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									                                       Camp Ronald McDonald
                                             For Good Times

                                             G O O DT I M E S N E WS I S S U E N O. 2 6                                 FA L L 2 0 0 8

FashioN with a PassioN
      ashion with a Passion, Camp                    Gray, Roni B. and Intuition. Stylist Brenda
      Ronald McDonald for Good                       Cooper and Kym Douglas provided the
      Times®’ second annual celebrity                fashion commentaries.
      teen fashion show took place
recently on the back lot of 20th Century             Other activities included shopping
Fox Studios in Century City. Hosted by               boutiques with Camp designated to
Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and actress            receive 20% of the proceeds of the                        JeNNette MACCURDY, BAiLee MADiSoN, MAggie DoAN,
                                                                                                               JoRDAN AgAJANiAN AND NAtALie SiLK
Joely Fisher, the event was attended by              event’s sales, silent & live auctions, mini-
hundreds of people, where celebrity                  manicures, make-your-own perfume                          Ronald McDonald for Good Times® Board
teens modeled clothes provided by M.                 station, hair art and henna hand painting.                of Trustees members Jennifer Bond and
Fredric, Val Surf, Hudson Jeans, Belle               The event was co-chaired by Camp                          Sharon Blair, who did an outstanding job
                                                                                                               of coordinating and organizing it for the
 KYM DoUgLAS, BiLLY BUSh AND BReNDA CoopeR                                                                     second year running.
                                                                                                                                                      BAiLee MADiSoN
                                                                                                               Featured auction items
                                                                                                               included tickets to the Police
                                                                                                               concert in San Francisco with
                                                                                                               backstage passes, a private
                                                                                                               set visit to The Suite Life of Zack
                                                                                                               & Cody, tickets to the Teen
                                                                                                               Choice Awards and a private
                                                                                                               fitting for 10 pairs of Hudson
                                                                                                               Jeans at the Hudson factory.

                                                                                                               Celebrity teen models
                                                                                                               included Dylan & Cole
                                                                                                               Sprouse as well as Camp’s
                                                                                                               own Diana Leung, a 15 year-
                                                                                                               old with a brain tumor. Look
                                                                                                               for her story on page 6.

                            The mission of Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times® is to                                        Inside:
                            create a positive, long-lasting impact on children with cancer and                               New Board Members                         3
                            their families by providing fun-filled, medically-supervised,                                    Capital Campaign Update                   3
                                                                                                                             Meet Fran Wiley                           4
                            cost-free, year-round Camp programs.
                                                                                                                             Diana Leung                               6
                                                                                                                             Lemonade Stand Benefits Camp              7
                                                                                       A program of Ronald
                           1954 Cotner Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90025-5602          McDonald House Charities®                  Camp Receives National Award              7
                           310-268-8488                    of Southern California                 Brian Crater Celebrates 25 Years          8
    Greetings from the Executive Director

                             An   orgAnizAtion      thAt    is
                            committed to making a
                            difference in the lives of
                            children affected with cancer
                            and their families is truly
                            admirable. Seeing a smile
                            on the face of a child who
                            is battling this disease or
                            watching them conquer a
    courage course is more rewarding than words can
    describe. For me, leading Camp Ronald McDonald for
    Good Times® is a privilege. I very much look forward
    to realizing the plans for growth and expansion and
    having some fun in the process. For nearly a quarter-
    century, I have dedicated my career to helping those
    in need; I look forward to embracing this new and
    wonderful challenge with passion and vigor.

    I am honored to be a member of the Camp Ronald
    McDonald for Good Times® family, working with our
    dedicated Board of Trustees, donors, volunteers and
    staff. Although on staff for a short time, I have found
    it very easy to embrace the passion and dedication
    that resonates within this great organization. A fact I
    am particularly proud of is that Camp works hard to
    keep fundraising expenses to a minimum, ensuring
    that every dollar will go as far as possible towards
    meeting our mission.

    The friendships and bonds that are created at Camp
    last a lifetime. It is eminently clear that Camp is a very
    unique and special place. A big part of what makes
    Camp so special is the people. Over time and due in
    large measure to the generosity and kindness of our
    donors, volunteers and friends, Camp has served
    literally thousands of children and their families.

    I am excited to work with these talented and caring
    individuals to continue serving children and their
    families who have endured so much and to move
    forward with the launch of our Capital Campaign
    which will ultimately provide for the construction and
    growth of a new and truly world-class Camp.

    I look forward to our partnership.

    Kind regards,

    Tracy Baum
    Executive Director
    (310) 268-8488

CamP welComes                                                               Letter from the President
New Board oF trUstees memBers                                               i cAn honestly sAy that the best
                                                                            thing about summer, hands-down,
roBert “rUsty” tArAgAn                Josh cohen is senior Director
is executive Vice President of        of the national Multi housing
                                                                            is Camp. You can feel the energy,
operations and general Manager        group as well as the national         joy and spirit the minute you climb
                    of cybertarget,   retail group at Marcus and            out of your car. And when you hear
                    United online’s   Millichap. in his previous            the laughter of those amazing
                    market            positions, he served as President     kids, you’re thrilled to be a part of
                    research          of star trax entertainment as         something so special. These are
                    division. rusty   well as Director of the Jewish
                                                                            some exciting times at Camp and
                    also has          Federation of Metropolitan
                    management                            Detroit. A        I want to share some of our news with you.
responsibility for netzero’s                              graduate of the
customer relationship                                     University of     After 13 years at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good
Management organization. Prior                            california at     Times®, our amazing Co-Executive Director, Carol
to joining netzero, rusty spent 21                        santa Barbara,    Horvitz, has taken the leap and moved up to become
years at nielsen Media research                           he began his      Corporate Development Officer for Ronald McDonald
holding a variety of management                           collegiate
                                                                            House Charities of Southern California (RMHCSC). In her
positions. rusty has been a           career at hebrew University of
featured speaker at many industry     Jerusalem. he went on to earn
                                                                            new role, Carol will coordinate the fundraising efforts for
events, as well as a guest lecturer   a Masters of social Work degree       Camp and the four other entities that make up RMHCSC.
at colleges and universities. A       from the University of Michigan.      Though she is no longer involved with the day-to-day
graduate of colgate University        Josh and his wife Alison are          operations at Camp, we’re delighted that she’s still a part
with a B.A. in economics, rusty       parents to Julia and stephen and      of Camp.
and his wife Fay live in calabasas    live in redondo Beach.
with their daughter hannah.
                                                                            Providing overall leadership for Camp is our new
                                                                            Executive Director, Tracy Baum. Tracy is an outstanding
                                                                            addition to our Camp family and brings with him a

