade usage, plainly discernable upon such merchandise or in or upon the counter, bin or other
receptacle from which it is offered to the public.

(b) Without prejudice to the generality of the prohibitions of this section and the applicability thereof, the advertising or repre-
senting of merchandise as imperfect, without stating the recognized trade designation of quality, shall be deemed a violation
of this section. Any violation of this will subject to removal of the items from the booth and if violation continues then exhibitor
expelation will occur.
                                                                       Show Schedule | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | 3
David’s Fine Jewelry
Builds Trust with Superior

W          hen buying pieces of fine jewelry that incorporates precious
           stones, gold, and platinum, it is of the utmost importance that
           the customer has a great amount of trust in the person creating
their piece. trust is one of the main reasons david Yahudian, founder and
owner of david’s Fine Jewelry, based in los angeles, Ca, has such a large
customer base that keeps returning for more of his wonderful jewelry.

After graduating from The University of Oklahoma             In 1986, David’s Fine Jewelry opened in Los Angeles,
in 1982, David moved to Texas to work as a jewelry           CA and still operates out of the original building that
salesman to pay for the rising costs of living in Texas in   he opened in 22 years ago. The shop started strictly
the early 1980s. The longer he worked in the jewelry         as a retail jewelry store but ultimately, as clients (and
business, however, the more he took a personal               profits) grew, his business was able to expand to a full-
interest in fine jewelry. As a hobby, he started making      service manufacturing and custom-ordering jewelry
his own pieces, and what began as a part-time job            company.
eventually turned into a self-started business.
                                                             David credits a large part of his success to the Helen
                                                             Brett shows. He originally heard about the shows from
                                                             friends who are also in the fine-jewelry industry. After
                                                             hearing how beneficial the shows had been for other
                                                             companies, David had to see for himself what all the
                                                             buzz was about.

                                                             In 1994 he participated in his first Helen Brett show
                                                             and, “immediately fell in love.” He is a loyal exhibitor
                                                             and has been participating in every Helen Brett show
                                                             ever since, even bringing his friends and relatives to
                                                             the show.

4 | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | Show Schedule
“I always tell my wife I have two families-one in Los
Angeles and the other at the Helen Brett shows,”
said Yahudian, “every Helen Brett employee makes
me feel so good, so welcome. It’s not always an
easy trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans, but it
is all worth it. I know there are people at the shows
waiting for me, and I’ve been doing this so long
they really are like my family.”

David has established an outstanding reputation
among buyers and exhibitors at the shows. When
first-time buyers are unsure of where they can get
                                                        tells clients to get the diamonds appraised from
a superior piece of fine jewelry, many individuals
                                                        an outside source. He also guarantees his price
refer them to David.
                                                        will be lower than what the piece is worth. If at any
“I feel honored that security guards and other          point a customer is unsatisfied within 30 days of
people have heard of me and my company, even            the date of purchase, he will provide store credit
if they haven’t purchased anything from me,” said       or an exchange to those who wish for it.
                                                        To see how David’s Fine Jewelry can get you the
                                                        piece you’re imagining, visit them online at www.
He is a loyal exhibitor and has                or at the New Orleans show in
been participating in every                             booth 1354!

Helen Brett show ever since,
even bringing his friends and
relatives to the show.

Customers love David’s Fine Jewelry because they
can get exactly what they want for a wholesale
price. Many customers have a simple sketch of what
they want their jewelry piece to look like, and after
discussing the details, David’s employees can take
the sketch and, through a comprehensive molding
process, make the piece match exactly to what the
client wanted. Not only are custom-pieces made
in only five to seven business days, they also are
a better price and quality of other fine jewelry on
the market.
                                                            Memphis                             New Orleans
David’s clients know and trust that they are                Booth 761                            Booth 950
receiving the best customer service, the best price
and the best quality, but he encourages his clients
to see for themselves. With any of his pieces, he

                                                          Show Schedule | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | 5
New Orleans, LA
FEBRUARY 9-12, 2008
20,000 Buyers & 700 Booths
AUGUST 23-26, 2008
27,000 Buyers & 950 Booths
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

MAY 17-20, 2008
24,000 Buyers & 800 Booths
NOVEMBER 22-25, 2008
37,000 Buyers & 1,200 Booths
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

