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					                                   Lawrence A. Weber
                                         24 Saddlebrook LN
                                       Phoenixville, PA 19460
                                        Voice: (610) 935-3311
                                       Mobile: (610) 308-5728

   Obtain a managerial or lead position within software application development/architecture. Utilizing
   25 years of professional experience at Bell Labs (AT&T), Quotron (Citicorp), N2K, HealthAxis,
   GlobalSports, SCT, and KollabNet.

Managerial Skills
               Managing, Lead Programming.
               Customer negotiations national and international.
               Budget formulations, Project estimates, Resource allocation, Staffing.
               Negotiating with vendors for hardware/software purchases.
               Presentations to customers and upper management to obtain buy-in and
                document project statuses.
               Source Control/Release Management for development team.

Development Skills
               Hands-on Developer JEE, JDBC, JBoss, WebLogic, Tomcat.
               Architecting, Requirements gathering.
               All aspects of design for secure Web sites.

Professional Software Experience
               Languages – Java *-1.6, JEE, C/C++, Perl, HTML, XML, XSLT.
               Application Servers – JBoss *-4.2, BEA WebLogic 4.5-6.1, Tomcat *-6.0
               Performance/Regression Tools – JProbe, Load Runner, TPTP.
               Databases – Oracle *-10g, MySQL *-5, MS-SQL 6, HSQL, Derby.
               Operating Systems – Linux thru 9.0, UNIX System 3-Solaris 7, Window 3.1- XP.
               Java – JEE, Spring, JAXP, JAX-WS, JAX-RMI, JUnit, JSP, AWT/Swing, JNI.
               Eclipse – TPTP, BIRT.
               Source Control – CVS, Subversion.

Work Experience (Reverse Chronology)
   KollabNet Inc. 12/2004-1/2007
   CAD add-on for Requirements gathering.
           JEE 1.4-1.5, JAXP, JAX-WS, Perl/DBI, Linux 7.2, Windows 2000/XP, Tomcat 5,
              Swing, Eclipse, JUnit, JProbe, TPTP.
           Rearchitected and implemented Java server as JAX-WS for VB client.
           Implemented Perl scripts to produce schema for Oracle 10g, MySQL 6, HSQL,and
              SQLServer 6. Class hierarchies to handle database processing differences.
           Coordinated with development and testing efforts in Canada, and Israel, using Skype, IM.
              Central Source Safe repository in US.
                                       Lawrence A. Weber
                                           Page 23

SCT Inc.
Relationship Network Management (RNM): inter-corporate customizable workflow management.

Senior Software Consulting Engineer – 2001-2002

            JEE 1.3.1, Perl/DBI, XML, Windows 2000, Linux 7.2, WebLogic 6.0 sp1, Tomcat 3.3.1.
            Implemented information exchange between agents using JavaMail and SMTP protocol
             for RNM with outside systems for work flow interactions.
            Specified hardware/software configuration for Apache with Covalent SSL, Checkpoint
             Firewall-1, and WebLogic along with the RNM software.
            Implemented source control and release management using Ant, Perl, and CVS.

E-Commerce website for most major sports retailers

Senior Software Engineer – 2000-2001

        Java, JEE, Perl/DBI, XML, XSLT, JNI, JSP, JAXP. Solaris, Oracle, WebLogic.
        Architecture/Implementer Lead – Address Verification, Order Tracking, System Monitoring,
         Usage Reports, Session Tracking, Infrastructure Changes for Stability.

E-Commerce health insurance for Provident, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, et al

Manager Infrastructure and Platform Group – 1999-2000

        Java, JEE, JSP, Perl, Solaris, Oracle, Sapphire/Web.
        Supervised three direct reports.
        Managed/Architected/Procured/Implemented – Application Server, Web Server, Source
         Control, Usage Reports, general packages.

N2K INC./Telebase 1995-1999
E-Commerce music retail and download: subsumed by

Corporate Division 1997-1999
        C/C++, Perl, Java, Solaris, Oracle, MS-SQL.
        Managed two direct reports in new technology investigation, deployment, and technical
        Architected/Implemented Application Server Positive Feedback Load Balancer.
        Architected/Implemented System Activity Reports and alert paging facilities.
Telebase Division 1995-1997
        Developed help desk application in VC++.
        Assisted migrating search engine from Dos.

Wall Street subsidiary of Citicorp; data feed provider absorbed by Reuters.

UNIX, C Senior Programmer/Analyst and System Administrator
                                        Lawrence A. Weber
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         C, Perl, Oracle, Solaris.
         Traveled nationally/internationally for requirements gathering and resolving customer
          complaints. Managed hardware technicians at customer sites during package installations .
         Responsible for financial feed to CNN Headline News scrolling Stock ticker.

  AT&T BELL LABS 1980-1991
  Research arm of AT&T

  AT&T MAIL/Easylink 1990-1991
         C/C++ Software developer in group responsible for core messaging service software for the
          international service, and on-line troubleshooting.

  Integration Lab 1987-1990
         UNIX, C, C++ Pre-sales on site and off site support for new AT&T products.
         Purchased equipment and allocated testing time within the integration department for newly
          arrived machines, third party packages (Sybase, Informix), and operating systems upgrades.
         Specified software/hardware for the AT&T/SUN UNIX SVR4 Development Conferences.
         Assisted Lotus porting Lotus 1-2-3 port to UNIX. Supported other strategic ISV's.

  UNIXPC(3B1/7300) 1985-1988
         Developed from application to kernel levels, specifically windowing and telephone.

  System 75 1984-1985
         C Software development for new PBX features in the hotel/motel industry.

  NET1000 1980-1984
         VMS, UNIX, C Developed control programs that allowed customers to reconfigure their
          subnets within purchased boundaries, utilized asynchronous communication facilities.
         Architecture lead on program development interface, then lead software architect.


  MS Computing Science: Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 1980.
  MS Mathematics: Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 1979.
  BS Mathematics: Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA 1977.

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