CaPital CamPaigN UPdate                                                     wealth of knowledge and expertise. With well over two
                                                                            decades of fundraising experience, he is poised to take
                                                                            our capital campaign to the next level. We welcome him
CAMp IS IN NEED OF a whole new
                                                                            with open arms and know he’ll be a dynamic leader to
look! Our current site was built in                                         our incredible staff.
the early 1940’s and time has taken
its toll. We must renovate several                                          As wonderful as Camp is, we are always saddened that
buildings and add additional                                                the need for our Camp still exists. However, as long as
facilities. We are in desperate                                             we’re needed, we will be around to make a difference
need of a dining hall, recreation                                           to so many people. For kids and their siblings who are
rooms and larger cabins that can                                            battling this disease, we provide care-free days, exciting
                                                                            adventures and lifelong friendships. For our younger
accommodate more campers.
                                                                            campers and their families, Family Camp offers support,
We’re currently working with the
                                                                            hope and encouragement – not to mention a chance for
County of Riverside to obtain the                                           families to spend some quality time together.
necessary permits and licenses.
Once they are obtained, we will                                             Each year, we see familiar faces returning and new
begin the process of building a new, bigger and better Camp.                ones making appearances, whether at Camp, in the
Our sessions will always continue as scheduled, even during                 office, or many of our events. We are very fortunate to
construction. Your support of our Capital Campaign is critical              have a strong base of committed volunteers and donors
to our ability to fulfill our mission to children with cancer and           who have partnered with us to serve these very special
                                                                            children and their families. Time and again we turn to
their families.
                                                                            you, and you always come through. All of us at Camp are
                                                                            truly grateful for your support and dedication – together,
What a wonderful way to honor your family, remember a loved                 we are changing lives.
one and create a gift in perpetuity while making a difference in the
life of a child living with cancer. If you would like more information      Warm regards,
on how you can be a part of our Capital Campaign to rebuild a
new Camp, please call Executive Director Tracy Baum at 310-268-             Debbie Bohnett
8488 or you may email him at                  President, Board of Trustees
            meet FraN wiley immediate Past PresideNt, Board oF trUstees

      n 1960, Fran Wiley, r.n., M.n.,
      graduated from UclA nursing
      school and began working as a
    pediatric nurse at UclA Medical
    center. soon into her career, she
    discovered that of all her patients,
    she learned the most from the
    young oncology patients. those
    were the kids who appealed to her
    and she felt a strong bond with
    them, so she decided to become a
    pediatric oncology nurse.

    From her colleague Barbara Britt, R.N.,
    M.S.N., Fran learned about a place
    called Camp Ronald McDonald for
    Good Times®. “I thought a Camp for
    these kids was a great idea, but I didn’t
    really come to fully appreciate it until I
    started hearing about it from the very       stronger and more determined than         “Over the years, I’ve seen
    kids I was taking care of,” says Fran.       ever.” Fran has countless memories
                                                 and stories of kids who have attended
                                                                                           so many kids arrive at
    She noticed a remarkable change in
    these kids when they returned from           Camp, but one that really sticks with     Camp just devastated
    Camp – they were much more self-             her is Eva’s*. At 9 years-old, Eva was    by their diagnosis and
    assured and confident. There was an          diagnosed with leukemia and was a
                                                 patient under her care at UCLA. Fran
                                                                                           disease yet somehow,
    excitement in their voice she had never
    heard before as they described their         watched Eva struggle with her illness,    they emerge stronger
    adventures. “It was very moving to hear      treatment and mostly, her fear of the     and more determined
    them talk about their experiences and        unknown. “I knew we had to get her
    I knew right away that I had to become       up to Camp,” says Fran. Eva was very      than ever.”
    involved with Camp,” she says.               hesitant to go away and be separated
                                                 from her family, but she trusted “Nurse   up attending Vassar College on a full
    As luck would have it, her good friend       Fran” and felt comfortable following      scholarship and still returns to Camp,
    Barbara had a conflict one year and          her lead. At Camp, Eva discovered         only this time, to volunteer her time as
    could not work at Camp that summer           new friends, fun times, but mostly, a     a counselor.
    and asked Fran to substitute for her,        sense of belonging and achievement
    and so began Fran’s journey with Camp.       that she hadn’t been able to find and     Fran knows there are many reasons
    She filled in for Barbara and later that     that summer at Camp turned into the       Camp is a special place, but hands-
    year, she joined the Board of Trustees       first of many for her. Eva went on to     down, she says it’s all about the people.
    of Camp Ronald McDonald for Good             beat her disease, but she continued to    “Everyone – from the hands-on
    Times®. “I can’t believe that was 22         return to Camp. Years later, when Eva     counselors at Camp to the volunteers
    years ago,” recalls Fran. “Over the years,   was applying for colleges, she wrote      stuffing envelopes in the office or
    I’ve seen so many kids arrive at Camp        about her experiences at Camp and         helping with an event, makes Camp
    just devastated by their diagnosis and       how they had shaped her as a person       what it is and we know we can’t do it
    disease yet somehow, they emerge             for her entrance essay. She ended         without them,” says Fran. She has seen
                                           lemoNade staNd sale BeNeFits CamP
                                           TEn-yEar-oLDs Hannah and Jillian are
                                           hustling hard for Camp. Hannah’s dad
                                           Rusty, a member of Camp’s Board of
                                           Trustees, told her about Camp and
                                           the wonderful programs it provides
                                           to kids living with cancer. The family
                                           spent a day at Camp and Hannah got
                                           to see what it was all about. “I loved
                                           Camp,” exclaims Hannah. “I think
                                           it’s the best Camp ever!”

                                           On a recent Sunday morning, the
                                           family was talking about Camp and
                                           on a spur-of-the- moment decision,
                                           decided to hold a lemonade sale and
                                           give the proceeds to Camp. Hannah
                                           made signs advertising the sale and
                                           enlisted the help of good friend and
                                           neighbor Jillian and together they
the organization grow from a fledgling     sold lemonade in their neighborhood.
effort allowing kids with cancer to have   The going rate was 25 cents per cup
some fun to being a national leader        and the girls threw in cookies to the
in the camping industry. “It’s just        happy customers, too!
wonderful to be a part of something
so amazing and to see Camp’s positive                                           At the end of the day, they raised
results,” she adds.                                                             $50.80, which thrilled both Hannah
                                                                                and Jillian. “One day, I’d like to be
Fran’s roots in camping run deep.                                               a counselor at Camp and work with
She has been a huge fan and active                                               those kids,” says Hannah. And until
supporter of the Girl Scouts of the                                              then? “I’m going to make a lot more
USA for years. A devoted mom and                                                  lemonade,” she adds.
grandmother, Fran often travels the
country, “chasing fish” as she calls her
hobby of fishing and when she is in
town and not doing something Camp-
related, she is teaching at UCLA.

