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									                                        Commissioners Court – October 24, 2006
                                             NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE
                                     COMMISSIONERS' COURT OF HAYS COUNTY, TEXAS

This Notice is posted pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act. (VERNONS TEXAS CODES ANN. GOV. CODE CH.551). The Hays County
Commissioners Court will hold a meeting at 9:00 A.M. on the 24th day of October 2006, in the Hays County Courthouse, Room 301, San
Marcos, Texas. An Open Meeting will be held concerning the following subjects:


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE      - Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag & Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas Flag

                                             PRESENTATIONS & PROCLAMATIONS

    1. Adopt a Proclamation declaring October 2006 as “National Down Syndrome Awareness Month”
       [Ingalsbe/Sarah Carlisle]
    2. Presentation and update of Advance Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) programs and
       initiatives [Powers/Conley/Bridges/Montague]

                                                       PUBLIC COMMENTS
 At this time 3-MINUTE comments will be taken from the audience on Non-Agenda related topics. To address the Court, please submit a
      Public Participation/ Witness Form to the County Clerk. Please Complete the Public Participation/ Witness Form in its Entirety.

                                                         CONSENT ITEMS
                   The following may be acted upon in one motion. A Commissioner, the County Judge, or a Citizen
                                  May request items be pulled for separate discussion and/or action
    3. Approve payment of county invoices [Herzog]
    4. Approve utility permits [Powers/Borcherding]
    5. Award bid #2006-B21, Sawyer Ranch Road to FT Woods in the amount of $3,381,511.95
    6. Authorize execution of professional service agreements relating to the Pass Through Financing
        Program with the following firms: Carter :: Burgess, Inc. (FM 1626 from FM 967 to Bliss Spillar Road),
        Klotz Associates, Inc. (FM 1626 from FM 2770 to FM 967), Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (SH 21),
        and Dannenbaum Engineering (FM 110) [Conley]
    7. Approve operating rules for Hays County Linked Deposit Loan Program for water and energy related
        projects for county residents [Powers/Ingalsbe/Salmon]
    8. Approve hiring Heritage Appraisal Group, Inc., to conduct appraisals of three property sites possibly
        suitable for the development of the Hays County Office Complex, per quote of $750 per property for a
        total of $2,250 [Ingalsbe]
    9. Authorize the Sheriff’s Department to dispose of burned Ford Crown Victoria and approve funds to
        replace [Herzog/Maiorka/Bridges]
    10. Authorize 3DI to commence design phase of the Precinct 2 Office Building and authorize the County
        Judge to execute same [Herzog/Maiorka]
    11. Approve physician service agreement with Michael Kelly, M.D. for the Hays County Personal Health
        Department TB Clinic [Powers/Icossipentarhos]
    12. Authorize the County Judge to terminate the agreement with NetPlea Services of Plano relating to debt
        collection services for Justice of the Peace Courts and authorize Judge Ramage to negotiate a
        replacement contract with McCreary, Vaselka, Bragg & Allen [Powers/Ramage]
    13. Approve a Resolution authorizing the Mayor of the Village of Bear Creek and the Hays County Judge to
        allow the Village of Bear Creek to be included in an inter-jurisdictional emergency management
        program. The inter-jurisdictional emergency management program is currently in place with multiple
        jurisdictions within the county [Powers/Turner/Salmon]

                                                          ACTION ITEMS

    14. PCT. 1 : Discussion and possible action to use contingency funds in the amount of $12,487.80 to pay
        for a perimeter fence at the new county cemetery on Old Bastrop Highway (CR 266)
    15. PCT. 4 : Discussion and possible action to hire Staudt Surveying to provide a topographic survey of the
        future Pct. 4 building site [Molenaar/Borcherding]

    16. Discussion and possible action to adopt the Work Plan for the Hays County Habitat Conservation Plan
    17. Discussion and possible action to authorize the County Judge to execute Amendment No. 1 with
        Loomis Austin, Inc., relating to the Hays county Habitat Conservation Plan [Conley]
    18. Discussion and possible action to authorize the County Judge to execute an interlocal agreement with
        the Village of Wimberley relating to traffic enforcement services to be provided by Constable Darrell
        Ayres [Conley]
    19. Discussion and possible action to approve Resolution requesting the 80th Texas Legislature to support
        increase funding for the Texas Recreation and Parks Account Local Park Grant Program and the Texas
        State Park System [Powers/Ingalsbe/Salmon/Pinnix]

                                                             EXECUTIVE SESSIONS
 The Commissioners Court will announce it will go into Executive Session, if necessary, pursuant to Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code, to
receive advice from Legal Counsel to discuss matters of land acquisition, litigation, and personnel matters as specifically listed on this agenda. The
 Commissioners’ Court may also announce it will go into Executive Session, if necessary, to receive advice from Legal Counsel regarding any other
                                                               item on this agenda.

    20. Executive session pursuant to Section 551.071, Texas government Code, to meet with legal counsel to
        discuss and deliberate a proposed settlement with Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc. (PBS&J). Action
        may follow in open court [Conley]

Posted by 5:00 o'clock P.M. on the 20th day of October, 2006 -- COMMISSIONERS COURT, HAYS COUNTY, TEXAS

                                                                                                    CLERK OF THE COURT

  Hays County encourages compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the conduct of all public meetings. To that end,
   persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need auxiliary aids such as an interpreter for a person who is
 hearing impaired are requested to contact the Hays County Judge’s Office at (512) 393-2205 as soon as the meeting is posted (72 hours
 before the meeting) or as soon as practical so that appropriate arrangements can be made. While it would be helpful to receive as much
   advance notice as possible, Hays County will make every reasonable effort to accommodate any valid request regardless of when it is
                                                      received. Braille is not available.

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