“Henry 500” at Hampton Court Palace and “Dressed to Kill” at the

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					“Henry 500” at Hampton Court Palace and
 “Dressed to Kill” at the Tower of London

An invitation : Get a ring-side seat for the
500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession to the throne

2009 celebrates the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession to the
throne. To celebrate this, Historic Royal Palaces has ambitious plans
to make Hampton Court Palace the place to come to and hear about
Henry VIII by transforming the current visitor experience of the Tudor
palace and re-presenting it with new exhibitions and events.

During 2009, Hampton Court Palace will host a very special
temporary exhibition, in rooms that Henry himself will have worked
and played in, telling the story of his wives and his children.
Portraits, objects and artefacts will be brought together for the first
time to tell these famous tales in new and innovative ways.

In addition, Hampton Court Palace will yet again be the place to enjoy
spectacular and unique events. From a new historic lecture series
through to falconry displays, from pageants through to music
festivals, Hampton Court Palace will celebrate Henry in ways that you
could only previously imagine.

Our celebrations will not be confined only to Henry’s “pleasure
palace”. His castle and armoury, the Tower of London, will host
“Henry : Dressed to Kill”, a spectacular exhibition of his arms and
armour, bringing together objects from all over the world to tell the
story of Henry’s famous battles – both those for work and those for

We invite you to join “Henry’s 500”, a unique and exclusive
Circle of Supporters, launched to celebrate this anniversary.

There are only 500 opportunities to join the Circle. Read on to find
out how!

Corporate Membership of “Henry’s 500”

One “share” in “Henry’s 500” costs just £500+VAT. You may wish to
purchase just one share. You might, however, wish to purchase all

One share in Henry’s 500 will entitle you and your colleagues to:

      8 reusable “Henry’s 500” Membership Cards each of which gives
      the bearer entry to Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of
      London, during normal opening hours, every day, to the end of
      2009. The cards may be used, on a transferable basis, by your
      staff and colleagues, throughout the anniversary year.
      Invitations to one of two special private views of the newly re-
      presented palace and the special exhibition.
      10 free guidebooks for you and your colleagues to share.
      Discounts in our shops at Hampton Court Palace and the Tower
      of London.
      Priority notice for all events during the anniversary year.
      A special Henry’s 500 newsletter
      Acknowledgement on the Historic Royal palaces’ website as well
      as on a special edition of the Henry’s 500 newsletter

You might also like to consider our other programmes for corporate
partners including corporate membership, sponsorship and premier
partnership. For more information please call 020 3166 6318.

Members of Henry’s 500 will help Historic Royal Palaces :
  • Make Hampton Court Palace the place to discover Henry in
  • Re-present the Tudor Palace in a way that will make everyone a
    visitor to Henry’s court
  • Celebrate Henry with a year-round programme of events,
    pageants and festivities
  • Conserve Henry with an ongoing programme of preservation and
    restoration of buildings, tapestries, roofs, courtyards, gardens
    and objects all of which tell the story of Henry and his life
  • Mount an exhibition of Henry, his wives and his children
  • Celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry’s accession to the
    throne in a way befitting the most iconic of English monarchs

To find out more about Historic Royal Palaces, the charity which cares
for five of London’s top heritage attractions please visit our website:

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