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           Curriculum Vitae

the list of publications included

Docent, Ph.D,
The Department of English, University of Latvia
Director of the Center for Gender Studies, University of Latvia
(06.04.1956, Potsdam,Germany)
Languages: Russian,English,Latvian, Dutch(intermediate),French(reading)

Since 1984 I have worked at The Department of English at University of Latvia. At present I am Docent of
the Department of English Philology. Since January, 1998, I have been Director of The Center for Gender
Studies, University of Latvia.
Since 1987 I have regularly taught lecture courses on literary, cultural analysis and gender studies. I have
also conducted seminars on American women's literatures, women’s autobiography and translation practice
at The Department of English Philology of the University of Latvia. My current research interests are in the
field of comparative literary and cultural analysis of women’s autobiographies: gender, genre, ethnicity. I
have taught the courses on gender issues in a comparative cultural perspective at the University of Albany-
SUNY(Fall Term,1994), the University of Helsinki(March,1995, April-May, 1997, April, 1998), The
University of Tampere (April, 1998), The University of Helsinki (October, 1999), European Summer
University at the University of Helsinki ( July, 2000). I am finishing the book on the questions of gender
and genre in women’s literatures: comparative perspectives.
I was a course lecturer at the Summer University, Gender and Culture Programme (MA students), Central
European University (Budapest, Hungary) in 1996, 1997, 1999. The course was devoted to women's
autobiographical discourses in the comparative and theoretical perspectives, the problems of gender and
genre as a cultural transnational analysis. I have taught courses on women's literatures in a comparative
perspective at CEU in 1997 (December) and 1998 (February). I participated in the postgraduate course on
Arts, Citizenship, Gender with a lecture on autobiography, gender and history in NOISE Summer School,
Turku/Abo, August, 1998. I was the coordinator, together with Professor Aili Nenola, for the Baltic-Nordic
Postgraduate Research Workshop "Multiculturalism and Gender"(Yurmala, Latvia, June 6-13, 1998). I was
the coordinator of the Baltic-Nordic Conference "Women's Studies and Gender Research in the Baltic
Countries:Mapping the Situation Regionally and Internationally”(Riga, Latvia, October 15-17,1998).
I participated in the group of chairs for the Conference “Vital Voices: Women and Democracy at the Dawn
of the Millenium”, 7-11, October, 1999, Rejkjavik, Iceland.
I am editor of the anthology of contemporary feminist theories in the Latvian language (forthcoming in
December). I am editor of the quarterly “Women of Baltija” in the Russian language.

Selected Publications:

After Men’s Wars – Women’s Memories. Gender and Autobiography. The Proceedings of UNESCO
Expert Group Meeting in Oslo on Male Roles and Masculinities, 1998. (out of print late 1999)

Whose Autobiographies? - Gender and Ethnicity in Latvian Mass Media. Idantimkus, The Finnish Journal
for Russian and Eastern European Studies, Fall, 1998, pp. 25-31

Cultural Representations of Gender in Nation-Construction Period: Latvia of the late 19th century.
Prepared for publishing in the collection of essays on gender and nation in the long 19th century, eds.
Catherine Hall, Karen Hagemann, Ida Blom, 1999 (Berg Publishers, 2000)

Herrnhuterian Brethren and National Sisters: Gender and Culture in Latvia (late 19th c.). Submitted for the
Conference Proceedings on Gender and Nation, Warsaw, April, 1998 (FIBRE Publishers, 2000)

Gender, Ethnicity and Identity Politics in Post-Socialist Latvia. Commissioned for the collection of essays
on gender issues. Editors – Julie Mostow and Rada Ivekovic (USA)
Entries on
- Russian hagiography
- Evgeniia Ginzburg
In the international project “Encyclopedia of Life Writing”, Fitzbourne Publishers, Great Britain, 2001.

T/RUS Does Not Play Hockey, Or, How to Burn Flags When Monuments Are Destroyed. To the Problem
of Masculinities and Post-Soviet Nationalisms – commissioned for the collection of essays on men and
masculinities (ed. Sergei Ushakin, Moscow, 2001)

Research Grants and Scholarships

British Council Grant. The University of Lancaster, Center for Women's Studies, Fall 1991 - Spring 1992;

Nordic Council Grant. Christina Institute for Women's Studies, University of Helsinki, February, 1993;

Fulbright Research-Lecture Grant. The Department of Women's Studies, The University at Albany-SUNY,
Albany, USA, 1994-1995;

NUFFIC Scholarship. Belle van Zuylen lnstituut for Women's Studies, The University of Amsterdam. 1995

HESP Scholarship in Gender and Culture Programme, Central European University, Spring, 1997


Conference Proceedings of the Baltic-Nordic Conference in Women’s and Gender Studies (Riga, 1998).
English version (spring, 1998)

Conference Proceedings of the Baltic-Nordic Conference in Women’s and Gender Studies (Riga 1998).
Russian verson (autumn, 1998)

Anthology of Contemporary Feminist Theory in the Latvian language. October, Yumava Publishers, 2000.

The joint Nordic-Latvian project – the collection of essays in women’s and gender studies in the Latvian
language (September, 2000)

The quarterly “Women of Baltija” in the Russian language

Recent and new lecture courses

A lecture course Plotting Women: Gender Issues in Russian Culture. Christina Institute for Women's
Studies, University of Helsinki. 1-31, March, 1995;

Feminisms and Narratives of the Self American Women's Wrlting from Ann Bradstreet to Leslie Marmon
Silko. The term course for MA students. The Faculty of Foreign Languages, The University of Latvia
(Spring Term, 1996),

A lecture course Cultural Locations of Gender". Christina Institute for Women's Studies, The University of
Helsinki, April, 1998

A lecture course “Introduction into Cultural Studies”, Fall Term, University of Latvia (Fall, 2000)

A lecture course “Constructions of Masculinity in Soviet/Russian Films”, University of Latvia (Spring,
A lecture course “Imagology of Gender in Soviet/Russian Films”, University of Helsinki, Spring, 2001

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