*Name has been changed for this article.

Donate your used car,
recreational vehicle or boat
and help send a child living
with cancer to Camp. Be
sure to mention Camp ronald
McDonald for Good Times
when you call: 866-2GIVInG
or 866-244-8464

           CamPer diaNa leUNg Comes throUgh For
           FashioN with a PassioN                                                              A few weeks after her diagnosis, Diana
                                                                           BiLLY BUSh AND
                                                                              JoeLY FiSheR
                                                                                               had surgery to have a biopsy and drill a
                                                                          ChAt With DiANA      hole in her third ventricle to insert a tube
                                                                                               which would allow the excess fluid to
                                                                                               drain. This process was followed by six
                                                                                               weeks of chemotherapy and radiation.
                                                                                               It was a grueling period for her and she
                                                                                               faced some tough challenges, but she
                                                                                               came through it all.

                                                                                               Diana attended Camp as a sibling when
                                                                                               Mike was battling cancer, so she knew
                                                                                               all too well what Camp was about. “At
                                                                                               Camp, everyone accepts living with
                                                                                               cancer, one way or the other,” she says.
                                                                                               “There’s a very special kind of love that
                                                                                               is shared at Camp which allows you to
                                                                                               easily bond with kids you might have
                                                                                               met just that morning. What is most
                                                                                               comforting to me is that there is no
                                                                                               judging going on. You are who you
                                                                                               are, no matter what you look like.”

                                                                                               But, before Diana got to return to

                                                                                               Camp as a patient, Camp came calling
         OUR yEARS AGO, when Diana              “There’s a very special kind                   on her in another way. Fashion with
         was 12 years-old, her older
                                                of love that is shared at Camp
         brother Mike was diagnosed with
         Burkitt’s lymphoma, a rare form of
                                                which allows you to easily
    non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that affects         bond with kids you might
    children. Diana watched the tough           have met just that morning.”
    road that Mike traveled and was his
    biggest cheerleader as he fought his        “Initially, I just thought to myself, ‘why
    disease. It was only appropriate that       me?’ and I was so scared,” says Diana.
    Mike, now a 19 year-old survivor, would     “But then, Mike was there to tell me
    become the greatest source of support       that I can’t think that way. He gave
    to Diana when, last fall, she herself was   me amazing strength.” Diana also
    diagnosed with cancer. Diana had            received support from the rest of her
    pineoblastoma, a fast-growing type of       family, which includes three additional
    brain tumor that occurs in or around        brothers, her faith, her church and her
    the pineal gland, a small organ near        friends. “I am lucky,” adds Diana. “I had
    the center of the brain. In Diana’s case,   a lot of people looking out for me.”
    her tumor is inoperable.
                                                                      DYLAN AND CoLe SpRoUSe
a Passion, Camp Ronald McDonald for          Diana delighted in getting her make-
Good Times®’ annual fundraising teen
                fashion show, was set
                                             up done by professionals and sporting
                                             trendy clothes on the runway.
                                                                                        CamP wiNs
                to take place in June                                                   NatioNal award
                 and they were in need       Diana was at Camp this summer
                                                                                        oVEr ThE PasT 26 yEars, Camp
                 of models to walk the       where she got to see her friends and       Ronald McDonald for Good Times®
                 runway. Diana was a         get caught up on all that’s going on       has gained national and international
                 natural fit to represent    with them. “I just love Camp,” says        recognition for the quality, creativity
                Camp, given her striking     Diana. “If there is one thing I could      and uniqueness of its programs in
               features and slender          change about Camp, it would be that        working with children affected by
                                             the sessions last longer.”                 cancer. At its National Conference in
               build. “That day was
                                                                                        Nashville, Tennessee, the American
              the best! I was on top
                                             You can see Diana in action by visiting    Camp Association (ACA) awarded
              of the world,” exclaims                                                   Camp Ronald McDonald for Good
                                             our website and clicking on the link
              Diana. “It was the most                                                   Times® with its prestigious Eleanor
                                             that takes you to the Access Hollywood
              amazing          adrenaline                                               P. Eells Award.
                                             piece featuring her. We are all grateful
               rush ever.” Being the
                                             to Diana for coming through for Camp       The American Camp Association is
                “girlie-girl” that she is,
                                             and wish her the best.                     a community of camp professionals
                    ARieL WiNteR                                                        who, for nearly 100 years, have
                                                                                        joined together to share their
                                                                                        knowledge and experience and
                                                                                        to ensure the quality of camp
                                                                                        programs. As a leading authority
                                                                                        in child development, ACA works to
                                                                                        preserve, promote, and improve the
                                                                                        camp experience.

                                                                                        Eleanor P. Eells was a leader and
                                                                                        inspiration within the field of camp
                                                                                        throughout her life.      A pioneer
                                                                                        in therapeutic camping, she was
                                                                                        one of the founders of the Fund
                                                                                        for Advancement of Camping and
                                                                                        served as its director through FAC’s
                                                                                        formative years.

                                                                                        Eleanor had an equally important
MALeSe JoW AND eRiN SANDeRS With DiANA                                                  influence    on    the    American
                                                                                        Camping Association. Her greatest
                                                                                        contribution was helping individuals
                                                                                        and camps start new programs.
                                                                                        When these programs were
                                                                                        operating, she shared results with
                                                                                        countless others.

                                                                                        The Eleanor P. Eells Award for
                                                                                        Program Excellence is designed
                                                                                        to honor programs that develop
                                                                                        effective, creative responses to the
                                                                                        needs of people using the camp
                                                                                        environment and stimulate the
                                                                                        exchange of creative ideas.

