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					Here are some Kefir health benefits:
      With lactose intolerance being so common in these days, kefir can be a healthy
       alternative to traditional milk and yogurt.
      Contains several friendly bacteria: Lactobacillus kefyr, Leuconostoc cremoris,
       Lactococcus lactis, Lactococcus cremoris, Lactococcus diacetylactis, Candida kefyr, and
       Saccharomyces unisporous.
      Contains probiotics, healthy microorganisms which can help to maintain normal
       digestive function and are used to make the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin.
      Probiotics helps Stressed Gut
      Relieves all intestinal disorders, reduces flatulence, promotes bowel movement, and
       creates a healthier digestive system.
      Enhances the immune system.
      Contains beneficial yeast, enzymes, amino acids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus,
       vitamin K, and the B vitamins, critical for a healthy nervous system
      Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and yeasts.
      May help to prevent breast cancer.
      Helps patients suffering from stress related chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, herpes.
      Contains tryptophan, one of the essential amino acids which is well-known for its
       relaxing effect on the nervous system.
      Helps ease depression, sleep disorders, and ADHD.

Kefir Grains, Make Your Own Kefir
What are kefir grains?

Kefir culture or "grains", which are used to make kefir, look like white, semi-clear cauliflower
florets. The kefir culture is referred to as "grains", though it shouldn't be confused with the
ordinary sort of "grain", which usually comes to mind.

Kefir grains are a combination of yeasts and bacteria, along with some sugars and proteins.

Kefir grains aren't "made", but rather grow as they are cultured.

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