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Young victims learn self-defence

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									 June 2009

Safer Hackney Central
 Your local policing and community safety newsletter

                                                                                    Welcome to the first issue of
                                                                                    Safer Hackney Central. This
                                                                                    newsletter is brought to you
                                                                                    by the police and Hackney
                                                                                    Council who are working
                                                                                    together to make Hackney
                                                                                    safer and cleaner, as well as
                                                                                    improving the quality of life
                                                                                    in the borough. Our regular

                                          Sergeant Newman shows his skill

Young victims
learn self-defence                                                                  newsletter will keep you up
                                                                                    to date about policing and
                                                                                    community safety Hackney-

       wenty young people from           course, who are between the ages of        wide, as well as tell you what’s
       Hackney who have been victims     nine and eighteen, have been victims       happening in your area. The
       of crime have just completed a    of bullying, ‘happy slapping’ assaults     good news is there is a lot
ten-week course aimed at making them     and robbery. The course was run as         to shout about. Crime is
less susceptible to becoming                   a pilot; following its success the   falling faster in Hackney than
repeat victims. The course,                        organisers are looking to roll   in nearly any other London
organised by Hackney                                  out the scheme across         borough; for example, gun
Central Sergeant Andy
                                     Young             the capital. Sergeant        crime was down by 35% last
Newman (himself a               people learnt            Andy Newman said,          year. Continued overleaf
black belt in judo) in       self-defence skills “Being a victim of crime
conjunction with the            to boost their           is a thankfully rare
British Judo Association                                occurrence, but it can      Latest crime
(BJA) and HYPAC                                       have a dramatic impact on     figures for
(Hackney Young People                               your confidence and quality
Affected by Crime) taught the                   of life. With active support        Hackney Central
young people key self-defence skills     from the British Judo Association, this    (From end Apr 08 to Apr 09)
to boost their confidence and self-      course has helped the participants
esteem. Two of the judo instructors      grow in self-confidence so that when       Crime overall                 12%
running the course were black belts      they walk down the street they don’t
from the Borough of Hackney. The         emit signals of fear and won’t become      Criminal damage               31%
majority of the young people on the      repeat victims of crime.”                  Robbery                       29%

 What do you think? Email See back                 Theft of motor
 page for other ways to get in touch and enter our survey to win £50!               vehicles

                             Working together for a safer Hackney
Hackney Central News

News in brief
Every ward across Hackney has
its own Community Action Panel
(CAP). Chaired by residents,
the panel works together with
the police and Hackney Council
to reduce crime and anti-social
behaviour in your area. CAPs
also discuss issues such as
environmental problems that
contribute to crime, hate crime
and neighbourhood nuisance. For
more on how to get involved, see
information below. Recent CAP
priorities set for the police in
Hackney Central are:
• Dangerous cycling and
  drivers using mobile
• Develop projects with
  young people
• Reduce littering and minor
  disorder on Mare Street             Safer Neighbourhoods
                                             ike all 19 wards in Hackney,                of people to solve neighbourhood
                                             Hackney Central has its own                 problems. Experience suggests these

Have your say                                permanent Safer Neighbourhoods
                                      Team which is based at the police
                                                                                         are most likely to be quality of life
                                                                                         issues such as anti-social behaviour,
Interested? The police hold           station on Lower Clapton Road. Safer               criminal damage and graffiti. The Safer
regular drop-in surgeries and         Neighbourhoods is about a return to                Neighbourhoods Team has pledged to
public meetings. The next CAP         a local policing style: local people               make Hackney Central a safer place to
is on 7 September. Contact            working with local police and partners             live. They aim to reduce crime and anti-
the Hackney Central Safer             to make your neighbourhood safer.                  social behaviour and increase public
Neighbourhoods Team for more          Police officers are more visible than              confidence. They hope that the local
information, or see www.met.          ever before and are trained to                     community will continue to work with               communicate with a wide range                      them to achieve their goals.

Continued from front page                                 Team Talk
There is still room for                                     With Sergeant Guy Elsey
improvement. Unsafe streets,                                Hackney Central Safer Neighbourhoods Team
estates and public spaces
are still a top concern for                                  Safer      many of Hackney’s residents to    as people riding bikes on the
residents. You want to know             Neighbourhoods Sergeant         shop and work. We have been       pavements and dropping litter.
what’s being done and how to get        Guy Elsey is responsible for    working hard to keep the area     We’re also cracking down on
in touch; our newsletter will bring     the Hackney Central Safer       safe and clean, and we’ve seen    street drinking and begging. We
you a clear idea of what we are         Neighbourhoods Team, with two   real improvements. As well as     then try to refer those people
doing to improve policing and           PCs and three PCSOs.            bringing down crime, we’ve been   to relevant agencies, such as
community safety.                       “The Hackney Central ward is    working with our partners to      Thames Reach, to get help.”
                                        a busy area which is used by    stop nuisance behaviour such      Call 020 7275 3364
                                                                        Around the borough

Activities for young people                                                            News in brief
over the summer                                                                        Hackney YIP

