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									This application hosting solution                MANAGED APPLICATION SERVICES
leverages Exact Macola’s
manufacturing, distribution, financial           MACOLA ASP
and reporting solutions running on
Microsoft SQL server.

InsynQ ASP (application service provider)
hosts and manages access to Macola               Connecting over the Internet and accessing Macola Progression is not
manufacturing, distribution, financial and       new to Macola. They have been offering this for years for customers
reporting solutions, running on Microsoft
                                                 that require WAN (wide area network) or remote access solutions. The
SQL server. Access is provided to multiple
                                                 technology has been field-tested over time.
companies from a centrally managed
facility. Access to these applications is        In InsynQ’s hosting environment, customers connect to their Macola
delivered over the Internet on a
                                                 Progression applications over the Internet using Microsoft and Citrix
subscription basis. The ASP delivery
                                                 software technologies. The Citrix client running on nearly any
model speeds implementation, minimizes
the expenses and risks incurred across the
                                                 computing device can be used to access the applications via the
application lifecycle, and overcomes the         Internet.
chronic shortage of qualified technical
                                                 As your data is not stored physically at your location, and as you
personnel available in-house.
                                                 transact over the Internet, several precautions have been taken to
Benefits of hosting through an ASP               ensure complete data security. Packet transmissions between the
include:                                         client and server are encrypted, preventing data interception while in
                                                 transport, and all website login services are secured and credentials
Operational Freedom: by outsourcing
application management, you can focus
critical resources on your core business
                                                 Aside from a minimal effort to configure the client workstations, no
                                                 further software installation is required.
Improved Performance: ASPs can apply
their vast experience to implement best IT
                                                 Working with your Macola software representative, you will go through
practices for superior levels of availability,   a firm foundation and analysis of your existing operations and what you
security, backup, disaster recovery, and         expect out of the Progression enterprise system. This will ensure that
help desk.                                       the integration of Macola Progression into your operations will meet
                                                 your expectations.
Financial Flexibility: this model reduces
fixed costs and lowers overall                   The network and servers are configured by InsynQ’s engineers, and are
expenditures for hardware and                    set up with your licensed software and your company data. Your
applications.                                    Macola software representative will assist with the initial setup of the
Reduced Risk: with no capital expenditure        application, and will guide you through the application implementation
on server hardware and IT personnel,             process. That’s one of the great things about InsynQ – we work and
organizations can leverage new                   play well with others.
technologies with minimal impact to their
existing environment and bottom line.
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InsynQ’s hosting services for Macola
Progression SQL include application
management for all 30 packages,                                                      Call Toll Free: 866-206-1781
including reporting and analysis tools in
manufacturing, distribution, and

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