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									                      Pure Passion for Fashion
                      Model and Drama Application

We are looking for young women and young men to participate as
models/actors/actresses in the Pure Passion for Fashion production held
April 24th 2010!

If you are interested in the following, complete the entire application and submit
it to PATH Inc. Attn: Jaime Bauer - 1755 Thornapple Circle - Valparaiso IN
46385 by Friday January 29, 2010.

   1. Model the hippest and trendiest clothing this season that promotes internal
      as well as external beauty.
   2. Performing in a powerful drama about the choices that teens face in high
   3. Working with staging and technology
   4. Receiving a free hair and make-up consultation and makeover!
   5. Attending a shopping trip to pick out the clothing you would model.
   6. Participating in the after school sessions (time and dates TBA)

If you are afraid that you may not look the part, then you are exactly who
we are looking for! We need big, small, tall, short, and all ethnicities. We
want all skin tones and sizes represented!

The selection process:
 1. Complete the attached application and permission slip, with appropriate
    signatures, and mail to PATH Inc. Attn: Jaime Bauer, 1755 Thornapple
    Circle, Valparaiso, IN 46385 by January 29th, 2010.
 2. Plan on a brief phone interview during the first week in February.
 3. If you are still interested in participating after the interview then you will need
    to provide your name, phone number etc. Models, actresses, and actors
    will be selected and notified early February. Practices and Planned Potential
    classes will begin shortly after participant selection.

       Please contact Jaime Bauer with any questions. Ph. 219-548-8783
                         e-mail. Jaime@pathblazer.org
                           Student Schedule:


January 29th: Application Due in the PATH office.

February 1-3: Phone Interviews

February 4 & 5: You will find out if you were randomly selected to participate.

February 15: Schedule for practices will be distributed to participants.

April 5 - 9th: Clothing selection for models.

April 23: Dress Rehearsal: 4pm- 9:00pm Dinner will be served!

April 24: ALL DAY 7:00am- 4:00pm SHOW DAY!

April 28: Follow up meeting (TBA)

   (Schedule is subject to change…please check for updates at www.pathblazer.org)
                                 Applicant Questions
                                     Good Luck!
     Please complete all questions and return to: PATH Inc. Attn: Jaime Bauer 1755
     Thornapple Circle, Valparaiso, IN 46385 by January 29 , 2010.

               (Do not forget to have your parent sign this form!)

   1. Tell us what some of your thoughts are about today’s fashion for youth?

   2. Do you think that there is a connection between how people dress and how they
      act? Please describe how you think they are or are not connected. Give an
      example that you have personally observed.

   3. Describe the relationship between how people dress and how others perceive
      and think about them. Please provide an example of how you have observed
      this to be true.

   4. Do you think that someone’s self-esteem plays a part in how they choose to
      dress? Why or why not?

   5. Please define what modest means as related to clothing. Do you think it is
      important or not for people to dress modestly.

6. What is sexual abstinence? Do you think that it is important for people to be
   sexually abstinent before they are married? Please provide a reason to support
   your opinion.

7. Please review the student schedule. Are you willing to make a commitment to
   attend all of the after school classes that cover the Abstinence and Character
   Based Education along with Practicing for Pure Passion for Fashion? If not,
   please indicate which dates you would need to miss.

8.    Knowing that you would be considered a role model to your peers are you willing
     to abstain from any risky behaviors such as sex before marriage, or any other at
     risk behaviors while participating in the Pure Passion for Fashion Commitment?

9. Understanding that this is a fashion show you may be asked to model clothing
   that might not fit your clothing style. Are you willing to model all types of

10. Please describe in what way you would like to be a part of Pure Passion
    for Fashion. (Please only pick one.)

a. Model           b. Drama              c. stage help         d. P2 spokesperson
Name: _____________________________Phone Number: ________________

Address: ___________________City: ______________ State:_______ Zip: ___

Email: __________________________________ Grade: _________________

Ethnicity: _________________________ Male or Female: ________________

**If you want to be a model please fill out this line

Clothing Size: top ___________ pants __________ Shoe _______________

Student Signature: __________________________________ date: _____

                                    Permission to Participate

I, _____________________________________________, give my permission for
        (parent name)
_______________________________________________, to participate in the Pure Passion for
        (student name)
Fashion program. I also give permission for my child to be photographed, video-taped, or filmed
to be used on all PATH / Pure Passion for Fashion Marketing Materials including, posters,
brochures, flyers, newspapers, news, televisions, and websites for the promotion of Pure Passion
for Fashion. It is my understanding that these picture will be used world wide for marketing Pure
Passion for Fashion. I release all rights to the photos taken during any photo shoot as related to
Pure Passion for Fashion.
For the youth to participate, I also understand that I am giving voluntary consent to the following:
        Be transported by committee member to meet the expectations of being a participant
        outlined on page 1.
        Attend all after school activities involved with Pure Passion for Fashion

        ** Please note that this program will not cost any money to participate, all clothing is
        donated or barrowed.
In addition your child will be participating in the Community Based Abstinence Education
program, Planned Potential. This is a health curriculum that outlines the risks of premarital sex
and other risky behaviors. This discussion group is part of the Pure Passion for Fashion
program. This part of the program is extremely important as your son or daughter will be a role
model for his or her peers during the Pure Passion for Fashion program. In order to assess how
well the program works, your teen may be given a confidential survey before they begin the
program and after the program ends. The questions will ask their about their knowledge,
attitudes and intentions related to risky behaviors that include premarital sex. All information that
your teen provides will be kept private. All forms with your teen’s name or other personal
information will be kept apart from your teen’s surveys. Only group information will be used to
assess how well the program is working. Information about the curriculum and survey questions
can be seen and reviewed at: PATH Inc. 1755 Thornapple Circle Valparaiso IN 46385 or by
calling Jaime Bauer (219) 548-8783.

________________________________________ ________________________
Signature of parent or legal guardian     Date

Please consider………
We will be in need of volunteers the day of the Pure Passion for Fashion program, and around
the activities leading to the event? Would you be interested in helping out and volunteering?
Please circle one
                 YES             NO              MAYBE (Need more information)

Your name _____________________________ Phone number _________________
             (please print)
            Please submit with completed application to the PATH office no later than January 29th 2010.
          If you have questions please call or e-mail Jaime Bauer (219) 548-8783 / Jaime@pathblazer.org

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