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					 Hire a                Prepare             Consult an             Prepare Facility
surveyor.               plat.              engineer or            Planning Report.

                                 Plat reviewed for
Corrections made by                                              Submit plat &
                                 compliance with
Surveyor/Engineer                                                facility plan to
                                 County Subdivision
                                                                 Enviro Health.

Plat referred to                       Preliminary plat
Commissioners Court for                approved/disapproved by
preliminary consideration.             Commissioners Court.

                                         Resubdivision                 Replat
        New lots

                                      Public Notification              The replat
                                           Process                      process is
      Submittal for                                                typically resolved
        final plat                                                  in one reading of
                                       Prepare letters of            CC & waiver of
                                       notification for all               public
     Final consideration by                owners in                   notification
     Commissioners Court                phase/section of

         Preparation &                                                Recordation
                                      Mail-out letters w/
       Submittal of mylar                                               process
                                       return receipts &
                                      run public notice in
                                      legal section of local
        Mylar signed by                    newspaper
        Director of Env.
       Health & Co. Judge
                                      Hold public hearing

      Record @ Co. Clerk’s
             office                   Final plat process &
                                      recordation process