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					 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy

          EECBG for Small Communities

                                Kif Scheuer
                       Strategic Energy Innovations
                       CEC EECBG Funding Allocation
                       ($49.6 million)
 Helping Communities

                       • At least $29.8 million will be passed through
Embrace Clean Energy

                         to cities/counties not receiving a direct
                         EECBG allocation from U.S. DOE
                            • Cities with populations < 35,000
                            • Counties with unincorporated populations
                          < 200,000
                       • Remaining $19.6 million used at discretion
                         of California Energy Commission
                       • Guidelines reopened 09/22
                       EECBG Requirements
 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy
                       • Accountability & Transparency
                       • Prevailing wage must be paid
                       • “Buy American” when possible
                       • Strict reporting requirements; records available for
                         Inspector General
                       • Funding prohibitions: gambling establishments,
                         aquariums, zoos, golf courses or swimming pools
                       • Recipients must:
                           – Have Dunn & Bradstreet (DUNS) number
                           – Register with Central Contract Registration (CCR)
                           – Comply with the Single Audit Act requirements, filing with
                             State Comptroller
                       Multiple-Agency Reporting Requirements
 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy
                       • U.S. Department of Energy
                          – Report elements
                               • Amount spent on activities
                               • Project completion status
                               • Jobs created or retained
                          –   No waivers for reporting
                          –   Reporting due 10 days after each quarter’s end
                          –   Collected on
                          –   Most records must be retained for 3 years
                       • U.S. Office of Management & Budget
                          – Additional form likely
                               • Federal Financial Report
                               • Performance Progress Reports – Benchmarks, Program
                                 Management, Performance narrative
                          – Possible single audit
                       • California Energy Commission
                          – Details not yet known
                       Energy Commission Program Design
 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy
                       • Allocations based on formula
                          – $5.00 per capita
                          – Unemployment “adder” based on county figures
                       • Minimum allocations
                          – $25,000 for cities
                          – $50,000 for counties
                       • Requires cost-effective energy efficiency
                          – Minimum 10 million source Btu’s per year for
                            each $1000 spent
                       • Feasibility study required to verify energy
                       • Allows for energy efficiency projects, direct
                         equipment purchases, municipal financing
                       Project Approach
 Helping Communities

                       • Implement a cost-effective energy efficiency
Embrace Clean Energy

                          – Have to provide sufficient information to
                            determine cost-effectiveness
                       • More open-ended project options
                       Project Approach Cost Effectiveness
 Helping Communities

                       • Based on award dollars only
Embrace Clean Energy

                          – Energy savings from loans, incentives and other
                            leverage funds count towards CE, $ does not.
                       • Based on total application CE
                          – Can combine projects
                       • Includes all admin and other costs
                          – Still has to be CE, but can cover your costs.
                       Project Approach Feasibility Studies
 Helping Communities

                       • A description of the proposed energy
Embrace Clean Energy

                         efficiency projects
                       • Baseline energy use for the affected
                       • All calculations and assumptions.
                       • A proposed budget detailing all project cost.
                       • A proposed schedule for implementation of
                         the projects.
                       • Each applicant must “certify that they are
                         the most cost-effective energy efficiency
                         project opportunities.”
                       Direct Purchase Approach
 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy
                       • Make a direct purchase of energy efficiency
                         equipment, preselected by the Energy
                          – deemed to be cost effective for the purposes of
                            these Guidelines.
                       • Provide material/equipment and installation
                         cost estimates.
                          – Installation costs that exceed 50% of the total costs
                            for any direct equipment purchases will require
                            additional justification as described in the solicitation
                       • may also take advantage of bulk purchase
                         discounts if available, or be a direct purchase
                         from a local distributor/vendor.
                       Direct Purchase Approach Equipment
 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy   •   Lighting:
                            – All 28-watt T8 Fluorescent lamps replacing all T12 Fluorescent Lamps.
                            – All 28-watt T8 Fluorescent Lamps replacing older 32-watt T8 Fluorescent
                              Lamps. A minimum 2,000 hours of operation annually is required. Proration of
                              grant allocation is allowed for operation less than the minimum.
                            – All Instant Start Electronic Ballasts replacing older Magnetic Ballasts.
                            – LED traffic signals, and LED pedestrian signal modules.
                            – LED or Induction Lamps and controls for all exterior applications including
                              street lighting, walk-way lighting, parking lot and parking garage lighting.
                            – LED exit signs replacing either fluorescent or incandescent exit signs
                            – Dual technology occupancy sensors (ultrasonic and passive infrared) for all
                              intermittently occupied spaces.
                       •   Electrical/ Mechanical:
                            – NEMA approved Premium efficiency motors: Not to exceed $100/ HP
                              including labor and material costs.
                            – Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for all motors, fans and pumps: Not to
                              exceed $300/ HP including labor and material costs.:
                            – High Efficiency HVAC system replacement: Not to exceed $1000/ Ton
                              including labor and material costs.
                            – Condensing boiler or furnace: Not to exceed $2,500/ one million Btu
                              including labor and material costs.
                            – Vending Machines controller
                            – Programmable thermostats
                       Municipal Financing Approach
 Helping Communities

                       • An applicant may collaborate with large
Embrace Clean Energy

                         jurisdictions in a municipal financing program
                          – Provides a resolution, stating its intent to use its
                            grant for this purpose, and stating that this use of the
                            funds will provide cost effective energy efficiency
                          – Files a statement explaining the basis of its cost
                            effectiveness determination
                          – The large jurisdiction, provides a resolution, stating
                            that the two jurisdictions agree that the grant funds
                            will be used to participate in the municipal financing
                          – The small jurisdiction provides a statement of work,
                            detailing how the funds will be used and the
                            anticipated schedule for expenses.
                       Getting Ready
 Helping Communities