DiANA hANgiNg oUt With MoDeLS

           BriaN Crater CeleBrates 20 years at CamP!
          RIAN CRATER IS NOT your             name of his very first counselor.            they got off the bus, when Amanda
          average camp director. He is,       Friends he made as a young boy at            – who was decked-out in her mom’s
          however, very typical of all Camp   Camp are now life-long friends. “I know      high-heeled shoes – approached
          volunteers and employees –          what camp does for a kid and I believe       Brian, held his hand and asked if he’d
    he’s made of a lot of heart!              in it,” says Brian. “And I want to provide   sing a song with her. “The warmth and
                                              that for everyone who comes to Camp          comfort that she exuded made it so
                                              Ronald McDonald for Good Times®.”            clear to me that she knew she was safe
                                                                                           at Camp and that she was with people
                                              “I know what camp does                       she considered to be her family,” says
                                                                                           Brian. “I strive to ensure everyone who
                                              for a kid and I believe in it.               comes to Camp feels the way Amanda
                                              And I want to provide that                   did – to feel like they’ve come home
                                              for everyone who comes to                    which is why I greet all visitors by
                                              Camp Ronald McDonald for                     saying, ‘welcome home.’”
                                              Good Times®.”                                Currently, Brian is Associate Executive
                                                                                           Director for Camp Ronald McDonald
                                                                                           for Good Times®, overseeing the
                                              In 1988, Brian joined the staff of what      Camp’s programs and operations. His
                                              was then known as Camp Good                  commitment to all visitors is intact -
                                              Times. At the time, Camp was serving         every person who visits Camp must
                                              60 cancer patients per session and           see and feel the magic and personal
                                              was rotating around various rented           growth that Camp provides to
                                              facilities throughout the greater Los        these very special children. He also
                                              Angeles area.                                coordinates Camp Ronald McDonald
                                                                                           for Good Times®’ facility development
                                              Over the years, Brian and his family         project in order to rebuild the finest
                                              have literally grown up at Camp. For a       facility to serve children. Brian serves
                                              time, he and his wife, Corrie, along with    as President of the American Camp
                                              their three daughters, all lived at Camp     Association Southern California/
    Brian has been in camping for most of     during the summers. The ladies in            Hawaii and past-president of Children’s
    his adult life. He was nine years-old     Brian’s life all keep Camp close to their    Oncology Camping Association-
    when his parents sent him to camp         hearts, as well. Corrie serves as head       International. Additionally, Brian is
    for the very first time and he’s been     wrangler for Camp’s horse program            a faculty lecturer in the Recreation
    going back ever since. Growing up,        and daughter Lindsey has served as a         Department of California State
    Brian did not participate in team or      wrangler herself. Daughter Shannon           University, Long Beach.
    organized sports, so camp provided        has been a WOLP (Wilderness Outdoor
    that sense of success and belonging       Leadership Program) counselor while          The Board of Trustees, staff,
    for which he was searching. “At Camp,     their daughter Monica has always             volunteers and campers from Camp
    I felt that I belonged to a group and     loved hanging out in the “Med Shed”          Ronald McDonald for Good Times®
    enjoyed that unique camaraderie,” he      and helping the nurses.                      congratulate Brian on this milestone
    says. “The activities Camp provided                                                    achievement and thank him for
                                              One of Brian’s favorite stories about        his devoted service and unending
    made me successful.”
                                              campers is that of a nine year-old girl      commitment.
    In fact, camp made such an impression     named Amanda. In January of 1989,
    on him, that he still remembers the       Brian was greeting the campers as

doNors               aUgUst 1, 2007 thrUgh JUly 31, 2008
All of us at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times® express our heartfelt gratitude to our generous donors who make our work
possible. We have made every effort to include all supporters on this list, and apologize if your name has been inadvertently
omitted. Please contact the Development Department at 310-268-8488 with any questions or corrections.

