Roma Picnic Races showcased beautiful winter fashion

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					 Roma Picnic Races showcased beautiful winter fashion
   With over $12000 worth of prizes for
Fashions on the Field, attendees at the
Roma Picnic Races certainly went that
extra mile to impress this year. Beautiful
winter coats, stunning boots and spectacu-
lar winter colours were a real feature. The
fashion was very glamorous and stylish
and it was wonderful to see so many peo-
ple looking a million dollars.
   President of the Roma Picnic Races
Committee David Scott said “Numbers
were up on last year, everything went ex-
tremely well and the Committee could not
be happier with the success of this years
   With the week leading up to the big
race day being wet and cold many thought
David and Margot may have been nervous
about the weekend, but David said “I was
enjoying the weather, I knew it would be        Darcy and Caitlin Hamilton were excited
too wet for farmers to be working so they                                                                 Alexis and Jamie Green, Roma
                                                   about an afternoon at the Picnics
could come and enjoy the races. The rain
cleared and the weather on the day could
not have been better”.
   The Black Tie Ball on Friday night was
just as successful as the race day itself,

                                                                                                                                                    10 JUNE, 2009
with everybody having a great night out.
   As to whether the changed date had any-
thing to do with the success of the event
David said “The changed date certainly
generated a lot of discussion and the race                                                                                                              3
meeting did attract larger horse numbers

                                                                                                                                                    MARANOA TOWN & COUNTRY MAIL
as part of the winter racing season.” The
President for next year will be Warwick
and Sophie Cooper.

                                              Idrios Wiggins, Rowena Wilson and Phil Wheelan were all looking forward to a great day at the races

   Katie Bligh and Ailee Bell embraced the
         colour red and looked great

     Cathy and Bill Barker, Charleville           Adam Stanfield, Jessica Rusit, Hannah Maclean and Tori Stanley all looked very stylish