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					                         SAY IT WITH

• For your car and
• Install it yourself
• Simple to use                                           ESTIKA® is the most cost effective electronic

• Remote controlled
                                                          scrolling message system available.

                                                          Designed for your car and business, ESTIKA® is is
    FEATURES                                              perfect for communicating your thoughts in all
    • DIY easy installation, no screws or                 situations.
        tools required
    •   Select & display a message in an                                       DOMESTIC VEHICLE
        instant with a single button press                                     • bumper sticker slogans
    •   Fast, slow and mirror scroll modes                                     • send general messages to other drivers
    •   Automatic repeating banner message
                                                                               COMMERCIAL VEHICLES
        (every 30 seconds)
                                                                               • corporate signage
    •   Program your own messages from the
                                                                               • business name, address and phone numbers
        remote control using characters,
        numbers & special symbols                                              • security patrol vehicles
    •   Construct your message from the built                                  SHOPS, GARAGES, DEPARTMENT STORES
        in word & phrase library                                               • display exit/entry and safety information
    •   Smart IR sensor allows remote control                                  • opening hours, closed for holiday
        from the rear of the unit                                              • security surveillance warnings
    •   Control multiple ESTIKA®s using one
        remote control                                                         DELI BARS AND SERVICE COUNTERS
    •   Adjustable viewing angle (360°)                                        • take-a-number message
    •   Self adhesive feet for mounting on
                                                                               • new products promotion, specials
        windows and other smooth surfaces                                      • returning soon, back in 10 minutes
    •   UV stabilised colour co-ordinated                                      BUSINESS RECEPTION
        polycarbonate/ABS casing                                               • discourage hawkers, delivery instructions
    •   Powered from a 12v DC car cigarette                                    • no smoking please
        lighter via a long 4 metre cord                                        • display your web site address
    •   Optional AC power adaptor
                                             Your Estika® Representative is

                     ESTIKA® is a registered trademark of Starchild Corporation Pty Ltd - Provisional Patent PP9666

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