$25,000 +                                Bank of the West                        Gail Buchalter
Jennifer and Larry Bond                  Maria and Bill Bell                     Jane and Marcus Buckingham
City National Bank                       The Boeing Company                      Norman A. Buktenica
Employees Community Fund                 Debbie and Dan Bohnett                  Patti Burns
  of Boeing California                   CIBC World Markets Corp.                Sydney and William Bush
Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation           Create Advertising                      Allison and Josh Cohen
The William Gumpert Foundation           Sheri and Roy Disney                    Leticia and Jesse Contreras
Jakks Pacific, Inc                       Disneyland Cast Community Fund          County of Riverside Department of
LA84 Foundation                          Kathy and Don Dittemore                   Information Technology
The Lincy Foundation                     The Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation    Davis Elen Advertising
Los Angeles Times Family Fund            Sherrie and Mike Dunn                   Hillarie and Steven Dietz
M. Fredric & Co.                         Regina Stagg and Joel Feuer             Baret Fink
Matt Leinart Foundation                  Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman              First American Title Co.
McDonald’s Owners/Operators of           Brooke and Steve Giannetti              Gannett Foundation
  Southern California                    Pam and Jeffrey Godsick                 William M. Garland Charitable Trust
The Wood-Claeyssens Foundation           Gloria and Peter Gold                   Ann and Jim Gianopulos
                                         Gina and Andrew Goldsmith               Glendale Community Foundation
$10,000 - $24,999                        Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation        Laurie and Christopher Harbert          Steve Horowitz and Associates
                                         JVK Foundation                          Bob & Gaye Harris Foundation            Sunshine Landscape
Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians   Susan and Daniel Kane                   The Held Foundation
Anonymous                                                                                                                Lisa and Michael Taitelman
                                         Dee and Charles Kerber                  Jackie and Richard Hollander            Fay and Rusty Taragan
Bell Family Foundation                   Deborah Klein and Mort Marcus           Elaine and Steve Horowitz
Laurie Bernhard                                                                                                          Geraldine Theiss
                                         KTLA Charities Fund                     Jennifer and Al Hutchings               Beverly and Dave Tietjen
Dahlia and Arthur Bilger                 Barbara and Andrew Leigh                Insyght
Sharon and Dain Blair                                                                                                    Carolyn and John Tipton
                                         Looking Above and Beyond, Inc.          Nancy and Steve Jaffe                   Twentieth Century Fox Television
Blue Pacific Flavors                     Los Angeles Center for Law & Justice    Suzi and Rich Kaltman
California Community Foundation                                                                                          Ventura Foods, LLC
                                         Dan Murphy Foundation                   Pat and Richard Kessler                 Matt and Dana Walden
John W. Carson Foundation, Inc.          William N. Pennington Foundation        Keyes Automotive Group
CBS Television Network                                                                                                   Shirley and Walter Wang
                                         Peter Morton Foundation                 Kirkland & Ellis Foundation             Judy and Arthur Weber
The Crean Foundation                     Frank Prieto                            Kline Hawkes & Co.
Anita D. Dymant and Richard Drooyan                                                                                      Annette and David Weil
                                         Patricia Russell                        Knights of Pythias                      John and Marilyn Wells Family
Laurie and Scott Dubchansky              Sage Group of Companies                 Barbara Kreitzer
Cheryl and Peter Dunkel                                                                                                    Foundation
                                         The Samantha Ashley Trust               Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern            Wetherly Capital Group, LLC
Franklin-Baron Family                    The San Francisco Foundation            LaSalle Bank
Doreen and Todd Gelfand                                                                                                  Whole Foods Market
                                         Schaeffer Family Foundation             Ali LeRoi                               Fran and Wade Wiley
Golden State Foods                       Allison and Steven Serber               Teresa Libertino
Chuck and Ellen Haas                                                                                                     Jose Zavala
                                         Barbara and Dr. Stuart Siegel           Astrid Lowery
Homeaid America, Inc.                    Cindy and Sandy Sigal                   Majestic Realty Foundation
Jill and Lee Kort                        Will & Jada Smith Foundation            Katie McGrath and JJ Abrams
The Thomas & Dorothy Leavey Foundation                                                                                   $1,000 - $2,499
                                         Swift Memorial Health Care Foundation   William Merkelson                       Kimberly R. Agnew
Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.           Universal Studios Inc.                  Joyce and Mark Mickelson
Medtronic Foundation                                                                                                     Anonymous
                                         Laura Fox and Ben Van de Bunt           Jeanne and Grant Muir                   Anvil Steel Corporation
Nestle USA                               David & Sylvia Weisz Family             Craig Murray
The Steven M. Perez Foundation                                                                                           Vincent Arcaro
                                           Philanthropic Fund                    Native Daughters of the Golden West     Debbie and Mark Attanasio
Harriet H. Samuelsson Foundation         White-Trivas Family Foundation Inc.       Children’s Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation                                                                                                 Ed Atwood
                                         Susan Wiesner                           Dyan and Marcus Nispel                  Charles Ball
Maureen and Timothy Schultz              Worldwide Produce                       Oretzky Family Survivors Trust
Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation                                                                                        Bama Companies, Inc.
                                                                                 OTX Corporation                         Bank of America
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
                                         $2,500 - $4,999                         Zan and Jack Peat                       The Bank of Hemet
The Skirball Foundation                                                          Pechanga Band of Mission Indians
J. B. & Emily Van Nuys Charity           Valerie Addas                                                                   Lani Barrameda-Shallman
                                         Albert J. Crosson Family Foundation     Phoenix Fixtures Inc.                     and John Shallman
Myrna and George Weisenfeld                                                      Maya and Jeffrey Pinkner
                                         Allan Erdy Escrow                                                               Lisa and Steve Belzer
                                         Alpha Delta Pi L.A. Council             Price Foundation, Inc.                  Manuel Bergher
$5,000 - $9,999                                                                  Rae Sanchini and Bruce Tobey
                                         Sharon and Larry Andringa                                                       Pam and Alan Bergman
The Allergan Foundation                  Barbara L. Goldsmith Foundation         Judith Sato, M.D. and\ Steve Gallegos   Christine Bergren
Stephanie Anderson                       Nancy and Russell Belinsky              Kathy and David Siegel                  Melinda and Dan Berman
Anonymous                                Erin and Richard Benfield               Lon V. Smith Foundation                 Frances and Steven Berman
Susan and Anthony Arlotta                Lanie Bernhard                          Julie and Barry Smooke                  Caroline and Andy Bird
Jacqueline and Howard Banchik                                                    Speedway Children’s Charities

Please rememBer CamP iN yoUr will aNd estate PlaNNiNg.
you can maximize tax benefits and leave a legacy that will help children living with cancer for years to come.
Please call our Development Department at 310-268-8488.

