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Disadvantages_of_prepaid_credit_cards by zhucezhao


									Disadvantages of prepaid credit cards

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You may be using prepaid credit cards very often but while you enjoy all
the purchases also be aware of the various disadvantages involved in it.

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When you are using prepaid credit cards and enjoying all the advantages
offered by it you should also be aware of the disadvantages associated to
it. So you need to go through these aspects and make better decisions
while using these cards.

When you use prepaid credit cards online, it is also important that you
are aware of where you are shopping because some websites can befool you
and you may pay for the products and services that you don’t receive.
Therefore shopping online using prepaid cards without having sufficient
security information about the website is not advisable.

In case you go out for shopping you should check the balance of your
credit card so that you are sure enough of getting what you want. You
need not stand in a long queue waiting to buy something and when you get
to the cashier you realize that you don’t have the enough money could
lead into humiliation and frustration.

Another disadvantage of using prepaid credit card unlike cash is that
there is no way for you to look in your wallet to check how much you have
to spend and it becomes important to go online and check your balance and
transactions. Another disadvantage is that many shops and at many places,
these credit cards are not accepted especially when you are traveling to
other countries. Many a times, small restaurants and shops in foreign
countries accepts only local currency.

Sometimes prepaid credit cards are commonly abused by merchants and very
often people complain that when they make a purchase at a restaurant or
store, the merchant shall take out more money than they are supposed to.

One more issue is that when you use prepaid credit card you are not able
to use your own money and many times people get frustrated when they are
not able to withdraw the money from ATM machines when they need it the

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