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      Stress and anxiety seem to be the new illnesses of the modern age and stress management and stress relief
     therefore assume paramount importance. Stress can adversely affect our relationships with others causing us
                                             to lose healthy relationships.
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                                                 How to Reduce Stress - Exercises
                                                               By Moses Wright

   Exercise is great for many things, including stress relief. This belief is backed up by scientific
research studies, which have shown the benefits of exercise on stress relief.

When you exercise, the brain produces a range of biochemicals that work to reduce stress. Athletes
constantly experience an 'endorphin' rush that accompanies a training workout. The body naturally
produces and releases an opiate-like chemical to help reduce the pain that comes with a hard workout.
When produced in extremely high levels, it can lead to euphoria.

Endorphins are not the only thing produced during a good workout. Neuro-transmitters - dopamine,
norepinephrine and serotonin - are also produced and are known as mood elevators. Having low levels
of those neuro-transmitters can result in anxiety, depression and occasionally increased aggression.
Exercise helps to keep the levels at a point that helps to combat those occurrences.

Not only does exercise produce helpful biochemicals, it helps to reduce biochemicals that are
produced by stress. Cortisol and other hormones are produced when someone is suffering from stress.
If left in the bloodstream, they are harmful to the body, and can cause a narrowing of the arteries,
which can lead to heart conditions.

Exercise produces a two fold benefit. The harmful hormones are broken down during exercise, and can
then be passed out of the body with no ill effects. Exercise also helps by increasing blood vessels'
resilience, so that they are less affected by any remaining harmful compounds that may not have
broken down during the workout.

Most people will carry stress in their muscles, especially in the neck, shoulder and calf areas. Tension
can often be worked out with exercise, especially if you focus on those areas during warm up and cool
down stretches. Exercise also strengthens those muscles, and fresh oxygen is carried to them, making
tension less likely after the workout. 'Bad' cholesterol is also reduced during a workout, so there are
many benefits to exercise.

Exercise also has psychological benefits that are helpful in combating stress. When you focus on an
exercise routine, your attention is taken away from the problem that is causing you stress. This allows

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

you to take some time away from the problem and do something good for yourself.

The effect this produces is called homeostasis. This means that your body is brought back to a state of
equilibrium, or its natural state, one without worries or stress. This stops your body from shutting down
as it allows your system to function without overloading it.

A regular workout also produces other psychological benefits. Self-confidence increases as health and
fitness improves. Looking good usually makes people feel good. You also benefit from knowing that
you are actively working to improve your health, and your life. This sense of working actively on
something can then be implemented with the problem that is causing stress.

Exercise can be as simple as going for a vigorous walk. This takes you away from the situation that is
causing you stress, and allows your body to breakdown any harmful stress related chemicals and
produce mood lifting endorphins. To be effective though, exercise should be undertaken three to five
times a week, for at least half an hour. This will not only help to keep stress at a low level, your health
will improve, and you'll feel better generally.

Moses Wright is a health conscious webmaster. He sets up this site to help people learn more about
stress at work and how to reduce stress by exercising. You can get more such useful resources at:

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                                           Simple Fabulous Tips To A Stress-free Life
                                                                 By Riana Lance

 Life is an on going process that you can’t stop even for one single second. You’ll face new things
everyday, even new problems, new challenges.

They rush into your mind, your heart, your soul. They punch you on the head, on the face, on the
chest, on the stomach, on the arms. You’re paralyzed.

Do you know why many people join martial art clubs? They want to protect themselves.

Now, why don’t you protect yourselves as well? Prevent those rush-ins, those punches. Protect your
mind, your heart, your soul from stress. Or if you’re in the middle of it, reduce it.

Here are some tips you can use to be a stress-free person:

• Before trying to make the attempt to get rid of your stress, you should make sure that it’s a healthful

Some are reducing stress by smoking. That’s totally unhealthy!

You’d better try some deep breathing exercises, light physical exercise, reading, getting out into
nature, etc. Or consult a professional or a doctor.

The problem about stress relief is to not do anything at all. Some people are not aware they are at risk
for problems such as heart attack and stroke.

• There are many different types of therapy that can be used to help with stress relief. Music therapy is
a relaxing and soothing one that can help with stress.

Therapy clients participate through playing instruments, improvising and making up new songs,
singing, or even just listening

• Having a healthy body can also help in relieving stress. The right balance of foods in a day can really
be a key factor in reducing your stress levels.

Food is the key. And, it should be taken in its natural form. When I say natural forms I mean for
example, when you eat vegetable and fruit it helps to eat them in the form that they naturally come in.

If you eat fruit from a can, it is contained in syrup and sugars that will not be good for you so eating
them raw is the best choice.

• Do some exercises, they can actually reduce stress. How? The reason for it is because when we
exercise we actually drain stress right out of our body.

Think about it, if you go jogging and began in a stressed out mood or high strung, chances are that at
the end of your jog, you are suddenly relaxed and you feel better.

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• Don’t let stress affect your mental health! Mental health disorders are equal opportunity problems.
Anyone who has stress might end up having mental health problem.

The only way to avoid it is by doing necessary treatments to your stress. Start finding out the problem
and get rid of it, now!

Riana Lance has a deep concern on health. Get her inspirational e-mail guides on How to Relieve Your
Stress at Also, grasp her other motivational health
tips at, a worth-to-visit daily updated blog.

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