                                                   Patty Kerrigan                              Myra and Howard Walkes
                                                   Britta Bushnell and Brent Kessel            Marilyn and John Wells
                                                   Lisa and Brian Kessler                      Susan and Richard Wolff
     Robert T. Blywise Family Foundation           Caryn and Scott Kolbrenner                  Dean and Sondra Wood
     Monique and Henry Brandon                     Michael Koss                                Kristin and Jeffrey Worthe
     Elizabeth Breckenridge and Andrew Cohen       Shelley and Michael Krall                   The York Childrens Foundation
     Pam and Kurt Brendlinger                      Todd Kurtin                                 Harriet Zaretsky
     Jill and Paul Brindley                        Mara and Jeffrey Lenkov                     Mary E. Zemeckis Charitable Foundation
     Lani and Alan Brunswick                       Bruce David Levine                          Helen and Paul Zimmelman
     Emily and Rod Camp                            Carol Li                                    Ronald Zipperstein
     Canyon National Bank                          Lynn and Ed Lieberman
     Stella and Craig Carson                       Nancy and Jonathan Littman                  $500 - $999
     Beatrice and Richard Clareman                 Sharon Lodin                                Bonnie and Burriel Adams
     Coca-Cola USA                                                                                                                       Fuller and Fuller Attorneys at Law
                                                   Longo Toyota                                Carrie and Gary Adelson
     James Collins                                                                                                                       Carole and Hal Gaba
                                                   Diane and Harvey Mahler                     Charles T. Alkire
     Sherry and Ken Corday                                                                                                               Nzinga Garvey
                                                   Michelle and Scott Matthews                 Sheri and Steve Altieri
     Covenant House California                                                                                                           Gertler Family Foundation
                                                   Jim McCain                                  Lori and Howard Altman
     Hannah Cox and Peter Liguori                                                                                                        Stephen Gingold
                                                   Gwen and John McCaw                         Amgen Foundation Matching Gifts Program
     Corrie and Brian Crater                                                                                                             Dana and Michael Glantz
                                                   Shannon McKeirnan                           Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc
     Del Monte Foods                                                                                                                     Soomi and Andy Goldmark
                                                   Susan McKenna, M.D.                         Pamela and Paul Apel
     Matthew Della Croce                                                                                                                 Hadar and Jeffrey Goldstein
                                                   Milken Family Foundation                    Mae and Brian Appel
     Design Printing                                                                                                                     Gail Mintz-Goodman and Kenny Goodman
                                                   Dennis and Ted Mills                        Aspect                                    Karen Gould
                                                   Morton Alan Haas & Co.                      AT&T United Way Employee Giving           Risa and Michael Green
                                                   Paige and Christopher Nassetta                 Campaign                               Grenell Family Foundation
                                                   Angela and Albert Nassi                     Mike and John August                      Lisa and Josh Grode
                                                   Nielsen Entertainment                       Bradley Baillie                           Mary Gwynn and Mark Rossen
                                                   Norco American Legion Post                  Gabrielle Banatao                         Heidi and David Haddad
                                                   Emma and Gerald Park                        Jane and Robert Bard                      Tay and Craig Hallie
                                                   Judith Hayward and Michael Parks            Maria and Robert Barron                   Michelle and John Halperin
                                                   Pauma Band of Mission Indian                Lara and Spencer Baumgarten               Elizabeth Harris
                                                   Mike Plumb                                  Leslie Belzberg                           Hillary and Steven Hartman
                                                   Rick Polisky                                Robin and Ed Berman                       Bryan Hausner
                                                   Pop Culture Productions, Inc.               Robert A. Bernacki                        William Hearon, Esq.
                                                   Lea and Barry Porter                        Patti and Jeffrey Blake                   Jeremy Helfand
                                                   Srinivasan and Sudha Praba                  Sally Blowitz                             Mary Hiner-Vestal
                                                   Karen and Leland Preisler                   Kathleen and Claudio Boltiansky           Alisa Hoffman and Robert Goldblatt
                                                   Phillip Prieto                              Betsy Borns and Jonathan Shapiro          Katie and Phil Holthouse
                                                   Ilene Resnick and Daniel Weiss              Bovitz Research Group, Inc.               Carol and Steve Horvitz
                                                   Michelle and Larry Richman                  Robin and Elliott Broidy                  Crystal and Jesse Ingram
                                                   Lynn Rosenthal                              Barry Brooker                             Carole Jablon and Terry Bernardi
                                                   Joan and William Ross                       Ilyssa Golding and Douglas Burke
     Kate Broe and Bill Desser                                                                                                           Tana and JJ Jamieson
                                                   Fay and Ed Ruby                             Andrea Burroughs
     Sheila and Larry Doan                                                                                                               Catherine and Robert Jerz
                                                   Robyn and Michael Safir                     Kimberly and Mark Burstein
     Judy and Jim Dorrenbacher                                                                                                           Jewish Community Foundation
                                                   Robbi and Tom Schiff                        Valerie Cabrera and Richard Goldberg
     Jamie and Peter Duchesneau                                                                                                            of San Diego
                                                   Suzanne and Jeff Schneider                  Suzy and Pete Capparelli
     Dyson & Dyson Charitable Foundation                                                                                                 Jewish Community Foundation
                                                   Joseph Schrage                              Carrie and Matthew Casden
     Employees Charity Organization of                                                                                                     of Los Angeles
                                                   Michelle and David Schreier                 Cates Consulting
        Northrop Grumman                                                                                                                 Noel and James Johnston
                                                   Linda and Bob Schulze                       Karen Cicero
     Jo Champa Farrell and Joseph Farrell                                                                                                Stacie and Adam Jordan
                                                   Nancy M. Speed and Joseph A. Schwartz       Carrie and Joey Cinqueman
     Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund                                                                                                       Betty and Mike Joseph
                                                   Donna Scott                                 Holly and Mark Clifford
     Fiesta Broadway Charitable Events                                                                                                   Barbara and James Joye
                                                   Leanne and Michael Segal                    Virginia and Mark Coles
     Melanie and Richard Flamminio                                                                                                       Diane and Dennis Kahan
                                                   Sandra and Alan Silvestri                   Shirlene and Isaac Comfortes
     James Ford                                                                                                                          Jane and George Kallis
                                                   Simms Foundation                            Cheryl and Michael Costa
     Teresa and Michael Fourticq                                                                                                         Michelle and Shane Kaneshiro
                                                   Singer, Lewak, Greenbaum & Goldstein        Nora and Geoff and Cross
     Robert Friedman                                                                                                                     Jean and Stephen Kaplan
                                                   Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP    Jennifer and James Custer
     Elizabeth and John Gengl                                                                                                            Sara Jane Foster and Stephen Brent Kass
                                                   Stacey Snider and Gary Jones                Richard Davis
     The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation                                                                                         The Katz Family Foundation
                                                   Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians              Ellen and Rob Deutschman
     Earl Goldberg                                                                                                                       Tracy and Michael Kerkorian
                                                   Lisa and Tony Solomon                       Diversified Properties
     Melvin Goldsman                                                                                                                     JoAnne and Ira Kirshbaum
                                                   Caroline and Bruce Somers                   Ken Downing
     The Gordon Family Foundation                                                                                                        Wendy and Joey Klein
                                                   Barb and Larry Sparks                       Carla and Gerald Du Manoir
     Edith Grant                                                                                                                         Abby & David Kohl Charitable Foundation
                                                   Spectrum Medical X-Ray Co. Inc.             Jan and Milt Duniven
     Grant Tani Barash & Altman, LLC                                                                                                     Victoria and Kenneth Komisar
                                                   Dorinda and Andy Starrels                   Christopher Dunn
     Roxanne Greene                                                                                                                      John and Nelly Lamb
                                                   Dana Stevens and Michael Apted              Laurel and Robert Ehrlich
     Tina Gunsauls                                                                                                                       Scott Lambert
                                                   Lisa and Chris Stonich                      Jill and Bob Eisfelder
     Hanson CharitableTrust                                                                                                              Margo and Rock Lane
                                                   Jack Suzar                                  Russell Emanuel
     Ann and Steve Hanson                                                                                                                Jacqueline and Robert Lange
                                                   Wendy and Larry Tenebaum                    Sara and Richard Essner
     Jill and Ron Hirschman                                                                                                              Langlois Co.
                                                   The Foundation for Better Medicine          Suzy Feldman
     Tia and David Hoberman                                                                                                              Peter Lenkov
                                                   R. R. and A. A. Thomas                      Susan and Ward and Ferguson
     Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation                                                                                                  Cynthia Levine
                                                   Stephen G. Tomlinson                        Betsy and Steven Fifield
     Matt Huff                                                                                                                           Maureen and Christopher Liebes
                                                   Toyota Motor Sales, USA., Inc               Firefighters Charitable Foundation
     Leslie and James Hyman                                                                                                              Link Entertainment Marketing, LLC
                                                   Lauren and Robert Turner                    Craig A. Flashner
     Carolyn Jordan                                                                                                                      Meg and Greg Lipstone
                                                   Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians   Shelly and Jonathan and Flicker
     Norman Kahn                                                                                                                         Alan Litvak
                                                   UniHealth Foundation                        Susan and Charles Franklin
     Ellen and Jay Kaufman                                                                                                               Eddie Lodgen
                                                   US Food Service                             Lauren Freedman
     Margaret Kerr                                                                                                                       Rachael and David Loewenthal
                                                   Elyse Walker                                Elizabeth Freitas                         Cindy and Phred Lorsch
Louchheim Foundation                              Thomas Noya                                      Sierra Insulation Co, Inc.                   WellPoint Foundation
Gilman Low                                        O.M. Contracting, Inc.                           Susan and Joel Simon                         West Covina Emblem Club No. 299
Carmen Lynch                                      Oak Valley Partners L.P.                         Jennifer and Micheal Singer                  Carrie Wiatt
Isabel Madison                                    Carrie Odell                                     Jennifer and Robert Solomon                  Cindy and Jacob Winebaum
Jennifer and Gregory Malins                       Rodney Olea                                      Dana and Jerome Solomon                      Catherine and David Wood
Marcus, Watanabe, Snyder & Dave, LLP              Audrey Oliva                                     Lynne Sprecher                               Juli and Michael Woronoff
Alyson and Ori Marmur                             Janet Paquette                                   Starbucks Coffee Company                     Jane and David Wyler
Gina and Robert Maron                             Susan and David Peat                             Lisa and Darren Statt                        Patricia and Robert Yarak
Herb M. Marsh                                     Bob Pincus                                       Marilyn and Luke Staubitz                    Gina Zakarin
Kathleen L. Martin                                Paula Pinhas                                     Tracey Steinfeld                             Lisa Zeiger
Jaime Mas                                         Lisa and Wayne Platt                             Patti and Richard Sulzbach
Ellen Masse                                       Jeff and Darcy Pollack                           Anne and Jay Sures
Martin Massman                                    Missy and Glen Polson                            Lucy Suzar and Larry Steinman
Mastro’s Restaurants, LLC                         Kelly and Tim Prather                            Emese Tardy-Green
James McAdam                                      Justin Radell                                    George Taylor
R. A. McClean                                     Maury and Fran Rice                              Andrew R. Tennenbaum
Gretchen McCourt                                  Rim Shot Productions Inc.                        John Tesh
McDonald’s Corporation                            Ann Lewis Roberts                                Ted Thrasher
Laura McKenzie-Stanton                            Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation            Lisa Torneden
  and David Stanton                               Deirdre A. Roney and John Cadarette              Christopher Trunkey
Linda and Cary Meadow                             Shannon and Michael Rotenberg                    Karen Tucker
Marla and Brett Messing                           Barry Rudin                                      Linda and William Tyrer
Lisa and Anthony Miller                           Sheri and Steven Safan                           Barbara Voigt
Shannon and Halsey Minor                          Thomas Safran                                    A. Von Furstenberg
Meredith Momoda                                   Diane Salerno and David Wilson                   Marianne and Ronald Wanglin
Monterey Park Senior Citizens Club, Inc.          Joel Saltzburg                                   Hope Warschaw
Madeleine and Jeffrey Moskowitz                   Esther and Gerald Sauer                          Eric and Julie Wasserman
Shirley Nano                                      Elisa and Michael Schenkman                      Cathy and Andrew Watts
Roberta and Richard Nathanson                     Marc Schwartz                                    Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman
Robert Noonan                                     Nancy and Kip Seckington                         Laura and David Weber
Christine and Jim Norberg                         Shery and Joseph Shabani                         Stacey and Keith Webster
Vincent Norte                                     Elise and Jack Shanfeld                          Virginia Sogomonian and Richard Weiss

