Requirements to Establish Registration in the ACT (for vehicles

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                  Requirements to Establish Registration in the ACT
                         (for vehicles more than 10 years old)
If the vehicle is more than 10 years old and is currently registered in another State or Territory, establish
registration will apply, and you must surrender the registration plates at this time. You will need to do the following:

                                    Table of Registration Requirements

 Inspection                   A passed roadworthy inspection report is required from an ACT authorised inspection
 Bookings are essential       The inspection report is valid for one month from the date of the initial inspection. If
                              the vehicle fails, the required work must be completed and the vehicle re-inspected at
 List of Authorised           the same authorised station.
 Inspection Stations are      The inspection fee for light vehicles under 4.5 tonnes is $53.90. The inspection fee
 available on request         for motorbikes is $41.40. If the vehicle needs to be re-inspected, a fee of $13.20
 LPG Conversion               If your vehicle runs on LPG, you must obtain a Gas Inspection Certificate from an
                              ACT Authorised Inspector before the vehicle is inspected.
                              Applicant must attend a Canberra Connect Shopfront
 Proof of Purchase or         Interstate registration certificate in your name.
 Acquisition (whichever       Interstate registration certificate signed by former operators stating the new
 is applicable)               operator’s details.
                              Receipt signed by previous operators showing purchase price and details of vehicle.
                              Bill of Sale.
 Proof of Identity            Current ACT or interstate photographic driver licence.
                              Full birth certificate (no photocopies).
 Handout available on         Current Passport.
 request                      Naturalisation or Citizenship certificate.
 Proof of residency           Current ACT photographic driver licence.
                              Rates, electricity or telephone account.
                              Tenancy agreement (not rent receipt).
 Fees                         Establishment fee of $71.70.
                              Duty is payable if vehicle is not in your name.
                              Registration is calculated on the weight of the vehicle.
                              Compulsory Third Party Insurance is payable to the RTA on establishment of
                              Road Rescue Fee $16.00.
                              Road Safety Contribution Fee $2.00.
Fees are correct as at 1 July 2009
Please Note: The minimum age requirements for registered operators are as follows:
                Heavy Vehicles     18 years
                Light Vehicles     16 years
                Motorbikes         16 years and 9 months

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