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									Who Wants to Work?

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All of the tactis and principles that you've been taught for success can
work, but who wants to work. You remember how easy things came when your
excitement and bodily energy was alive with anticipation - that's magic
at work. Learn more!


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I feel a loss when pragmatism wins over the mystical. There is a greater
magic at work when you engage with Source. I believe that strength and
optimism combined with hard work will keep marketing principles and other
learned strategies working well for success. I have a much different
story to tell.

I've spent many years in the corporate world and in the service and sales
industry. Letting those learned and hard-work principles go to engage in
a relationship with the divine has been one of the most difficult
challenges I've ever faced. So why face it? Why not stick with the old

Simply put, the mystical, the divine, the source energy, or God if you
like, wouldn't let me go. No matter how hard I worked, I simply did not
see the results I desired. There was a transformation already underway
and I would be embracing a new way of living. You cannot deny who you
truly are. As I moved away from working hard and focused more and more on
my gifts, passion & purpose, magical things began happening.

In spite of all my marketing and business focused activities, none of my
prospects had become a client and none of my projects came to life.
Strangely, people from across North America were finding me, and rarely
through my website. As long as I engaged in a relationship with the
source and exercised faith, clients began showing up. Clients that were
looking for the gifts that I had to offer and the connection I had to

This has pushed me deeper into a relationship with the mystical, the
metaphysical, the spiritual - so many words to describe the same thing -
and practicing a new way of being in this world. It is much simpler, much
more organic, much more peaceful, and in many respects, very easy. Well,
easy when I get out of my way.
There have been times when I've been in a complete and utter panic over
what was not materializing. I'd come close to reverting to an old pattern
and headaches would show up and more resistance in mind, body, and
spirit. Within 24-48 hours, I'd back off from my worries, unable to give-
in and give up the dream. I'd trust and just as suddenly, abundance again
made itself known.

I see this pattern, these ups & downs, as part of the training I am
receiving. To deepen my relationship with the divine. To trust source. To
trust my true calling, passion and purpose. To express more fully who I
am and thereby be a much better guide and teacher to those who wish to
engage in the same relationship with the source of creation.

Magic lives everywhere. Being pragmatic can work, but who wants to work?

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