    iN-KiNd doNors                                                             Golden State Foods Corp.            McCormick Ambulance               See’s Candy
                                                                               Andrew and Gina Goldsmith           McDonald’s Owners/Operators       Sharky’s
     4Ideal Fitness                        Country Club Nails                  Anel and Chris Gorham                 of Southern California          Sherry’s Fine Stationery
     Agoura Rentals                        Maria A. Cruz                       Gossamer Silk Designs               MGM Studios                       SJM Industrial Radio
     AirGas                                CTI Industries                      Green Set                           Mine O Mine                       Craig Skelly
     Apropos Gifts                         CW Network                          Darius Guerrero                     Modern Publishing                 Southern Spirits and Wine
     Arthur Murray Studio                  Daily Grill                         Gund Foundation                     Monterey Country Club             Speare & Company
     Debra Barbanel                        David Orgell                        Harris Shepard Public Relations     Morongo Casino Resort and Spa     Starwest Corporation
     Mickey Bearman                        Davis Elen Advertising              Hasbro                              Demetra Natsis                    Steve Jennings Electrical
     Bea’s Bakery                          Department 56                       Heritage Palms                      Nickelodeon                       Sugar Foods Corporation
     Beauty Basket Beauty Supply           Desert Falls Country Club           Hilton Hotels                       O.P.I.                            Sushi Roku
     Susan Beavers                         Desert Island Golf & Country Club   HL Group, Inc                       Patricia and Chuck Ochsner        Sweet Life Enterprises
     Pam and Steve Beeks                   Desert Lexus                        Elaine and Steve Horowitz           Maynard and Sheila Ostrow         Taylor Freezers
     Lucille Bercovitz                     Desert Premium Outlet               Hotel Angeleno                      Pacific Rim Home                  The Cannery
     Frances and Steven Berman             Desert Willow Golf Resort           Hudson Jeans                        Pacific Western Bank              The Cheesecake Factory
     Bettina Duncan at Fred Segal          DHE                                 Indian Canyons Golf Club            Gary Painter                      The DVD Crew
     Beverly Hills Bikini Shop             Diane James Designs, Inc.           Indian Ridge Country Club           Palihouse                         The Ellen DeGeneres Show
     Beverly Hills Tennis Club             Nancy DiJulio                       Indian Wells Golf Resort            Palm Valley Athletic Club         The Friedman Group
     Sharon and Dain Blair                 Do Right’s Plant Growers            J. Russell Salon & Spa              Robin and Kevin Palm              The Gardens at El Paseo
     Barbara Blanchard                     Don Lee Farms                       Jakks Pacific, Inc                  Parties Plus                      The Golf Club at Terra Lago
     Blink Digital                         John and Eileen Donnelly            James Productions                   Patti Ellis Boutique              The Individual Group
     Blue Coyote Grill                     Anita D. Dymant and                 Jelly Belly Candy Co.               Paul Ecke Ranch                   The Morrow Institute
     Bradford Renaissance Portraits           Richard Drooyan                  Jetro                               Zan and Jack Peat                 Thymes
     Sandra Bradley                        Jamie and Peter Duchesneau          Jim and Jenny Belushi               Cyndee Pelton                     Beverly and Dave Tietjen
     Brian Kramer Photography              Electric Car Distributors           JJI International                   Raul Peryanez                     Toppers
     Sadana Brihinder                      Elio’s Fitness for Success          Jody Maroni Sausage                 Sandra Peterson                   Teresa and Jose Torres
     Gail Buchalter                        EMI Music                           Joseph Pelps Winery                 Penny and Timothy Pike            Trilogy Golf Club at La Quinta
     The Buckley School                    Escada                              Jubilee                             Bob Pincus                        Tumaro’s Gourmet Tortillas Inc.
     Norman A. Buktenica                   Evergreen Vineyards                 Just Born, Inc.                     Plaza Travel                      Twentieth Century Fox Television
     Gerald Burke                          Experiencia                         Kaiser Grill                        Missy and Glen Polson             Twin Palms Pasadena
     C.R.D.L.                              F. Gavina and Sons                  Kerstin Florian International       PostNet                           Union Ice
     California Dental Buying Group        Four Seasons Biltmore               Kids Kaps                           Primal Elements                   Val Surf
     Caffe D’ Amore                           Santa Barbara                    Kitchen Kitchen                     RACO Film Production Equipment    Village Inscriber
     California Golf Mart                  Frank & Sons                        KOCH Entertainment                  Rancho La Quinta Country Club     Vintage Aircraft Company
     California Produce                    Frank.18 Hair Studio                La Brea Bakery                      Kevin and Cristan Reilly          Viva Enterprises, LLC
     Carrie-On                             Robert and Diane French             La Mousse                           Republic Master Chefs             Von’s
     Castelli’s                            Fresh Start Bakeries                La Quinta Medspa                    Rick Grant                        The Wagner/Junker Agency
     Cindy and John Castro                 Frito-Lay                           Art Leonardi                        Risvold’s, Inc.                   Warner Bros Domestic Cable
     Elena and Jon Cates                   Gaiam, Inc.                         Lauren and Bob Levinson             Dr. Alexander Rivkin              Distribution
     Celebration Entertainment             Galasso’s Bakery                    Linx & More                         Mike Robarts, Bertco Graphics     Warner Bros. Entertainment
     Coca-Cola USA                         Geffen Playhouse                    Los Angeles Avengers                Genna Rosenberg                   Warner Bros. Studio Facilities Inc.
     Coda Gallery-El Paseo                 Elizabeth and John Gengl            Los Angeles Clippers                Row Eleven                        Warner Bros. Television
     Coeur D’Alene Golf Resort             Jan Geris                           Los Angeles Dodgers                 Julie and Mark Rowen              West LA Music
     Pat Cole                              Get Fresh                           Los Angeles Philharmonic            Ed Ruby                           Karen Westfield
     Color Images Copy & Print             Collette Gilmore                    Los Angeles Zoo and                 John and Arlene Saffro            Whole Foods Market
     Compliments                           Muriel Girard                           Botanical Gardens               Saks Fifth Avenue                 Andy Williams
     Cookies by Design                     Giuseppe Franco Hair Salon          M. Fredric & Co.                    Sales Producers, Inc.             Sally Wilson
     Fiona and Stewart Copeland            Jeffrey Godsick                     Patricia and Vince Manze            Samy’s Camera                     XIV Karats Ltd
     Coremark                              Goldberg and Solovy Foods Inc.      Marrakesh Country Club              Sally and Dick Sanders
                                                                               Mastros Restaurant                  Kay Sarazin