                            he summer is                                               National charity, Catch22 runs the
                            coming and                                                 Hackney Youth Inclusion Project
                            there’s plenty                                             (YIP), a voluntary scheme which
                    to do in Hackney                                                   works with those fifty young
                    for our children and                                               people in Hackney that are most at
                    teenagers. We have                                                 risk of being involved with gangs
                    enough clubs and                                                   and crime. For more information,
 Tim Shields        activities to keep                                                 contact Haggerston YIP on 020
 Chief Executive,   young people busy
 Hackney Council.                                                                      7241 6699, or North Hackney YIP
                    all year round, so do              Basketball at a leisure         on 020 8211 1661.
encourage your children to get involved.                  centre near you
We’re investing £5 million pounds into
improving lives for children this year.       Alongside a range of work by Hackney
Not only that, but work is underway to        Council and partners such as the
build four, state-of-the art youth hubs for   Police, this programme has helped to
activities and sport. The Learning Trust      reduce youth crime by 27% last year.
has also been awarded £2.6 million to            We also have fantastic Youth Forums
build 28 new play areas for Hackney,          in each of our neighbourhoods, and
some of which have been completed             a Hackney Youth Parliament. Those
already.                                      involved are a real credit to Hackney
   We’re very proud of the much-loved         and they represent the talent and        Police Cadets
clubs in Hackney for our teenagers.           enthusiasm we have amongst our           The Metropolitan Police
Hackney’s Positive Activities for Young       young people. Do contact the Youth       encourage those aged 14 and over
People programme is a real success,           Service for more information on any of   to join the Police Volunteer Cadets
particularly for a minority of young          our programmes                           in Hackney. The scheme mentors
people that are at risk of offending          and activities                           young people and enhances
                                              (see below).        “You said you
or causing anti-social behaviour.                                                      citizenship and life skills for the
                                                                  wanted more
                                                                                       future. Contact Katherine Mason,
                                                               activities for young
                                                                                       Volunteer Cadet Coordinator on
 More investment for                                             people, we’re
                                                               investing a further
                                                                                       020 7161 2592 or email katherine.
 youth activities                                               £3.7 million over
                                                                   two years.”

          two-year programme                  received funding,
          of positive activities for          alongside newer
          young people started                providers such as Twist.
  in January 2009.                               For more information, contact
     The programme includes 34                the team on 020 8356 7404.
  projects which will cost £3.7million
  to run over two years. It provides                                                   What’s on?
  arts, sports, youth enterprise, youth
                                                                                       For a list of what’s on for
  leadership, school holiday activities
                                                                                       young people in Hackney
  and specialist arrangements for
                                                                                       this summer and year round,
  young offenders. Some of Hackney’s
  best-known voluntary providers,
                                                                                       uk/youth-service, or call
  such as The Crib, Hoxton Hall, Rising
                                                                                       Hackney Youth Service on
  Tide and Laburnum Boat Club,
                                                                                       020 8356 7404.

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Reporting crime                           Contacts                                         Cllr Samantha Lloyd
Police Non Emergency 0300 123 1212        Hackney Council Community Safety                 020 8356 3373
Police Emergency 999                      Co-ordinator Martin Whiterod                     Email
                                          020 8356 2174                                    Cllr Vincent Stops
Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
Police Safer Neighbourhoods Office,                                                        020 8356 3373
                                          Hackney Council Community Safety Team
Hackney Central                                                                            Email
                                          020 8356 2174
020 7275 3364/07825 099319                email
                                          Helplines and Advice
Hackney Council anti-social behaviour
                                          Hackney Council Domestic Violence and
line 020 8356 3030                                                                           Cabwise Always use a licensed
                                          Hate Crime Helpline 0800 056 0905
                                                                                             minicab, taxi, nightbus or the Tube
                                          Victim Support Hackney 020 8533 5332
                                                                                             to get home.Text HOME to 60835 to
  Spotlight                               Hackney Community Drug Service
                                          020 8985 3757
                                                                                             get the numbers of one taxi and two
                                                                                             licensed minicab firms, in the area
  On Community Safety                     City & Hackney Alcohol Service                     you are texting from.
                                          020 7613 1313
                                          24-hour CCTV Control Room Line
 Whiterod is a                            020 8356 2323
                                          Free Home Fire Safety Visit by the
 Safety Co-
                                          London Fire Brigade 08000 28 44 28
 for Hackney                              Hackney Council
 Council.                                 Hackney Service Centre 020 8356 3000               Why call
 “My role is                              Hackney Homes, Estate Safety Teams:                Crimestoppers?
 to co-ordinate partners from the         General Phone Line 020 8356 1911/1905              Crimestoppers is a charity which
 voluntary, statutory and private         Drugs Hotline 020 8356 3333                        provides a unique service to help you.
 sectors, including the police,           CrackDown Project 020 8356 3333                    Tell them what you know, not who you
 to address people’s concerns             Noise Reporting 020 8356 4455                      are. They record no personal details
 around crime and anti-social             Hackney Wasteline 020 8356 6688                    about you. They simply pass on the
 behaviour. I look at the best way                                                           information you have about crime
                                          Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
                                                                                             whilst protecting your identity.
 to make areas better and safer           020 8356 5782
 to live or work in, and respond          Local Hackney Central Councillors                  To give information
 to any safety issues raised by                                                              anonymously to Crimestoppers
                                          Cllr Alan Laing                                    now, call 0800 555 111.
 members of the public. Call me
                                          020 8356 3373
 on 020 8356 2174.”                       Email

More information
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