                       • Identify projects
Embrace Clean Energy

                          – Ask for utility or CEC assessments
                       • Get bids
                          – Where possible
                          – Ask for CEC help if costs are hard to determine
                       • CEC has indicated that if there are some
                         adjustments after award, but the projects
                         remain cost effective, there may be some
 Helping Communities

                       •   09/16/09 – Initial guidelines adopted
Embrace Clean Energy

                       •   09/22/09 – Guidelines reopened
                       •   10/01/09 – Comments due
                       •   10/07/09 – Final guidelines adopted?
                       •   10/??/09 – Solicitation package available
                       •   01/??/10 – All applications due
                       •   09/13/12 – All funds disbursed
                       Written Comments
 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy
                       • Due by 5 p.m. on October 1, 2009.
                         – Include docket number 09-OII-1 and indicate Order
                           Instituting Informational Proceeding – American
                           Recovery and Reinvestment Act in the subject line
                           or first paragraph of your comments.
                         – Hand-deliver or mail:
                            • California Energy Commission Dockets Office
                            • MS-4Re: Docket No. 09-OII-1
                            • 1516 Ninth Street Sacramento, CA 95814-5512
                         – Email
                            • include your name or organization in the name of the file.
                            • provide them in either Microsoft Word format or as a
                              Portable Document File (PDF
                            • One paper copy must also be sent to the Energy
                              Commission’s Docket Office.
                       Assessment Help
 Helping Communities

                       • CEC
Embrace Clean Energy

                          – Register online
                          – Email
                             • Indicate that this is a request for technical assistance
                       • PG&E
                          – Municipal Implementation Team
                          – SmartLights
                       CEC Competitive EECBG program
 Helping Communities

                       • Up to 40% of CEC’s allocation
Embrace Clean Energy

                       • Potentially for partnerships of local
                         governments regardless of size or receipt of
                         another EECBG grant.
                       • “Receiving a formula-based EECBG grant
                         will not affect eligibility to compete in a
                         Competitive Grant Program. These
                         program options are considered
                         independent funding opportunities.”
                       Possible Leverage Funds
 Helping Communities

                       • Energy Efficiency Loan Program Funding
Embrace Clean Energy

                       • ARRA State Energy Program Funding
                       • Leveraging ARRA Funding
                          – Utility rebates and incentives can be researched
                            at or by calling the
                            local electric, gas and water utilities.
 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy


 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy

          State Energy Program

                            Municipal Financing Program (AB 811)
                             Residential Building Retrofit Program
                         Municipal and Commercial Building Retrofits
                       Low-Interest Energy Efficiency Financing Program
                       SEP Overview
 Helping Communities

                       • $226 m to CEC
Embrace Clean Energy

                       • $95 m of this for
                          – Municipal Financing (AB811
                          – Residential Retrofits
                          – Municipal and Commercial Retrofits
                       • Expected due date for applications
                         November 5th
                       AB 811 Programs
 Helping Communities

Embrace Clean Energy
                           Financing Plan
                       •   Use of SEP Funds
                       •   Eligible Improvements
                       •   Loading order!
                       •   Verification – ratings, audits, and
                       •   Legal Considerations
                       •   Sustainability
                       •   Quality Assurance
                       •   Documented Energy Savings
                       •   Compliance with ARRA requirements
                       Residential Retrofits
 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy
                       • Collaboration – Local governments, community
                         colleges, utilities, public and private energy and
                         building experts, etc.
                       • Three tiers of retrofits
                          – Low cost
                          – Require inspection
                          – HERS II whole house
                       • Focus on
                       • Funding for
                          –   Low-income neighborhood program collaboration
                          –   Workforce training
                          –   Financing
                          –   Verification
                          –   Incentives
                       Commercial/Municipal Retrofits
 Helping Communities

                       • Bi-level outdoor lighting, classroom lighting,
Embrace Clean Energy

                         office lighting, etc.
                       • Control technologies for kitchen ventilation
                         and HVAC systems
                       • Funding for
                          –   Marketing
                          –   Workforce training
                          –   Volume purchasing
                          –   Incentives
 Helping Communities

                       • Energy Conservation Assistance Account
Embrace Clean Energy

                         Program (ECAA)
                       • 1-3% loans for local jurisdictions to invest in
                         energy efficiency, save money, reduce
                         GHGs, and create jobs
 Helping Communities
Embrace Clean Energy
                       Date                 Event
                       Oct 1, 2009 (est.)   Solicitation for bids

                       Nov 5, 2009          Proposals due

                       Nov 30, 2009         Winners Announced

                       Dec 1, 2009 – Jan    Awards issued
                       31, 2010
                       Upcoming Pre-bid conference
 Helping Communities

                       • Three Pre-Bid Conferences to discuss the
Embrace Clean Energy

                         three specific program areas
                       • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2009
                          –   Beginning at 9 a.m.
                          –   California Energy Commission
                          –   1516 9th Street
                          –   Hearing Room A
                          –   Sacramento, California
                          –   (Wheelchair Accessible)
                          – The Pre-Bid Conferences will be available by remote
                            access over the Internet by WebEx, and instructions
                            will be in each respective solicitation.
                       Recap – Who is lining up for these?
 Helping Communities

Embrace Clean Energy
                           AB 811 Program
                       •   Residential Retrofits
                       •   Commercial/Municipal Retrofits
                       •   ECAA

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