CamP roNald mCdoNald For good times®
2008 Board oF trUstees                                yoU CaN                                          You can help a child living with cancer spend care-free

                                                      helP maKe
                                                                                                       days at Camp, doing all the activities that kids love
                                                                                                       to do. At Camp Ronald McDonald for good times®,
Debbie Bohnett, president
Mastro’s Restaurants, LLC                                                                              we make it possible for children who are living with

Fran Wiley, R.N, M.N., Vice president
Professor of Pediatrics, Emerita
UCLA School of Medicine
                                                      it haPPeN!                                       cancer to “just be a kid.” But, we can’t do it without you.
                                                                                                       here’s how you can help:

Richard Drooyan, Esq., Treasurer                                                                       maKe a Cash doNatioN
Munger, Tolles & Olson                                                                                 our Camp is cost-free to all our campers, so we rely on
Laurie Dubchansky, Secretary                                                                           the support of our friends and donors to provide these
Community Volunteer                                                                                    wonderful experiences for our campers. if you would
                                                                                                       like to make a secure on-line donation, please visit our
Laurie Bernhard, Esq.
Bernhard Solutions                                                                                     website at or call us
                                                                                                       and ask for the Development Department.
Sharon Blair
Groove Addicts
Jennifer Bond
                                                                                                       maKe aN iN-KiNd doNatioN
Youth Advocate                                                                                         in-kind donations allow us to reduce expenses from
                                                                                                       our operating budget. to make a donation, please
Josh Cohen
Marcus & Millichap                                                                                     visit our website and look for our “Wish List” on the
                                                                                                       upper right portion of the screen, under “Donate.”
Sheila Doan
Community Volunteer
peter Duchesneau, Esq.
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips                                                                              We are always looking for help in the office and at our
                                                                                                       various fundraising events. if you’ve got the time and
Elizabeth Gengl
The L.A. Office
                                                                                                       talents to share with us, please call our office and ask
                                                                                                       for Marisa Materna.
Jeffrey Godsick
Fox-Walden, LLC
Steve Horowitz
                                                                                                       Be a CoUNselor
Stephen Horowitz & Associates
                                                                                                       the single-most important element to the success of
                                                                                                       our program is our volunteer staff. the enthusiasm,
Alfredo Sandoval
                                                                                                       creativity, energy and generosity provided by our
The Private Investment Group
                                                                                                       volunteers have given our campers wonderful times
Judith Sato, M.D.                                                                                      and cherished memories. if you would like to be a
City of Hope
                                                                                                       counselor, please visit our website and review the
Jonathan Schwartz                                                                                      required qualifications and responsibilities or call the
JLS Capital
                                                                                                       office and ask for David garry.
Stuart E. Siegel, M.D.
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles                                                                         Your kindness and support allows us to make a difference
Division of Hematology/Oncology                                                                        in the life of a child living with cancer. thanks for helping
Rusty Taragan                                                                                          to make it happen!
United Online

looK For oUr New weBsite!               Camp is launching a brand new website. Visit and check out our state-of-the-art site.

                                                                                                                                                    Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                      U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                    Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                                                                     Permit No. 559

                                                       Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times®
                                                       1954 Cotner Avenue
                                                       Los Angeles, California 90025

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