Memphis, TN
FEBRUARY 16-18, 2008
8,000 Buyers & 300 Booths
AUGUST 2-5, 2008
10,000 Buyers & 350 Booths
Memphis-Cook Convention Center

MAY 10-12, 2008
7,000 Buyers & 275 Booths
NOVEMBER 15-18, 2008
15,500 Buyers & 450 Booths
Memphis-Cook Convention Center

Baton Rouge, LA
DECEMBER 13-15, 2008
24,000 Buyers & 500 Booths
Baton Rouge River Center

6 | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | Show Schedule
                                                                  TRAVEL INFO
New Orleans, LA                                                          MAkING HOTEL
May 17-20, 2008
(Rates will increase after the cut-off date of 4/15/08.)                 RESERVATIONS
MARRIOTT COURTYARD                                                       HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER!
300 Julia St.
                                                                         Register online at
New Orleans, LA 70130
Rate: $139 Single/Double/Triple/Quad
                                                                                   1. Select “Hotel Reservations” located on
MARRIOTT SpRINGHILL SUITES                                                            the top bar.
301 St. Joseph St.
New Orleans, LA 70130                                                              2. Select the show you are planning to
Rate: $139 Single/Double/Triple/Quad                                                  attend.
1201 Convention Center Blvd.                                                       3. Select “Make a Hotel Reservation.”
New Orleans, LA 70130
Rate - Inn: $199 Single/Double/Triple/Quad                               It’s that easy. You will receive immediate confirma-
                                                                         tion either by e-mail, fax or U.S. mail and you can
                                                                         modify or cancel your reservation at any time.

Memphis, TN
May 10-12, 2008
(Rates will increase after the cut-off date of 4/7/08.)
250 N. Main St.
Memphis, TN 38103
Rate: $119 Single/Double/Triple/Quad
WYNDHAM GARDEN HOTEL                                                    Watch you mail for an
300 N. 2nd St.
Memphis, TN 38105                                                       important promotion.
Rate: $119 Single/Double/Triple/Quad
100 N. Front St.
Memphis, TN 38103
Rate: $84 Single/Double/Triple/Quad

  All dates are subject to change without prior notice. please confirm the latest dates on our Web site before making travel plans.
  All shows allow order writing and immediate delivery. For more information on shows, contact:

                                                     Helen Brett Enterprises, Inc.
                                               5111 Academy Drive, Lisle, IL 60532-2171
                                              Phone: 630.241.9865 • Fax: 630.241.9870

  No children under the age of 16 permitted on the show floor. Only one guest per qualified buyer. No wheeled carts of any kind or
  strollers will be permitted on the show floor. Infants in front packs are the only exception. An area for you to check your cart/stroller
  will be provided. Wheelchairs are permitted. please visit for additional show rules and regulations.

                                                                       Show Schedule | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | 7
New Orleans - Booths 454-455
Memphis - Booth 950 • New Orleans - Booths 1251-1252

                             Show Schedule | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | 9
                              Fashion Fun
                              for Everyone
                               helen brett wants their
                               attendees to have the best
                               opportunity to view all the
                               amazing products their
                               exhibitors have to offer.

                                                                     Unique Clothing Organizer
                                                                     Carolyn Garcia

                                                Since they know how to keep their shows fun,
                                                entertaining and beneficial for the buyer, they
                                                hosted the first ever “Fall Into Spring” fashion
                                                show at the Mid-South Jewelry & Accessories

                                                Women strutted down the runway wearing the
                                                latest fashion and jewelry styles. Hundreds of
                                                buyers attended the show and were thrilled to
                                                see exactly what they were looking for right in
                                                front of their eyes- no searching required!

                                                Whatever product you are looking for- whether
                                                it is accessories, menswear, womenswear,
                                                hats or scarves, the Helen Brett shows are the
                                                place to be!

                                                Helen Brett would also like to extend a special
                                                thank you to Unique Clothing, who hosted
                                                the previous show. Check out their booth for
                                                this exhibitor’s great products!

10 | Gift2Jewelry Show Update | Show Schedule
New Orleans Booth # 400-404               1.205.979.5499
                                                                          Helen Brett Enterprises, Inc.     presorted
                                                                          5111 Academy Drive
                                                                                                          U.S. pOSTAGE
                                                                          Lisle, IL 60532-2171
                                                                                                            LISLE, IL
                                                                                                          pERMIT #928
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