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									An Overview of Mobile Wireless Computing

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This article provides and overview on the benefits of wireless mobile
computing as well as information on how to help the novice computer user
to understand how wireless networks work

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Being able to work while traveling is essential for every professional
these days. That’s why laptops have become an essential item. Using the
internet on a laptop is also important if one needs to keep in touch with
work. Getting wireless internet for your laptop is therefore essential if
you are a traveling professional. It is important that if you do so, get
a wireless internet capability for your laptop, to get the best possible
deal out there and maximize the potential of your computer. Due to the
mobility of the laptop, computer users need not to be limited by wires
when travelling so wireless internet is very handy. Wireless internet
these days is becoming better and faster and almost a necessity for every

Having wireless internet on your laptop allows the user to conduct their
business in a timely and easy manner. Having a wifi internet connection
on the laptop for example, makes conducting business much easier. It is
becoming increasingly popular as well. Being able to connect to the
internet while traveling allows the user to check emails constantly and
therefore keep contacts, to have access to information like checking
figures, and enhance their productivity. To be able to connect to the
internet using a laptop, the computer must have the wireless capability
to connect to a router. It is imperative that the laptop must have the
right network card with a WiFi connector. There are many public spaces
that allow for WiFi connections in every western city. The quality of the
connection differs from place to place since it depends on a variety of
factors. In general, the quality of the connection depends on the quality
of the wireless signal that your laptop receives. Being closer or further
from the source of the signal in the end will determine the strength and
therefore the quality and possibly the speed of your connection. A WiFi
network allows for constant connectivity in all hours of the day and
every day of the week.

Currently, computer and consequently laptop manufactures are investing
time and money in enhancing their products networking capabilities and
speeds. In the past few years, wireless connectivity has come a long way
in terms of quality and strength. When the portable computers were
introduced a few years back the notion of the mobile network already
existed. Nevertheless, it was not perfected and had many flaws. Over the
years however, wireless capabilities have expanded, they have been
bettered allowing for greater connectivity, stronger networks, and higher
productivity. As a result, and due to the constant technological
advancements, laptop users these days can buy the computer and never have
to worry about finding a modem, or a router or those inconvenient cables.
Just turn on the computer and start surfing the web. Due to the
increasing popularity o wireless internet public spaces have been
accommodating for this new trend. Public libraries, airports, or even
specific businesses provide wireless internet for their customers. In
many city centres in North America, there are so many wireless networks
functioning at the same place that it is virtually impossible not to find
an internet connection to log on to. The only down side to wireless
computing is that it might be associated with health risks that we are
not yet aware of. Overall, however wireless computing is the way to go
for the business professional, the student or every other avid computer

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